Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sridevi in her blue chiffon sari - Mr India of course

2 posts in one day... but I just had to write this!!

Mr India is on air.. I just switched on the TV and landed on this channel.. right when the song "I love you" was to start!!
This song gives goosepimples to anyone listening. And while watching too. And its all due to Sridevi and of course Kishore Kumar who sang it. This incredibly romantic, sexy, lusty, gooey, caramely , chocolaty, velvety song can melt the strongest of hearts.

I usually do not like Sridevi.. I find her irritating in all the roles she did.. but this song!!! Oh man!!!! This was purely her song.. totally her song. Do a quick poll.. Ask for the first association with this song.. and the result would be - Sridevi in her blue chiffon sari!!! She looks hot.... she was miles, ages ahead of Madhuri Dixit in Dhak Dhak. Anyday, anytime Sridevi would win hands down.... without any suggestive or crass movements (unlike the Dhak Dhak song).. she managed to convey everything there was to convey (:)) so beautifully.

Even as a woman, my eyes were riveted to her... sridevi ...swaying lilting to the beautiful music.. Am sure it would have been tough.. dancing sexily without having a man around to help matters along. Think about it... ..hmmmm.. yeah..... tough... I wonder what she thought about when doing this song.. definitely not Anil Kapoor!!!!

She probably had every man wishing she was dancing for them.. staring with their tongues hanging out..ready to jump off a cliff at a mere glimpse of her..

I remember seeing Mr India when I was a child.. I loved it for the laughs.. We used to like the song even then.. were very embarrassed about it.. even to sing it! The taboo words "I love you" .. probably thats what enthralled us then..

Of course Anil Kapoor added nothing to the song.. except make you feel why this clod.. Sridevi in her ooommpph avtaar surely deserves better! Ok, I do like Anil Kapoor .. but definitely does not suit a sexy symbol kind of a role.. I wonder who would have fit right in?

How disappointed Seema (aka Sridevi) would have been when Arun (aka Anil Kapoor) says he is Mr India.

Sexy sexy sexy song.... No wonder she ruled the hindi film industry for such a long time.

For all you lecherous men and women (why not).. heres a pic from the (in)famous song...


I watched it late last night. Usually I do not go out in the night during weekdays.. transport is a big problem.. getting a regular rick that charges regular fare - almost an impossible ask.

So yesterday a colleague and me trooped off to watch Eclipse. We decided that either of our husbands would so not be interested in it .. we just had to watch it together.. we had read all the books and been on and on about it for a long long time.. anyway so we went for 9.45 show after having fixed our transport for the post movie trip back home.

It was a bore. The books were weirdly fascinating. I have no clue why... the movie .. well, I dont know.. it was true to the book.. it was ok.. so maybe I didnt like the book too.. I cannot remember..

Edward... was oh so sweet.. you feel like beating him up. Now Jacob I like. He is a normal human being (except he turns into a wolf) .. but a normal emotional character who talks like people usually do.. unlike edward!!!!!!! Robert Pattison as Edward is unusually white.. his hands looked as if dipped in plaster. For some reason I felt both Bella and Edward to be cloying.. I wish I could slap both of them. How can Jacob like Bella!!!!! They are so.. bleh.. (this colleague has this favourite expression that she uses when explaining her state of mind to me).. yes they are!!!

I prefer Jacob to Edward -
1) Jacob is hot - how can anyone like someone who is permanently cold (as marble, as the book says).. I just wouldnt be able to stand it.. that is the basic reason I would gravitate towards Jacob.. I like warmth.. I love warmth.. I love hot water.. I love hot tea.. I love sun.. I love sunshine.. And Jacob is hot.. literally and figuratively.. though my friend had a good viewpoint.. edward could be in delhi.. you could hug him through the day in may and june and feel fresh as a daisy.. well there are possibilities..hmmmmm...... but I still like Jacob!!!

2) He turns into a wolf - so you either have a hot Jake or a shaggy big loving dog by your side!! Isnt it awesome.
3) He is hot!!! Hotter than Edward

So many reasons to be with Jake!!! And the stupid woman has to go and choose the "cold one". I mean after a person warms you in the freezing cold.. you would think she would have had the realisation.. she is with the wrong guy!!!

The theatre was surprisingly full.. with many a gaggle of girls come to watch their beloved edward!!! What do you know... people in bangalore do have a life!!

