Saturday, August 27, 2011

My newest friend on FB

My newest friend on FB is my DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And surprise surprise....... he didnt add me. I added him.

His settings were set to private. My dad.. private settings, doesnt allow anyone to see anything, except his friends.. my dad!!! I cannot imagine.

I could see he has put some of our family pics up, and curiosity led me to add him. Of course, he promptly added me. Lol.

Hmmmmmmmmm.. interesting times? Note to myself : Limit profile lol.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

MC Australia - Why I love Gary, Geroge and Matt.

I think whoever watched yesterday's episode would agree with me. For those of you, (Scarlett) who have already watched the entire season, I am referring to the elimination episode where they need to make Coconut Alaska Bombe.

The dish in itself is quite complicated. It has 4 different layers - cherry sorbet, ice cream, sponge cake and finally meringue. And all of it needs to come together, so that when you cut a slice, one can clearly separate out the layers.

Complex doesnt describe it - especially given that you have 2 hours and 4 different things to prepare.

So the people in the elimination round included Ellie (isnt she cute, a 75 mm smile she has!!), Billy (I like him too) and Alex. While Ellie and Billy got on fine with their recipes, Alex struggled to get it done.

In the first hour, Gary plodded along him, tasting his stuff saying things need to be done again. And so did Matt. Perhaps they helped the other contestants too, but they didnt show it on TV.

And finally in the last 15 mins, the judges couldnt stand it anymore. Gary started guiding Alex and helping him out , encouraging him to plate the dish. In the final 5 mins, all the 3 judges were standing behind Alex , trying to get him to plate up till the last second!!!

And plate up, he did. The intention of this post was not to give you a minute by minute commentary on the episode, but I just couldnt help it!! :)

Now compare this with any other show where the judges throw contestants food around, scream at them, throw tantrums, include our very own MC too. There is a reason why MC Australia is the most popular.

The judges are humane and genuinely encouraging. They want the contestants to put their best foot forward. They want the contestants to win. As badly as Alex wanted to plate up the dish, the judges wanted it more!! Never do you get to see such involvement, such passion, such desire in any show.. never ever.

In another previous episode, wherein an apprentice of a heavyweight chef competed with Hayden (MC contestant), the chef helped out Hayden much more than he did his own apprentice, even though his neck was on the line - if his apprentice didnt win on his dish, then it would be embarrassing!!

Maybe it is an Australian culture thing. Thats how the people are, maybe - believing in giving everyone a fair chance.

I recorded this show with the intent of watching it again later. A was home and was on a call. By the time it finished, he was still on the call. The minute he was free, I got him to watch the entire thing and I watched it all over again a second time. Such is the pull of Gary, George and Matt.

Scarlett, you had asked which of these 3 I like the best.. I still cannot decide. I like all of them. :)

And all the rest of you reality competition shows - LEARN from MC Australia, just how it is done.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What is next?

I am totally zapped , zapped is too mild a word.But till I can think up a new one, I am totally zapped.

Zapped by social networking. I dont get it. I just dont. There are new applications that are coming up everyday.

There's one that tells everyone where you are at, at every point in time. As if status updates were not enough. Why would anyone want to activate such a thing is beyond me. Why would you want to tell the entire world you are having lunch at XOXO with XOXO. Or XYZ checked into this building. I can understand if you are in a new city, and you want to let your friends know where you are. But wait, there's a phone isnt there. The wanting to meet 2 people need not convert into a mass movement.

Why, I ask you!! And then these people, the very same ones, talk about privacy. They would be vehemently opposed to joint families, and probably constantly talk about space.

I am not annoyed by these updates, they do not bother me as a Facebooker. But I am just wondering about this innate need people have. I wonder how FB or the people who developed this application per se unearthed this money making insight. I guess they must have analysed all status messages and realised that 90% of the status messages are about what people are doing at that point in time. Hmmm

Not to be outdone, there are others riding the bandwagon too. Just saw an ad on TV talking about an application that will tell your friends what you are watching. What joy does anyone get out of reading what some person is watching.

Next will be what - a homing device that uploads status messages like I walked into office, now I am in the washroom and now I am eating daal, and just about now I am chomping on beans.

I dont get it. I really dont.