Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It is hot, it is hot, it is hot.. it is super duper hot. Phew!!!!!

When did Bangalore become like this... like delhi. I dont feel like lifting a finger; even doing that makes you feel as if your entire energy has drained out from that exercise. It is stuffy, stuffy with a capital S. I am so waiting for rains to happen.


Dear someone, sitting at home is absolutely addictive. I felt the pinch initially.. but now, I am quite enjoying being at home..

Its such a relief -  not having monday morning blues, not having to think about client demands, not having to think about presentations or issues in studies, not having to think about anything in particular about work!

I think I have gotten used to it. Ho hum... and here I was, thinking I will get bored sitting at home.


I am back in old pair of jeans!!! Happiness is being able to fit into old jeans and absolute joy is to be able to button it. :D


You will have to excuse my short random unconnected posts... this is how it will be for the next few months, I guess! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 18 and counting

Hello all. Am back. Last 2 weeks.. cant begin to describe it all. Not to worry.. I wont attempt it too.

The monday, 2 mondays ago was the D day. I had a C-section on Monday afternoon - and before you say or think, "how nice I didnt have to go through labour pain".. I went through induced labour for 24 hours before my doc decided on C section. So there! And what can I say about labour pain - everyone goes through their own experience. For me, it was not the pain but the incidentals, the peripherals that troubled me the most.And thats all I am willing to say about it. :)


Has my life changed - you bet. Am I feeling mom like - errrrr.. to be answered maybe in a month or two. You kind of feel protective and affectionate... she is a little chit of a girl.. a cute bundle that fits into your forearm..she is a really tiny baby... how can one not feel protective or affectionate!!

I live to feed her and change her and wake up with her in the night. And there is no reciprocal feeling whatsoever.

A helps a lot - actually he is the night sentry. Many a nights I sleep during the diaper change. My excuse.. genuine excuse.. I did undergo an operation.. and I cannot jump up to respond to her wails. I am not allowed to either - with both the grandmoms, A, grandad not allowing me to lift a finger - they tell me, feed her, sleep, eat, read. Thats all I am to do. Hrmmmmph.

I am not used to this inactivity. And now you find me back on the blog!! :D

Worklife seems a far off world.


Havent decided upon a name yet. I have only one week to decide. Its so confusing and such an important decision. Poor thing has to live with whatever I decide for the rest of her life!!


Today is the first day she is wearing a strappy frock. Joy!!! :)
She looks like me.. I am happy to report. Her face / features have already started changing and now people say she looks like him too. :(( 
Her face undergoes some zillion expressions and all within a span of 2 mins. She keeps staring with her big eyes.. I have no idea if she looking at me or at the light. At the light I think. Its good fun to watch her smile, cry and makes faces as she eats multivitamin drops!!! :))
And now she is up... Gotta go.