Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up up up.. the only way is up from here...

So sings Shania Twain...

My mood continues to be strange.. which mystifies me.. becuase things are not going wrong.. in fact there are nice things happening .. i am traveling on work as well as a personal trip.. looking forward to it a lot!!

But even then.. i just cant seem to drudge up excitement or any energy levels. Its pathetic!

The funny part is i had a nice chilled out weekend.. last week i thought thats the only antidote i require.. i will bounce back to my normal self today.. but not yet!!

Cant put a finger on it.. life / work is passing me by.. i am not reacting to anything. The weather too adding to my woes.. rainy, dark and gloomy.. gets dark by 6.30pm!!!

There is this lethargy... dullness surrounding me.. cant seem to summon up energy!! A premonition of whats to come? God knows!!!

Hopefully it will pass. Soon.. maybe as soon as next weekend (traveling Chikmagalur.. the one bright spot in my dull world)!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Govt offices : not so bad after all!!!

Today i walked over to the BSNL office... i wanted to take an application form for a landline connection!!! Just the thought of actually going there was making me make umpteen faces... and i was so not looking forward to it.. the thought of standing in some queue because people are busy eating/ drinking tea.. rude responses.. unhelpful people..

But i was in for a pleasant surprise!!!

a) There was no rush.. the place was practically empty.. actually i got scared that i crossed the road over for nothing as they might be closed or something.. yes yes, BSNL office is just across the road (i hate crossing roads.. but more on that in some other post)..

b) But anyway the watchman guided me to the right place.. and very sweetly too.. normally i would have thought they ignore any query!!!

c) As i walked in, there were no directions given as to where i am supposed to collect the form from.. so i just walked in to some cabin i saw.. and that guy instead of getting annoyed, sent me to the right place!!

d) Another cabin.. this time the right one.. the guy immediately took out the application form.. hold your breath.. offered me a seat!!! And then while speaking to him about the documents required, my phone rang and i was on the phone for about a minute.. that man waited patiently.. and then answered all my questions!!

e) When i asked about when we would get the connection, he told me that while the area does not fall under him, he will try to figure it out . He was most helpful !!!! He said that he will get it done. Exceedingly sweet and i was totally zapped!!! And no, no money exchanged hands. This entire thing took just 5 mins!!!!

Maybe experiences at DU / some public sector banks have coloured my perceptions... at that time, to get anything done (even a 5 mins job) used to be a full day affair!!! One would be sent one window after the other.. window no 10.. 36.. 2.. 24.. and after many attempts when you finally reach the right place, the window would be about to close!!!

Things have changed perhaps!!!! I am so happy and amazed at this wondrous experience!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its been 2 weeks.. or is it more?

Hello people. Been quite a while since i blogged. Blame it on the work!!! And while i have been away, Knife has gone to Switzerland and Scarlett has become Ash!!!!! :)

Work has been really hectic.. was working weekend before last (sadly so).. and been working really late nights till Thursday last week..

Spent this full weekend recuperating!!! Though even now i feel exhausted.. old age setting in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmphhh...

And i am generally irritated.. and down.. with all the work.. and also could not spend much time spent with my husband this weekend.. more hhhmmmmmppphhh...

And the one day he had an off, rather the entire world and its brother enjoyed the long weekend ... guess who was working!!!!!

All this has basically put me in an "under the weather" mood!!! And i am p*****d off with various people!!!! So that does not help either!!!

Now that i have got all this off my chest.. sigh (a deep breath)... on to better things
Please read Bill Bryson!!! He is so funny... you cannot help laughing out loud..

Am reading Alexander now!! Its a combination of fact and fiction i guess.. told in a story like manner. Quite interesting.. the book says Alexander was a bi !!!


When will any good movie release?? Cannot watch Dil Bole Haddipa.. Wanted would be anyday a better option.. Salman Khan this weekend.. maybe!!

Fear factor is quite a cool show! Its genuinely about fear than grossness and cheap thrills!!! Though we love cheap thrills too.. lol

And Akshay Kumar in this show .... rocks!!!! He has a very corny sense of humour!!!!!
I have some 10 friends request on FB.. they all sit there and stare at me sliently.. berating me.. blinking at me and making me feel miserable.. But i need to be strong.. i WILL NOT add them!!!!!!

