Sunday, February 28, 2010

Karthik calling Karthik... nooooooooooooooooooooooo

We watched it.

Why oh god.. why......why why why.. why me.. why us....

Thats the question i want to ask Farhan Akhtar.. well, hes produced the movie too ..

Sighhhhhhhhhh.... the movie is about Karthik.. obviously.. the over burdened.. forever at work weakling.. who everyone tramples on.. deepika padukone, the chic smoker, doesnt even know he exists....

His boss calls him an idiot.. he is the favourite whipping boy despite the fact that he does all the work,, he does not get any appreciation/ recognition.. (some parts in that statement people can identify with.. and thats not the idiot bit....hmmm..) this day and age, which bosses call their employees idiots!!!!!!

Anyway, he is the weakling who gets fired.. and then he starts getting a call everyday.. from ..tadaaaaaa.. Karthik . So this phone karthik in his breathless panting non conversational over exaggerated dramatic voice (you have to hear it to believe it) gives motivational talk to the other Karthik everyday. And lo and behold.. we have this brand new karthik who takes on the world with a venegence.. takes his job back from the boss.. at 4 times the salary and corner cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how one wishes!!!

Coming back to the movie, not only does he become the head of business development.. he also starts dating the ultra chic Deepika Padukone. Now this Farhan Akhtar i like.. the witty charmy, ever ready with a quip Farhan.. So now that Karthik is happy with his job.. and his girlfriend.. obviously we cant have things status quo can we...

He tells Deepika Padukone about the phone calls... When she protests...he tells her that after marriage, he can take the calls from the living room when she is sleeping.. and she has an expression that says.. "dude you are solving the wrong problem" (source: dilbert)

So in any case, now the other Karthik is enraged and threatens this Karthik.. destroys his life.. he loses everything. And this theme occupies the entire second half of the movie.

It is pure torture.. in the second half, you feel like you are sitting through a badly made RGV horror movie. This movie is best left alone.

But as usual.. there are some thing nice about the movie (i just am not able to trash movies completely, what to do)... Deepika Padukone's office wear.. its sleek.. stylish.. very formal office wear.. where do you get such stuff.. why dont we wear such stuff to work!!!!!!!!

Farhan Akhtar.. is good.. as the ultra confident suave Karthik and even as the loser Karthik. The songs are good too.

Maybe they should have made it shorter. That was A's thought.. yeah i guess... it would have been crisper. Conceptually the story is quite ok.. but it fails to thrill you. Towards the end when they reveal the suspense (though you may have already guessed it much before).. they show snatces of previous scenes from the movie.. and it is supposed to all come together a la Sixth Sense.. but there is no sense of wonder that one feels when watching that sequence from Sixth Sense..

It just doesnt thrill you.. not even remotely. Please watch the malayalam movie Manichitratayam...for reference.. i get goosepimples everytime i watch it...that is what thrill is about.

Maybe it is about high expectations that one has from some actors / directors.. like Farhan Akhtar .. most of his movies have been good ( directed or acted).. so you go with the thought this one too ought to be good.. you are already positively predisposed to the movie... but............ :((

But its all not so good film and 5-6 good ones.. its ok.. it cant be always good.... so we will wait, we will watch.. with high anticipation for Farhan Akhtar's next release!!!!!

ps : Dear god, please let road, movie be good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

March 5th - mark your calenders

I saw the teaser for Road, Movie (yes, that is the name of the movie). And i am already dying to watch the movie.

Well of course it helps if you like Abhay Deol (Dev D, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye).. he was absolutely brilliant in these movies... it is difficult to believe that he comes from the same deol khandaan. .he does all unconventional roles which you can never think of, forget deols, only a few people doing. Quite unlike the screaming raving ranting roles you generally identify the family with.

And it is a movie by Dev Benegal.. anyone seen English August? Quite a movie. So how can one resist.

The movie is apparently about traveling cinema... seems really interesting, a topic. In case you want to know or read a bit more about it, check the following site..

So i am already anticipating a good movie. And the new version of the Tel Maalish song sounds very cool. I already want to watch it!!! Literally dying to..

Its releasing weekend after next.. March 5th. So book your tickets.. or wait for my take on the movie (if you would like to... i.e.) :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

I like... the new coke ad

Starring Kalki Koechlin and Imran Khan.

What do i like... they look so cool together ... they are like a breath of fresh air. They look so right.. so fresh and young.. and really fresh.. nicely freshly normal as compared to the jaded stars / cricket heros that you need to see in every ad!!! I really like Kalki .. she was amazing in DevD.

