Thursday, January 14, 2010

Since I last posted..

Its been a month almost since i out in my last post... since then...

a) We welcomed the new year.. and we are are already in the middle of the first month.. gosh how time flies

b) I went to Kabini over the Christmas weekend... Kabini is near the Nagarhole national park...
We stayed at Jungle lodges at Kabini.. a fabulous and a huge property.. the drive is quite decent till you reach Kabini!! The people at Jungle lodges are very friendly and take good care of you.. pretty much like a govt establishment where you are a VIP!! We reached late in the afternoon.. and we were taken for lunch.. and then picked up from our cottage for the jeep safari!! Jeep safari was fun.. especially the part when our driver heard on his wireless that there has been a tiger sighting.. he stepped on the accelerator.. and

Us: there goes the wild boar.. the wild elephants..
Guide: those you can see anytime.. lets go see the tiger.. his eyes shining wildly
And we zipped past elephants, boars, peacocks, deers etc etc etc.. also told all the other vehicles we met on the way about the tiger and there were we.. about 14-15 jeeps waiting for the tiger to appear... finally the dejected apologetic driver drove us back to our cottage!!
Our cottage was by the Kabini lake.. and all we did was lay on our hammocks and gently swing in the breeze!!! Sheer bliss!!!
We did not lose hope of sighting the tiger.. so off we went again at 6am the next day!!!!!!!!!!! Just our luck, we had the same driver!!!! And this time round.. it was all about chasing the leopard.. we didnt see that one either... but we saw tiger poop.. apparently it had deer hair in it.. or so our guide told us!!!
Evening boat safari was as dismal... though we did see crocs.. and many birds.. and elephants!!!
Jungle lodges is a nice place.. and they take care of you.. you do not need to plan or think about anything at all!! The meals are simple.. the place quiet.. we all slept very soundly!!!

And we plan to go back again.. this time to bandipur.. the other side of the sanctuary.. to meet the elusive tiger :)

3) Watched 3 Idiots and Sherlock Holmes.. Am i in movie heaven.. one after the other.. great movies!!! Deserves a diferent post... so a different post it will be..

4) Worked my b**t off... over Christmas and new years, some clients dumped a lot of work on us and then went on leave!!!!!!! And it just got done.. worked late every night and every weekend!!! BTW, lost weight in the process.. good!!! BAAAAAAAAADD.. not the way i want to lose weight, not through stress..... i hate all of them... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

5)A realisation... you try to take more responsibility.. everyone dumps more and more work on you and runs away .. not the first time it has happened.. am i dumb.. i must be!!!! Not only do i get to do the work.. there are others who dont .... faf and then take all the credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, really dumb!!

6) Change is good .... is my mantra for now. Or so i say to myself.. if i repeat it some 500 times, will it come true.... Change is good.. change is good...

7) Desktop has suddenly started working.. will it work tomorrow.. god knows!!! No laptop in sight :(

8) House hunting... no success yet.

9) I want to go to Egypt (connected to point 5.. some parts i.e.) :((

10) "Shut up and do not wallow in self misery" " but i am loving it there"

11) I want to watch Sherlock Holmes again.. Robert Downey Jr is awesome.. sighhhhhhhhh

12) Next is what.... Pondicherry.. yay!!!!!!!!!! :))

Let me end this abrupt post soon.. before you all kill me.