Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are what we eat

And if that is the case.. I dont know what to call myself!!!!

Today I had : Pasta, chips, chicken curry, 1 roti, fried rice, beef fry, chole (2 types), rajma, beetroot, veg curry, fried karela, tapioca, bhindi. And then coffee rum pudding(i think), one slice of a cake..

And then in the evening one more slice of biscuit cake.. another plate of pasta..

No wonder I felt so stuffed.

It was pot luck today and everyone at work got something.. my contribution was the chips! Unfortunately I missed another chicken curry,fish and dal! I just couldnt eat anymore!!!

So I had a plan to skip dinner... but skip I didnt!! I made dosa and chutney!!! This pot luck is not good for my paunch :(


Scarlett said...

I had gajar halwa, laddoos & homemade gulab jamun. I want cake :(

Moonshine said...

I have some gulab jamuns sitting in my fridge and laddus!!!!!!!!!!!