And its one of my favourite songs playing in the background... tum jo mil gaye ho, to yeh lagta hai, yeh jahan mil gaya.. ek bhatke hue rahi ko caravan mil gaya ...

Its brilliant.. i dont remember / even think about the execution.

They have done a wonderful, a fabulous job of mixing music.. and everytime it plays, i just cant help but stop doing everything and watch it. Its stuck in my mind.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Husband's mutton curry

I had today planned to the boot. I knew Saturday would go off in a rush.. house hunting etc..

But I thought Sunday will be ours.. with no intrusions.. just spend this whole day together.. go visit some places / at home / having nice lunch /dinner.. maybe a movie at home with popcorn etc. That was my plan.Work has been really hectic for both of us.. combine this with house hunting over weekend.. and there is absolutely no time at all.. weekend flies... and by the time you know it, Monday is already here.

So today i woke up real grumpy.. as i realised yesterday that we had to see some more places today in the morning.. not just that, A has committed to taking some lecture somewhere in the evening does he get the energy I cant fathom... we put in the same hours at work.. while i would be totally off and sitting and cribbing about the world in general, hes out and about doing household chores.. happily that too!!! Here i think i should mention, i do household work too.. but all grumpily.

So anyway with the house seeing today in the morning, then grocery shopping at Spencer's and news of the lecture, I could see my Sunday going down in the drain.

And then the mutton curry happened. A got mutton home.. he takes bout 3-4 hours to make this mutton curry.. so while I in all earnestness suggested that he should not attempt it.. maybe to bring down my grumpiness.. he insisted. And i am happy he did that.... there's a lot of effort that goes into A's mutton curry... it is not for those who cant cry to death cutting some 100.. 1000.. onions.. or for those who are real hungry (which i always am because of lack of breakfast... maybe its A's tactic) .. because this tests your patience. All in good cause.

So after painstakingly cleaning and chopping the mutton pieces to the right size.. and then finely chopping the hundred onions.. cook the onions for at least about an hour.. and then cook it with mutton for another 45 mins.. onions become sweeter the more you cook them.. and tastes awesome.. some masalas (only some mind you).. and then pressure cook till you think mutton is done.

A's Mutton curry and rice.. its out of the world. My Sunday is saved.. with a nicely cooked and an amazing mutton curry... my weekend has not gone waste... at least weekend pe kuch acha to kiya!!!!! Lip smacking totally. And is a perfect meal to have just before a nice afternoon nap.... sighhhhh :)

I am happy. Thank you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How does this sound?

I am very fascinated with names.

Was talking about names yet again today... about how it contributes to one's personality. If I were named something else, I dont think I would have turned out like this. I would be someone different.. not me.. at least thats what I feel. (have already written about this earlier)

Anyway, with all these talks about names, I remember someone having told me that you can look for your elvish name online!!! Which obviously i my elvish name is :

Elrothiel Lady of Lorien

Or if i just use my first name then, Cilmawiel Lady of the Golden Wood

Lol.. I like the first one better!!!!

The link to this site is -

Or simply google elvish name generator lord of the rings

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you open your mouth to talk...

Be careful, is what i say!!! Not that this realisation occured today.. but yeah, it got reiterated today.

Whatever you say may not necessarily mean the same thing to the other.. whatever you say may not necessarily come out the way you meant it!!!! Everyone will not understand. You may end up sounding like a moron when all you wanted to be was philosophical.

*I am writing this post all over again!!! It saved the post.. at least showed that it saved.. why didn t it.. boohooo

In today's conversations i probably ended up sounding totally daft!!! I was not trying to be philosophical.. but you there are some moments when you feel everyone will understand.. we all have the same fears.. we all have some corny idiosyncrasies.. BEWARE OF THIS FEELING

A sample -

Me : you know whenever i stand in my balcony, i usually map escape/ exit routes.. there is a tree whose branches come upto my balcony.. so yeah thats the route.. or in my previous house.. i could jump on to one ledge.. to another from there.. to a window sill till i reach the ground.. its not being scared (of fire / being chased etc) and doing this.. i just do it. It happens quite unconsciously...
Others (conjecture) : its quite cool when jason bourne does it.. but you.. you.. you weirdo!!!

Me : i have these slippers at home.. I know one day i will slip and fall when wearing these.. its really slippery and i am accident prone
Others : Then why do you wear them?
Me : uhhhhhh
Others :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me : Whenever i stand on a precipice / high rise.. i am always morbidly curious.. what if i fall.. i literally sway.. its macabre i know.. then i take a step back immediately.. no i am not suicidal.

