Thursday, March 31, 2011

A long awaited addition!!!

I am talking about a pair of specs!!! Yes sir!!!!! Finally I got one.

I have always loved specs.. let me rephrase,  I have always loved the idea of wearing specs!! Seeing my love for specs, many suggested I buy a zero power specs. How tacky!!!!!!!! As if I would.

Everytime I would go to an eye doc, he would tell me to do that stupid eye exercise.. which I am sure would have helped but its so hard to act on whats good for you!!!!

So finally, at age 32, I have discovered I have power - +0.5 in each eye.

I was the most excited person on earth.. finally I would get to buy a pair of specs! I went to select my pair in the morning, took A along but couldn't make up my mind. Hes way too practical!

I needed a girl.. so I took my friend along to buy me a pair of specs. And we selected the most awesome pair - awesome enough to suit me even for important meetings. It is a plain black pair of specs.. with some blue on the sides.. enough to make me feel funky!! :) And it costed me .. a bit.. well!! Never mind!! My first pair... :))

Here are the pics.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I bleed blue!!!!!!!

A change of guard (pic) in support of the Team India's big match tomorrow!!

Isnt it absolutely terrifyingly exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! If India had not met Pak in any match, I am sure everyone would have been disappointed. I wonder how gods above managed to arrange all this!!! But there is this other side to all of us I am sure.. a scared side.. what if.. what if.... we dont win!!!!! There I said it.

It is an incredible tension inducing match. Look at all the news stories.. the run up to the match creates half the tension. A one hour programe dedicated to just this!!

And the tickets selling like crazy. 1 lac per ticket a news programme on TV reported. 1 lac!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reports of our neighbours coming down to the country to watch... news of Indians giving away their tickets to their brethren.

Half days in office.. even if it is not said obliquely, no one.. not even a single person, expects you to put even 2 cents worth of work. Most of the people plan to "work from home" ( we all know what that means).. or watch at work on these mighty screens set up in offices itself!!!! I know people who are refusing to travel tomorrow. And no one bats an eyelid even if they refuse and are vocal about the reason. We should just declare it as a half day officially! lol

In my sister's society where she stays.. they have put up a big screen in the grounds.. and there is free chaat, tea, samosa etc!!! They are making and distributing flags among the residents!!

It is a full circus everywhere. This is NDTVs main story today!!!Not just NDTV but actually all the news channels!!! Statistics being spouted every where.. how many players in both teams have played against each other in previous WC.. all the people remotely associated with cricket are sitting in some panel or the other!

The Pak PM has apparently announced a half day in Pakistan tomorrow. How cool is that!!!!!

And me.. I was to travel to Bombay for a meeting and had made a full plan to go to some pub.. and cheer!! But all plans came crashing down as the meetings got canceled! :(

But never mind... I will watch peacefully at home with my ever present wine bottle and A if he deigns to get home early!

Dear god, please let us win tomorrow. Please Please Please.

Actually in my heart, I know we will!!!! After all we have never lost to Pak in a world cup. Smirk Smirk..

This is the time when I really love MSD!! He is so cool. So chilled out!!!! Its a wonder really, the pressure doesnt get to them!!!

A silent hug and a loud CHEER for all of you in the team!!!!!!!!

May we win (I think my grey hair will rise by 30% after this match)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A special month

March is a special month - 3 very very very ultra special people I know were born this month! And the world is already a happier place!! :))

Mommie , Scarlett and of course ME!! Women's day was also this month - is it a surprise really!! :)

Its funny really when you think of it. The 3 of us are completely different in how we are or how we are leading our lives,even the stage of life and sometimes even our outlook!!! I met Mommie 15 yrs ago and Scarlett 5 yrs back!!! Even after moving cities, going through various ups and downs in life, we still remain so close.

It makes me feel very happy. You two make me feel happy!!!

And if all of us were born this month, then March really must be special!!

A toast to all of us. Happy birthday guys!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mangalore beckoned

The question I have been faced with for the last 1 week - Why Mangalore? Do you have family there? Or is it work? And EVERYONE asked me this question.

While there was a reason why we selected Mangalore, I was really surprised to hear the surprise in everyone's voice!!

