Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things with an M.. tagged by Melee

So I have been tagged.. A set of questions to which i need to reply using the first letter of my name!!!!! Melee has made it easy for me!!!!! Both our names are with M.. hahahaha.. to make it interesting though, i have tried to not use the same terms ... And you will notice 2nd statements starting with N (my real name) but after the first 2-3, i could not think up of other n words!!!!! So i gave up!

So here goes..

1. What is your name : Moonshine viz N (my real name!)

2. A four letter word : Mine / Nooo (Thats 4 letters isnt it.. though usually my no is more elongated.. its like nooooooooooooooooooo)

3 A boy's name : Me not knoweth any boys anymore!!! Not at my age!!!

4 A girl's name : Me knoweth many girls names.. so what if they are all in and around 30's.. still girls for all practical purposes!!!! N loves all.

5 An occuption : Mine not, for sure!!!! Napper (paid to take naps).. is there such an occupation.. there must be mattress testers or something?

6 A colour : Mauve (apparently its not Maeve..i always thought it was maeve... i think thats a character's name from a cartoon strip.. lol)

7 Something you wear : Medium sized tees :( (XS no longer)

8. A food : Me can eat 8 Momos in one go...(no wonder i have graduated to medium sized tees) and Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 Something found in the bathroom : Mere bathroom main to nahi (shudder shudder)!!

10 A place : My new house / My bookshelf corner

11. A reason for being late : Me getting up late (almost an everyday affair)

12 Something you shout : Mereko bhi chahiye... materialistic that i am

13 A movie title : Manichitrathazhu (had to google the spellings)

14 Something you drink : Milk , a definite nooooo.. Mojito for me.

15 A musical group : M not present in ABBA .. what to do.

16 An animal : main, tum, hum sab

17 A street name : Morose road (thats where i have taken up residence these days .. i mean figuratively in case you didnt get it)

18 A type of car : My old zen.. bought by me ...on my own money.. my first big possession.... my poor car.. wondering who is driving it these days.. sob sob sob

19. Something scary: M not present in cockroach either.. i hate them.. the flying variety specially.. i cant sleep if i know a cockroach exists in some part of the house.. i dont rest easy till i kill it!!!

20 Ice Cream Flavour : (M) Chocolate... no M there either.. but i love it!!!!

And I tag Melee, Scarlett, Knife, BeSunni and Mommie :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eagerly waiting for... Raavan

Its been quite some time since i watched a movie .. in the theatre i.e. I think last one was Percy Jackson. And I am a big movie buff.. you would know by now!!!

Yesterday i saw the first look of Raavan and was blown away...Too awesome.. what would you anyway expect when there's Mani Ratnam, AR Rahman, Gulzar...

Heres the link... check it out!!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The changing colours of my wardrobe

This entire week I have been in Pink - White kurta with some pink print, pink shirts.... pink kurtas... white tee with a splash of pink!!! I think only one day in the last week, i did not wear pink.

The amount of pink in my wardrobe startled me ... something i realised only on Thursday after wearing pink almost everyday continuously for more than a week!!!! If you open my cupboard... you will find pinks ranging from pale pinks to fuschia pink.. kurtas, tops, tees, shorts.. everything!!!

I have no idea when this transition to pink happened. Earlier .. not very far ago.. about a year back, I still remember someone told me that I had a lot of greens.. and now I find a huge amount of pink in my cupboard. And I have never ever intentionally bought pink. It just happened to me.. in fact if anyone ever asked me sometime back, my opinion about the colour pink.. I would probably have said, smirked rather.. hah!!! pink!!!.. I stay away from that colour.. pink conjures up the image of a pink caked face of actresses!!!!

So now I seem to be partial to pink... not at all intentional!!! Is it age? The age where pink plays a calming effect on my soul maybe!!! Lol

Much before this, browns dominated (in college/post grad).. then blues.. greens and now it is pink... wonder what is next!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cherry on top

And i too have been tagged.. by Scarlett.. Thanks a ton Scarlett!!!! Happy that you still read my blog.. :)

Rule no 2 is to copy the picture of the award and display it on the blog...

