Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Breakfast at n's

A corny title i know.. and once you read my post you will realise that i am getting ahead of myself here... but so what.. i say!!!

Last 2 days.. i have been a good girl... not only have i been taking lunch to work from home.. but i have also been MAKING breakfast!!!

1) Lunch to office - i am terribly lazy. I get up late.. and thus do not get the time to pack lunch.. the days i do, i remember that i do not like packing lunch.. and then if i do, invariably i forget the dabba at work.. once forgot to take it back home for 3 consecutive days and finally lost the thing itself!! So after eating the world's most c****y food for 1 year, i have decided (or i think i have) that i will try to take home cooked meal to work.. and its way better than the stuff we order everyday.. so last 2 days have been successful at packing my lunch and taking it to work.

2) MAKING breakfast - Last 2 days, I MADE breakfast!!! When i say made, i am excluding cornflakes and bread butter from the list!!!! I hate cornflakes in any case. So anyway, i made.. hold your breath.. dosha (i positively refuse to call it dosa) and some chutney type thingy (non coconut) to go along with it!!! Do you realise the implications of it?????? Let me say it again.. I MADE DOSHA (applause applause).. I woke up EARLY in the morning.. and post tea, made dosha (for me and hubby) and actually CUT ONIONS AND TOMATOES for the chutney thing in the morning!!!!! Me who does not go to the kitchen in the morning.. except to make tea!!!

Basically usually i end up shoving maggi into my mouth in the morning (cup o noodles) at work!!!

Gone are those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N.. relax... take a deep breath... sighhhhhhhhhh........ its been 2 days only.. baby steps .. small steps.. one at a time!!!



Scarlett said...

I usually end up having time only for muesli & milk in the morning...sometime not even that. Can't even think of making something for myself. Actually, I do wake up early enough..but I waste a lot of time having my tea, reading the paper, just generally lolling about the house etc. And I don't want to compromise on that...that's my only "me time" during the day!

The knife said...

i am a breakfast person but don't function in the morning

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I also waste a lot of time in the morning.. about an hour easily.. i like taking my time.. the actual "getting ready" time si not very high!!! BUt then i dont want to eat maggie everyday!!! But lets see how long i am able to sustain it!! Just FYI - i made today too :)

@Knife I am not a morning person at all.. one day of waking up early and i cant function the next few days!!!