Saturday, September 1, 2012


I am still on leave.. Alas!! They come to an end. Sob.

So I just finished a book called Govinda. It is written by a lady who goes by the name of Krishna Udayashankar. I have never heard of her before.

It was an impulse buy. I was reading the back flap of this book at a shop when the shopkeeper (obviously the non crossword, non landmark ones who do not have an opinion on anything and just sit there to bill people.. the owners of these small stores actually have an opinion and recommend books) told me that I should try this one out. And I do not usually need much persuasion to buy a book!!!!!!!!!

I did not read it for more than 10 days. It was lying around for a long time waiting to be picked up. The print was small. That is a big put off for me. And I had just finished the "Fallen" series and was still mulling over it. No, I did not like it. And I did not feel like starting another series especially on Krishna. I thought it will be one preachy Krishna story and I just did not feel like wanting to be preached to.

But finally I ran out of all books till I had only this one left. I even thought to order more books from Flipkart just to put off reading this one. Finally I felt guilty enough (of buying this book and not reading it).. so I decided to skip read it. Skip read as in skip paragraphs, chapters in between.

But of course things turned on its head. I quite enjoyed reading this absolutely fast paced non preachy book. YES, NON PREACHY.

It is about Govinda, aka Krishna, yet not about him. It is about the events around the era of Mahabharat. So there is the inevitable Panchali, Bhishma, the 5 Pandavas, the kauravas etc. But, it is so different from what we have seen or read earlier. The focus is not on Mahabharat per se.

There is a dying breed called firewrights - they create weapons. This art was passed on from generation to generation. But now they are a dying breed. They are hunted and killed. Then there are the firstborns (sages like vyasa) - firstborns of the arya race or aryavrat. They and firewrights have always been at loggerheads. And then finally the third set of people..the kings who serve the firstborn.

The books is all about politics. If you enjoy reading politic thrillers, then you must read this. It shows a very different side to that era. There is no good vs evil as portrayed on TV. Everyone falls in the "grey" range. This is what I liked about it. No one is shown to be right or wrong. Everyone is shown to be political, as it should be among the rulers. Like Suyodhan (i.e. Duryodhan) was always a big "NO" for all of us. This book showcases him in a different light. A positive person who Dharma (Yudhister) always falls back on. Or the fact that it is Panchali who rules the kingdom, who deals with all adminstrative work etc and not Dharma. These are of course the side tracks the book veers off to and form an important though small part of the bigger picture.

Yup. A truly enjoyable read. Worth a buy.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles

I have heard often enough from people , "but these are children's books". Of course it doesn't help that my nephew who is in the 9th std also reads them. Percy Jackson is his hero I guess. The super cool demi god with powers. I would have loved him too.. when I was in 9th std.

Percy Jackson is a demi god i.e. the son of a greek god and a mortal. Percy is Poiseidon's (god of sea) son and then you have various characters who's parentage includes Zeus (god of skies), Athena (god of wisdom), Ares (god of war), Hades (god of the underworld) etc. They embark on various quests which involve fighting demons, Medusa etc with the ultimate objective of defeating the Earth Goddess Gaia. There is this prophecy you see ..of course.. all these books have to have a prophecy. Have you read any fantasy book that doesn't.. in answer to my own question, I think Golden Compass does not have a prophecy. No, wait, I think it does. So the prophecy is of 7 demi gods defeating the ultimate enemy by uniting with the gods. The "heroes" series is the extension of Percy Jackson series.

Similar to this one is Kane Chronicles which has two central chracters Carter and Sadie, a brother sister duo. They are the last bloodline of pharaohs and born into magic. Here again, many Egyptian gods make an appearance - Horus (god of war), Isis (god of magic), Seth (God of evil), Ra (God of sun), Osiris (god of dead),God of chaos Apophis. And then there are various interesting gods :

God of crocodiles - Sobek
God of knowledge - Thoth who wears a labcoat and looks dissheveled
God of Baboons (they apparently serve Thoth) - Babi who is a giant Baboon
God of Vultures - Nekhbet
God of river Nile - Hapi who is perpetually Happy
God of Dwarfs - Bes
God of Cats - Bast
God of Scorpions - Serquet
etc etc etc. .

