Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The weekend that was : Terminator Salvation & Opus again

I have seen all Terminator movies though i do not remember the first part. I cannot say that I am a big fan of the series. I only like the Terminator 2 : the judgement day. Terminator 3 - rise of machines i think contributed a fair share to noise pollution. I remember staggering out of the theatre half deaf. So it was with much trepidation that i went to watch the 4th installment in the series. The only thing that gave me hope was that it had Christian Bale.

So i am quite surprised that i liked the movie... quite surprised that i liked Sam Worthington more than Christian Bale. It starts off in a dull gray world.. where John Connor (Bale) is trying to lead the resistance in 2018. The resistance to machines... who have almost taken over the world. And then there is Mark Wright (Sam Worthington) who is trying to find someone.. such an impassive face he has!!! I liked him right from scene 1.. make it scene 2 /3 actually!!! He is quite fundu. The way he talks , moves... everything.. in fact .. in fact i could even go as far as saying he stole John Connor's thunder!!!!

Though at times the movie does become sappy... the part wherein that girl (Williams.. dont rem her first name) falls for Mark Wright. That was all very boring.. and very annoying girl .. pretty much like Wolverine's wife!

So basically Mark Wright wanders into resistance.. and John Connor is not sure who he is and which side he is on .. but he is on the good side though evil in make.. there that should give you a clue as to who he is!!!!

The one not so good part about the movie.. John Connor is so not visible in the movie. In the first half he is hardly there and in the second half shares screen space with Mark Wright. It would have been quite ok if the person who played John Connor in the last movie were in this movie too... but IT IS Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to have him more on the screen!!! Now that was really a disappointment. But anyway, you win some (Sam Worthington), and you lose some (Christian Bale). Ho hum....

End verdict - I liked it.
On Sunday night we trooped into Opus again. This time at a respectable time of 9pm (unlike the last time wherein we spent 9 hrs) up till 11.30pm!!!

It was karaoke night again.. had a fabulous time all over again... my god some of these guys who sing at Karaoke you really need to listen to... some are these amazing singers.. its as good as listening to radio.. while some are horrid.. but you need to admire them for their guts.. i mean singing and dancing in front 100 odd people is no joke!!! But obviously, they get the highest cheers.. I think thats because everyone can see themselves in them!!!

Had a whale of a time screaming.. and shouting.. and singing too!!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, correction to the previous post. The book is Next door and not New Door. And did i call it stupid. I take it back. No book can be stupid. Well, it didnt find the right audience in me.. i should say!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mumble mumble

I am at a loss of words today... writers block.. A writer.. well, right!!!! hehehe... So i will rephrase it to blogger's block!!! Going to be mumbling about many things.. well not many, maybe a couple of things today..
I become hysterical with laughter... and at all the wrong times... when you should be sombre i guess... what should i do... oh hell!!! Did i just laugh at my b**s!!!! hehehehehhehe
Reading a weird book called new door.. i think.. by Jahanvi Barua.. such a strange book.. it has short stories.. all of them weird.. but will still finish the book.. somehow!!!
I asked my bro in law to get me perfumes from duty free shops.. after much research, i listed down 6.. of which asked him to get 2-3 - gave the preference order.. and none except one was available!!!!!!!! Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh
But there is a silver lining to the cloud.. the one i got was the one i could not find here!! And also i got a perfumed cream free!!!!! TAKE THAT you stupid miserable piece of luck!!!! hehehehehhe
Also got a koala bear with a baby (not real obviously .. duhhhh) .. it was meant to be for the car.. but i am keeping it with me.. what does the car need it for in any case.. named them russell and rooney... is it too strange naming them??? Though the names I am sure you will admit are cute.... i know!!! Thought them up myself!!! :)

And on that delightful note, i will close for the day... need to finish that stupid book and get it off me!!!! Toodle ooo

Monday, June 22, 2009

Scratch scratch .. lo and behold its wolverine

I shouldnt have said scratch.. sounds more like a cat.. what do wolves do exactly? Well, never mind.. I am becoming very sporadic in posting I know!!! Have been working late and thats why not been able to post! But coming back to Wolverine..

