Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sustenance is tough

I am greatly motivated that someone saw that I wrote and chose to comment!!! I had a fleeting memory of the thrill of getting views/ comments on posts. And yesterday I went through some of the stuff to see happy bickering between all of us. It was quite a feel good.

So here I am .. trying hard to write something and post. But nothing comes to mind.

Its funny really. Everytime there is a discussion on any topic or any incident or a viewpoint, I always think it would be good to blog about it and wonder how will everyone else react. I tried to substitute whatsapp for blog/ mail but it really a poor substitute. I am a part of many friends groups on whatsapp.

Some of the promising ones dwindled after a day or two of intense excitement. I tried to introduce interesting topics of discussion (interesting to me anyway), but it all fizzled out. Whatsapp is good talk individually and share forwards and pics and wish multiple people on common holiday.. a la FB.

So here I am again.



Scarlett said...

I'm not a big fan of group chats on Whatsapp either, except really close groups like cousins or really close friends.

In case you're looking for topics how about doing a post on the new season of MC? :D

Moonshine said...

I had planned to do that... no favourites yet, though!!