Monday, December 21, 2009

Nothing in particular: Rocket Singh, Avatar, Chicken in yoghurt, 2 states et all

Farewell thy desktop.. you have served us well!!!

Its been a long time since i logged in... and finally now that a laptop (not mine.. so the joy is shortlived) is handy, i can finally put in some kind of a post!!! Hopefully, will get a permanent solution soon..

Its been amazingly hectic.. did i mention that weekend before last i was in hyderabad for an afternoon and then in delhi on sunday and back in Blore on monday.... jet setting i am not.. i am still recovering from all our jaunts!!!

But while on Delhi, I had amazing tikkis.. though i did not get the time to go to my favourite place to eat tikkis / chaats / parathas/ bhature / chole kulche and the likes...


While all my blogger friends have suddenly ventured hi fi cooking (!!!!).. i also tried my hand at something new.. i havent tried continental stuff really.. a couple of weekends ago, we skipped lunch and we were very hungry in the evening.. that time of the day when you feel very hungry but dont feel like eating a full indian meal. So i checked recipe books, changed some things here and there and prepared chicken in yoghurt or something... marinated chicken breast in yoghurt, ginger garlic paste, paprika, pepper, salt, lime and mint leaves.. yeah thats about it i think.. after marinating (i put it in the fridge) for about half an hour - 40 mins, i fried it in very little oil. And that was one of my first attempts at continental food .. a proper chicken dish i mean.. turned out to be ok ok types...the only thing was that, there was too much chicken to eat just between the 2 of us.... so much so that we skipped dinner!!!
I watched Rocket Singh and Avatar... Rocket Singh i like.. what a nice movie.. i think everyone who is working can identify with the thoughts of entrepreneurship entering their minds some time in their worklife!!!! Ranbir Kapoor was great.. I thought Gauhar Khan was quite good.. I really liked Prem Chopra .. he looks and talks like a complete surd.. these guys have taken care of the smallest of things.. like an old crumbling switchboard that a colleague pointed out.. they did not need to have it in the movie.. it just seemed real.. pretty much like Khosla ka ghosla where you actually feel you are sitting in Delhi..

And what was real was the work life.. unlike many movies where they sit with empty files or with one piece of paper.. or like the scene in corporate where Bipasha Basu tells Minisha Lamba that its great that you are taking your parents out over the weekend.. in corporate life, you dont get to do that, kind of bull!!! In this movie, its as real as it gets!!! And i enjoyed it!!!

On the other hand lets come to Avatar... the most hyped movie of the decade.. its welll.. nice.. the 3D is quite cool.. the recreation of another world is super fab.. and then our seats were fab.. this is the first i watched a movie in the gold class..i was delighted with that experience... the super duper seats.. with cushions.. and a blanket, can you imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so kicked about it!!!!! This i discovered during the interval.. and then plush seats which has extendable legs, and reclining seats .. i should stop calling it seats.. i should call it sofa!!! But anyway, as you can see i was very taken by the "gold seat" experience.. i loved it...

Oh but wait, wasnt i talking about Avatar... oh well!!!! I liked the conceptualisation.. and eh ...the forest... and sam worthington (he's a dude).. hmmmmm... the movie of the decade..hmmm.. i wonder if people have responded under pressure (as this is James Cameron's 2nd movie post Titanic)... No, you say?? Hmmmm.... great seats though.. :))

I loved 2 states.. maybe it reminds me a little of my own story.. i did say a little.. we are from 2 states (though both from the the south)... a cute story.. though it does drag in some part.. but what i liked was that neither of the protagonists were shown to be politically correct.. people like you and me.. i found it really cute.. maybe because as a girl i have come across some of these situations being in delhi, a south indian in delhi i should say.. and at times even down south... funnily enough, when i was studying economics for graduation, a gentleman in delhi came upto me and said economics is not for girls.. we should study maths as thats only theory and girls are very good at mugging.. the counter point in south...
an aunty to me: what are you studying..
Me : economincs
Aunty : didnt get through engineering / medical? The expression being people even study Economics ??

A total timepass book that i loved reading... brings me back those old memories of the great north-south divide... could relate to it very well, having experience both sides
Yawn,.. i should participate in essay writing competition you think? lol.. Good night.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The miracle thats hot water

As you may have guessed by now, i was in a wedding till bout last week!! We were staying in this renovated house in a small town.. there were easily about 20 odd people staying there.. the house was big.. but 20 people is a bit of a stretch..

Sleeping was not so much of a problem.. but getting ready!!!!!!!! Oh dear me..

The first day of our stay there was fine as not many people were there.. we could get ready on our own time. but then everyone started trooping in.. we were (immediate family) sent upstairs along with our stuff.. so that we dont lose anything and are in a place with relatively less confusion!!!

The showers there... the place is recently renovated and hence no geysers !!! There was an electric rod to heat water.. but obviously preference was given to kids.. and with all the functions and running around happening, the priority was to get ready much in time.. to take a shower somehow and get ready in peace!!

So cold water was what it entailed...... cold cold cold water.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .. and everyday.. day after day... when washing hair too.. it used to take me 5 mins to motivate myself to get under the shower.. of course once you get under it, it was just a matter of seconds when you jump out!!!

I am a person who uses hot - lukewarm water, no matter what the outside temperature or season.. i love hot water!!!!!!!! Just lurrrvvveee hot water!!!

The first thing i did when i reached home...... switched on the geyser and took a shower with boiling hot water!!!!!! What a delight!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Small towns and the likes..

The fun part of the trip is to be in a small town (ok, so i am out on a trip.. for a family function).. i have stayed in a village .. my family's ancestral house was in a small village in kerala. We used to visit that place every summers as children... it was an awesome place to be at.. no electricity.. a huge ground to play with a house smack in the middle.. a well.. no gas stove (a chulha)..and a forest(thats what we used to call it) surrounding the ground... it had jackfruit, mangoes, coconut etc trees..And oh we had this pool.. which had these steps leading into it.. the olden days type of pool!!!

So coming back to this one.. I am currently in a small town in Andhra called Samalkot.. its near Kakinada.. it would be probably be about a few kms.. 10-15 odd perhaps!! Thats it.. thats the length and breadth of the town!!

In the morning one awakens because of the huge amount of noise made by hens!!!! The house i am staying in is quite modern.. its been renovated.. pretty much like any of our houses!!

Its fun to roam around and see how the town is... the snack shops (hot chips shops its called)are these one box kind of a structure.. with a glass panelled table enabling you to see all the snacks... and a guy seated behind that!!!

We went to Kakinada the other day.. which is the bigger town.. the main market is one long road.. it has its titan shops and all.. we were in search of a beauty parlour.. an extremely funny or weird thing we discovered.. there is this one apparently very famous beauty parlour there.. for bridal make up they charge 10K!!!! And just for you to compare, Lakme charges 5-6K which includes trial session!!!!! I was zapped. For mehendi (henna), they (local parlour) were charging some 2.5 grand for the bride.. and to top it they wont let you select the design.. I was stumped!!! And said as much.. the lady literally showed us the door!!!

After this extraordinary experience we went hunting for parlours.. one person gave us some directions and off we went.. we got lost ..had to ask a few people.. the funniest bit was we bumped into these people (who we asked directions from) again as we were lost.. and they gave us directions, the shopkeeper of the shop near where we were standing overheard us and gave directions, the other customers at the shop also gave us directions!!!!!!!!!! And then one lady gave us directions from her terrace.. and actually came to down to tell us the right way when she saw us taking the wrong direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The level of interest and helpfulness was totally a strange experience coming from a bigger city where nobody bothers really!!! Strange but quite nice an experience!!!

The post is not complete without mentioning the food!!!! The food here...... the amount of chillies they use in their food is no joke!! By the time you finish eating, you are literally on fire.. smoke coming out of your ears.. tears intermingled with sweat streaming down your cheeks.. it is HOT!!!!!

2 more days to go before am back to the sinful and the "cosmopolitan" big cities.. where no one pays attention to anyone.. Am i saying i want to live in a small not sure!!!!! But its an experience for sure.. and all of us should undergo it sometime or the other in life!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When in a crowd

I dont like crowds. I just dont. Be it in open spaces.. like a shopping street.. or at home!

I dont like going to parties / places where i dont know people. I am distinctly uncomfortable. And once i have decided i am uncomfortable, all i can think about is how to get back home quickly. It becomes literally an obsession - finding out of ways and means to get home OR get out of such engagements.

At these times, i feel like going back to being a child. At least i can raise my nose and walk off!!! Not much luck now... being an adult!! Need to smile and smile even more ....

I love my space.. cant be around people for long.. long meaning more than 2 days.. ok, this does not apply always :)

I am usually quite sociable.. i talk a fair bit.. but find it difficult to uphold things for more than a few hours!!!! But we try ... what to do... some perils of being an adult... :((

After some time, i need to be alone.. in my own home.. my own bathroom.. my own bed... my own computer.. my own everything!!!! A whiny child i am.... i know, i know..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Coward.. meet moonshine..