Which interesting god would you want to see?
In between these gods, there is a house of life i.e. the magicians.The entire series is about defeating chaos.

Why I like these -

a) I am very interested in mythology. Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Indian.. anything and everything. Which is why I like the angel books too!! 
Gods flit in and out throughout both the series. How cool is that! I mean what more could I ask for!! What I love is the portrayal of these gods. The personality traits are cleverly defined. In the Percy Jackson series, each of these gods almost have a human avtaar. For eg, Dionysis, the wine god, has a punishment posting to look after a demi god camp. Ares, the war god, rides a bike, wears sunglasses etc. None of them are perfect , some have a huge ego, some are prone to anger, some to laziness. It is  really interesting to see the human rendition of these gods.

In Kane chronicles, whilst they dont have a human persona, they can take human form by finding a human / animal host. They are quirky - I find myself unable to define them without repeating what I explained for the Percy Jackson series.I am sure you get the drift.

b)  I quite like Rick Riordan's easy writing style. It is humourous and a very everyday language that you can identify with. Kane Chronicles is a narrative by the brother-sister pair. I do not remember how the other one was now.

c) The characters are etched very well. Well, not as well as Harry Potter (just because it is my first love.. of course) but still. The initial jitteriness, the sense of awe  the confidence building stage to defeating the enemy. It flows easily. And the best part is each character is unique (why do I feel I am repeating what I liked about Potter.. Did you know some guy has written the extension series to Harry Potter.. more about that in the end of this post.) They have their own fears, their own sense of disappointment, excitement. And they are quite normal.. They are shy of the opposite sex, they keep embarassing themselves.. Yeah very similar to HP characters in that sense!!!

d)  Magic and Power entice me. These books are full of both!! It helps me escape the regular hum drum of life.

I think I should write another post on why I like Fantasy books.

e) Everytime I pick up the first book in a series, I hope I will enjoy it. There's nothing better than waiting for the sequel to a book you like!! And Rick Riordan does not disappoint.

I am becoming absent minded these days. Rajesh Khanna's demise put this post right out of my head. I cannot remember how I planned to end it. In any case I hope I am helping you,a little bit, to make up your mind about the so called "kiddie" books.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rajesh Khanna

I cannot claim to have watched his movies. I used to constantly question my mom and my grandma.. why did you watch his movies. I don't think I ever got an answer except well he was Rajesh Khanna.

Yesterday grandma and mom were recalling the yesteryears - grandma remembered that they always used to run to the theatre to watch all his movies. She remembers going to watch Aradhana particularly. The crowd, the frenzy. They were trying to describe to me the craze around Rajesh Khanna. Many girls apparently tried to commit suicide when he got married. In my mom's school, girls would keep his picture below their pillow when they would go to sleep. They would cold compress his brow (in the picture) if he had fever in real.. and such!!!

A superstar my grandma says. She cannot describe why. Some people are just that.

A sad day yesterday.

Update : I have 351 friends on FB of which about 30% are very active. People write about everyone and everything!!! But there are only 3 updates on Rajesh Khanna. Its weird.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I recently read..

I re-discovered flipkart and found a new site called I keep checking these sites for new books, I read reviews, I look at lists enticingly called Cant' wait books for 2012!!

So here's what I have read recently :
 The Hush Hush (not a trilogy, what do you call a series of 4 books?) series : Becca Fitzpatrick

The fourth book is yet to release. The main protagonist Nora falls for a dark broody character aptly named Patch. He is a fallen angel. WAIT! Before you think this sounds likes Bella and Edward, let me assure you it is not absolutely not like Twilight. It is an interesting book. I am not sure if I love it. But it is interesting and definitely not weird (unlike the Twilight series). I couldn't put the book down one instant! I had read the first two books much earlier when I accidently ran into Silence. Of course I re-read part 1 and 2 before starting on the third.

My take : its a good read. Please to buy!!

I 've got your number : Sophie Kinsella

Its a cute book like all other Sophie Kinsella books. A guy loses his mobile number which a girl picks up. And she starts intervening in his life - personal and work. A nice breezy read.

