Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cherry on top

And i too have been tagged.. by Scarlett.. Thanks a ton Scarlett!!!! Happy that you still read my blog.. :)

Rule no 2 is to copy the picture of the award and display it on the blog...

Rule 3 - list 3 things you love about yourself

1) I love my name!!!!!!!!!!!! How immodest i am.. but i love how my name sounds, feels.. i feel it gives me character!!!! :) I love it that there are not many people i have come across who have the same name as me.. very surprising.

2) I am a very nice and warm person at heart (here is when you all can contest my declaration)!!!! And can get along with most people!! I am an amazing (!!!) friend.. or so i like to think.. I can make people very comfortable around me.

3) I love the fact that i am emotionally very strong and can actually deal with life, with crisis (now here some people may laugh)!!! It was only because of this that i actually got married to the person i love :)

Rule 4 - Post a picture you love (of a person you love etc)
Now here there is a problem.. there are many pics i love.. most of them with A.. but i am not going to post them!!!! :)

A pic of my niece... a person i truly love :).. a complete chimp.. of course now she is all of 4.. this is when she was 2 i think. I owe a lot to her.. one person in this world who i can actually claim to be totally , completely selfless with!!!!!

Rule 5 - Tag 5 people.
I tag 3 people and hope they start writing again
1) Mommie - Its so much fun reading what you write.. and i feel so connected to you..
2) Besunni - where art thou... you speak so well.. and your writing is something i have been looking forward to for quite a while.. please write again!!!!
3) Random Words - you added that zest with all your stories and anecdotes.


Scarlett said...

Moonshine Moonshine Moonshine!!! Oh, you've been just so spot on!!

1) I think you have a beautiful name too & it suits you perfectly! And it is indeed surprising that not many people have the same name as you, b/c if you think about it, it's quite a mainstream name. In a good way :)

2) You ARE a nice & warm person at heart. I'm still amazed at how we could become such good friends. And sustain in. Knock on wood! B/c when I first met you, I thought you were this really hyper, strung-up person. I'm so glad I was wrong.

3) You ARE emotionally strong. I love the way you deal with crises at work, since that's the part of you I've seen more than anything else. How you don't get stressed out with issues/people at work, how you leave it all behind once you walk out the office doors. I need to learn a lot from you.

Moonshine said...

@ Scarlett Thank you. You are too kind... I am still all strung times :) And we were the crisis team at work, rem? :)

Why are you amazed that we are good friends?????? I too am surprised that we have kept in touch.. bu then again is it a surprise?