When i compare myself to what i was earlier (pre marriage) and what i am now.. i used to be complete bindaas.. where now i am careful.. a worrier.. dependent.. thats whats describes me!!!

And believe you me, its got nothing to do with the person i got married to :)... its just me.. i have become so dependent for everything on him!!!!

As an example - earlier, i used to have my own car.. and i used to go everywhere without caring 2 hoots about parking, about not knowing how to get there etc.. i still remember i had just learnt driving and i had been invited to lunch at my boss's place.. his place was easily around 30 kms away.. and an area that was alien to me.. i just took my car and somehow managed to reach after warning people that i still not know how to park properly.. that was the first time i took the car out alone and drove such a long distance!!! I never used to bother about anything.. one fine day my friend invited me over to KL (Malaysia).. and i went.. lost my luggage at the airport.. found it.. and that was my first trip abroad.. when she went to work, i would step out , take a cab.. and roam about all over KL on my own!!! I used to travel for work.. traveled to Bareilly, ludhiana , patna everywhere without a second thought!!!! You get the picture?

A taste of me as i am now - "Should i take the car? I dont know if there's parking.. forget it, much easier to take a rick"... "how do i get to this place.. leave it .. will go when A is around".. " I am traveling alone.. should i take the flight from bombay where there will be others?"... " they are not sending a cab.. how will i get to the hotel".... etc etc etc

I have become totally dependent.. thats what it is!!! Or maybe i am growing old.. nahhh.. am becoming dependent..

So when i traveled alone to Singapore.. it was fantastic.. reminded me of how i used to be... I loved it when i was able to access the BIAL wireless.. all by myself... (i know its no big deal.. so what)..

And just to remind myself , i am still me.. i promptly threw my phone cover (a real nice black case) into the dustbin instead of the empty water bottle!!! And much to the consternation of the observing public, i fished it out of the bin!!!

And then i traveled in S'pore on my own.. the little bit that i could travel i.e. .. it was fun.. being amongst a group of people none of who you know from before.. it was so much fun.. though initially i was a bit unnerved!!! It was an amazing experience.. traveling alone.. one that i had forgotten about!!!

And this weekend again i find myself alone... so yesterday, roamed about in Blore!!! I have forgotten how much fun doing timepass by oneself is.. i went to this small hole in the wall kind of a lingerie place (there are many of these).. had fun shopping.. had a sub when i felt like it.. went to Crossword and browsed!!! Did all the things that i used to do!!! It was so much fun.

At times, its good to be able to do that... though here, i am not meaning to say that its not fun when 2 people do it.. its just that at times you need to remind yourself that you will do fine even if you are left alone.. you need to be on your own.. just do your own thing.. get out of the house.. and go wherever the mood (the auto guy rather) takes you!!! :)

I am happy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 8 course dinner...phew!!!

Back from S'pore ... We had this full non vegetarian dinner at a restaurant in the hotel where we stayed...

We walked in and they just asked us one thing - veg or non veg (I opted for non veg).. they seated us and then brought us stuff one by one to the table... so here's the course..

1) Scallops in mustard sauce - this one was really nice.. a very small portion though.. loved the mustard sauce flavour .. yummy
And after this dish, our happiness (all of us at the table) ended....

2) Item no 2 was shark fin and crab soup.. uh.. well, i tried.. it tasted ok.. very mildly flavoured.. there were onions slices.. which looked like fins.. could not get to eat that.. i had about 1/4th.. no no 1/5th of the soup!!!

3) Bacon and seaweed roll - bacon was nice.. i did not have the heart to try seaweed.. once had seaweed cookies.. i still get that taste in my mouth at times!!!!

4)Steamed live hock - before we got this dish, i went around asking everyone at the table if they had any clue of what this thing was.. it was fish they told me.. spent quite sometime wondering why was it "live" and was extremely curious to know what would we finally get... it was steamed "dead" fish (!!!).. hahahaha.. it was ok.. the sauce was nice but very less.. it was as good as eating steamed fish!!!

5) Roasted duck - someone at my table said" i dont like duck" - they did not mention any reason though.. of course i soon found out! When i started eating.. i was like.. hey this is like chicken, so tell me again why dont you like it.. but then i went on chewing it.. i chewed it for 5 mins.. and then could not get it down my throat.. i forced it down gulping lots of water and coke and fortunately i was able to keep it down as well!!!! Its after taste is soooooooooo strong!!!!

6) Some veggies and tofu.. I was so happy when i heard veggies are next.. as you can see i was almost done with the non veg bit.... but to my horror...the greens looked limp.. you wouldnt feel like eating it at all!!! the tofu.. 2 bites , thats all you can manage!!

7) Steamed noodles in shark bone stock.. whats with them and sharks!!!!! It smells like crazy.. its an achievement to be able to dig in!!! I was brave enough to try a bite.. but the smell is too overpowering!!!

8) Dessert finally... it was mango something with sabudana (dont know what its called in english) and another fruit that i havent heard of and now i dont remember.. i ate all the mangoes in any case!!!

A pat to myself on my back.. at least i tried!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A special.. coming right up : Cooking shows :)

Joy to the world!!! Comp has started working yet again!!!! Thank you thank you.. bless you.. muaaahhh.. A :)

Ok, so now that my life is complete and back on track.. :))

I like watching travel shows / food shows!!! I am very fascinated by cooking shows.. i dont know why.. maybe because many years ago, my mom used to watch these shows every sunday morning (and i used to watch it too for the want doing something better on sunday mornings)... and generally, i like seeing the entire process of chopping, frying.. making something delicious of things that dont look like much in their original state.. of course what helps now is that i like food as well!!! And it shows too!!! Some of the shows that i watch now or used to watch.. programmes you tend to stay on when channel surfing -

Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana - my earliest memory is that of this guy's cooking shows.. that my mom used to watch.. watches even now faithfully!! Actually that guy makes everything look so simple!! And i think it was he who changed the face of Indian Cooking shows!!

No reservations - But of course. I love Anthony Bourdain!! That man can eat anything.. can do anything!!! Its quite adventurous.. watching this show.. you never know what are you going to be seeing next!!

Lock, stock and 2 smoking tikkas- This one used to come on NDTV Good Times.. a chef called Marut Sikka and he used to make regional cuisines.. and would make it extremely simple.. in fact i have written down a couple of his recipes.. Murgh do piaza was one.. turned out ok too!! The rest i confess i am yet to try!!

Nigella Feasts - One has to, has to, watch this show.. it is all about her close ups and food close ups.. she is quite pretty.. and is always shown to be munching on something..

Top Chef - Honestly, i like this one better than Hell's kitchen (saying this even though do like Gordon Ramsay.. well , who wouldnt!!)... I like watching the challenges.. the competing chefs come up with such original stuff !! I love watching them put things together and come up with a totally new dish.. its very very fascinating. In fact i remember one the challenges to be .. to prepare breakfast for 40 surfers.. keeping in mind that they are had to come up with healthy stuff but enough to feed their hunger.. it was awesome.. just watching all of them in action!!!

Highway on my plate - This one is on NDTV good times.. there are these 2 men who travel on highways.. and eat at all the dhabas possible!! Its fun to watch them gobble up all kinds of food.. today i learnt (just now), there is a sweet called palangtod in Punjab!!!

Chak De India - How much does this guy eat, i wonder everytime.. again comes on NDTV Good times.. he visits various places.. and eats up everything in sight.. and he is lean!!! How???? Just 2 days back i was watching this show.. he ordered the entire rann (the restaurant ppl say that you can order this only if there are 4 ppl) .. mutton paya and some one more chicken/mutton dish and proceedd to eat every thing!!!! Geez.. quite entertaining though!

Foodie : Does this come on Times Now or CNN IBN.. not sure.. but this guy, Kunal Vijaykar, literally drools over the food being prepared.. you can almost see it!!! He loves his food and the name of the show is very apt too!!! :)

I also have watched Kylie Kwong.. Floyd's India.. and many many cooking shows.. remember Yan can cook? lol

Whats your favourite?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

can you believe it?

This is what i am reduced to... putting in a post so early in the morning!! Again from from husband's laptop.. which is available to me only in the morning..

But this morning has been kind of wondrous only.. also made breakfast.. that too doshas.. and some chutney for which i painstakingly cut onions, tomatoes etc... though one normal thing thankfully is that i am still not ready!! :) Usually the only thing that i can do in the morning is have tea.. and read paper!! I am barely human.

The world is upside down today!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tomato chutney / pickle... any takers?

My parents were over.. the last few days.. dad makes this delicious tomato chutney cum pickle kind of a thing.. which i love.. i can positively have it with anything.. i was pestering him to make some for me this time again.. and then mom took over .. she wanted to make it for me.. but then i decided to learn it for myself.. i was especially motivated by the fact that unlike regular pickles.. this can be had almost instantaneously!!! So i told her to give me directions.. while i made the thing myself!!

