Thursday, June 11, 2009

Archie and Veronica!!!!!

Its so sad! Been meaning to write about them but could not do it earlier. Read about this in the flight to Bombay!!!! How terrible.... really really sad!!

I am a big Archie comics fan.. i still read them! When i am feeling low or bored or frustrated or stressed, this is what i usually pick up to read.. to just feel good!!!

And its so sad to know they have all grown up. In fact i dont think i have read any archie wherein they are out of high school.. maybe in the new ones they are!!

Well, i dont want them to grow up. I want them to as goofy as they usually are. I dont want things to suddenly become serious with archie proposing to veronica. There is much hue and cry about archie not proposing to betty. My issue is totally different.. cant they just stay in high school!!!! Why are they making it so mushy and serious.. its always been light hearted.. and thats how it should be!!

The end of another super duper comics!!! :(


The knife said...

thank God for reruns of FRIENDS

Moonshine said...