Friday, August 28, 2009

I am Murugun, Quick Gun Murugun.. I say.. mind it

Parrot green shirt.. canary yellow (with leopard spots) half jacket / coty to go with it.. red pants.. white boots, a straw hat, a face with a layer of foundation , some brown lipstick, a thin mustache... cooling glass.. a gold chain and a locket (with picture of lola kutty inside it)..... yeah.. thats about sums up this man!!! For those you who have watched Channel V long long time ago, quick gun murugun will be a familiar foundation caked face!!!

So we all yet again trooped from office to watch this movie.. its a tamil movie with sub titles.. the movie starts with gunpowder (the local goon) troubling people.. harassing voluptuous women asking them to eat non veg.. in comes Quick gun murugun to the rescue.. "leave the lady, i say" .. and shoots everyone in sight.. and says .... "the sky is my ceiling.. uh oh.. i do not remember the dialogue.. quite a long one.. one that finishes with him saying i am quick gun murugun..

The deal is that there is this guy.. rice plate reddy.. the villain who is turning all veg restaurants to non veg (people should actually thank him for it).. and quick gun murugun goes to fight him (the local vegetarian hero he is called).. and the fight scene has to be seen to be believed.. again familiar to those familiar with rajni style movies or forwards for that matter!!!! He goes to the coconut plantation institute (where you can get a palm tree diploma as well).. where these gundas are sitting on top of the coconut tree waiting for him.. they use a catapult to hit him from there.. but this guy is so fast that time stands still.. you can actually see the stone tearing through air in slow motion.. and shoots at the stone (or seed or whatever it was).. it splits into 2 .. and kills 2 more of those gundas.. while the bullet that rips it apart kills the man who uses the catapult...(the entire movie is full of such scenes)

After killing at least 20 people, he is captured and taken to Rice plate reddy.. who promptly shoots him.. and out flows this fountain of blood... but what do you know.. quick gun murugun is sent back to earth by god (return to sender being stamped).. and he comes back a la terminator style.. and lands in bombay!!! Rest of the movie is about him trying to kill rice plate reddy!!

Then there is a murugun brother.. anni (his wife)... who claps and smiles affectionately while the murugun brothers are shooting for thrills randomly at home (as they meet after a long time)..

And then there is Mango Dolly.. she has a very small role, that of the gangster's moll.. but i totally loved her.. the song is really cool.. "my name is mango dolly, i am ramba jolly" or something to that effect!!!!! She is wearing this hideous pink dress... showing all her curves and what not.. but she was fabulous!!!!

And then came Mr Rowdy.. MBA!!! He was awesome!!! Basically Rice plate reddy becomes a big guy and this guy works with him!! Rowdy.. is a totally cool dude!!! The character is fantastic!!!! Hes got style!!!! There is one scene wherein they you know rowdy is going to come out of the door.. they show a lot of smoke bellowing out of the door and then comes in rowdy!!! He is THE cool dude!!!

The entire movie is full of quick gun's quick techniques.. a duel with Rowdy MBA.. a shootout at the railway station amidst all dabbawalas.. a shootout at rice plate reddy's company.. wherein he refuses to shoot the ladies.. looks at them and shakes his head and says "ladies".. but then mango dolly comes to the rescue!!! rofl..

You cannot help but laugh.. out loud.. at this cheeky movie.... I clapped hard too!!! I wish i knew how to whistle!!!

Amazingly garish characters, garish sets.. a completely in your face movie ... you just cannot ignore it... fantastic spoof .... it also has this song.. a romantic song.. oooooo little flower...was hilarious!!!! I even liked Rambha.. imagine!!!!!!! A total fultoo timepass movie this!!!!

QG Murugun tells a goon in the end.... "open a telephone booth i say!!! "

Update : its an insane movie!!!!!! And lola kutty i think was underutilized..

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