Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i am getting the chills :0

We have been talking ghost stories today.. and i wondered why i haven't posted anything till now about it!!!

I love talking ghost stories.. well, uh.. during the day.. surrounded by many many people.. then its fun!!! So do i believe?I dont really know.. but i get scared easily.. we have, i am sure, all had personal experiences of our own.. disbelievers/ believers alike..

In goa, when i was studying.. (yes, yes.. goa.. studying.. well i was!!!!)... like i said, when i was studying in goa.. i used to sleep real late.. and my roommate even later.. the deal between us was that we would not lock the door.. but would shut it using a piece of cloth so that it can be opened.. and that night (around 3 or 4 am) someone knocked.. i called out thrice.. no one came in.. i got scared.. prayed and shut my eyes and slept!!! It was not a prank.. because someone would have told me later.. so definitely not.. not the dog either (we had 2 dogs on our campus) coz the dustbin was untouched.. and thats what it would do everytime!!! Till date i do not know what / who it was.. our campus being a hospital earlier did not really help matters.. niether the fact there were a lot of trees / hill and a river closeby!!!!

I still remember when i used to come back from the computer lab.. we would reach this room.. a door from which had these 2 outstretched hands jutting out.. apparently the hands held things which were removed later... and people (rumours of course) used to say that the hands turn in the night.. and when you are coming back from the lab..alone in the night (post 1am)..your gaze automatically goes to the hands.. it used to glisten in the night and it was white in colour.. white coloured glistening hands in the dark.. and i used to run.. there was a picture of mother mary in the corridor and i used to ask her to save me as i ran !!!!!! :)

And i think.. once there is this some small niggling doubt in your mind (esp if you are alone).. thats all that is required.. one night in bombay i got scared .. felt jittery.. could not / did sleep till husband got back at 4am.. and then when he came i howled and howled!!! From then on, i switch on music.. i used to drag the home theatre speakers to my bedroom and listen to radio.. till hubby got me a music system specifically for this purpose. And i still listen to music till i fall asleep!!!!!

You know, in kerala, where we used to stay during vacations with grandparents.. it was an old old house in a village (each neighbour being a km away at least).. spooky place if you ask me especially during rains.. it would creak and groan.. the doors were this huge wooden doors which as children we could hardly push, so heavy they were.. the stairs were wooden and would make tremendous noise.. there was an dusty attic (pretty much like in movies) and i never used to go there alone.. and we used to have this bet every night (all cousins).. who is the brave one who will shut the gate .. the gate was far away from the main house.. far as in you could see the gate from the house but it a few mtrs away...there is stone stairway that you need to use.. a path.. and a jungle kind of area surrounding it (there used to be mangoes / jackfruit trees etc).. midway on the path you turn around.. the lights of the house seem far away... and as you move forward darkness all around.. tall trees.. brrrrrrrrr

Remember watching honi anhoni? Or Kile ka rahesya? It was scaryyyy man!!! It had a haunting song.. not song but the starting credits or whatever you call it.. one man would say "yeh hai kile ka rahesya" and you would hear one woman screaming her head off!!! I still remember it very vividly.. dont remember the serial that well though!!

And some movies.. Bhoot i think was scary.. after that movie i used to look behind everytime i took water from the fridge.. or Raat.. or What lies beneath.. after i watched this one, i used to be petrified of steamy bathroom mirrors .. it lasted for a few days...

And some superstitions that used to exist.. still do.. there are ghosts residing in the peepal tree, so you should not walk under it.. dont leave your hair open in the night or was it dawn, it attracts spirits etc etc etc

Yes.. i do believe.. well at times.. i try not to think about it mostly.. and surround myself with people.. a murderer / robber in the room is way better than ghosts.. i am not scared of people.. at least i can hit them!!!!! Oh well...

ps: remember the ramsay movies.. kafan, bhoot bangla, band darwaza etc.. the semi naked dancing witches / chudaails.. ghosts in plasters from head to toe..


Scarlett said...

My ex-roommate & I had such a scary experience once. We used to sleep with our windows open. One night I thought I heard someone crying, in my sleep. My mind & body were trying to wake up but I felt this pressure pinning me down & not letting my eyes open. The crying continued, I went back to sleep, shit scared. Next morning I spoke to me roommate about it (we had separate rooms). She too felt someone came & lay down on the bed next to her. It didn't help that we lived right across from a hospital where casualties were brought in all the time. It was really spooky.

Moonshine said...

Where is this??? Thats super spooky.. how did you guys ever go to sleep in the same bed after that??

bricks said...

'Kile ka rahasya' ended with the police capturing a gang of counterfeiters operating from the fort. They had spread the rumours abt the ghost of the fort to keep people away from their fake currency printers.

Yes, we watched it. We were there for Star Trek and Indira Gandhi's assassination and India cricket world cup win. Glad to be 30, no?

Moonshine said...

Yeah thats true!!! When you put it like that!!! :)