Watched it last night. Was really looking forward to it. I cant say i am an X Men fan.. I never even liked it .. the trailors ie to get me to watch the movie. All i remember from the trailor of X men was that Blue lady who like a lizard eating a fly.. would do that to people.. it kind of grossed me out!! And i never felt like watching the movie ever.

But then i watched all the 3 installments with husband! And discovered that it is not Alien part X!! It actually had a story.. and of course Hugh Jackman.

So it was with great expectations that i set out to watch Wolverine.. was really really looking forward to it! And i was disappointed. I thought there will be so much more in the movie... somehow..

Well, Hugh Jackman is a delight to watch.. all rippling muscles.. terrific he looks... very very hot! So you can watch the movie just for him. Probably all they needed to show throughout the 2 hours was shots of him running, riding a bike.... and we would have been happy.. sigh!!! He really is hot!!

But however, if you are looking for a story there, well, you need to look real hard!!

So Hugh Jackman and his brother Victor are in the army and are recruited in the "special group" by Striker. Only, Wolverine leaves because he does not like the mindless killing that his brother seems to like. He becomes a lumberjack!! And of course it comes back to haunt him with his brother Victor killing everyone on that mission one by one. He also "kills" Wolverine's wife (very sappy, irritating woman this).. and wolverine joins hands or claws (hehehe) with Striker to hunt Victor down. He goes through this experiment wherein he gets steel (i say steel because i do not remember the name of the metal) thingies in his hands!!

Then he realises that it was Striker all along who is the villain... and he was a part of the big experiment wherein they are trying to develop an indestructible weapon. And this entire movie is peppered with fights with his brother.. when suddenly there comes in Weapon 11 (another experimental guy).. who tries to kill wolverine.. and who comes and saves him.. Victor!!! Thats what irritated me.. i mean suddenly the focus of the movie shifts totally.. this guy has been looking for revenge all the while.. suddenly victor becomes a friend... they both kill the bad guy (weapon 11).. and finally wolverine loses his memory (striker erases it)!!!

The movie leaves you feeling unsatisfied.. it does not have the thrill that you get when you see so many mutants with their special powers...the first scene though (when they show the cast names etc) was quite cool... I liked Victor too.. reminds me of someone.. dont know who.. hmmm...

My advice : watch it for Hugh Jackman!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Archie and Veronica!!!!!

Its so sad! Been meaning to write about them but could not do it earlier. Read about this in the flight to Bombay!!!! How terrible.... really really sad!!

I am a big Archie comics fan.. i still read them! When i am feeling low or bored or frustrated or stressed, this is what i usually pick up to read.. to just feel good!!!

And its so sad to know they have all grown up. In fact i dont think i have read any archie wherein they are out of high school.. maybe in the new ones they are!!

Well, i dont want them to grow up. I want them to as goofy as they usually are. I dont want things to suddenly become serious with archie proposing to veronica. There is much hue and cry about archie not proposing to betty. My issue is totally different.. cant they just stay in high school!!!! Why are they making it so mushy and serious.. its always been light hearted.. and thats how it should be!!

The end of another super duper comics!!! :(

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Star Trek

Watched Star trek over the weekend.. as you can guess from my mightily creative post title!!! :)

I went to watch it for the lack of movies to watch... And my husband wanted to watch it. He is a star trek fan.. i am not.. rather, i remember watching it but do not remember anything much. I remember a couple of characters like Captain Kirk and Spock very clearly.. thats about it.. oh oh and one more memory which i have is .. of this pink amoeba like thing which enters the spaceship and latches on to the people's face and eats away the face or something similar..

No wonder i was not that keen on the movie per se!! But like i said, beggars cannot be choosers. So off we went!!