1) Finely chop tomatoes (about 8-10 odd).
2) Heat oil in a pan (easily about 3 ladles.. more if you so feel when cooking)
3) Put a teaspoonful of mustard seeds, about 15-20 cloves of garlic chopped (you need to, rather your spouse / BF needs to live with your hand reeking of garlic), an inch of ginger chopped, about 2-3 green chillies (i used the big ones, so i assume 5-6 of small ones.. as per your palate), 6-7 curry leaves.. toss everything into the hot oil..
4) Once it browns a little (a little, not even a full minute, dont burn).. add the tomatoes and fry
5) Add a knob of tamarind.. cut / shred it as much as you can .. it will anyway dissolve mostly
6) Add salt (as per taste), red chilly powder (about 2-3 teaspoons, again as per taste)
7) Add a teaspoonful of powdered fenugreek seeds (sabut methi as we know it).. i crushed / ground it by hand.. using that thing.. that i am not able to remember the name of.. the hand powdering thing.. anyway, i am sure you know what i mean
8) Fry till tomatoes are done

Voila.. tomato chutney / pickle.. whatever you want to call it is ready!!! Besides normal food, it also tastes nice with mathri..

One more dish to add my culinary knowledge!!! :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

On borrowed time

My computer refuses to switch on!! So i just connected to A's laptop ... was positively facing withdrawal symptoms.. I mean not that i was posting everyday.. but at least i was reading posts everyday and i could post if i wanted to.. i had the option!! Now that the option is suddenly cut off.. i feel completely cut off .. and was all annoyed and irritated.. which i have been nicely taking out on my husband!!! I mean.. this is a big part of my life.. if i am not compulsorily able to talk to through this medium.. then there is a big big problem!!!

This entire week i have been trying to find a solution!!

Well, i bought a new blackberry :) and bid adieu to my favourite favourite phone that A gave, one with all the videos of my niece from the time she couldnt walk..till now (shes turning 4), one that has countless pictures of Bombay, one that has countless videos of old friends (some drunk!!).. one that has my favourite messages.. from husband.. friends.. my best friend's baby's first pic.. a message from AB (you are right.. THE AB.. another story .. reserved for another time)...

It was a Motorola V3i.. a super phone.. my favourite phone.. and it was working quite fine.. its been 3.5 yrs since i got it.. only recently it started giving some trouble.. but nothing i couldnt live with..i am sure it would have worked for another 1 year at least!! So what if its an obsolete model now!! You all must think i am mad.. but i love that phone!! I am very very attached to it!!

But finally gave it up on A's insistence.. he did try this a few months back.. bought a new phone and made me use it (so that he could use my old phone).. i made so many faces that he is now using that phone.. but finally i gave in.. and bought a spanking new blackberry.. Blackberry Curve 8250. Costed me about 14 grand!!!

Its a nice phone.. can access internet.... but (to my dismay) not able to access blogger!!! :(

And it shows all the trail sms's like mail.. and i loaded music on it.. thats quite awesome!!And this is how it looks like... i am still exploring the phone.. been just a week..

So bye bye moto v3i ... :((

My quest to be able to blog through phone continues!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Decisions Decisions.. somebody help!!!

So heres the thing..

I am supposed to go for a conference in S'pore.

What the heck does one wear at such things?????????????????? Should i take my Salwar Kameez .. the formal ones i wear to presentations? Or Western formals? Only thing is i would need to buy nice trousers.... And if western formals, can i wear formal skirts? Or will it look cheesy? With formal skirts, what kind of tops can one wear?

Please please help...

And one more question.. there is a dinner that is hosted there before the start of the conference.. what do i wear to that? Last weekend, i picked up a black formal knee length skirt.. i also picked up a slightly shiny blue shirt (shine is because of the satin like feel .. pic below, not very clear i know) with it..

can i wear it? Will it be too bling? Jeans is too casual right?

Monday, October 19, 2009

10 things i wish i would have done by time i am 35

1) Learn swimming - Ever since i started working, i wanted to learn 3 things - swimming, driving (which i did) and the third thing i cannot, for the life of me, remember!!!! Learning how to swim is a story in itself.. i cant say that i have not tried!! I did try... in Bombay wherein i figured out where i could learn.. but then we shifted to Blore.. here too i have found a place.. but i hear that its too crowded and instructors dont take care!!! And i dont care much for drowning (hahahaa) So as of now its status quo...

2) Learn a language - French / German / Spanish - any language.. i havent even researched anything on this yet!!!

3) Learn my own language - I can speak in Malayalam (just about).. but dont know how to read and write!! Well i did try.. as a kid during vacations.. but you know what happens.. you come back post vacations, get back to school and out goes everything else!! I tried again after i started working.. a friend tried to teach me.. but she left the company in a fortnight.. and now finally i have bought the "learn to read and write malayalam in 10 days" but i must confess i havent done anything.. now i have had this book for a year.. i must make a start!!!!

4) Learn salsa - actually any western dance form.. it looks fun.. currently all i do is free style govinda type of dance!!! :)

5) Participate in a marathon - I have been wanting to do that but not been able to manage it yet!! Love the idea of being able to run (the idea i said) the full marathon!!!

6) Play a sport with husband - I learnt TT as i mentioned in one of my previous posts... so finally have been able to figure out at least one sport that we can play together!! I am happy.

7) Teach - My antenna has been up on the social bit for quite a while. This again i have tried to do but not been able to.. the timings did not match my work hours.. more recently tried to do it through the Teach India campaign.. same problem!!

8) Travel - Take at least 3-4 weekend breaks a year!! And one long trip. This year managed only 2 weekend breaks. And no long trip!! :( I definitely want to visit the North East, Ladakh, Andamans and Lakshadweep!!! And a 10 days driving holiday to goa / kerala.. somewhere!!! I am not very particular about where we go on international trips.. anywhere is good as long as we go!!

9) At least plan, if not do, to do something of my own

10) Sing songs loudly and not feel embarrassed!!! :)

And i tag mommie!!!! :)

Wake up Sid.. yawwnnn..

I did yawn quite a bit through the movie!!!

Well, its a cute movie.. kind of... the main character Sid takes off from where the character Akash from Dil Chahta hai left off!!!

Ranbir Kapoor is quite refreshing as Sid.. the role in itself is like a breath of fresh air.. pretty much like the college characters of Jaane Tu were.. thank god they did not have college kids declaring undying love.. fighting with goons.. they are normal college kids.. who party.. flunk.. quite a normal life.. and thank god they look like normal college kids.. unlike SRK and party who till date play college kids wearing tight Tees!!!

So Ranbir Kapoor does exemplify the normal urban college going kid. He is quite cool and really endearing!!! Who wouldnt want a friend like that (Dream on!!!) ..The initial bit of movie is fun..

He finds Konkana (the older woman) at a party.. and they live together, as friends mind you! From there on, the movie gets boring..

Many yawns later.. she find a job.. he finds a job.. she wants an older guy (Rahul Khanna).. this guy i.e. Rahul Khanna, plays the same role (of the non fun but sophisticated dude) in every movie (remember Love Aaj Kal).. its exactly the same role!! Why, i ask?

But anyway, to get on with the movie... rahul khanna takes her for sophisticated jazz concerts.. she is not able to appreciate it.. and realises that she actually has fun throwing water at the younger guy... or eating jam sandwiches..(blech!!!).. she is young at heart..a college student!!!!!

So in the end, she realises she actually loves the younger, freshly graduated (or rather not graduated) boy!!!

Oh and she is 27.. and he must be.. (when did we graduate, yaar)..20 yrs old.. yawn!!!

Its a nice, ok type of a movie... at least something different attempted... maybe teenagers can identify with the movie.. it does give them hope that that their crushes on older women may actually come true.. ho hum..

Blue : Wheres the story dude

Ok, so here's a question - What do you do when some gun toting goons break into your house and yell surprise...
a) find a place to hide
b) yell in terror and run away
c) find your sunglasses and wear them

Well, the answer is... as per the movie Blue... (c)

Thats what Sanjay Dutt does.. he and Lara Dutta are eating when gangsters break into their house and the first thing.. THE FIRST THING that he can think of wear his shades!!!!!

So this should give you a fair idea of how the movie was!! Not bad at all!!! rofl

Well, you gotta give it to the director... he has tried to make something different.. never seen a hindi movie with all these underwater sequences with actors diving into the deep blue sea , almost through the movie!!! Though somewhere, in between these sequences, he seems to have forgotten about the storyline bit.... A small miss.. a hiccup..

Why do we need a story anyway? For what purpose? Nahhhhh... When you have a good looking dude (Akshay Kumar) and sexy dudette (Lara Dutta).. And add a few breathtaking underwater dont need a story really.. I mean really!!!