A bore movie (I shouldnt have been surprised).. watch it if you are a teen or an adult and would like to goggle at edward.
When we reached the theatre, I discovered.. we were chilled to the bone in the rick.. It had been raining all day..We walked into the mall and immediately went over to a shop to pick up a sweatshirt.. I felt very cool about it.. as in a few years ago, I would have never done it!!!

And here I was now.. thinking I would feel cold through the movie.. and picking up a sweatshirt just for that purpose!!!! I didnt even think twice.....I finally picked up a stole from a nearby shop... Boy, have I changed!!!!

Anyway, while I was picking up the stole.. a girl walked in.. she had a big roach on her back.. somewhere in the neck region.. I told her and literally started swatting her with some cloth I had!!! I had to swat a couple of times .. the roach was moving all around.. uggggghhhhh... gross!

Later on I thought.. she wasnt too bothered.. but it was a flying cockroach for god's sake!!!

Maybe she was ok with me swatting.. but its just that she didnt seem grateful enough.. probably it never occured to her the cockroach could have been crawling on her neck had it not been for us !!!!!! Uggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ...

She must have thought what whackos.. who are jumping up and down and trying to a hit a total stranger and all because of a roach. Thankfully she did not hit back..

I hate roaches .. find them disgusting.. utterly disgusting...and just cannot stand the sight of a roach!!!

Oh well... my good deed of the day! So what if people are not appreciative.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am so sad

I have been watching Indian Idol.. brilliant singers..

So talented.. And today Shivam .. one of my favourites got out!!! Not fair!!! :((

He was / is amazing. Am sure he will get into playback singing soon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hopeful 31st year..umm... ahhh...

There was a recent report in the papers which said that at 31, women are the most beautiful.

I am 31.

The question is .....................does this mean I will start deteriorating now? Ho Hum...

As an aside.. a kind soul gave me a lift in the rick today.. but it was an extremely strange encounter.. we had a common friend.. and the person immediately said.. I am her hubby's best friend.. and she is also my best friend.. then blah blah blah blah.. Till we reached the drop point.. I came to know her current role.. new expected role.. etc

How should one react at a direct question about the cost of the house .. that too from a total stranger!!!!

It takes all kind of people to make up the world.

But anyway, a sweet person who at least gave me a lift in the rick.. maybe I was looking forlorn.. standing and waiting.. whatever the case maybe, at least she had the decency to ask..

Had the boot been on the other foot.. I doubt if I would have done the same.

Then again, it takes all sort of people to make up the world. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fish curry, Salt and Girlie shopping...

First things first..
I just made Fish curry.. my first attempt.. turned out to be good!!! As usual referred to a recipe book.. made some additions.. and voila.

People who know their fish will probably think I massacred it.. but here goes..
1) I picked up (heres when they would want to kill me) Frozen fish.. I just cannot buy fish.. the smell and the sounds frighten me, disgust me to the core. So I bought frozen seer fish.. why seer.. well, thats what I got.. any fish I guess would do.. actually I have no clue.. I just picked up whatever was available.
2) I marinated it with turmeric and salt.
3) In the meanwhile, ground dessicated coconut (i think about 3 tbspns), red chilly powder (1 tspn), coriander powder (3/4th tspn) and some cumin and tamarind paste (recipe had suggested raw mango but I didnt have any).. and roast this in oil
3) Add the fish and some water.. salt as per taste..
4) One is supposed to fry shallot and curry leaves.. I thought i didnt have shallots so i fried onions and curry leaves.. and add to fish..
5) And then suddenly I found shallots and fried them as well along with slit green chillies and added it to the fish.
Thats it. Allepy Fish Curry (or whatever) ... A was extremely happy!! I am too :) . Actually we bought this mud / earthern pot which is used expressly to make fish in Kerala.. we bought this a few weeks ago.. and since then I have been jumping up and down wanting to make fish!!! Tasty fish with hot rice... yummmmmm

Watched Salt yesterday.. bundle movie totally. Waste of money..I take back my words.. I cant call any movie..waste of money (how can I)...
They couldnt even create the suspense.. is angelina jolie with Russians.. is she with CIA or double crossing.. guess which side she would be on .. how can it be anything other than... well!! Hopeless. Silly movie.. probably made only keeping Angelina enthusiasts in mind.
Went shopping with a girl friend on Friday... ostensibly to buy me a top / dress for our next opus jaunt. I lost count of how many things I was made to try..grrrrrrrrrrrr.. well, i did take revenge a while later .. rofl.