Others: are you crazy? why do we need to work such insane people

Me: The other day i was standing at the office stairs landing.. and suddenly realised that the railing just comes upto my waist.. so easy to topple over!!!

The others bit was all made up by me.. at least they didnt say these thinks outright. But you guys / fellow bloggers... you are quite cool and know what i mean.... Well, you do, dont you? Know and understand the psycho me? :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I did say i will post pics ..

The place where we stayed at when we went to cornwall.. a small village called crackington haven in bude!! This place was called Sam's farmhouse... i think. About 250 pounds for a week it costed then.


A new post.. a new start!!! :)

Well it is a new day... i am posting from my... tadaaaaaaaaaa.... laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A plum coloured (i kid you not).. dell studio!!!!! It came last night.. A got it home.. and i went round the room hopping (thats what i do when i am super excited)!!! :)

The entire afternoon at work today.. the only thing i could think of is my laptop.. and the clock ticked ever so slowly.. i just couldnt wait to run back home...

Yippeee yippeee yay yay...

So now more regular posts... more pics in my post!!! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

An (un)eventful day

As somebody said to me.. you need to blog more.. so here i am .. blogging more!!!

Happily excited today.. as you can see from my statement (compare it to all that i have been cribbing bout... yeah, a huge improvement)!!!!!

My day started on a bad enough note..Working weekend..Stomach cramps.. some food i ate didnt agree with me.... waiting at the bank even though they prioritised me.. i jumped the queue.. even after that i had to wait!! Was to drop some papers home... while in auto realised i would actually have to get off and climb stairs and go home instead of getting hubby to come down to pick papers... climb stairs as lift didnt seem to be working.

Reached work.. only to get pulled into million things.. all except what i had actually really planned to do.. Got stinkers from clients.. did not panic / get annoyed.. wrote back and handled things calmly.. desperately wanted to have my evening tea at around 3.. but there were zillions of things.. and didnt have tea till about 8!!!

Homeward bound at around 9.30... so what do you think put the smile on my face.. a long lost memory.. one of my ever favourite people joined my company. He was my first boss.. he recruited me into this field from campus!!!!

I worked with him only for 6 months.. but it was enough.

There are people.... and then there are PEOPLE!!!!! There are some people you meet.. however fleetingly and they leave such a big impact on your life. Just knowing he joined.. made me feel so good.. i yelped when i saw that mail!!!!!!!

And am smiling.. still.. not that i will get to work with him .. but what does that matter...

Blast from the past... a blast of happy memories!!!!! :)

And look how positive it made me in the evening... rather how when you are happy, it makes you focus on happy thoughts ...
Some clients are not in town rest of the week.. yay!!!!!!
This is a short week... yippeee!!!!!
Aaina, the Amrita Singh - Juhi Chawla- Jackie Shroff starrer was on air today.. an old MB type story.. saw it eons ago.. you cant help but smile when you watch these movies!!!
Read AB's blog after ages.. he wore a mundu (mallu style dhoti).. and has posted pics.. he looks so good!!!!
My laptop is cominnnnnnggggg... on 11th Feb site says!!! And 11th is just before 12th which is a holiday.
My desktop is working...:)
Today the maid has made daal and alu fry.. tastes good!!! I am happily full.
And i am starting on a new book.. Eragon!! A full tummy and a full bookshelf.. yes!!!! Thats what one needs to be at peace!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


We have been planning to buy a house. While we did this when in Bombay too, but never has it been so serious...

Its tough.. seeing so many houses!! The toughest is the decision...

Should we stretch.. and buy a big place (big as per our standards i mean).. and then try to curtail our spending.. bringing it down by 1/3rds almost and cough up the excruciatingly painful amount every month...and then not travel too much.. not spend too much .. cut down on things we like... really pay through our nose.. worry about increments every year and wonder when will we finally heave a sigh of relief and think .. yeah, we can afford this now!!!

Should we take up a small place.. an ok types place and do it up well. And then live in peace with smaller EMIs.. even though some cutting down on expenses would be required..

Should we look at a central location? Should we look at a far off place but much cheaper and spacious.. should we should we not..

Its tough. This call!!! After seeing many places (i saw 1/3rd of what A saw.. just in case he is reading this :).. i thought i must mention it ... i definitely have had it , we both like one very much.. steep (a real real stretch for us).. but the house was so nice.. airy and spacious.. we could have even kept a dog... but then we tried to rationalise.. should we pay so much? and its not a society (this was my concern).. not many neighbours around.. what if there is an emergency.. I will be alone.. most of my life i have lived in a society while with A it has been the other way round.. so we have very contradicting views on this!!!