The above mentioned look really hot.. absolutely sizzling!!! Sanjay Dutt though looks grey.. old.. paunchy (specially in the divers suit) and tired.. his paunch protrudes throughout the movie.. hey, i know i too have a paunch.. but look, i am not supposed to be some kind of a heroine, am i!!! So anyway, he looks like Lara Dutta's father!!! She should have been paired with AK!!!

And Zayed Khan.. well he is there..a blur... in the movie.. who cares really!!!

Coming to AK.. well like i said, he's the dude.. i quite like him.. especially post Fear Factor!!! He looks awesome.. And his new look with a salt and pepper goatee and tatoos looks fab!!!

Basically forget the story... if you like AK or Lara.. watch it for sure!!!

Oh oh.. and the songs are quite good.. Chiggy wiggy is nice.. but there are songs that are better...the title track, blue.. Fiqrana (i love this song).. Shararaa (the song on the beach)!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Always carry your cell phone with you

As i discovered the truth behind statement 2 days ago!!! I went to Hyderabad over the weekend. I was at my in laws place. We had to go out somewhere.. so i went to get ready! Now I shut the door of the bedroom ... went to the washroom, showered.. got ready by 10.30am (we had to leave at 11).. so there was a good half an hour..

And i tried to pull the door open.. it just wouldnt open.. i tried everything.. pulling the knob.. pulling the knob and the bolt together etc etc... nothing worked.. my hands were smarting!!! They are smarting even now!!! And then i knocked.. first politely, then loudly.. called out... to no avail.. i was on the 1st floor while everyone was the ground floor or so i thought!!! Anyway, then i spotted a cell phone.. and had this bright idea that i could call someone.. somebody's number will be there on that cell.. I put it on and it said.. recharge battery!!!!

After much knocking and trying to pry open the lock using a measuring tape (why.. dont ask me).. finally someone came looking for me as we were getting late!!! I came out and just by the side of the bedroom sat my husband.. blissfully unaware of everything.. apparently he did not hear me knocking or shouting (or so he says)!!!!

Moral of the story , according to husband - go to the gym .. at least you should be able to open the door
Moral of the story according to me - carry your cell.. even if you go the loo.. you never know when you may need help!!!

And this was validated by a girl getting stuck in our office loo today... she had her cell so she called someone.. a crowd gathered.. finally the door was kicked open a la movie style!!! lol

So always carry your phone.. no matter what.. lesson learnt the hard way.. at least by me!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

TT championship at chikmagalur

We went to chikmagalur the weekend before last.. could not write before this as our comp has been acting up!!!! Highlights of the trip -

1) The drive!!!! It was reallllllllllyyyyyy beautiful... it had been raining and was all green.. we encountered many lakes.. almost one every km .. ok now that was an exaggeration but you get the picture...some of the lakes were overflowing.. the nilgiris are actually blue you know!!!!!!!!!!! :) It was the perfect weather to drive down.. its also the anticipation of going somewhere, the excitement.. the drive is the best part, without doubt!!!!!

2) Pre drive arrangements... oh and pre drive, we bought some chicken salami.. so i made like 10 sandwiches to eat on the way (with different sauces).. after eating 2 i felt like throwing up.. didnt allow my husband to eat either because of the nauseating smell (maybe because i was eating in the car!!) .. well, so much for all the "sandwich excitement".. we donated the rest of it to 2 unsuspecting bell boys in the hotel!!!! rofl

3) Halebeedu / Halebid - its an ancient temple.. built more than 1000 yrs ago!!! And its gorgeous... dark clouds in the background.. and this huge temple complex. The only problem if anything were the crowds.. it was really crowded.. with children (where do so many children come from!!!!) loitering about everywhere.. but then i guess thats the story of life.. you are a part of the crowd as well.. i mean if its a tourist place, then there will be tourists.. we also added to the tourist population!!

3) The hotel : We stayed at Taj Gateway. They have a really nice property.. its green.. lush.. has these cute cottages.. supposedly overlooking the mountains.. ours did not.. but a nice place anyway!!!

4) Weather - it was cold!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I am a sunshine person you know.. the first night we reached there.. it was so cold.. i was chilled to the bone.. i crossed my arms and was walking around like that fully covered up .. wore a jacket too....and my husband lolling about in shorts!! ... anyway, my hands were frozen into that position (crossed arms).. my husband literally tried to prise my hands out!!! :). What a picture we made!!

5) Breakfasts.. its been a long time since i had a proper breakfast .. my home breakfast initiative has still not taken off :).. so breakfasts at the hotel used to be -
a) Chitranna / Tomato rice / wada (whatever speciality they served)
b) Fresh juice (musk melon / water melon) etc
c) Dosha / Puris
d) Scrambled eggs, hash brown potato
e) 2 cups of panduranga coffee grown there at chikmagalur (it was delicious)!!!
I loved the coffee.. it was the south indian filter coffee.. my husband says good coffee depends on the maker.. but anyway.. i loved that coffee.. unfortunately we could not go to the shop to buy it.. but the hotel people gave us a surprise.. and gifted us a pack of that coffee.. how sweet!!!

6) Hammocks when its windy and cold.. is not a good idea.. trust me!!! OR trying to read lying in a hammock when its windy and trying to cover yourself up with a shawl.. is extremely difficult.. do not even try!!!

7) TT - I learned how to play TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, its a start.. so what if i lost all the matches (how many did we play.. some 20 -30 matches at least).. to my husband.. i learnt.. And i am excited.. will tell you in the next post why!!! And in 3 games, i scored 10 pts and more :) Yayyyyyy

8) Also tried my hand at pool.. i suck.. to my horror a couple decided to sit and watch us play... .. watching me trying to prod the ball with the stick.. finally we just left.. there were some 6 balls on the table stilll remaining after an hour of play!!!!

9) Massages... ok this is a toughie.. this is the 3rd time i am getting a massage done.. once in bombay, once in thailand (thai massage) and now this one.. nothing, believe me nothing can ever prepare you for the shock and the wave of embarrassment you feel flooding right from your toe to head.. when masseuse tells you to remove everything and lie down... I REALLY MEAN EVERYTHING!!!!!! But about 10 mins into the massage, you just give to the sheer pleasure of the massage.. and forget about everything else!!!! It took me about 4-5 showers to get the oil out.. but thats another story!!!

10) Belur - an utterly beautiful ancient temple.. built in 1117 AD. Its huge.. its extraordinary... there are these ancient carvings.. and its breathtaking!! Only thing that spoils everything - people.. they lean on these statues when chatting.. they make their kids sit.. SIT.. on the ancients carvings to take pictures!!! Ignorant illiterate people!!!! They should be made to wash the entire temple or something!!!!

11) Shravanabelagola : its the biggest monolithic statue.. and they make you put in a lot of effort to see it :) ... there are 650 steps!!! 650!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to convince my husband.. told him.. yeh hamare bas ki baat nahi hai.. but he wanted to go.. in the spirits of things.. so up we went.. Gaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddddd!!! Its tough.. we reached the top and spent about 5 mins rsting.. and feeling proud that we had made.. when .. horrors of horrors.. we went up to find more steps.. and then more!!!! But let me say this.. it was worth it!!! The statue is really beautiful!!!! And the view from top of the place.. fabulous!!! My legs were like jelly though.. and i felt i am about to topple as i was coming down!!!

A great trip.. i loved every bit of it...we have already planned for the next 2 trips - Kabini in Dec and Pondicherry in Jan... yay!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up up up.. the only way is up from here...

So sings Shania Twain...

My mood continues to be strange.. which mystifies me.. becuase things are not going wrong.. in fact there are nice things happening .. i am traveling on work as well as a personal trip.. looking forward to it a lot!!

But even then.. i just cant seem to drudge up excitement or any energy levels. Its pathetic!

The funny part is i had a nice chilled out weekend.. last week i thought thats the only antidote i require.. i will bounce back to my normal self today.. but not yet!!

Cant put a finger on it.. life / work is passing me by.. i am not reacting to anything. The weather too adding to my woes.. rainy, dark and gloomy.. gets dark by 6.30pm!!!

There is this lethargy... dullness surrounding me.. cant seem to summon up energy!! A premonition of whats to come? God knows!!!

Hopefully it will pass. Soon.. maybe as soon as next weekend (traveling Chikmagalur.. the one bright spot in my dull world)!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Govt offices : not so bad after all!!!

Today i walked over to the BSNL office... i wanted to take an application form for a landline connection!!! Just the thought of actually going there was making me make umpteen faces... and i was so not looking forward to it.. the thought of standing in some queue because people are busy eating/ drinking tea.. rude responses.. unhelpful people..