Rule 3 - list 3 things you love about yourself

1) I love my name!!!!!!!!!!!! How immodest i am.. but i love how my name sounds, feels.. i feel it gives me character!!!! :) I love it that there are not many people i have come across who have the same name as me.. very surprising.

2) I am a very nice and warm person at heart (here is when you all can contest my declaration)!!!! And can get along with most people!! I am an amazing (!!!) friend.. or so i like to think.. I can make people very comfortable around me.

3) I love the fact that i am emotionally very strong and can actually deal with life, with crisis (now here some people may laugh)!!! It was only because of this that i actually got married to the person i love :)

Rule 4 - Post a picture you love (of a person you love etc)
Now here there is a problem.. there are many pics i love.. most of them with A.. but i am not going to post them!!!! :)

A pic of my niece... a person i truly love :).. a complete chimp.. of course now she is all of 4.. this is when she was 2 i think. I owe a lot to her.. one person in this world who i can actually claim to be totally , completely selfless with!!!!!

Rule 5 - Tag 5 people.
I tag 3 people and hope they start writing again
1) Mommie - Its so much fun reading what you write.. and i feel so connected to you..
2) Besunni - where art thou... you speak so well.. and your writing is something i have been looking forward to for quite a while.. please write again!!!!
3) Random Words - you added that zest with all your stories and anecdotes.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mills & Boons World

I used to read MB's when I was really young.. standard 9th to college I think. And recently someone came over to our place and brought along with them a dozen of MBs. Now, its been ages since i last read an MB.. 10-11 years i think.. I was somehow drawn to them.. curiosity.. what would i feel like now when i read them.

Earlier.. the dark brooding rich hero... the pathetic heroine.. used to draw ooohs and aahs.. at least the hero did.. and it used to be fun reading it.. so thrilling.. and we young women would be lost in our own dreamworld when reading it .. maybe such incredibly romantic things would happen to us too!!!!

And now when i read these.. i was like.. Yikes!!!! Why did i ever like these utterly idiotic books!!!!!! They are so regressive... the women mostly shown in poor light.. the sad little ones who can never defend themselves and who would forever be a victim of some plot hatched by the vamp. I read 2 of these in the last couple of days.. the heroines were so cloying and irritating.. if i ever met them in real life.. I would slap them silly.

And nothing to say about the men.. "the MEN"... funnily enough while the world has progressed, the MB world still remains a century old.. their men are still dominating, lordly.. powerful.. with brooding eyes.. oh, how can i miss the brooding eyes.. standing out in a crowd.. kind yet menacing to those who cross them.. i wonder if we put all these men together in a room, who will stand out!!!!! They are so stereotypical!!!! Even the Indian ads have moved out of showing men and women in their traditional roles...

When will MBs do that!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My own house

So this it!!! Finally after much dilly dallying.. we finally bought a house.

Last 2 weeks have been stressful.. more for A than me.. papers in order.. not in order.. in order again.. only to find one thing is missing.. so everyday, there was this back and forth happening.. in the morning we would wake up to the new problem and then say.. not happening. And then suddenly, by evening, its happening... the lawyer we had was A's friend and did his best to resolve everything!!! We owe him big time!!!!!!

We were to register on March 31st.. and on 30th we figured out another complication.. and then there was yes and no... negotiation.. then more no's... and then finally on 31st afternoon.. yes!!!!

And finally on 1st evening.. we had our house.. we got the keys!! Its an old apartment.. some 14 years old.. with really old (but solid teakwood) furniture.. and has a huge potential to be done up :)

We are happily tired... now on the lookout for someone who can help us with the interiors!!! And that's not easy.. as i am finding out.. we just started the process today. .. we plan to renovate over a period of time.. we have no money now you see!!!!

Maybe i should set up a moonshine house renovation help fund!!!! :)