Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mumble mumble

I am at a loss of words today... writers block.. A writer.. well, right!!!! hehehe... So i will rephrase it to blogger's block!!! Going to be mumbling about many things.. well not many, maybe a couple of things today..
I become hysterical with laughter... and at all the wrong times... when you should be sombre i guess... what should i do... oh hell!!! Did i just laugh at my b**s!!!! hehehehehhehe
Reading a weird book called new door.. i think.. by Jahanvi Barua.. such a strange book.. it has short stories.. all of them weird.. but will still finish the book.. somehow!!!
I asked my bro in law to get me perfumes from duty free shops.. after much research, i listed down 6.. of which asked him to get 2-3 - gave the preference order.. and none except one was available!!!!!!!! Aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh
But there is a silver lining to the cloud.. the one i got was the one i could not find here!! And also i got a perfumed cream free!!!!! TAKE THAT you stupid miserable piece of luck!!!! hehehehehhe
Also got a koala bear with a baby (not real obviously .. duhhhh) .. it was meant to be for the car.. but i am keeping it with me.. what does the car need it for in any case.. named them russell and rooney... is it too strange naming them??? Though the names I am sure you will admit are cute.... i know!!! Thought them up myself!!! :)

And on that delightful note, i will close for the day... need to finish that stupid book and get it off me!!!! Toodle ooo


Scarlett said...

What perfume did you finally get? Happy?

Moonshine said...

Elizbeth Arden - Sunflower!!! :)