But i was in for a pleasant surprise!!!

a) There was no rush.. the place was practically empty.. actually i got scared that i crossed the road over for nothing as they might be closed or something.. yes yes, BSNL office is just across the road (i hate crossing roads.. but more on that in some other post)..

b) But anyway the watchman guided me to the right place.. and very sweetly too.. normally i would have thought they ignore any query!!!

c) As i walked in, there were no directions given as to where i am supposed to collect the form from.. so i just walked in to some cabin i saw.. and that guy instead of getting annoyed, sent me to the right place!!

d) Another cabin.. this time the right one.. the guy immediately took out the application form.. hold your breath.. offered me a seat!!! And then while speaking to him about the documents required, my phone rang and i was on the phone for about a minute.. that man waited patiently.. and then answered all my questions!!

e) When i asked about when we would get the connection, he told me that while the area does not fall under him, he will try to figure it out . He was most helpful !!!! He said that he will get it done. Exceedingly sweet and i was totally zapped!!! And no, no money exchanged hands. This entire thing took just 5 mins!!!!

Maybe experiences at DU / some public sector banks have coloured my perceptions... at that time, to get anything done (even a 5 mins job) used to be a full day affair!!! One would be sent one window after the other.. window no 10.. 36.. 2.. 24.. and after many attempts when you finally reach the right place, the window would be about to close!!!

Things have changed perhaps!!!! I am so happy and amazed at this wondrous experience!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its been 2 weeks.. or is it more?

Hello people. Been quite a while since i blogged. Blame it on the work!!! And while i have been away, Knife has gone to Switzerland and Scarlett has become Ash!!!!! :)

Work has been really hectic.. was working weekend before last (sadly so).. and been working really late nights till Thursday last week..

Spent this full weekend recuperating!!! Though even now i feel exhausted.. old age setting in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmphhh...

And i am generally irritated.. and down.. with all the work.. and also could not spend much time spent with my husband this weekend.. more hhhmmmmmppphhh...

And the one day he had an off, rather the entire world and its brother enjoyed the long weekend ... guess who was working!!!!!

All this has basically put me in an "under the weather" mood!!! And i am p*****d off with various people!!!! So that does not help either!!!

Now that i have got all this off my chest.. sigh (a deep breath)... on to better things
Please read Bill Bryson!!! He is so funny... you cannot help laughing out loud..

Am reading Alexander now!! Its a combination of fact and fiction i guess.. told in a story like manner. Quite interesting.. the book says Alexander was a bi !!!


When will any good movie release?? Cannot watch Dil Bole Haddipa.. Wanted would be anyday a better option.. Salman Khan this weekend.. maybe!!

Fear factor is quite a cool show! Its genuinely about fear than grossness and cheap thrills!!! Though we love cheap thrills too.. lol

And Akshay Kumar in this show .... rocks!!!! He has a very corny sense of humour!!!!!
I have some 10 friends request on FB.. they all sit there and stare at me sliently.. berating me.. blinking at me and making me feel miserable.. But i need to be strong.. i WILL NOT add them!!!!!!

Its time for festivals.. i am not feeling festive yet.. Blore is the wrong place to be in for Diwali / Dusshera :(

I got some 4-5 salwaar kameez stitched .. its the new tailor you see.. and ever since i have found him, i cant stop buying material.. you never know when one needs to move and then start the hunt for a new tailor!!!!!

No breakfast the last 2 weeks... it stopped even before it started.. a failure??? Naahhh.. if you dont succeed, try try try again


Got a temporary hair straightening done.. its looking so nice (even if i am the one who says so)... everyone at work actually also complimented me.. and everyone has been telling me to get permanent straightening done!!!!! It looks brilliant.. i am just worried how it will look once my hair grows.. half wavy and half straightened...

Permanent.. temporary... permanent.. temporary.. permanent... gaaaahh.. i am stressed.. tell me what to do!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breakfast at n's

A corny title i know.. and once you read my post you will realise that i am getting ahead of myself here... but so what.. i say!!!

Last 2 days.. i have been a good girl... not only have i been taking lunch to work from home.. but i have also been MAKING breakfast!!!

1) Lunch to office - i am terribly lazy. I get up late.. and thus do not get the time to pack lunch.. the days i do, i remember that i do not like packing lunch.. and then if i do, invariably i forget the dabba at work.. once forgot to take it back home for 3 consecutive days and finally lost the thing itself!! So after eating the world's most c****y food for 1 year, i have decided (or i think i have) that i will try to take home cooked meal to work.. and its way better than the stuff we order everyday.. so last 2 days have been successful at packing my lunch and taking it to work.

2) MAKING breakfast - Last 2 days, I MADE breakfast!!! When i say made, i am excluding cornflakes and bread butter from the list!!!! I hate cornflakes in any case. So anyway, i made.. hold your breath.. dosha (i positively refuse to call it dosa) and some chutney type thingy (non coconut) to go along with it!!! Do you realise the implications of it?????? Let me say it again.. I MADE DOSHA (applause applause).. I woke up EARLY in the morning.. and post tea, made dosha (for me and hubby) and actually CUT ONIONS AND TOMATOES for the chutney thing in the morning!!!!! Me who does not go to the kitchen in the morning.. except to make tea!!!

Basically usually i end up shoving maggi into my mouth in the morning (cup o noodles) at work!!!

Gone are those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N.. relax... take a deep breath... sighhhhhhhhhh........ its been 2 days only.. baby steps .. small steps.. one at a time!!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whatever you do, dont ask me to make upma

What does it take to put in a post early morning (11am is early!!!).. and that too on a Saturday!!!!!!! A drippy upma...... yes thats what it takes!!!!

So the thing is.. here i am bright and awake early (i woke up at 9am) on a Saturday!!!! I had no intentions of making anything.. i mean thats not what i think of, on Saturday mornings when i wake up.. or any morning for that matter!!!

I run into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, post consumption of which, i am really awake... and i actually start responding to my name.. till then i am in some world far far far away!!!

So the nature of events today .. pretty much the same.. tea + newspaper.. and then i spoke to my mom. It was she who insisted i should make breakfast. The thing is on a Saturday, i either make breakfast or lunch.. because by the time i finish making breakfast, its time for lunch. So usually lunch is what you will get at my place over weekends. Also what helps the matter along a bit more is that hubby is asleep (he works till morning almost).. so i am even more resistant to the idea of making breakfast for 1!!!

But today mom motivated me.. egged me on to make something.. so i decided to make upma!!! I had some cut onions / tomatoes/green chillies already in my fridge.. and finally i thought why not!!!

I havent made upma many times.. rather i have probably made it (including this once).. twice!!!! And the first time was a long time ago with general directions being given by mom over the phone and husband (he knows how to make it). So I do know the basic principles of making upma!! Or so i thought.

I roasted rawa.. then sauteed onions / tomatoes/ green chillies.. added salt/ red chilly powder.. and then added the roasted upma.. and then added water.. now like i said i thought i did know the basic principles of making it.. lots of water to a little rawa .. errrrrrr ..something like that.. and confidently for about 1/4th cup rawa i put 1 cup water.. some doubts.. half a cup more.. and one more question in mind , a faint recollection of someone saying you need to cook it in a lot of water.. added 1 more cup!!!!

Took about half an hour - 40 mins for the water to evaporate.. well almost evaporate.. then in frustration i just switched off the gas!!! It looked a little like halwa.. i ate it.. it was not bad.. if you can get over the appearance of it.. looked like upma beaten in a mixie with water!!!

But anyway.. its not that it is the love of my life either.. i used to hate it as a child.. as an adult i can tolerate it.. living alone (i mean when cooked food stops magically appearing on your table) i do not say no to anything... i love home cooked food... i am able to tolerate anything.. well most of it!!!! And now i am ok with my old pet hates .. upma / bharta / saag etc .. i think its also got to do with living in a hostel!!! Everything just balances out!!!

So anyway... hopefully next time... it will be better.. rather, next time, i will call up and ask the experts (mom)!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The time between 9 and 10pm..

For those of you who know me personally... would know that i spend weekday evenings alone..
For those of you who do not know me personally.... i spend weekday evenings alone.. well mostly!!! Our hours, work hours i.e. (my husband's and mine) do not match!

Now i am quite used to this.. been quite a while.. and now i quite like this alone time that i get!!! I watch c**p shows on TV.. message and catch up with friends.. blog.. read... listen to music... in no particular order!! In fact i have made very "good friends" due to this.. some people who i know for a fact would not be as close to me if it were not for my husband.. and we routinely thank him for that!!! :)

So whats the point about the time between 9-10pm, you ask? This is the time that i do not know what to do.. rather anytime that i get bored and am thinking of what to do and i check the time.. its usually between 9-10pm!!

I guess thats because of the shows i watch.. 7-8pm friends, 8-8.30.. i check blog posts, speak with parents etc.. 8.30-9 i watch 2 and a half men and have dinner.. actually the thing is that from 7-9, i have done all the catching up, spoken to people i need to speak to, been online..etc

And then suddenly its 9pm.. and theres nothing to do.. if there is no good movie on air!!! Actually come to think of it i do not like watching the 9pm movie because it gets over at a time when i would like to be in bed reading. I like to be able to shut off the TV when i want to.. with a mvoie you cannot do that!!!! You are pretty much obliged to watch the entire thing. So my reading time usually starts at around 10.30.. when i switch everything off.. and retire and listen to music and read!!