So finally.. we are back to square 1 .. the smaller society flat which we had seen earlier..a better deal for sure.. but something tells me this is not what we are looking for.. you know you get that feeling inside when you see a place!!! Am not sure actually. Maybe it is too..

So anyway.. we have decided to continue our house hunt for some more time.. and look at even more houses!!!

Decisions!!!! Hrrmmphhh.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do I...

Been thinking about it for last 6-7 months...

Am i doing what i really want to do?
I like what i do.. but do i love it?
Do I feel happy everyday in the morning when i wake up?
Do I want to live / spend my life waking up grumpy most of the days thinking about the things i need to accomplish?
Am i satisfied?
Am i mentally stimulated? Am i energised?

A big NO to all of the above..

Does everyone face this? I discovered that some of us indeed do.. and i am happy that i am not alone!!!

I thought this was just a phase.. but apparently not..

Do something else.. but what... is a good question!!! And its a scary proposition.. what if it doesnt work, what if that is also something you do not like.. what then about your growth..

But then again, is anyone truly happy/ satisfied with whatever they are doing...

Questions, questions and more questions!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tch tch...

This is my second post of the year and its the 1st of Feb!! Tch tch..

A sign of year to come... I sincerely pray and hope not!!!!

Its been quite hectic.. yada yada yada.. work..yada yada yada...boohoo..

No excuses for not posting except.. my laptop is still missing.. on its way to Blore.. somewhere someday together we 'll be babe.. you will take your time!!

So in the meantime, my old desktop has decided to work again today.. cannot waste this opportunity to write or deprive you of my soulful (!!!) writings...

We went to Pondicherry weekend before last.. it warm, balmy, sunshiney weather.. and i am a complete sunshine person.. We stayed at this beautiful hotel called De l'orient .. an old 18th century mansion that is now restored.. each room is different.. and we stayed in 3 different rooms every night - Room 1 (Yanaon) had a 4 poster old bed, high ceiling, equally tall doors and huge bathroom (as big as a bedroom)... Room 2(Masulipatnam) had a 4 poster old bed too.. and an open bathroom concept .. open meaning bathroom actually in the room separated by just a screen.. this we did not like so much... Room 3 (Karikal).. had a 4 poster bed which was about 3/4th my size in height and they had kept small wooden stairs to climb onto it!!!

The other highlight of the trip was that i wore a dress.. why you may think is worth a mention... i have been meaning to buy and wear summer dresses for a while.. i finally bought 2 summer dresses from S'pore last year.. and decided to wear it in pondicherry.. unfortunately, just before the trip, i fell sick.. horribly horrible cold.. all sniffly.. blocked.. it was bad.. but i was determined.. come what may.. i will wear THE dress!!! And so i did.. in the sunshine!!! Bliss!!! sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (thats the pleasure wala sigh)...

We also went to Mahabalipuram and it was awesome.. i promise i will post pictures of pondi and mahabs in the next post OR when the laptop is here.
Watched JFK last weekend.. and realised or remembered why is it that we so loved Kevin Costner.. swoon swoon.. swoon some more!!! And i gloated over my husband.. he had not seen it earlier.. and he is supposed to have good taste and keeps telling me that i should watch XYZ movie etc.. of course this is limited to English movies!!! At least there is something i got him to watch now!!! I loved the gloating!!! Over him i.e.
Why is it that men never do somehting women suggest.. example when i tell my hubby a movie is good, he will not want to watch it.. but if a colleague tell him.. he will come and suggest the same back to me.. this has actually happened twice.. once with my husband (Johnny Gadaar) and once my dad (Gangajal)!!! What is it with men...
We are planning to buy a house... i am already feeling financially bereft!!!!!!!!! (we are still looking for a house, not decided)... No money is new mantra... control control control.......................stretch stretch stretch........
am bored at work.. twiddle twiddle twiddle.. actually not twiddling.. theres too much work.. but theres no zing.. probably also underlined by my online self ostracism.. i know its the wrong word / usage.. but so what...just felt like saying it!!
Went to blossoms over weekend.. its this quaint old bookstore which offers a steady discount all the year round.. what discovery.. of course with money control thing, this works well.. also loved being there.. its like an old library/ bookstore.. the delicious smell of books.. musty books.. and lots of books.. you can find your treasure there.. i found mine.. 2 books by PGW that i havent read (hows that possible.. i thought i read/had everything).. but there are 2.. 2 FULL books to read.. i am ecstatic at my find!!!
Had hot hot andhra meal yesterday.. and now paying for it..
Now sleepy time... pray that the comp works tomorrow.. but i am already happy.. happy at being able to connect!!!!! :))