Monday, February 8, 2010

An (un)eventful day

As somebody said to me.. you need to blog more.. so here i am .. blogging more!!!

Happily excited today.. as you can see from my statement (compare it to all that i have been cribbing bout... yeah, a huge improvement)!!!!!

My day started on a bad enough note..Working weekend..Stomach cramps.. some food i ate didnt agree with me.... waiting at the bank even though they prioritised me.. i jumped the queue.. even after that i had to wait!! Was to drop some papers home... while in auto realised i would actually have to get off and climb stairs and go home instead of getting hubby to come down to pick papers... climb stairs as lift didnt seem to be working.

Reached work.. only to get pulled into million things.. all except what i had actually really planned to do.. Got stinkers from clients.. did not panic / get annoyed.. wrote back and handled things calmly.. desperately wanted to have my evening tea at around 3.. but there were zillions of things.. and didnt have tea till about 8!!!

Homeward bound at around 9.30... so what do you think put the smile on my face.. a long lost memory.. one of my ever favourite people joined my company. He was my first boss.. he recruited me into this field from campus!!!!

I worked with him only for 6 months.. but it was enough.

There are people.... and then there are PEOPLE!!!!! There are some people you meet.. however fleetingly and they leave such a big impact on your life. Just knowing he joined.. made me feel so good.. i yelped when i saw that mail!!!!!!!

And am smiling.. still.. not that i will get to work with him .. but what does that matter...

Blast from the past... a blast of happy memories!!!!! :)

And look how positive it made me in the evening... rather how when you are happy, it makes you focus on happy thoughts ...
Some clients are not in town rest of the week.. yay!!!!!!
This is a short week... yippeee!!!!!
Aaina, the Amrita Singh - Juhi Chawla- Jackie Shroff starrer was on air today.. an old MB type story.. saw it eons ago.. you cant help but smile when you watch these movies!!!
Read AB's blog after ages.. he wore a mundu (mallu style dhoti).. and has posted pics.. he looks so good!!!!
My laptop is cominnnnnnggggg... on 11th Feb site says!!! And 11th is just before 12th which is a holiday.
My desktop is working...:)
Today the maid has made daal and alu fry.. tastes good!!! I am happily full.
And i am starting on a new book.. Eragon!! A full tummy and a full bookshelf.. yes!!!! Thats what one needs to be at peace!!!


Scarlett said...

Wow! You're right...if we're happy, we do tend to focus on happy thoughts. And if we're unhappy, we crib about everything's been my state of mind for the longest time :(

besunni said...

Great to see you this way :). Happy times ahead.

shruti said...

Moonshine, so true those last lines :)


Moonshine said...

@Scarlett one happy thought is what it takes.. but i know what you mean .. when one is in that state.. you just cant see anything happy / funny.. i went thru it and am still going thru it!!!

@besunni Thanks for dropping by :) The "happiness" has already passed!!!! But amen to happy times ahead!!!

@Shruti feast for the body/ soul/ eyes!!! :)

オテモヤン said...


The knife said...

dal and fried alu cures all :)

Moonshine said...

A well fried alu.. yes!!! And Dal.. and maybe a bit of ghee on top!!! Yummy!!! :)