The Rozabal line : Ashwin Sanghi

 I had very high hopes from this book as I had loved Chanakya's chant. That was a racy book from the start to the finish. This book has a nice concept - it is based on the theory that Jesus traveled to India. While the historical plot is fascinating, the story keeps jumping time frames and locations. It was a bit tedious to read.

I absolutely love the writing style of Rick Riordan. For those of you who are not aware, he wrote the Percy Jackson series. And no it is not childish. It is delightful. I like the idea of Greek / Roman gods. It is like escaping into another realm altogether. The portrayal of each god with the characteristics that define them was phenomenal. It is because of this series that I picked up the Kane chronicles. And I was not disappointed at all.

The two key characters are Carter and Sadie Kane. They are a brother - sister duo.The entire book is written in first person. And this series has Egyptian gods. The two children are the descendants of pharaohs and and hence are born into magic. They have spirits of Horus (the war god) and Isis (I forget what she was) residing in them. It is a lovely read.

Worth a buy if you like fantasy!!

The books in waiting that I want to read right now!!!

I have already read Angelology. It is a super duper book. Waiting for the sequel Angelopolis now.

Others am contemplating to read : Fyre(Angie Sage), Insurgent (Veronica Roth - Good reads has a good rating for this one), Krishna (Ashwin Sanghi), The mortal instruments (Cassandra Clare - Good reads again)

I haven't added Fifty shades of grey. Reviews are frightening.. MB like books!!

What are you reading right now? What are you eagerly waiting for? Do you all have any additions to my list?

 Update: I just realised all seem to be fantasy books!!! And most of them series. I love series actually.. I like the anticipation of waiting for something familiar that I loved previously.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shifting loyalties

I must say this one thing about myself, I am one of the most loyal persons you could meet on this planet. Loyal to what I like.. no matter how much they deteriorate.. old fading celebrities, over crowded cities..

And it pains me immensely to acknowledge the fact that I am "over" something I have liked for ages OR more likely associated with something wonderful over the years.

As you can guess, one such thing has just made its way to my mind yesterday. I had put a post on this too! :((

I am talking about Outlook Traveler, the magazine. I started subscribing to it in 2006, immediately after I got know, the freedom that comes with marriage got me to subscribe to it. I don't mean to say I was confined when I was staying with my parents - but you know you are answerable for whatever you do in terms of spending money.

And So, I fell in love with my new found freedom aka outlook traveler. It also I guess denoted to me the freedom to plan a trip to some far out place without having to take any permission :) .. of course taking permission from my parents was the easiest thing.. I traveled to Malaysia on my own, Shimla, Nainital, Goa with friends..of course I took all the liberties possible "under their guardianship".. lol. But I digress.

Am sure even though am sounding unintelligible, some of you understand what I am saying!

Its been 6 years since I have been reading Outlook Traveler. I used to absolutely love its editor, Kai Friese. Earlier, he would not ever appear in the magazine. And then one fine day, they published his silhouette and then his face. Damn cute the guy was!! The blow came when he left the magazine. The zing was missing. And then Lonely Planet launched its magazine edition in India.

Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh. It was NICE.

It became much easier and nicer and friendlier to read. It has nice sections - pictures by readers, 5 easy trips, some main theme, 10 things to do in a new city... I just found it more engaging!!

But I cannot be disloyal to my magazine. So now I order both. Of course, the top lists theme I find to be much better in OT. Even the "ask marco polo" is a better section.

But still I am sad (even though am ordering both). I must not let go of old loyals, favourites.

I think somewhere I have forgotten the entire point of this post . Never mind!!!


I feel like taking off on a trip. Someone went to Alaska and has posted pictures on FB. Hrrrmmmphhhh.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

MC Australia Favourites

Already!!! Well, it is a work in progress list. I am sure as the series progresses, I will weed out more names, add some, rethink on others. But in the meanwhile, this is my first list.

I like : Andy, Ben, Kylie and Tregan and now, the quietly confident Mindy.

I definitely do not like : Kevin -Thank god he is out!! Could not stand his over exhuberant personality!! What an ass - entire credit to himself for getting kicked out of the competition.