And 10 i watch some c**p reality show.. its fun to watch with friends!!!! Love all the b****ing!!! About half an hour .. and i have had my fill of the show and retire peacefully..

Basically now that i am listing down things, i realise that i need to go back to the gym!!!! lol. Thats the activity missing (this is the dialogue wherein one would clap hand on the forehead.. sudden realisation you see) .....Oh well. .. then again....ho..hum... . maybe people will start another one of those c**p reality shows.. you never know!!! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A trance like state...

That happens when i pretty much down in the dumps.. a cold.. a sore throat.. what more does one need.. one more thing i can think of - add a festival to that day and ensure you are alone.. what more do you need.. all ingredients of a "great depression"!!!

I hate sniffling.. i hate sore throat... i hate sniffling more!!!! A heavy head.. a drugged like state.. hmmmpppfff.. in times like these, ginger tea alone does not do.. you need full time pampering.. hugs... and full time pampering!!!

And today was onam too.. i had an off today.. luck did you say? And my husband did not.. grrrr.. so while i did not cook anything much.. a heavy head and slaving over the stove do not go together really.. so made my cook to make some stuff.. and i made kheer.. too much sugar and rice a little uncooked and a sorry state of affairs!!!

Anyway good thing is ..i know i am cribbing a thought should at least say one nice thing.. so the good thing is at least i got to have lunch with husband!!! So day not a total waste thankfully.

A weirdly disturbed post lunch nap later, watched Kadha Parayumbol.. the mallu version of Billoo.. i must say the mallu movie was rather nice!!! I have not watched Billoo.. so cant comment on that. The mallu movie was brilliant though.. also i am watching one after a long long time!!!!

Just after the movie was channel surfing.. and came across the movie Yaraana... and just as i landed at that channel, started the song.. saara zamaana haseeno ka deewana.. AB looks ridiculous.. but he is the only one who carry it off.. strutting about with a guitar in his hand.. or being totally lit up like a christmas tree!!! Awesome!!!

Oh, and wish you a happy onam too!!! :) Now that this is done, will go and try to clear my head!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I am Murugun, Quick Gun Murugun.. I say.. mind it

Parrot green shirt.. canary yellow (with leopard spots) half jacket / coty to go with it.. red pants.. white boots, a straw hat, a face with a layer of foundation , some brown lipstick, a thin mustache... cooling glass.. a gold chain and a locket (with picture of lola kutty inside it)..... yeah.. thats about sums up this man!!! For those you who have watched Channel V long long time ago, quick gun murugun will be a familiar foundation caked face!!!

So we all yet again trooped from office to watch this movie.. its a tamil movie with sub titles.. the movie starts with gunpowder (the local goon) troubling people.. harassing voluptuous women asking them to eat non veg.. in comes Quick gun murugun to the rescue.. "leave the lady, i say" .. and shoots everyone in sight.. and says .... "the sky is my ceiling.. uh oh.. i do not remember the dialogue.. quite a long one.. one that finishes with him saying i am quick gun murugun..

The deal is that there is this guy.. rice plate reddy.. the villain who is turning all veg restaurants to non veg (people should actually thank him for it).. and quick gun murugun goes to fight him (the local vegetarian hero he is called).. and the fight scene has to be seen to be believed.. again familiar to those familiar with rajni style movies or forwards for that matter!!!! He goes to the coconut plantation institute (where you can get a palm tree diploma as well).. where these gundas are sitting on top of the coconut tree waiting for him.. they use a catapult to hit him from there.. but this guy is so fast that time stands still.. you can actually see the stone tearing through air in slow motion.. and shoots at the stone (or seed or whatever it was).. it splits into 2 .. and kills 2 more of those gundas.. while the bullet that rips it apart kills the man who uses the catapult...(the entire movie is full of such scenes)

After killing at least 20 people, he is captured and taken to Rice plate reddy.. who promptly shoots him.. and out flows this fountain of blood... but what do you know.. quick gun murugun is sent back to earth by god (return to sender being stamped).. and he comes back a la terminator style.. and lands in bombay!!! Rest of the movie is about him trying to kill rice plate reddy!!

Then there is a murugun brother.. anni (his wife)... who claps and smiles affectionately while the murugun brothers are shooting for thrills randomly at home (as they meet after a long time)..

And then there is Mango Dolly.. she has a very small role, that of the gangster's moll.. but i totally loved her.. the song is really cool.. "my name is mango dolly, i am ramba jolly" or something to that effect!!!!! She is wearing this hideous pink dress... showing all her curves and what not.. but she was fabulous!!!!

And then came Mr Rowdy.. MBA!!! He was awesome!!! Basically Rice plate reddy becomes a big guy and this guy works with him!! Rowdy.. is a totally cool dude!!! The character is fantastic!!!! Hes got style!!!! There is one scene wherein they you know rowdy is going to come out of the door.. they show a lot of smoke bellowing out of the door and then comes in rowdy!!! He is THE cool dude!!!

The entire movie is full of quick gun's quick techniques.. a duel with Rowdy MBA.. a shootout at the railway station amidst all dabbawalas.. a shootout at rice plate reddy's company.. wherein he refuses to shoot the ladies.. looks at them and shakes his head and says "ladies".. but then mango dolly comes to the rescue!!! rofl..

You cannot help but laugh.. out loud.. at this cheeky movie.... I clapped hard too!!! I wish i knew how to whistle!!!

Amazingly garish characters, garish sets.. a completely in your face movie ... you just cannot ignore it... fantastic spoof .... it also has this song.. a romantic song.. oooooo little flower...was hilarious!!!! I even liked Rambha.. imagine!!!!!!! A total fultoo timepass movie this!!!!

QG Murugun tells a goon in the end.... "open a telephone booth i say!!! "

Update : its an insane movie!!!!!! And lola kutty i think was underutilized..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I want to drink the chilled minute maid in my fridge

But i cannot. You see i have failed at the first step itself... opening the bottle!! I just cant seem to open the bottle.. i can only fret ... and look at the chilled bottle with droplets formed on the outside and ..imagine the feel of the chilled liquid going down my throat.. regular water wont do.. it has to be ice cold!!!

I bl***y burnt my hand.. trying to turn the cap!!!!!!!! I tried and tried and tried.. could not do it!!! My palm is still tingling!!!!!

OK.. so i have a problem with opening bottles.. i just cant seem to open it.. most of the times embarrassingly so!!!!

In flights always.. when i am traveling alone, everytime i used to try to open the water bottle.. half the water would spill on me .. yet the cap wouldn't come off!!! Many a times people sitting next to me have taken pity on me and opened the bottle for me!! Now i have given up trying to even open it.. i usually request someone to do so.. Once i asked a steward to help me out.. and he demonstrated (literally, not kidding) in his loud everyone should know kind of a easy it was to open it.. and then he refused to give me the bottle he opened.. instead he gave me another bottle and asked me to open it using his technique!!! Yeeeessshhhh.. it was so embarrassing.. .. and he was encouraging me to do so so loudly .. he was cheering for me (loudly again) as one would tell a marathon runner to run that last mile!!!! Finally i couldn't even open it that way and had to tell him to cut the c**p and give me the opened bottle!!!!

And now, you see this bottle phenomenon not just in flights.. but even in many companies.. most of them in fact.. its very irritating and hateful.. imagine the trauma that people like me have to go through just to have a sip of water .. once i even tried opening a bottle during a meeting, albeit under the table but apart from water sloshing noises, nothing happened and finally my boss offered to open it for me..

Then i started going through the full meetings (3-4 hrs at times) without drinking water for the fear of embarrassment.. but now i just latch on to somebody.. drink from a bottle that someone has opened already or ask someone to open it for me!!!

Why.. oh why.. people do this.. why cant they serve water in perfectly normal glasses

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I watched Kaminey this weekend...

Even though the whole wide world and its brother has seen and written about the movie already.. how can i not write about it .. cannot resist it!!! I know i am writing a full week later.. and FB status messages are full of the f lisps .. but never mind!!!

The movie rocks!!!!! I LOVED it. A fabulous movie after a long time. Vishal Bharadwaj rocks.. he does not disappoint after Omkara!!! He has a gift in telling a story!!! And boy he does it well!!

I am sure by now everyone knows what the movie is about... twins (charlie and guddu).. one a wannabe bookie and the other works with an NGO.. the story is basically about how one day.. their lives connect again (they are not talking terms).. the entire plot is based on the one day..

And intertwined in their lives are these many characters.. sweety.. bhope.. mikhael.. taashi.. the bangla brothers.. inspector lele.. etc

It is a very fast paced movie.. the first half seems like a series of frames put together.. seemingly unconnected (but you obviously know it is).. and it all comes together in the 2nd half. The movie does not give you much respite.. you have to be continuously watching it.. or you may miss a teeny weeny though crucial bit that connects things...

