Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dont you just wish!

Why is it that it always post an important meeting , you come with these absolutely dazzling things that you could have said ... or think, why in the world did I ever open my mouth to utter such trash!!! After all how many opportunities does one get. And as one utters all this bilge, simultaneously the mind is churning the thought - oh god, what c**p am I talking. And by the end of it all - why did I ever say all this? Why couldnt have I said interesting things about Indian economy!! And this, after one puts considerable thought and writes these short and crisp bullet points on the possible topics that could be discussed. Basically all of it goes out of the window.

Actually, doesnt it always happen - at least to me it does.. everytime without fail. I finish an important discussion, leave the room and trash myself for all the rubbish I talked. Rather all the things I didnt talk about.

One can only hope and pray that people forget quickly...
A very exciting trip to the Bombay airport - made it just in time to catch the flight with about 2 mins to spare. I left at 6.15pm (from Lower parel).. my flight was at 8.35pm!! I was at BKC (more than 3/4th distance) by 6.45pm... and then all havoc broke loose! A colleague was trying to drop me to the airport. We missed the airport turn and went over the flyover (this after negotiating all traffic and at 7.45pm)... and then we took some shortcuts, rode like Bond.. and zipped our way through to reach the airport with 5 mins to spare - only to realise we had missed the Indian Airlines departure terminal which is a separate terminal. And the only way to get there is to get out of the airport, take a full U turn and re-enter the airport!!!

The airport officials I must admit were so sweet - they bundled me into this shuttle which goes to the IA departure - the coach people were at first reluctant as they thought the check in time was well past - But then when they realised we had 5 mins .. they broke all the rules (literally speaking) in the world to get me there in 3 mins!!!

I thanked them with all my heart!!!:) I dont think this would be possible in any country but India!!!!

And I made it - actually I was the second last person to board the flight!!! Phew!!



Scarlett said...

Ha ha ha...what an eventful ride to the airport & all the way to your plane! I would start hyperventilating & cursing & cribbing & flipping out if in that situation :)

About the meetings, I've found myself in that situation sometimes but not very often. I think you're just very demanding of yourself :P

Moonshine said...

I didnt panic at all!!! I was kind of resigned to my fate of trying to book myself into another flight or leaving the next day!!!

I am not demanding!!! I do that fairly often... especially in internal meetings!

the-mommie said...

lol! i had a very very similar experience on my last trip to Cal! u know how close we were to the airport right? but we still took more than 1 hr to get thr (traffic, construction traffic cops!! - the works!!).

n we were thr not 3 mins before departure (thankfully) but 10 mins. but i had the baby with me and his stroller and his baby bag!! the indigo chaps accompanied me thru everything and got us to the aircraft just in time - but then we saw 5 more ppl follow us onboard! SO! IST applies everywhere, all the time! :D

Moonshine said...

@Mommie I have missed the Rajdhani in Cal!!! The traffic is really horrid!!!

I would be embarrassed to be the last one on IST!! And once I applied the IST rule to a fun night at the office conference party.. we were supposed to go somewhere post the sessions.. I was only 5 mins late.. I was whiling away time in my room thinking no one would have reached .. but i found myself running to catch the bus.. A min more, I would have been left behind sulking in the hotel. And i was only 5 mins late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shruti said...

This brings to mind, the flight back from Delhi last month end.. There was some CWG thingy happening and i took twice the time i was told it would take me to get to the airport. Needless to say, I missed the flight and didnt get ANY help from the Delhi officials even though i reached with 10 mins to spare! :(

Moonshine said...

@Shruti I have heard many of these CWG time stories!!! They should have made an exception at that time!!! But anyhow, missed flight is a missed flight .. anyway you cant do anything about it.. might as well enjoy the time away from work.. a little peace and quiet.

Shruti said...

pretty much that! took the last flight out - reached late late night and took the next day off :D

Moonshine said...

@Shruti Thats great!!!!!!! I will also do that from now on :)