I hate shopping.. well usually... but this was fun.. I tried out all types of weird / pretty stuff!!! Someone who accompanies you, picks up stuff.. make you try and actually tells you that something suits you / makes you look strange etc.. It was fun. A sub to end the day... perfect!!! :)

Oh yeah.. and I bought a total of ........ 1 top!!! The hunt for a la di dah top continues!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception & Tere Bin Laden : Back to back

Well almost.

Inception was a brilliant movie. Someone told me its like Matrix.. I was a bit disappointed as i was really looking forward to it. And Matrix is one movie i never enjoyed.. my non comprehension had a big role to play in it think. The machines and the things attached to the head and the million humans in goo was all gross to my mind ..

So when I went for Inception... I had decided I will focus on the movie so that I can comprehend it at least.. to decide if I like it or not. And focus I did... I understood it. :) My big achievement of the day. In fact, I saw updates on FB (other colleagues at work reporting the same) stating people hadnt understood it.. so i immediately felt happier :))

So anyway.. as i pass lightly over this feat (couldnt resist that).. It was a brilliant movie.. A MUST MUST MUST watch for everyone. So this movie is about dreams and reality.. can leave one utterly confused if one doesnt keep track of it!!! And you are in this maze of dreams and reality.. reality and dreams.. dreams .. more dreams.. reality dreams, dreams.... till you you dont know where exactly you are.. and you begin to question everything else you have watched.. was it...? Or was it...?

Well, I dont want to make this into a I will leave it at that!!

A question... did the totem spin even earlier through the movie? I cant seem to remember. :)

Rating 4.5 /5 for sure. Leonardo does it again!!! How can a movie with Leo in it not be good. Impossible, I say. The other characters were great as well.. I dont know who they are .. Arthur .. so was Eames.. Saito.. Yusuf..Ariadne.. All of them.
After an hour's break, we went into the theatre again.. this time for Tere Bin Laden.. I thought it would be a laugh riot.. dont get me wrong.. it was funny.. but somewhere whatever trailers I saw I felt it would be a laugh a minute comedy.. a la Khosla ka Ghosla.. But it was not..

But the way some people were laughing.. literally rolling about in the aisles.. i didnt think it was that hilarious

It is a good movie actually... a satire.. the desperate attempt to reach America somehow.. and a farzi video of Bin Laden lookalike to get there... lots of running around in the jungle and running circles around everyone.. with the americans trying bomb the lookalike.... makes for good timepass..

Some laughs were zabardasti ka.. Quite a decent effort though.. a different type of a movie!! Worth a one time watch for sure.

Of course the back to back experience is fun.. one movie ends and you dont need to feel sad as you have one more to look forward to :)

Next week : Salt and Udaan

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Opus again.. after a long time

Its been ages since we went out drinking... we, meaning me and husband (yes, I do remember I posted about our binges a few weeks back.. that was with colleagues and not with A) . There was a phase when we had just come to blore.. when we discovered that pubbing together was fun.. and the two of us would set out.. go to Opus, HRC etc!!! And sing as loudly as possible along with the music!!

Yesterday after ages, we went out again.. to Opus. Not just the two of us.. but an odd assortment.. the two of us, my bro in law, my colleague K, his colleague S. Before leaving, I was wondering whether it would be fun.. It really really was an odd assortment.. and S was an unknown component.

And Opus whitefield, we had no idea about. This entire idea was floated by A. It was the kroak night finals. And he had been pestering us since friday that we should go there... us, being me and his brother. I had only wanted to watch movies back to back.. oh well!

Anyway after much dilly dally.. canceling and then re planning.. we finally decided to go. And collected all the jambourie.. and reached there at 8. Even after booking and reaching so early, we didnt have a table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the first blow. And I was like.. god, this evening is going to be such a flop... add to that the unknown quantity had an angrezi accent. After much rolling eyes.. and hounding the Opus people.. we finally got a table.. which was inside, in the back somewhere!! The "flop evening" feeling trebled.

