Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doddamakali fishing camp..

I am back.. after a long time.. after a long prolonged absence!!!

Plentiful of reasons for that!!! I had a hectic hectic weekend.. followed by hectic weekdays as well.. and no i was not working!!

We had a few friends who were with us from Friday onwards.. and boy did we have fun!!! Starting Friday night, we went out every night until Tuesday!!

Friday night we polished off a bottle of wine.. and some more!! And Saturday we decided to go out of town.. so we went to this place called Doddamakali fishing camp. The drive was nice.. it rained in parts.. and we were happy.. drinking and singing merrily. The last part of the drive was the killer.. we were actually swaying from left to right.. the road is very very bad.. not for the faint hearted drivers.. or those who care about their cars a lot!!!! This place is inside the jungle.. and we were wondering what kind of a fishing camp this is.. there was no sight and sound of any water at all.. and suddenly about forty mins into the jungle.. you come across cauvery river as seen from the top of the hill.. gorgeous it looks!!!! And as the river comes closer, the road gets worse and worse.. to the extent you think you may topple over!!!

But anyway we reached without any incident.. a beautiful place it is!! A kind of place where you would want to go to chill.. and laze.. and basically think about the time passing by.. and then again.. maybe not..

Its like a pucca government guest house (which incidentally it is)... in the sense that the minute you reach they start plying you with tea / coffee.. and then feed you bhajiyas.. and then for dinner again feed you various stuff!!!

Acco was quite simple and rustic .. rustic to the extent of no power!! A fairly comfy place (its a tent), an attached loo.. what more do you need i ask..

You do need to carry your own booze if you plan to drink.. and nothing is more amazing than sitting by the riverside in a secluded spot in the night.. the breeze gently blowing.. the shimmering river.. the huge mountains casting a shadow.. utterly beautiful.. you never want to get up from there.. but get up we did as we planned to go trekking (a moderate, not difficult trek according to the guide)..

And so i was up at 6.. can you beat that?????????????????? And we went trekking.. i embarrassed myself totally i should think.. my first foot on the hillside and i slid and slipped on the gravel (about a step above ground.. and one foot was still on plain ground)!!!!! Clutching rocks and slipping all over and really focusing, i managed to climb up.. only to see 2 small children bounding all over the place like nobody's business.. and a pregnant girl (friend actually) climbing with equal ease.. nothing can be more annoying than to be the sloppy one who finds it difficult to find a footing!!! And then i got stuck over the rocks.. i was so happy to see flat land.. but i still got stuck .. could not climb over rocks.. all i could see was this girl in pink tee (an 8-9 yr old kid) running up the rocks and finally sit on top of some place!!! Which was nicely and loudly pointed out by my husband!!!!

Anyway, after getting scratched.. and slipping and sliding more.. finally we reached the camp.. went on a coracle ride.. first time in my life i wore a life jacket.. and after much pleading with everyone to save me if i drown.. we finally went!!!

A heavy breakfast later.. we went back to the city.. only to go out again to 13th floor and then Opus.. hard rock on monday, samarkand on tuesday... boy oh boy.. i am like a zombie right now!!!!! It will take me at least 2 weekends to recover!!!

I know i am ending the post abruptly.. but figured its quite an essay right now!!!! So will stop.
Now you know why i havent been posting!!!!

ps: the place is Doddamakali fishing camp run by Jungle .. its really nice and clean and hygienic.. costed us about 1900 rs per person (including all meals).. there are only 10 tents there.. so the booking needs to be made much in advance (we were plain lucky).. about 3- 4 hours from Bangalore


Scarlett said...

Make that two of us. I too don't do very well when trying to climb rocks! And I too won't go white-water rafting or as deep into the sea as other people b/c I'm scared of drowning :)

Moonshine said...

Lol..we know what we are good at.. sitting / lazing on a beach with a drink in hand.. or dancing the night away :)