We have been having this discussion.. the "kaminey" discussion ..about what we all liked.. another thing that came up.. was the realism portrayed.. an example.. when the cop hits guddu.. he actually flexes his hand.. because his hand hurt with the force with which he hit the guy... and its so real.. it does happen too.. now this detail was not was not an integral part of the movie... even if it had not been there.. the simple act of flexing.. it would not have taken anything away from the movie... .. but its there and it adds so much more to it!!!!

What i loved .. the way the characters are.. now this is a movie with Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in it... but when you come out of the theatre.. you will remember a Taashi or a Bhope or a Mikhael as much as you remember Shahid Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra.. and thats what is brilliant!!! Each of the characters are very well etched.. if you have seen Omkara you would know what i am talking about.. each character is so powerful and the way they come together to form the entire story is amazing.. nobody overpowers the other.. you like shahid when you go in to watch the movie.. you like shahid and many more when you come out!!!

All of them were brilliant actually... Sweety was amazing.. she seems totally like an ordinary person who you would meet in the local train perhaps (in fact she did remind of some women i have met in the local) !!! Bhope with his Jai maharashtra was a total knock out.. the hep and high profile taashi was awesome!!!! He was stupendous if i may say.. and Mikhael was the cool dude.. he was THE dude!!!!! The Bangla brothers bit.. was a nice touch.. and as genuine as it could get!!

And Shahid Kapoor was awesome.. in case i have not said it till now!!!

Oh and i loved that scene .. the interplay between Mikhael and Bhope.. when both of them are letting out these sounds of guns going off .. like how one would play as a kid.. with the dhishh (whatever those sound are) etc sounds !!! The entire scene goes on for a good 5 mins.. as audience you already anticipate that something's going to happen.. but that does not take away anything from the scene.. you laugh and you still anticipate... you know whats coming... making sense? Watch the movie and then you will know what i am talking about!!

In fact i want to watch it again. Now that i have seen it once, i want to see it again.. at my pace.. araam se!!! Definitely 4.5 /5 if not more!!!!!

The cast-
Shahid Kapoor - Charlie / Guddu
Priyanka Chopra - Sweety
Amol Gupte - Bhope
Chandan Kumar Sanyal - Mikhael
Tenzing Nima - Taashi
Shiv Subramaniam - Lobo
Hrishikesh joshi - Lele

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am told i am growing old...

There are several indications of it which have been pointedly pointed out to me... just yesterday a colleague messaged on our internal office chat.. we were talking about something.. and she used a phrase, rotflmao.. now i know rotfl.. actually i use rofl.. but i could definitely guess what rotfl meant.. but i had no clue as to what mao was.. and i asked!!!! While i did get an answer.. there was an incredulous.. "you didnt know????????" response.. and a min later people came jumping out from various nooks and crannies and pointing a finger at me saying rotflmao!!!!!!!!!! And several others joined the party and said.. well in "their" time these phrases were not there.. and "their" abbreviations are like from dinosaur time.. extinct now.. well they did not say that exactly.. but well, you get the gist.. "their" was basically yours truly and some other almost extinct mammals..

I turned 30 this year.. and ever since i did that i have been not able to forget it.. as i am reminded of it often.. apparently i have gone to the other side (the nether world) .. basically our lunch table is kind of divided into 2 groups age i mean.. the mid-late 20's and the 30+!! So now i have been shoved over to the 30+ group.. in fact when we we present to clients, i realise when i say the middle -older age group people i mean me.. rather when i say youngsters like something, i definitely do not mean 30 yr olds!!!! Did i make sense there? And in a few yrs, i will not be considered as TG for most of the researches!!!!!! I will be striked out as a relevant TG unless the product is Ponds Age Miracle perhaps!!!

Then there was a young researcher award recently.. wherein the "young" researchers had to write and submit a paper!!! While i did not really want to write anything much, there was much debate about my falling / not falling in the "young" category.. there was some confusion.. and mail was sent to some global people organising it.. i mean really (even though i had no plans.. absolutely no plans of writing anything).. to check if i qualified.. and i did not.. i missed by a few months!!!! Maybe i can participate in the "old researcher" award!!!! Maybe i am in the twilight year.. and wont qualify for that as well!!!

Ho hum... i never had a tendency to put on weight ( i still dont.. ha!!!).. what i mean to say i never had a paunch.. i was always on the undernourished side.. so i used try to gain weight by eating cheese everyday.. icecream.. chocolates .. ghee etc.. but to no avail.. just before marriage my weight used to be around 42-43 kgs!!! And now, while my weight is ok... i am told my metabolism levels have gone down (age again, you see).. and hence everything is catching up with me.. got this paunch to show for it!!!

I am told i will start waking up early.. i hate to admit it.. these days i cant sleep till 1pm like i used to when in college etc.. on sundays you would never find me up in the morning.. and now on weekends i am up at 9-9.30!!! My parents are equallyastonished everytime i speak to them before 10am on a weekend.. and these days i positively need my 9-10 hrs of sleep.. 1 hour less and i am like a zombie at work!!!!

And i am told i should start taking care of my skin more... :( .. its not young and supple anymore.. oh well.. isnt it?

But hey despite all this .. i love being 30.. it is not any different from being 29 or 28 for that matter!!! And it is quite cool telling people that i am 30.. kind of like "i have arrived" in life.. who are you minions.. not seen life.. i have been there and done that... i talk down from my own lofty position.. ha!!!

I am quite enjoying it actually.... i still do what i used to do (watch movies / read/blog) change there.. but some traces of change..more pubbing (thats because of bangalore i think).. .. traveling (some).. not worried about spending.. rather, not penny pinching i should say.. yeah.. a good sign.. i have been looking for some change.. cant find it..

Only at times.. this once when i was talking about starting to work in 2001 in this small company wherein we had to share computers.. 4 comps shared between some 10 people at least.. and how we used to write our presentations/ proposals on paper and then give it to typists for typing.. or how we used to get reams of data printed.. everyone looked at me.. as if i came from the stone age or something!!!! That was possibly the time i felt.. yes i am older than the people around me ..

Is it very different... naahhhhh.. not really!! Nobody even calls me an aunty!!!! rofl

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I finally found my man!!!!

A tailor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah the smell of success.... i feel like strutting about.. and telling the whole world about it.. and doing a little jig... and singing.. tra lalalalala.. la. lalalalalal...aaaaaaaaaaaa

Anyone who has read my previous posts, knows the importance of a tailor and a parlour in a girl's life.. when we shifted to bangalore, i was happy.. right opposite the gate of our society, there sits a tailor... and my neighbours said she's good.. but she turned out to be horrible.. my clothes looked terrible.. i looked like i had worn a sack.. and this did not happen once or twice but many times!!! Many times because i thought i should give her a chance!!!

But then an office colleague got some reference of another tailor.. nearby.. and i tagged along for the experiment.. that one turned out to be ok.. the shop where we bought our experimental piece of cloth from (we are not going give our nice stuff without trying, are we).. suggested another one.. we got the stitched stuff today...... and hoooraaaaayyy.. it fits... it fits well... my search is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hurah

Have been missing my delhi tailor like mad.. but now i am in seventh heaven.. isnt today just great.. got an award .. found a tailor.. what more can i ask for...

Today is THE day!!!!

I am loving it!!!!!

Thank you Scarlett.. muaaahhh muaaahhh .. my first ever blog award!!!!!!!!!!! The super scribbler blog award.. came into existence through the The scholastic scribe .... oh man!!!! Oh man!!!!Oh man!!!!

Let me post the rules (as one the rules dictate)..
  • Each superior scribbler must in turn pass the award to 5 most deserving bloggy friends.
  • Each superior scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received the award.
  • Each superior scribbler must display the award on his/ her blog, link to the post which explains the award.
  • Each blogger who wins the Superior Scribbler award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr Linky List. That way we will be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honour!
  • Each Superior scribbler must post these rules on his/ her blog.

Oh well.. this is overwhelming!!! Really!!! Thank you soooooo much Scarlett for introducing me to the world of blogging.. a fairytale.. never thought i would be able to sustain it for so long.. its been more than a year!!!! And i assure you fervently, i will post more!!!! :)

So who should i pass on this award to..

Knife... your pictures and your posts are droolworthy.. and most of the times i actually am drooling all over !!!!!

Scarlett.. I am giving this one back to you!!!! Your posts make me feel alive and happy.. how can i not give it to you!!! You complete my "net life"!!!! :) And for having the guts to start three more blogs ... Absolutely fabulous, brown eyed girl and own the streets!!

Mommie... I can chat with you at a different plane altogether.. even though we have been friends for a while. Please start posting again. I miss it!!! Sob sob

Well, there ends my bloggy friends list who deserve this.. as you can see two have already got this award.. but what the heck!!! They still deserve it.. they are my "online life"!!!!

Thank you thank you.... :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i am getting the chills :0

We have been talking ghost stories today.. and i wondered why i haven't posted anything till now about it!!!