Alice - Over confidence will fail her for sure!!!! At least I hope it does. With her giant specs, the over confident fashionista.

Mario - He just talks too much.

Who are your favourites?

Thursday, June 21, 2012


How can one have a film named Bumboo!!!!

Crass name.... crass comedy too am sure..

Who would go and watch this movie? Possibly teenagers who are newly acquainted with these terms and tend to laugh loudly in theatres every time the F word and or some other such trash is repeated.


I sit and watch a few serials with my mom. A says I am becoming a stereotypical nagging serial watching "grihani". Why is serial watching associated with grihanis? These serials.. some of them.. are nice enough... And as I tell A, is it so different from watching Predator 2 or Godzilla umpteen times???

In my defence, the serial that I watch is not regressive. Called Saas bina sasural, it focues on typical family issues like if a family member wins a crore, what is the kind of impact on everyone. Another topic was that of working women.. how initially family members oppose it.. the key reason being getting a maid in the house. I think that was quite relevant to today's world. I know of many families who do not allow a maid to enter the house.

The other one I watch is called Parvarish which is also nice.. it focuses on parenting. I know I know.. I am a parent myself.. so hard to believe that still!

And then its MC time.. another one on TLC , Plain Jane.. I love watching transformation, make over kind of reality shows. It is quite fun to watch. And Indian Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Which brings me to regressive shows. I do not understand why.. whenever they show a married guy having an affair.. the entire focus is on taking revenge from the "other woman"!  In fact in one of the serials, they show that the wronged wife gets the face of the "other woman" blackened. Why not the guy I ask!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did the guy not know he is married!!!! But it is always the case of "bechara so and so.. usne apne jaal main phaas diya" and this about mature men with kids!!!!!

Take the case of SRK and PC.. apparently, as newspapers reported, they have/ had an affair.. and the newspapers were full of PC being ostracised by people in the film industry! Why not SRK I ask.. He is 40+.. did he not know that he is married!! I find these kind of things so irritating. Talk about regressive!!

Men really have it easy, dont they.


 MC aus has started .. yahoooooo.. no favourites so far.

Indian Idol has also started.. Next is KBC... A good season to sit back and watch all these reality shows!!

Time for MC repeat and giving N a quick bath! Gotta go.  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woo hooo..

Isnt that how an owl hoots?

The other day, an owl got stuck in our staircase. The terrace door from which it entered got shut and it could not find a way out.

Beautiful is not the word to describe it.. I dont know what word would do it justice.

It was magnificient.. a huge white /silver'ish' owl. It would sit on the window sill for a long time and fly up the minute we would open the door.

Finally someone opened the terrace door and the poor owl flew away but not before we had taken pictures. Unfortunately, its on A's camera - will post it soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

Hello Hello!!

Time is flying past .. N turned 4 months yesterday. And I am about to finish my 6 month extended maternity leave. I can hear you thinking - there's still 2 months to go!! But if you think of 2 months in view of 6 months leave.. there's hardly any time left!!    :((

Anyway, in these 4 short months, N loves some things more than the others.. she laughs whenever shes sees them.. whether she is playing, laughing, crying,  screaming, drinking milk.. whatever.

A bright flower with a sunflower in between.. it rotates in the wind.. though she doesnt need the rotation to smile, laugh, talk to the flower. Her absolute favourite. I got this from Sapphire, a shop here in Bangalore that specialises in children's toys.. for a mere 85Rs. I am sure this will only last a few years till she starts picking up bigger, more expensive stuff. Right now she loves everything!! :)

The singing giraffe. Now this was a gift from some of my earlier colleagues. She just needs the giraffe by her side, and she keeps making some noises at the giraffe. It really is cute.. I too like it!

Dont ask me why she likes this.

Now this I can tell you why.. its self explanatory actually. Originally bought as diwali lights to be used inside the house.. we now use this as our night light.. and she smiles at it everyday starting with early morning.. and then in the night when we switch it on.

More soon!! :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It is hot, it is hot, it is hot.. it is super duper hot. Phew!!!!!

When did Bangalore become like this... like delhi. I dont feel like lifting a finger; even doing that makes you feel as if your entire energy has drained out from that exercise. It is stuffy, stuffy with a capital S. I am so waiting for rains to happen.