But then the music started... WOW!!!!!!! Never had so much fun. We stood for more than 3 hours i think! Cheering.. singing.. crowing (i mean crooning.. hahha), drinking.. more crowing.. as loudly as possible.. amongst some 10,000 people!! A of course could not drink much as he was driving.. but nothing stopped us!!! We were happy, you see!

We laughed.. sang ourselves hoarse.. K and me danced.. and all this while, many men, various kind of men.. gravitated towards K.. chatting her up! Instead of giving "THE STARE" or some caustic comment which cuts down people to size, which comes very naturally to her, she indulged in polite conversation.

Finally to rescue herself... she had to lunge towards the bar. And all this while, A did not help. According to A.. only chatting, right! All in good fun.

Hmmm.. maybe I should have disclosed K is married. But then again... it wouldnt have been fun then!!!!! At least for us onlookers!!!! lol

In the middle of all this suddenly.. there came a young man on stage and started singing hindi music.. joy knew no bounds.. we danced and we danced..I loved every minute. Unfortunately there was no encore.. According to A, that could have been used as a tactic to put men off.. tell them how you love hindi music.. and actually listen to only punjabi songs.. and that you thought Opus only played those!! (Last bit was my addition) :)

Much like kids who play truant .. we finally trooped in at 3.30am in the morning.. Its been a long long long..long time since we did that!!!!!

Moral of the story : an odd motley group of people sets the evening up for fun
Of course, the environment helps. Opus is a great place. Unlike many other places where you feel aged, totally out of place.. with some teeny weenies dancing to random trance music... you feel at home at Opus.. with people your age.. regular working class population.. who have come out to enjoy good music. You would not find many teenagers there.. thank god for small mercies!!!! Thats actually what draws me to Opus!!!!

With that.. I look forward to my sunday.. back to back movies : Inception and Tere Bin Laden.

ps : what also came out of this night out.. an all girls trip to goa (or somewhere).. any takers? Note: it is only for girls. Sometime in Sept or Oct? Anyone game?

Monday, July 12, 2010

In absentia

As usual... no time to breathe!! Thats how it has been.

I didnt realise that left arm plays such an important part in life... we always think right hand is THE hand! Yesterday I realised it was not the case!!

We recently shifted into this house. There is a 9 foot tall cupboard... with about 6 feet of plain glass (a showcase). It was not wedged properly.. and we knew about it. We were waiting for the carpenter to turn up once. But for some reason, yesterday, we decide to put some stuff in our showcase.

While we were doing that, suddenly (there was no wind or anything of the sort), the 6 foot sheet of glass fell.. vertically.. hit my shoulder.. and then hand.. neither broke.. though it did chip the floor a bit ....

More than anything else, it was the shock of it!!!! It was extremely heavy... and in that split second.. I could not / did not move out of the way.. the impact brought tears to my eyes!!!

Well anyway, a swollen / bruised left shoulder.. some bruises on the base of thumb.. Thank god there is no fracture!!!!!!!!!! Like A said.. its a miracle that glass didnt break or it didnt fall on my head or the impact didnt break a bone!!!

Bruises / swelling are a bit irritating though.. its neither here nor there.. and it is an irritating nagging pain that stays with you .. throughout your life (turns up
during monsoons / winters).. I have collected many of these actually!!

Oh well! Right now to deal with a stiff shoulder.. Iodex zindabad...

My mom asked which shoulder... now I know its an irrelevant question..


As an aside.. went to Bombay last week..on the way back, I was running really late .. thought I may miss the flight.. after a bit saw that the flight time 9.05 and not 8.20 as i thought previously.. and then another realisation..the flight I was booked into had departed in the morning at 9.05...

Moral of the story - always check your tickets even if you yourself have booked it (In my case, I had not booked it.. )

While I booked myself into a flight about an hour later.. we all reached the same time!!!

Way back from airport - cab company sent a Tavera as they were short of Indicas! Not only did I travel in comfort... the driver was very sweet. As always is the case.. I asked the driver to play the radio.. He played music and then suggested playing old hindi numbers on his mp3- Kishore / Rafi .. which I established did not have jhankaar beats and in fact were original songs..

Beautiful music.. nothing I like better than listen to old Kishore songs (from Saagar/ blackmail etc) in the night!!! Both me and the driver were the humming the songs .. we both knew the full lyrics... amusing sight am sure!!!