Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On popular demand

2 people asked me where have I been for the past few days!!!! Thats all that i required and here i am.. Thank you guys!!! :)

Its been hectic.. hectic is such an inadequate word to describe everything that is happening around you... right now i feel i am center of a whirlpool.. a tornado.. sandstorm.. am sure you get it by now... there are very many things happening around me.. and all i can think of is begging time to stop.. to let me relax, to let me enjoy the nice things.. inadequate is the word that describes me right now.. powerless actually.. trying to grab hold of those little joys to make it last.. trying to shut myself out from all things i dont like!!!!

I think i will read a kiddie book today... all i want is to be immersed in a sunny,warm enid blyton world... where i can buy lemonade, ginger ade.. go to some forest.. have a picnic.. eat some ripe plums (well, this is how she describes it)!!! And right now theres nothing i would like to do better.
I wanted to watch iron man 2.. unfortunately couldnt.. i have heard its bad.. how can that be? It has Robert Downey jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My cousin who is 14-15 yrs old has an FB page.. and she for some reason has added me as her friend!!! And these kids have very interesting talks.. rather i like reading their conversations.. its fun...
The point is, recently they were having a discussion on Edward Cullen (thats Robert Pattison / Cedric Diggory for the uninitiated)!!!!!!!! About how hot he is... or he is not...
Ummmmmm.. and I am embarrased to say .....our lunch table conversation recently was about him!!! (here is where the blushing emoticon would have come in use)

Generation gap anyone?
Some hordes of people / relatives descending on my place... soon
A is for all the a**h***s that one needs to tolerate
B is for bazooka to shoot them with
C..D..E..........................................and Z is to zap them into space!!!!

There, i needed to get that out of my system.
I think i should start meditating!! I did try once.. but i couldnt and gave up after 2 days.
Whats with the rick guys!!!!!! I just dont understand them.. their business model.
Us : Will u go here?
Them: No
Us : Will you go there?
Them : No
Us : How bout here?
Them : No
By now we have covered all the 3 directions / routes one can take from our office. And they just dont seem to want to go anywhere.. its such a mystery.

We stood for an hour outside our office. 2 enterprising ricks asked us to pay 50 bucks for a distance that should be 30 bucks. Till my house which is a minimum fare of 14rs.. 30 bucks was the demand!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After a long long wait.. we finally agreed for 10 bucks extra (as per the meter)!!! Its hopeless.. its so terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mumbai was way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now that i have released some of my pent up frustrations.. i will listen to some good music.. read a nice book..

Only to start my day all over again in the morning!!! Hrmmmpppphhh.


Scarlett said...

I didn't like Iron Man 2 much but it was timepass. Robert Downey is good & Mickey Rourke is kick-ass but there isn't enough action in the movie. And it's supposed to be an action movie, right?

Besides, Scarlett Johansson & Gwyneth Paltrow have very little to do. And Johansson looks bad.

And don't even get me started on the rick/cab guys. My office is in a shitty part of town, and the cabs available outside the office only want to go long-distance. So I have to call a Mega Cab every day. Sometimes they are all booked & I have to wait forever for a cab - even the ones that finally do agree to go charge 10 bucs extra. And I don't even live that close to work..the fare comes to 60 bucs easily!!

Scarlett said...

Me: Bhaiya, yahan jaoge?
Cab guy: No
Me: Wahan jaoge?
Cab guy: No
Me: Dilli jaoge?
Cab guy: Kya madam, kaisi baatein kar rahi hai?
Me: Gadi chalane ke liye rakha hai ya achaar banane ke liye?

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Iron man 2 was one movie i was looking forward to.. now back to square 1.. planning to watch remember me.. mushy movie.. i think its based on a book by the same name by Sophie Kinsella.

Bombay used to be so much better!!!!!!!! Most of the times, we used to get a cab easily. And now i am moving to a part of town where getting a rick back home is even more difficult!!!! :(

I will learn how to drive an activa and probably use that!!! I cant think of any other solution (besides buying a car for myself)

Scarlett said...

Why Activa? Buy a car! It's a long time investment, and these days there are very good hatchbacks available in the 3-4 lacs range. Lots of new models coming into the market too.

PS: I don't think 'Remember Me' is based on Sophie Kinsella's book. They just share the same title. BTW, it's got Robert Pattinson!! :P

the-mommie said...

I was wondering where u were too! so who's the family then eh? :D

We all have awesome days like this so you can take heart from that fact. :)

What book did you finally read? For a long time now, I've been wanting to read The Adventures of the Wishing Chair and the Faraway Tree again.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett An activa because of the traffic and parking space problems in office here!!! I will see... a car / bike.. something. Anyway i wanted to learn how to drive a two wheeler!! :)

@Mommie My side of the family.. maternal uncles.. they are quite chilled out actually!!! So its ok... just that i will not get time to my own!!!!! And personal space i something i fiercely protect :)

I finally started reading faraway tree!!! :) the third installment .. in which their cousin Dick lands up. Such a pleasure reading faraway tree... i have read it some 20 times if not more

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett yeah remember me has Robert Pattison... we had planned to go from off to watch it!!!! Lets see if we go!! :)