Dear someone, sitting at home is absolutely addictive. I felt the pinch initially.. but now, I am quite enjoying being at home..

Its such a relief -  not having monday morning blues, not having to think about client demands, not having to think about presentations or issues in studies, not having to think about anything in particular about work!

I think I have gotten used to it. Ho hum... and here I was, thinking I will get bored sitting at home.


I am back in old pair of jeans!!! Happiness is being able to fit into old jeans and absolute joy is to be able to button it. :D


You will have to excuse my short random unconnected posts... this is how it will be for the next few months, I guess! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 18 and counting

Hello all. Am back. Last 2 weeks.. cant begin to describe it all. Not to worry.. I wont attempt it too.

The monday, 2 mondays ago was the D day. I had a C-section on Monday afternoon - and before you say or think, "how nice I didnt have to go through labour pain".. I went through induced labour for 24 hours before my doc decided on C section. So there! And what can I say about labour pain - everyone goes through their own experience. For me, it was not the pain but the incidentals, the peripherals that troubled me the most.And thats all I am willing to say about it. :)


Has my life changed - you bet. Am I feeling mom like - errrrr.. to be answered maybe in a month or two. You kind of feel protective and affectionate... she is a little chit of a girl.. a cute bundle that fits into your forearm..she is a really tiny baby... how can one not feel protective or affectionate!!

I live to feed her and change her and wake up with her in the night. And there is no reciprocal feeling whatsoever.

A helps a lot - actually he is the night sentry. Many a nights I sleep during the diaper change. My excuse.. genuine excuse.. I did undergo an operation.. and I cannot jump up to respond to her wails. I am not allowed to either - with both the grandmoms, A, grandad not allowing me to lift a finger - they tell me, feed her, sleep, eat, read. Thats all I am to do. Hrmmmmph.

I am not used to this inactivity. And now you find me back on the blog!! :D

Worklife seems a far off world.


Havent decided upon a name yet. I have only one week to decide. Its so confusing and such an important decision. Poor thing has to live with whatever I decide for the rest of her life!!


Today is the first day she is wearing a strappy frock. Joy!!! :)
She looks like me.. I am happy to report. Her face / features have already started changing and now people say she looks like him too. :(( 
Her face undergoes some zillion expressions and all within a span of 2 mins. She keeps staring with her big eyes.. I have no idea if she looking at me or at the light. At the light I think. Its good fun to watch her smile, cry and makes faces as she eats multivitamin drops!!! :))
And now she is up... Gotta go.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It is time

That sounds omnious. Rest assured, I am not.. feeling omnious i.e.

Its tough to describe what I feel. Is it better to know 2 days before that you will deliver.. or should it be sudden.

In the morning, when I did come to know, I was in favour of the latter.. but now.. I am not so sure.

Am I prepared .. No. Mentally.. No Physically.. No.

What makes me more nervous.. the mental bit.. what will I do post Monday! The next 2 days will go.. it is like a night out before an exam or a big presentation. But what about later?

Oh well. Lets take each day as it comes..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What if the baby happens on 14th Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time flies fast.. faster..

Suddenly, things have changed for me.

9 months seemed like a looooong loooonnnggg time. But this last week, my doc has completely "transposed"  my world.. if you get what I mean..

I have started taking insulin and just last week, she dropped a bombshell on me. We will deliver you in the 37th week due to this reason, she said. I just stared at her. I couldn't say anything. I was flabbergasted, which is also a mild term for what I am feeling still.

Now for those of you who do not know, my due date was March 2nd. So in my mind, I have been thinking and planning for 1.5 months more. But now my dates are likely to be closer to mid Feb. And that has completely thrown me off balance.

For most of you, it maybe silly. But damn it, we haven't bought our car yet. I don't know what to do with work. What about maid? Absolutely everything on the list is "yet to be done". And no, I cannot be prosaic about it. Yaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhh

Anyway, deep breath. One thing at a time.


More confusion - now I have lost weight ( about a kg) as I was not well for sometime. And haven't gained that back. A big issue as per my doc. Till now everyone was after my life to follow "the diet". I have gestational diabetes for which they prescribe a diet. Its not so much about cutting down as it is about avoiding certain food items, mostly whatever you love.

