Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pitter Patter rain drops

A mistake... I am spending the evening today alone too.. I just didnt know about it!!!!!!!!!! This one is definitely the last one alone in this house!!
Last night i slept like a log... its all about sleeping in your own bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (As opposed to another bed in your own house!!!!!!!!! I thought i will clarify :)) Rest.. peace.. calm.. sighhhhhhhh... nice!!!
What is Malaika Arora doing in this ad singing chaini chaini....
Dont you just love the limca ad.. its so refreshing... and so utterly romantic!!!!!!!! Its the rain i am sure... it makes you into mush.
It rained so heavily on Sunday.. that many many many trees were uprooted here in Bangalore... it was a quite a sight to see ....huge trees blocking the entire road!!! Sad... so much destruction!!! And no one can do anything about it.

As an aside.. heavy rain .. no power.. freezing water... not a good idea to take a shower!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... my teeth are still chattering.
Baskin Robbins... chocolate flavour is quite awesome.. I bought a tub.. and have been dipping into it everyday!!! Any wonder why my paunch is not going away... :(
I was quite surprised to read that Indian Idol 5 trp's are lower than some other dance show!!! Extremely surprised... how can people not watch Indian Idol.
Got locked out of the house a few days back.... trudged and trudged and trudged to the key maker.. walked bout a km (felt more) in the heat to locate him. And when we came back finally into the house is, when it started raining like crazy and then had to bathe in ice cold water. So much difference in temperature in a few hours!!!!
And then the same day in the evening.. when we went to spencers to pick up grocery..and there was a guy who picked up stuff and was trying run away without paying... he did escape .. and in all the commotion.. a guy standing in front of me who tried to stop the thief.. stomped on my foot and crushed it completely!!!!!!!

Not my day for sure!!!!
Next week i am going to Bombay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am happy at seeing familiar faces... old friends.. and Bombay.. a familiar city... very very fond memories.......... I am happy.
The title has no connection to the post... I just felt like it!!!! :))

Friday, May 14, 2010

Last few hours alone

Last few hours ALONE in this house. A rented place but a really really nice house nevertheless!!

Last few hours... i have some people who are coming down.. some relatives.. cousins.. parents.. relatives and cousins are here totally coincidentally!!!! And my parents are coming down as we plan to shift into our own house next weekend...

Among south indians, grih pravesh is a big thing. So this occasion has my parents, his parents coming down specially for this..

So it is going to be a full house (this rented place) from tomorrow.
So i am relaxing and enjoying my last few hours alone in this house.. I dont think i will get an opportunity to do so again.

So i came home early today... and have plied myself with glasses of wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And ordered some chinese food (even though maid had cooked some food) .. this is my indulgence.. and watched Scooby Doo...(didnt have anything better to watch)... Thought i will pamper myself :)

And will read a nice nice book in my bed..in my room... :(

And a pic of my favourite corner.. where my books are.. have 2 such bookshelves.. facing each other!!!

Sob sob.. I like this place!!!!
Oh well.... such is life.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On popular demand

2 people asked me where have I been for the past few days!!!! Thats all that i required and here i am.. Thank you guys!!! :)

Its been hectic.. hectic is such an inadequate word to describe everything that is happening around you... right now i feel i am center of a whirlpool.. a tornado.. sandstorm.. am sure you get it by now... there are very many things happening around me.. and all i can think of is begging time to stop.. to let me relax, to let me enjoy the nice things.. inadequate is the word that describes me right now.. powerless actually.. trying to grab hold of those little joys to make it last.. trying to shut myself out from all things i dont like!!!!

I think i will read a kiddie book today... all i want is to be immersed in a sunny,warm enid blyton world... where i can buy lemonade, ginger ade.. go to some forest.. have a picnic.. eat some ripe plums (well, this is how she describes it)!!! And right now theres nothing i would like to do better.
I wanted to watch iron man 2.. unfortunately couldnt.. i have heard its bad.. how can that be? It has Robert Downey jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My cousin who is 14-15 yrs old has an FB page.. and she for some reason has added me as her friend!!! And these kids have very interesting talks.. rather i like reading their conversations.. its fun...
The point is, recently they were having a discussion on Edward Cullen (thats Robert Pattison / Cedric Diggory for the uninitiated)!!!!!!!! About how hot he is... or he is not...
Ummmmmm.. and I am embarrased to say .....our lunch table conversation recently was about him!!! (here is where the blushing emoticon would have come in use)

Generation gap anyone?
Some hordes of people / relatives descending on my place... soon
A is for all the a**h***s that one needs to tolerate
B is for bazooka to shoot them with
C..D..E..........................................and Z is to zap them into space!!!!

There, i needed to get that out of my system.
I think i should start meditating!! I did try once.. but i couldnt and gave up after 2 days.
Whats with the rick guys!!!!!! I just dont understand them.. their business model.
Us : Will u go here?
Them: No
Us : Will you go there?
Them : No
Us : How bout here?
Them : No
By now we have covered all the 3 directions / routes one can take from our office. And they just dont seem to want to go anywhere.. its such a mystery.

We stood for an hour outside our office. 2 enterprising ricks asked us to pay 50 bucks for a distance that should be 30 bucks. Till my house which is a minimum fare of 14rs.. 30 bucks was the demand!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After a long long wait.. we finally agreed for 10 bucks extra (as per the meter)!!! Its hopeless.. its so terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mumbai was way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now that i have released some of my pent up frustrations.. i will listen to some good music.. read a nice book..

Only to start my day all over again in the morning!!! Hrmmmpppphhh.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Runny upmas ... leave me alone

Another sunday... and another runny upma...

First things first... the last thing i want to do on a sunday morning is get into the kitchen to cook... the only exception to that is making tea!

But i felt like breakfast.. usually we lounge around drinking tea.. reading paper.. and then eating an early lunch... but today i felt like breakfast... and dispatched my husband to buy some idlis!!!! Unfortunately the place was closed... Damn!!!! And i really felt like having some nice breakfast... opened the fridge.. opened all kitchen cupboards.. nothing!! Zilch!!!

Having biscuits everyday of the week for breakfast also contributed very heavily to my need to have proper food!! And though we did have biscuits at home.. i couldnt face another day of eating them!!!

There was no bread.. one egg.. no batter.. no vermicelli.. no pasta.. no macaroni.. you get the picture... but there was a half cup of sooji!!!

Could have made parathas... but early sunday morning.. not happening!!!!

So upma it was... I confess i tried... for some reason i always get the water:sooji proportion wrong... and so my upma was runny again..as if beaten in a mixie!!!

But we ate it / drank it(!!!!!) in any case!!! (Drank is an exaggeration)

And then I had some chocolate cake ... to get over the misery of the watery upma... tried to have a slice of chocolate cake i should say....it had been lying in the fridge for a week.. and now it has become hard!! :(

I hope this is not a reflection of how my sunday is going to turn out to be.....