Friday, May 14, 2010

Last few hours alone

Last few hours ALONE in this house. A rented place but a really really nice house nevertheless!!

Last few hours... i have some people who are coming down.. some relatives.. cousins.. parents.. relatives and cousins are here totally coincidentally!!!! And my parents are coming down as we plan to shift into our own house next weekend...

Among south indians, grih pravesh is a big thing. So this occasion has my parents, his parents coming down specially for this..

So it is going to be a full house (this rented place) from tomorrow.
So i am relaxing and enjoying my last few hours alone in this house.. I dont think i will get an opportunity to do so again.

So i came home early today... and have plied myself with glasses of wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And ordered some chinese food (even though maid had cooked some food) .. this is my indulgence.. and watched Scooby Doo...(didnt have anything better to watch)... Thought i will pamper myself :)

And will read a nice nice book in my my room... :(

And a pic of my favourite corner.. where my books are.. have 2 such bookshelves.. facing each other!!!

Sob sob.. I like this place!!!!
Oh well.... such is life.


mêlée said...

such is life......old gives way to new :) cheer up with the thought of visitors and housewarming!

Moonshine said...

@melee yeah its fun!!!! Late night.. all kinds of gossip.. its good to have people around for a change!!!! Actually day after too i should be alone.. was mistaken in my calculations!!! :) So monday evening is again pampering myself!!!!

Parting with old and familiarising with new is never easy!!!

Scarlett said...

I was going to ask you to put up a pic of your current house, and you did! Well, of one part at least :) Put up a pic of your balcony...I want to see what it looks like!

The knife said...

Bon's wishing you many wonderful memories in your own house which will help you remember the past with fondness

Anonymous said...

i so love your nice cozy corner! :)


Moonshine said...

@Scarlett You will come down pretty soon yourself and see it!!!!!!!!! :)) Balcony at the new place anyway...

@Knife Thanks a ton!!!

@Shruti I hope to have more cozy nice corners at my new place!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love looking at my bookshelves... It makes me feel so good!!!
And hey, thanks for putting in a comment ;)

Usman said...

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