You know, its not a bad movie at all! Its quite decent.. worth a one time watch. And it does not have any of the gooey gross stuff (like what i remember from it).. thats surely a plus!!

The movie in fact is quite good for people who did not follow star trek and are not familiar with the characters. Its talks about the genesis of the thing.. the formation of that small core Star Trek team of the USS enterprise ship! Its a little boring in the beginning.. they set the foundation for too long.. the movie was already half way through by the time the main characters even went aboard the ship!!!!

So all the action comes in the second half... whatever action is there i.e. The second half is all about Captain Kirk taking control of the ship... and saving the previous captain from villainous hands.. i didnt like the villain too much.. quite a bore if you ask me!! It is also about the core group coming together and defeating this guy!

So for Star Trek fanatics, i am sure it will be a wonderful movie which takes them right back to the serial days!!! Else, for new timers.. its an ok movie... a decent movie let me say.. nothing too great. not too bad either.. good for timepass!!!

ps: I waited and waited for the "beam me up scotty" (i think it was this only) dialogue to come.. it didnt!!! :(
I also want to write about "Dan in real life"... another post i think!!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally a movie after a long time : Angels & Demons

Its been such a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnng time since i watched a movie in the theatre!!! Broke the "movie draught" with Angels & Demons or as someone very stylishly said AND! And it was definitely worth breaking the fast!!

Watched AND at Rex theatre here. This movie has been released only in small time theatres ... we paid only 170 bucks..well when you compare it with 250 rs, it can still be qualified as an "only"...

The place was jampacked. The show was house full. We were sitting in the balcony.. now this theatre is like the old starcity or chanakya.. and we were in the last row.. for the first 5-10 mins of the movie, there was no one in the row before us.. so things were pretty cool.. and then suddenly these giants walked in.. and just had to be my luck... plonked themselves in front of us..

I was trying to watch the movie from in between the space between the 2 heads (the one sitting right in front and to the left) .. my husband sat on my left and thus i could invade his space to watch it.. but these 2 chaps for some reason had to discuss every dialogue...aaarrrrrggghhhh.... maybe they did not understand it or something.. everytime this guy's head would swivel to the left, i would swivel to the right..

This mental torture went on till interval and my husband finally said.. "either i say something to them or you sit in the front on the other empty seat"!!! I did the latter!!! I dont understand what they had to keep discussing... the movie is anyway so fast that if you do not pay attention, most of it will go above your head... and they definitely did not seem the kind of people who would have read the book!!! (I know i am being a snob here.. but what the heck)!!

But anyway back to the movie... Tom Hanks is back as Robert Langdon.. he looks young and fit (as opposed to how he looked in Da Vinci Code)... albeit with a new crew.. I liked Ewan McGregor in the movie as the Camerlengo!! He was quite awesome!!

So as the story goes... antimatter is stolen from CERN and placed somewhere in the Vatican .. set to explode by midnight.. this is during the papal elections and the 4 papal candidates are also kidnapped by an organisation claimed to be Illuminati... each of the 4 candidates are to be killed every hour! The movie like i said is very fast paced .. and it rushes from one site to the other.. a race to save the 4 and find antimatter !! The chase of course ringed with clues .. Illuminati clues.. (have you all seen Kidnap.. watch the clues there and compare it with the ones in this movie.. what horridly idiotic things were thought up by the writer in Kidnap.. insiginificant in front of this book)

You have to, HAVE TO read the book if you want to enjoy the movie!! Otherwise you would swimming in information.. unlike Da Vinci Code movie which had a lot of information and less action, this movie is full of action.. it does not allow your mind to rest and think about so many interesting facts that Langdon keeps spewing out...

The movie is mostly true to the book.. there are some misses of course.. but adding them would have added any value.. it just would have been more confusing!!! The movie is quite a good rendition of the book!

One word of advise- DO NOT LEAVE THE THEATRE TILL THE CREDITS ROLL OUT!!!! Many people did and they actually missed the twist!!!