Till the day before, the diet mattered. Yesterday was when the doc gave me an earful. Now everyone says, eat. To hell with the diet. Your weight is too low. Don't starve yourself, they say. But am not starving. I feel full most of the times I try to tell them. But no one is listening.

My mind cannot adjust to all this.


Working from home is sooooooooooooo boring. Nothing to do besides work.


This cough is making me mad. I cannot sleep on my side anymore. Someone please take this weight off me. I want to sleep on my back, which incidentally I never did much earlier, but ask someone to tell you not to do something and irrespective of whether you like it or not, you will crave for it.


Last weekend was nice. I shopped. I like shopping when one gets everything at the same place. We bought :

3 sets of salwaar kameez - 2 for my mom to gift to me on god bharai day (she gave me money as you wont get anything as nice in Kerala), 1 for my sis in law

4 saris - for the aunts who came to visit me

Bangles from Jaipur - 2 sets of 8 bangles for me (this is even though I don't wear bangles, but I was too attracted to it), 5 sets of 2 kadas (for me, my sis, sis in law, mom, MIL), 1 set of 8 bangles for my niece.

3 pairs of pretty earrings

2 Ganeshas for home (one huge one)

New cheap curtains for my room

And I was so happy!!!!!!!!!!!


For my god bharai 4 saris got added to my stash. Thankfully the ceremony was short and peaceful. Phew!!


No one understands my anguish at time flying past.. least of all A. The more am trying to spend time with him, the more the no of things coming up his way / people want him to be involved in. Damn it!!


Yesterday, watched Asianet filmfare awards for 5 mins. Dhanush came and sang Kolaveri. That guy is so down to earth. He said things like "please don't embarrass me by comparing me to any singer... not with so many great actors/ singers sitting here.. this is a hit by mistake.. " Then they made him sing the song.. he played along and said.. now you know how much technology helps people like us. Really really really sweet chap, no airs around him. I quite liked him.


I am going to watch Agneepath next weekend. Come what may. I think it will be a hit. Everyone who is shown in the trailer looks awesome.. Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra. And don't you just love Chikni Chameli!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I loved : Sherlock Holmes, A game of shadows

Swooooooooooooooooooooooon .. and once more.. swoooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn

Isn't Robert Downey Jr the most handsome(st) person in the world. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the combination of Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, the most electrifying!!

So I watched Holmes last night and I am still unable to get over it. It was just mindblowing. Brilliant.No, not the storyline, but the two gentlemen in question.

The movie is a Guy Ritchie movie, no doubt... absorbing, doesn't allow you to blink an eyelid even throughout the movie. Fast paced is too mellow a term.

As you can see I really enjoyed watching Holmes. I enjoyed the action. And believe you me, the action is nothing short of brilliant.

The storyline - well, there I had a small , a teeny thorn in my flesh. I had thought, with Moriarty coming into the picture, the movie will be much more intelligent, much more of a duel of brains than brawn. If you remove the action, the thrills, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr, the plot kind of falls apart. It was weak, in the sense of the expectations caused due to Moriarty's presence.

Moriarty himself - ah, he was ok. When the first Sherlock Holmes movie was released, there was a lot of talk of Brad Pitt being cast in this role. And I wish he was. Though this chap was not half bad. Its just that, then it would really have been a meeting of equals!

The movie of course, out and out belonged to Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. The music was great, just as the last time. The action much more thrilling than earlier. And then there was Stephen Fry too. What is there not to like.

I totally loved it. A must must must watch. Who cares about the "intelligent storyline".  

Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year post

Am unwell and so is A - what a great way to welcome the new year!!! Cribs aside, at least I took an off today, I slept through the day.. and I am taking an off tomorrow too. To hell with work. Right attitude isnt it!!

So all in all a good way to start the year - I mean with the right attitude. Prioritise what matters.

I do not have any resolutions for the year except not to forget myself or us (me and A) in the confusion of having a 3rd member around. I am determined not to forget myself. And by that I mean - blog, travel, read, watch movies.

Happy new year folks.

ps: This is the scared me talking!!