Its time for festivals.. i am not feeling festive yet.. Blore is the wrong place to be in for Diwali / Dusshera :(

I got some 4-5 salwaar kameez stitched .. its the new tailor you see.. and ever since i have found him, i cant stop buying material.. you never know when one needs to move and then start the hunt for a new tailor!!!!!

No breakfast the last 2 weeks... it stopped even before it started.. a failure??? Naahhh.. if you dont succeed, try try try again


Got a temporary hair straightening done.. its looking so nice (even if i am the one who says so)... everyone at work actually also complimented me.. and everyone has been telling me to get permanent straightening done!!!!! It looks brilliant.. i am just worried how it will look once my hair grows.. half wavy and half straightened...

Permanent.. temporary... permanent.. temporary.. permanent... gaaaahh.. i am stressed.. tell me what to do!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breakfast at n's

A corny title i know.. and once you read my post you will realise that i am getting ahead of myself here... but so what.. i say!!!

Last 2 days.. i have been a good girl... not only have i been taking lunch to work from home.. but i have also been MAKING breakfast!!!

1) Lunch to office - i am terribly lazy. I get up late.. and thus do not get the time to pack lunch.. the days i do, i remember that i do not like packing lunch.. and then if i do, invariably i forget the dabba at work.. once forgot to take it back home for 3 consecutive days and finally lost the thing itself!! So after eating the world's most c****y food for 1 year, i have decided (or i think i have) that i will try to take home cooked meal to work.. and its way better than the stuff we order everyday.. so last 2 days have been successful at packing my lunch and taking it to work.

2) MAKING breakfast - Last 2 days, I MADE breakfast!!! When i say made, i am excluding cornflakes and bread butter from the list!!!! I hate cornflakes in any case. So anyway, i made.. hold your breath.. dosha (i positively refuse to call it dosa) and some chutney type thingy (non coconut) to go along with it!!! Do you realise the implications of it?????? Let me say it again.. I MADE DOSHA (applause applause).. I woke up EARLY in the morning.. and post tea, made dosha (for me and hubby) and actually CUT ONIONS AND TOMATOES for the chutney thing in the morning!!!!! Me who does not go to the kitchen in the morning.. except to make tea!!!

Basically usually i end up shoving maggi into my mouth in the morning (cup o noodles) at work!!!

Gone are those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N.. relax... take a deep breath... sighhhhhhhhhh........ its been 2 days only.. baby steps .. small steps.. one at a time!!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whatever you do, dont ask me to make upma

What does it take to put in a post early morning (11am is early!!!).. and that too on a Saturday!!!!!!! A drippy upma...... yes thats what it takes!!!!

So the thing is.. here i am bright and awake early (i woke up at 9am) on a Saturday!!!! I had no intentions of making anything.. i mean thats not what i think of, on Saturday mornings when i wake up.. or any morning for that matter!!!

I run into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, post consumption of which, i am really awake... and i actually start responding to my name.. till then i am in some world far far far away!!!

So the nature of events today .. pretty much the same.. tea + newspaper.. and then i spoke to my mom. It was she who insisted i should make breakfast. The thing is on a Saturday, i either make breakfast or lunch.. because by the time i finish making breakfast, its time for lunch. So usually lunch is what you will get at my place over weekends. Also what helps the matter along a bit more is that hubby is asleep (he works till morning almost).. so i am even more resistant to the idea of making breakfast for 1!!!

But today mom motivated me.. egged me on to make something.. so i decided to make upma!!! I had some cut onions / tomatoes/green chillies already in my fridge.. and finally i thought why not!!!

I havent made upma many times.. rather i have probably made it (including this once).. twice!!!! And the first time was a long time ago with general directions being given by mom over the phone and husband (he knows how to make it). So I do know the basic principles of making upma!! Or so i thought.

I roasted rawa.. then sauteed onions / tomatoes/ green chillies.. added salt/ red chilly powder.. and then added the roasted upma.. and then added water.. now like i said i thought i did know the basic principles of making it.. lots of water to a little rawa .. errrrrrr ..something like that.. and confidently for about 1/4th cup rawa i put 1 cup water.. some doubts.. half a cup more.. and one more question in mind , a faint recollection of someone saying you need to cook it in a lot of water.. added 1 more cup!!!!

