Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dont you just wish!

Why is it that it always post an important meeting , you come with these absolutely dazzling things that you could have said ... or think, why in the world did I ever open my mouth to utter such trash!!! After all how many opportunities does one get. And as one utters all this bilge, simultaneously the mind is churning the thought - oh god, what c**p am I talking. And by the end of it all - why did I ever say all this? Why couldnt have I said interesting things about Indian economy!! And this, after one puts considerable thought and writes these short and crisp bullet points on the possible topics that could be discussed. Basically all of it goes out of the window.

Actually, doesnt it always happen - at least to me it does.. everytime without fail. I finish an important discussion, leave the room and trash myself for all the rubbish I talked. Rather all the things I didnt talk about.

One can only hope and pray that people forget quickly...
A very exciting trip to the Bombay airport - made it just in time to catch the flight with about 2 mins to spare. I left at 6.15pm (from Lower parel).. my flight was at 8.35pm!! I was at BKC (more than 3/4th distance) by 6.45pm... and then all havoc broke loose! A colleague was trying to drop me to the airport. We missed the airport turn and went over the flyover (this after negotiating all traffic and at 7.45pm)... and then we took some shortcuts, rode like Bond.. and zipped our way through to reach the airport with 5 mins to spare - only to realise we had missed the Indian Airlines departure terminal which is a separate terminal. And the only way to get there is to get out of the airport, take a full U turn and re-enter the airport!!!

The airport officials I must admit were so sweet - they bundled me into this shuttle which goes to the IA departure - the coach people were at first reluctant as they thought the check in time was well past - But then when they realised we had 5 mins .. they broke all the rules (literally speaking) in the world to get me there in 3 mins!!!

I thanked them with all my heart!!!:) I dont think this would be possible in any country but India!!!!

And I made it - actually I was the second last person to board the flight!!! Phew!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh no, not you Jimmy!! :(

This post is for those of you who watch masterchef australia, star world!!

I have been following this show right from day 1. I love the creativity that these people display - and these are not proper chef... they are amateur cooks.. though if you see what they cook.. you would never be able to figure that out if you did not know it already. They help each other out - And thats another thing I like about the contestants.. they are not fiercely competitive in the sense of trying to bring each other down.. they focus on their skills!!!

And I love the judges - they do not kick, scream, throw plates (except once, and that too when they liked it), throw food etc etc.. they are positive and have tons of energy. When they say its disappointing, I am sure everyone feels it!!

So one of the contestants was Jimmy - he is an Indian and actually was doing very well on the show. Why did I like him - besides the fact that hes an Indian, he was always ever smiling not matter what!!

I will miss him on the show :((

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are what we eat

And if that is the case.. I dont know what to call myself!!!!

Today I had : Pasta, chips, chicken curry, 1 roti, fried rice, beef fry, chole (2 types), rajma, beetroot, veg curry, fried karela, tapioca, bhindi. And then coffee rum pudding(i think), one slice of a cake..

And then in the evening one more slice of biscuit cake.. another plate of pasta..

No wonder I felt so stuffed.

It was pot luck today and everyone at work got something.. my contribution was the chips! Unfortunately I missed another chicken curry,fish and dal! I just couldnt eat anymore!!!

So I had a plan to skip dinner... but skip I didnt!! I made dosa and chutney!!! This pot luck is not good for my paunch :(

Monday, October 11, 2010

There can only be one : AB

There is and only one superstar.. for me... another A!!! Its his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what better than to dedicate a post to him.

For those of you who do not get it, I am talking about Amitabh Bachchan... swoon swoon swooooooooooooooonn...

Its his 68th birthday today!!! And he is still going strong.. he is my favourite actor.. I think one of the first movies I ever watched.. that i remember .. would be an AB movie for sure..

Can anyone ever forget.. Vijay of Sholay.. or Vijay of deewar.. the original don.. AB in Shakti (I still cannot forget the scene where he is clad in black and chasing the villian at the airport).. or in Satte pe satta.. amar akbar anthony.. majboor.. naseeb.. shan.. do aur do panch.. mr natwarlal (the song, mere paas aao mere doston.. I love it).. khoon paseena, hera pheri, kabhie kabhie, coolie, mard, lawaris, dostana,parwarish.. phew...god, the list is endless!!!!!!!

Is it any wonder why we dont have a super star like Amitabh.. not in the near offing!!!

And as I am watching KBC on TV.. the same thought just gets reiterated.. he is so humble.. he is just brilliant with people.. KBC brings out the best in him.. and it is a real pleasure to watch him host it!!!!! He is just super with people.. people gush all over him.. and he makes everyone feel special!!!!

And as I am typing this, everyone in the audience is singing Happy Birthday to him!!! How sweet..

I am one of those lucky people on the face of this planet who have had the opportunity to meet him!! It is the highlight of my life... my mom's side of the family which is completely into Hindi movies actually congratulated me on being the only one in the family to have shaken hands with him!!!! Ah well..

Yes, that is my absolutely favourite memory.