Monday, June 22, 2009

Scratch scratch .. lo and behold its wolverine

I shouldnt have said scratch.. sounds more like a cat.. what do wolves do exactly? Well, never mind.. I am becoming very sporadic in posting I know!!! Have been working late and thats why not been able to post! But coming back to Wolverine..

Watched it last night. Was really looking forward to it. I cant say i am an X Men fan.. I never even liked it .. the trailors ie to get me to watch the movie. All i remember from the trailor of X men was that Blue lady who like a lizard eating a fly.. would do that to people.. it kind of grossed me out!! And i never felt like watching the movie ever.

But then i watched all the 3 installments with husband! And discovered that it is not Alien part X!! It actually had a story.. and of course Hugh Jackman.

So it was with great expectations that i set out to watch Wolverine.. was really really looking forward to it! And i was disappointed. I thought there will be so much more in the movie... somehow..

Well, Hugh Jackman is a delight to watch.. all rippling muscles.. terrific he looks... very very hot! So you can watch the movie just for him. Probably all they needed to show throughout the 2 hours was shots of him running, riding a bike.... and we would have been happy.. sigh!!! He really is hot!!

But however, if you are looking for a story there, well, you need to look real hard!!

So Hugh Jackman and his brother Victor are in the army and are recruited in the "special group" by Striker. Only, Wolverine leaves because he does not like the mindless killing that his brother seems to like. He becomes a lumberjack!! And of course it comes back to haunt him with his brother Victor killing everyone on that mission one by one. He also "kills" Wolverine's wife (very sappy, irritating woman this).. and wolverine joins hands or claws (hehehe) with Striker to hunt Victor down. He goes through this experiment wherein he gets steel (i say steel because i do not remember the name of the metal) thingies in his hands!!

Then he realises that it was Striker all along who is the villain... and he was a part of the big experiment wherein they are trying to develop an indestructible weapon. And this entire movie is peppered with fights with his brother.. when suddenly there comes in Weapon 11 (another experimental guy).. who tries to kill wolverine.. and who comes and saves him.. Victor!!! Thats what irritated me.. i mean suddenly the focus of the movie shifts totally.. this guy has been looking for revenge all the while.. suddenly victor becomes a friend... they both kill the bad guy (weapon 11).. and finally wolverine loses his memory (striker erases it)!!!

The movie leaves you feeling unsatisfied.. it does not have the thrill that you get when you see so many mutants with their special powers...the first scene though (when they show the cast names etc) was quite cool... I liked Victor too.. reminds me of someone.. dont know who.. hmmm...

My advice : watch it for Hugh Jackman!!!


Scarlett said...

The story is W-H-A-T????

I'm glad I didn't go for it over the weekend though I was asked.

Moonshine said...

Well, still.. Hugh Jackman is too good!!!!