Took about half an hour - 40 mins for the water to evaporate.. well almost evaporate.. then in frustration i just switched off the gas!!! It looked a little like halwa.. i ate it.. it was not bad.. if you can get over the appearance of it.. looked like upma beaten in a mixie with water!!!

But anyway.. its not that it is the love of my life either.. i used to hate it as a child.. as an adult i can tolerate it.. living alone (i mean when cooked food stops magically appearing on your table) i do not say no to anything... i love home cooked food... i am able to tolerate anything.. well most of it!!!! And now i am ok with my old pet hates .. upma / bharta / saag etc .. i think its also got to do with living in a hostel!!! Everything just balances out!!!

So anyway... hopefully next time... it will be better.. rather, next time, i will call up and ask the experts (mom)!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The time between 9 and 10pm..

For those of you who know me personally... would know that i spend weekday evenings alone..
For those of you who do not know me personally.... i spend weekday evenings alone.. well mostly!!! Our hours, work hours i.e. (my husband's and mine) do not match!

Now i am quite used to this.. been quite a while.. and now i quite like this alone time that i get!!! I watch c**p shows on TV.. message and catch up with friends.. blog.. read... listen to music... in no particular order!! In fact i have made very "good friends" due to this.. some people who i know for a fact would not be as close to me if it were not for my husband.. and we routinely thank him for that!!! :)

So whats the point about the time between 9-10pm, you ask? This is the time that i do not know what to do.. rather anytime that i get bored and am thinking of what to do and i check the time.. its usually between 9-10pm!!

I guess thats because of the shows i watch.. 7-8pm friends, 8-8.30.. i check blog posts, speak with parents etc.. 8.30-9 i watch 2 and a half men and have dinner.. actually the thing is that from 7-9, i have done all the catching up, spoken to people i need to speak to, been online..etc

And then suddenly its 9pm.. and theres nothing to do.. if there is no good movie on air!!! Actually come to think of it i do not like watching the 9pm movie because it gets over at a time when i would like to be in bed reading. I like to be able to shut off the TV when i want to.. with a mvoie you cannot do that!!!! You are pretty much obliged to watch the entire thing. So my reading time usually starts at around 10.30.. when i switch everything off.. and retire and listen to music and read!!

And 10 i watch some c**p reality show.. its fun to watch with friends!!!! Love all the b****ing!!! About half an hour .. and i have had my fill of the show and retire peacefully..

Basically now that i am listing down things, i realise that i need to go back to the gym!!!! lol. Thats the activity missing (this is the dialogue wherein one would clap hand on the forehead.. sudden realisation you see) .....Oh well. .. then again....ho..hum... . maybe people will start another one of those c**p reality shows.. you never know!!! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A trance like state...

That happens when i pretty much down in the dumps.. a cold.. a sore throat.. what more does one need.. one more thing i can think of - add a festival to that day and ensure you are alone.. what more do you need.. all ingredients of a "great depression"!!!

I hate sniffling.. i hate sore throat... i hate sniffling more!!!! A heavy head.. a drugged like state.. hmmmpppfff.. in times like these, ginger tea alone does not do.. you need full time pampering.. hugs... and full time pampering!!!

And today was onam too.. i had an off today.. luck did you say? And my husband did not.. grrrr.. so while i did not cook anything much.. a heavy head and slaving over the stove do not go together really.. so made my cook to make some stuff.. and i made kheer.. too much sugar and rice a little uncooked and a sorry state of affairs!!!

Anyway good thing is ..i know i am cribbing a lot..so thought should at least say one nice thing.. so the good thing is at least i got to have lunch with husband!!! So day not a total waste thankfully.

A weirdly disturbed post lunch nap later, watched Kadha Parayumbol.. the mallu version of Billoo.. i must say the mallu movie was rather nice!!! I have not watched Billoo.. so cant comment on that. The mallu movie was brilliant though.. also i am watching one after a long long time!!!!

Just after the movie was channel surfing.. and came across the movie Yaraana... and just as i landed at that channel, started the song.. saara zamaana haseeno ka deewana.. AB looks ridiculous.. but he is the only one who carry it off.. strutting about with a guitar in his hand.. or being totally lit up like a christmas tree!!! Awesome!!!

Oh, and wish you a happy onam too!!! :) Now that this is done, will go and try to clear my head!!!