The reason was we had to exhaust some gift vouchers and the easiest destination was Mangalore. I was also enticed by pristine beaches (whatever little I had read about the place) and the food!!! And of course with all the things happening around me, I needed a break desperately!!!

It is a small city. An extremely small town.. pretty much like Calicut. A few kms in a rick and you have almost covered it all. Theres not much activity it boasts of. But then if you like lazing and not doing much, its a place you can be at!!

On Day 1, we went off to Udupi! Its only about 1.5 hrs from Mangalore. Udupi is like a temple town, though we went mainly to sample the food. The name Udupi strikes a bell? Yes, you are right.. it is famous for its food.. albeit vegetarian. They have a huge temple complex at Udupi - a krishna temple. Apparently the food is associated with the Krishna muth, or so says Wikipedia!

The food is lip smacking. Within the temple complex, there is a small ramshackle place called Mitra Samaj. Thats where we ate - when I say ramshackle, it really is!!! And you wonder if you can stand eating there. The food is delicious!!!!!!!!!! It is very simple and humble fare but amazing!!

There is some chariot towing or something in the evening but we didnt hang around for it as it is really hot and theres only so much you can see in all the temples!! We also tried going to Malpe (the beach is great though it was too hot to enjoy it) and from there to St Mary's isle.. the ferry people refused to take us!!!! Min 30 required we were told. We also drove around in Manipal.

Of all the places to have dinner at in Mangalore, we chose Gajaleee!!! Yes the Bombay one.. why, dont ask me. Food was ok.. conversation was brilliant!! :)

Day 2 we ventured out for lunch at a very sad place called Pallkhi .. apparently an awesome restaurant in its heydeys! Sad sad sad food. But we brightened it up with Ideal ice cream (very famous) parlor called Pabba's .. while the name is a put off, the ice cream was good!!!

We went to St Aloysius Church.An Italian painted the church and has depicted the life of Christ & of St Aloysius. It is a gorgeous place and full of colours right upto the ceiling. And then to Kadri temple & Mangaladevi temple.From Mangladevi temple, Mangalore gets its name. We also visited Panambur beach which is really pretty though a tad bit crowded.

The evening dinner was the best in terms of food. Just awesome, fish and prawn preparation we had!! Totally lip smacking.

And day 3 we did.. zilch. I read JK Rowling's biography while A watched the match or slept!!

A true holiday :)

Its a cute town - go when the weather is more conducive to just chill!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

If only the last over were bowled by Bhaji !!! Sob Sob!!!

What a waste!!!!!!!!!!!! Its been a long time since I have watched cricket avidly. I used to be a big fan during college days.. used to watch each and every match no matter what!! During my board exams.. it was economics exam to be precise.. all we could think of was to quickly write the exam and get back home - in time to watch the India - Pak quarter final match!!!

Then steadily I lost interest. These days I watch it only sometimes. And world cup is one such event that I do watch. Anyway, enough with the history!

Why did MSD give the last over to Nehra!!!!! That is one question that will always play on everyone's mind!!!! Why Why Why Why..... another match which we literally gave away .. the first one being England... literally fattened up the chicken, cooked it and plated it up and fed it to them by hand!!!!

Well, I shouldn't begrudge them the excitement they created. Indian team, no matter what happens,  always makes it totally value for money for the people who bought tickets!!! Look at the India - England match!!! Even if we had made "450 runs" yesterday (har...har...har...har...), we would still have made it interesting enough.. maybe that would have resulted in a tie!!!!!!!!

So, being the good fan.. I am glad the team lost. At least we will not be complacent for the next match with the West Indies!!!

But MSD, I still trust you totally!!! Please please please don't make our lives so exciting!


Gone are the days when 287 used to be a big total to defend. I wonder what the big total now would be.. 450? 550?? Where will it end?


The Tata docomo mobile number portability ad.. the boy buying eggs and other people playing trumpets and acknowledging him as a hero... what does the chorus say?????????

I always hear IDLI..tararartararataarara IDLI..tararatarararatarara..IDLI...

A says Vicky.. has to be that guys name..

Logic is no fun. IDLI is better :))


Whats with the coke parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ad!!! What does it mean?? How does it denote open happiness?


And theVodafone 3G ad is SUPERB!! Totally SUPERLATIVE!!!! The music.. the Rajni style action!!! Just AWESOME.


