Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wayward pines

Have you watched it?

I had been meaning to watch it ever since it started. I was quite intrigued by the TV promos. 

And after I watched the first episode, was hooked. It's eerie. That's the best word I can find in my vocabulary to describe it. 

I have watched 3 episodes.  Can't wait to watch more. I hear there are only 10 episodes to it.. How can that be!!!! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Apps : still counting

You are what you eat, you are what you wear...

Extended  to places you travel to, house where you stay, contents of your purse (?), contents of your phone, how you write an email, friends you keep etc etc etc

There are so many things that defines one as a person. A peek into ones phone should be able to tell you if a person is like minded, don't you think?

I am a technologically challenged person. I don't understand it. And whatever little I used to try to do on my own has billowed off in puffs of smoke post marriage. I am quite fazed by technology.

In any case, when I started using mobile, I used it just for what it was supposed to do.. Texting and calling. And this even when I got an I phone. 

It's only now that I have started using apps on the phone.

Here is what I carry and currently use on my phone:

Trip ideas - a cute app which has 365 places for 365 days of the year. Though I think this one outdated and I need to remove this!

Tripoto - Picture blogging kind of an app. Recently downloaded, I like their format. And if you like traveling, its a feel good app. You can sit and dream about all the places you can/want to go to.

Cleartrip - my most browsed app! Based on the holiday calendar I got in the beginning of the year, I keep planning various trips.. all in my mind i.e. I find it a good site to get quick info on travel + stay aspects.

GoodReads - sometimes I browse Goodreads for days and days .. in the hunt for new and interesting books to read

Epicurious - It has really nice pictures!!!  I hope to use this one once I get an Oven!!

NDTV cooks - I check Indian recipes on it

Whatsapp - !! Need I say anymore.

Ola cabs - I use this a lot!!! Its so convenient. I was completely taken aback with this app when it launched and now it cannot do without it! It is a boon to people like us in Bangalore - when I think of my auto hunting-fighting days!

Uber - Same with Uber. Till now both have been very easy and have had a good experience attached to  it.

Sky View - This one I really like though I don't use it much. You can point to the sky and it will show planets, stars, constellations etc.

Zomato -  I love checking new places to go to / order from - whether I go or not!

Google maps - I really wonder how I used to function with google maps 10 yrs ago. How in the world did I drive and get to meetings!!! The good old fashioned way of asking for directions, I guess!! - One of  my favourites. It has replaced radio for me!! Which for me was and still is a real surprise. I love listening to music. And earlier, I use to always play radio right through the night in fact! Now radio is relegated to the car. And is what I play at home.

FreshMenu - I like checking their everyday menu even though I don't stay in the vicinity of where they deliver. All this is MC influence! :)

Airbnb/ - timepass browsing!

SpaceJourney/ Earth 3D - pictures of planets etc which I love to show to my daughter.

I have so many other apps like daily escape, tarla dalal, Burrp, Houzz (BTW this one is good if you are getting interiors done), twitter, the ecommerce portals, furnishing portals, ebook readers (I tried but couldn't read), some games for my daughter, more travel portals..

You know when I was writing this post, I didn't realise I had so many apps downloaded!! I think I need to de-clutter my phone.

And I never thought I would be an "app person". But look at me now. I am wondering how many experiences these apps replace. Like the restaurant finder/review app. Earlier I guess someone used to tell us about these new places, cool hangouts but we would try it for ourself, reject it for ourself. But now you need not do that. like I said has replaced radio for me. I use the phone to check the time, calculator to calculate... what next I wonder!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sustenance is tough

I am greatly motivated that someone saw that I wrote and chose to comment!!! I had a fleeting memory of the thrill of getting views/ comments on posts. And yesterday I went through some of the stuff to see happy bickering between all of us. It was quite a feel good.

So here I am .. trying hard to write something and post. But nothing comes to mind.

Its funny really. Everytime there is a discussion on any topic or any incident or a viewpoint, I always think it would be good to blog about it and wonder how will everyone else react. I tried to substitute whatsapp for blog/ mail but it really a poor substitute. I am a part of many friends groups on whatsapp.

Some of the promising ones dwindled after a day or two of intense excitement. I tried to introduce interesting topics of discussion (interesting to me anyway), but it all fizzled out. Whatsapp is good talk individually and share forwards and pics and wish multiple people on common holiday.. a la FB.

So here I am again.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Taking up from where I left off

It has been a long long time. My last post was in 2013!

Kind of lost the motivation to write. None of my friends are writing. I am hoping I can re-invigorate everyone. That sounds lame in itself. Oh well.

I have no idea what to write about. I am just testing waters so to speak - and checking if any of you say hello!!

Would be interesting to see if my blog topics are as carefree as it used to be earlier.

I wrote 2 lines and my daughter is up and wanting to know what I am upto.

This is so not going to be a success!!