I love talking ghost stories.. well, uh.. during the day.. surrounded by many many people.. then its fun!!! So do i believe?I dont really know.. but i get scared easily.. we have, i am sure, all had personal experiences of our own.. disbelievers/ believers alike..

In goa, when i was studying.. (yes, yes.. goa.. studying.. well i was!!!!)... like i said, when i was studying in goa.. i used to sleep real late.. and my roommate even later.. the deal between us was that we would not lock the door.. but would shut it using a piece of cloth so that it can be opened.. and that night (around 3 or 4 am) someone knocked.. i called out thrice.. no one came in.. i got scared.. prayed and shut my eyes and slept!!! It was not a prank.. because someone would have told me later.. so definitely not.. not the dog either (we had 2 dogs on our campus) coz the dustbin was untouched.. and thats what it would do everytime!!! Till date i do not know what / who it was.. our campus being a hospital earlier did not really help matters.. niether the fact there were a lot of trees / hill and a river closeby!!!!

I still remember when i used to come back from the computer lab.. we would reach this room.. a door from which had these 2 outstretched hands jutting out.. apparently the hands held things which were removed later... and people (rumours of course) used to say that the hands turn in the night.. and when you are coming back from the lab..alone in the night (post 1am)..your gaze automatically goes to the hands.. it used to glisten in the night and it was white in colour.. white coloured glistening hands in the dark.. and i used to run.. there was a picture of mother mary in the corridor and i used to ask her to save me as i ran !!!!!! :)

And i think.. once there is this some small niggling doubt in your mind (esp if you are alone).. thats all that is required.. one night in bombay i got scared .. felt jittery.. could not / did sleep till husband got back at 4am.. and then when he came i howled and howled!!! From then on, i switch on music.. i used to drag the home theatre speakers to my bedroom and listen to radio.. till hubby got me a music system specifically for this purpose. And i still listen to music till i fall asleep!!!!!

You know, in kerala, where we used to stay during vacations with grandparents.. it was an old old house in a village (each neighbour being a km away at least).. spooky place if you ask me especially during rains.. it would creak and groan.. the doors were this huge wooden doors which as children we could hardly push, so heavy they were.. the stairs were wooden and would make tremendous noise.. there was an dusty attic (pretty much like in movies) and i never used to go there alone.. and we used to have this bet every night (all cousins).. who is the brave one who will shut the gate .. the gate was far away from the main house.. far as in you could see the gate from the house but it a few mtrs away...there is stone stairway that you need to use.. a path.. and a jungle kind of area surrounding it (there used to be mangoes / jackfruit trees etc).. midway on the path you turn around.. the lights of the house seem far away... and as you move forward darkness all around.. tall trees.. brrrrrrrrr

Remember watching honi anhoni? Or Kile ka rahesya? It was scaryyyy man!!! It had a haunting song.. not song but the starting credits or whatever you call it.. one man would say "yeh hai kile ka rahesya" and you would hear one woman screaming her head off!!! I still remember it very vividly.. dont remember the serial that well though!!

And some movies.. Bhoot i think was scary.. after that movie i used to look behind everytime i took water from the fridge.. or Raat.. or What lies beneath.. after i watched this one, i used to be petrified of steamy bathroom mirrors .. it lasted for a few days...

And some superstitions that used to exist.. still do.. there are ghosts residing in the peepal tree, so you should not walk under it.. dont leave your hair open in the night or was it dawn, it attracts spirits etc etc etc

Yes.. i do believe.. well at times.. i try not to think about it mostly.. and surround myself with people.. a murderer / robber in the room is way better than ghosts.. i am not scared of people.. at least i can hit them!!!!! Oh well...

ps: remember the ramsay movies.. kafan, bhoot bangla, band darwaza etc.. the semi naked dancing witches / chudaails.. ghosts in plasters from head to toe..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So whats your excuse?

While i was thinking about what to post today.. its been a long time since i posted.. its become really sporadic i know.. and automatically my mind went into exploring reasons why... and i came up with..
1) lots of work..
2) late evenings..
3) too much socialisation
4) weekends i do not post
5) travel
.. you name it!!!! I dont even need to give any excuses (and this non blogging thing was just a thought in my own mind).. but i guess thats the way the mind is attuned.. any statement that starts with "you did not / have not..." and out flow this barrage of reasons .. "i could have but you know how it is like......"

And of late, gym is another thing i have been giving various excuses for.. maybe thats why excuses have become an auto mode reply for me.. you see when i joined the gym.. i told many many people.. little did i understand the ramifications of doing so!!!! Now i am asked left right and center.. when did i last go to the gym.. and then it starts.. late nights.. no rick.. exhaustion.. too much travel.. will go tom.. will start on monday.. the truth is i havent been to the gym in the last 5 weeks.. this week also does not look very promising!!! Earlier, there were 2 of us who used to go.. the person who went to the gym laughed / mocked at the other person who did not.. now we just exchange wry, sad smiles (at what could have been).. if "gym" ever comes up in our conversation!!!

But anyway i digress!!! Excuses have been a part of life since i can remember..I did not clean up because.. i cant come to meet because.. i could not speak to you because... i did not do homework because... i could not send this on time because.. its endless!!!! I do it many a times.. and i think people seem to buy it and end up sympathising.. then again, maybe they see through it.. as i see through theirs.. well, thats a thought.. hmmm

As you can see this post is not going anywhere...better I end it than write pages of painful reading!! :)

So whats your excuse?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doddamakali fishing camp..

I am back.. after a long time.. after a long prolonged absence!!!

Plentiful of reasons for that!!! I had a hectic hectic weekend.. followed by hectic weekdays as well.. and no i was not working!!

We had a few friends who were with us from Friday onwards.. and boy did we have fun!!! Starting Friday night, we went out every night until Tuesday!!

Friday night we polished off a bottle of wine.. and some more!! And Saturday we decided to go out of town.. so we went to this place called Doddamakali fishing camp. The drive was nice.. it rained in parts.. and we were happy.. drinking and singing merrily. The last part of the drive was the killer.. we were actually swaying from left to right.. the road is very very bad.. not for the faint hearted drivers.. or those who care about their cars a lot!!!! This place is inside the jungle.. and we were wondering what kind of a fishing camp this is.. there was no sight and sound of any water at all.. and suddenly about forty mins into the jungle.. you come across cauvery river as seen from the top of the hill.. gorgeous it looks!!!! And as the river comes closer, the road gets worse and worse.. to the extent you think you may topple over!!!

But anyway we reached without any incident.. a beautiful place it is!! A kind of place where you would want to go to chill.. and laze.. and basically think about the time passing by.. and then again.. maybe not..

Its like a pucca government guest house (which incidentally it is)... in the sense that the minute you reach they start plying you with tea / coffee.. and then feed you bhajiyas.. and then for dinner again feed you various stuff!!!

Acco was quite simple and rustic .. rustic to the extent of no power!! A fairly comfy place (its a tent), an attached loo.. what more do you need i ask..

You do need to carry your own booze if you plan to drink.. and nothing is more amazing than sitting by the riverside in a secluded spot in the night.. the breeze gently blowing.. the shimmering river.. the huge mountains casting a shadow.. utterly beautiful.. you never want to get up from there.. but get up we did as we planned to go trekking (a moderate, not difficult trek according to the guide)..

And so i was up at 6.. can you beat that?????????????????? And we went trekking.. i embarrassed myself totally i should think.. my first foot on the hillside and i slid and slipped on the gravel (about a step above ground.. and one foot was still on plain ground)!!!!! Clutching rocks and slipping all over and really focusing, i managed to climb up.. only to see 2 small children bounding all over the place like nobody's business.. and a pregnant girl (friend actually) climbing with equal ease.. nothing can be more annoying than to be the sloppy one who finds it difficult to find a footing!!! And then i got stuck over the rocks.. i was so happy to see flat land.. but i still got stuck .. could not climb over rocks.. all i could see was this girl in pink tee (an 8-9 yr old kid) running up the rocks and finally sit on top of some place!!! Which was nicely and loudly pointed out by my husband!!!!

Anyway, after getting scratched.. and slipping and sliding more.. finally we reached the camp.. went on a coracle ride.. first time in my life i wore a life jacket.. and after much pleading with everyone to save me if i drown.. we finally went!!!

A heavy breakfast later.. we went back to the city.. only to go out again to 13th floor and then Opus.. hard rock on monday, samarkand on tuesday... boy oh boy.. i am like a zombie right now!!!!! It will take me at least 2 weekends to recover!!!

I know i am ending the post abruptly.. but figured its quite an essay right now!!!! So will stop.
Now you know why i havent been posting!!!!

ps: the place is Doddamakali fishing camp run by Jungle .. its really nice and clean and hygienic.. costed us about 1900 rs per person (including all meals).. there are only 10 tents there.. so the booking needs to be made much in advance (we were plain lucky).. about 3- 4 hours from Bangalore