If anyone is interested in the pic, it is Kahlua mousse - available at Toscano. As amazing to eat as it is to look at!!! Yummy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What it takes to get a cup of good filter coffee - @Airlines hotel

Yes I am in Bangalore. On an average, the filter coffee you get here is way better than the rest of the cities i.e Mumbai, Delhi and the likes.

And yet, I am never able to finish a full cup of the coffee, never able to slurp it down , never get a craving for it... no matter how big or small a place I go to!!

And I had kind of given up till we went to Chikmagalur a few years back.. and the coffee was simply beautiful. I would down 2 cups of it every time we sat down. And I just had to have that coffee powder!!! I pestered A to find the place where we could Panduranga coffee powder (PCP) ... we just could not locate it. Finally, the hotel guys very sweetly, as we were checking out disheartened, gave us a pack of THE coffee powder. I was ecstatic!!

I bought a filter from Mysore, especially to make coffee with PCP.. used it exactly once!!! Coffee as limpid as ever!! I never get the proportions right.. as A said " it is in the hands of the maker"

Since then, the filter coffee machine has joined the puttu maker in one corner of the kitchen.

But lo and behold.. the maker we found yesterday at breakfast.. truly a great talent!!! :)

 For the first time, by chance, at the insistence of a guest, we trooped off to airlines hotel. It is not a hotel hotel.. more like a snacking / breakfast place serving idlis, doshas etc.

It has the essential closed restaurant and totally restful open air joint built around a big banyan tree...I didn't take a pic of the coffee but of the Banyan tree I did!!

 It is as peaceful as it looks in the picture - though 8am on a Saturday morning may have something to do with it!!

The food is regular, pretty much like any other south indian udipi like place.

But the filter coffee - it is to die for!!!!!!!

As soon as I walked in, I saw this waiter carry a big glass (not the small steel ones).. filled with dark brown coffee...  It smelled glorious (the first test of a good coffee!). He would then proceed to first mix the sugar before giving you the coffee. And I followed him around with my eyes everytime he brought out coffee. I just couldn't wait to get mine!!

And finally one of the guys got our coffee - he didn't mix in the sugar :(  .... I thought it was a tradition .. like Indian coffee homes.. but anyway we did it ourselves..

And it tasted divine. And for the second time (first being Chikmagalur), I finished my whole glass of coffee. A was flabbergasted ...  usually I am just able to finish half - especially true at all CCDs, Baristas of the world..

All coffee lovers should just head there.

Airlines hotel is small unpretentious place like Koshys and apparently has been in existence for age immemorial!! The banyan tree soothes your frayed nerves.. you can hear the occasional honk of the car from a far far away place. pssstttt.. it is right on the main road. It is a feel good place. If you want fast service (as advised by our waiter, please to sit inside). If you want wallow away to glory, then outside is the right place. Perfect place to head to during summers, early in the morning.

Now if only, it were a non smoking area!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A princely feeling

Its been a long time.

hmmmmmm... have not been "feeling" like blogging. I have no idea why. I have been thinking of so many things I would like to write about... but once I get back home.. a big fat zero!!!

And its not even that I have been busy at work or something. In fact, these last 2 weeks have been chilled out!! I think a lot is to do with the fact that my blog friends are not blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So guys, please blog!!


My Goa holiday is coming closer... and I want to slim down!! And no I havent started exercising yet. I have my excuses ready :))


Why does it always happen that when you have guests over, your maid will never be there!!

And why (even though you know you need to do the dishes)  do you prepare eggs for breakfast in the morning and that too in the non stick pan.. when you know how much you hate scrubbing an egg pan!!!

Why do people want to take you out to dinner - when all you want to do is sit at home and watch the finale of MC US!!! In fact I ran back home early yesterday to be able to sit in peace and watch. :((

And why in the world cant Star World repeat it today - when they can show the stupid KJo show some 10 million times!!! They are repeating MC Aus finals.. dude, that I have seen already!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Why does it happen that the day when all you can think of is a hot shower and you have been told geyser is fixed.. that you get into the washroom only to realise that the water is just not turning hot!!!

Why does chana take so much time to chew.


I think I should just end the day and at least sleep well. The world will right itself by morning I am sure.

ps: the title is obviously scarcastic!!!