Monday, July 27, 2009

Rally around jeeves!!!

My post has nothing to do with PGW!!! Ok, now read on.

Today was one of those ever boring days.. at least till evening. One of the days wherein everything around you is still... work, conversations, company, your own self.. one of those days when time trudges on.. and every minute you are glad that that minute has passed.. and you are closer to the dinner gong (in this case the end of day gong.. the clock striking 6).. only to remember that actually.. you are going to run back home and get bored there!!!! Like one of my friends said.. i am so lucky.. so many different types of boredom!!! lol

Well, the day was uplifted because of these very friends.. did i say day.. i mean my spirits.. the entire i was kept company by 3 friends through various modes of communication - 2 on mail and one on chat!!! Believe me, i know i have mentioned this earlier, its so important to have friends.. just to get through the day at times!!! :)

The funny part is everytime i am low or bored, these friends, not one, not 2.. but so many of them come into my life that very day.. and that too without my reaching out to them. It never ceases to amaze me!!! Till evening i was speaking to these people on mail / chat. And then when i came back home, an old close friend.. just like that.. my mom chatted with me for half an hour, again just like that.. bumped into another old college friend online (that was a coincidence though) and spoke with her for a long long time!!!

I dont know how it happens everytime.. maybe its telepathy.. maybe their antenna's go up or something.. its like how bertie tells jeeves.. "rally around jeeves, rally around" our friend here is in a bit of a soup.. or something similar..

But however it may happen, it does not matter... i couldnt be happier!!!! And my day has turned out to be not so bad after all!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter - it has to be!!!

Harrrryyyyyyy Potter!! Trying to type the way various characters take harry's name!!! Its kind of stuck in my head!

Oh well, to the movie now... Had been pestering husband to book the tickets all of last week.. and one fine day i found this mail in my inbox .. the booking confirmation. I dont know if i was more excited that day or the day i actually watched the movie!!!! Very sweet .. i know!!!

The theatre was full.. if not fuller. It had people of all shapes and sizes. Its the "harry potter" effect.. not many have been able to escape it. And then there were kids!!! I dont have any problems , make that not too many problems, with kids who want to watch the movie and therefore are in the theatre. What other kind there may be you wonder - the babies who cant stop bawling their head off!!!!! I dont know why parents do this. The rational part of me can understand .. but then i am a selfish person and i want to watch the movie. There were these parents behind.. whose baby would cry uncontrollably anytime something happened or did not happen... and they would sit right there trying to quieten the child. Why can they not go out of the theatre and do that!!! Isnt this the basic courtesy you would extend to anyone.. similar to answering calls in the theatre / talking when the movie is on!!! Anyway..

Now really on to the movie.. I quite liked it. Though I am not very sure about the reaction of people who have not read the book. As in, having read the book, you would know theres not going to be too much action in it.. as it is a build up to the last book. So at the end of the movie , you may feel there are questions left unanswered.. there is no one single event which culminates in an end like in the other HP movies (1st one had harry saving the stone, 2nd one had harry saving ginny etc). It is not a full story in itself. So one may feel dissatisfied at the abrupt end!

But anyway, the point is i had read the book. So i really liked the movie. Its quite true to the book. The cave sequence in the end has been conceptualised very well on screen.. whoever has read the book will agree!!!! I mean this is how one would visualise it when reading it!!!!

Only point maybe that one can talk about in the negative is the fact that there was too much romance!!!! But then this is the book when ginny / harry and ron/hermione get together. And then again this would be a point that would be brought up if you look real hard to find any negatives!!

I quite liked Malfoy in the movie. I thought he did very well in showing all the indecision, the mental trauma that malfoy goes through!!

And i knew Dumbledore would die in the movie. But even then I felt as bad when watching the movie as i felt when reading the book, even though i was prepared to see it!!! I still remember how all of us hoped and hoped that Dumbledore will magically come alive in the last book!!! Ho hum... such is life :(

Its a kind of coming of age movie for the characters.. harry / ron / hermione! They get out of all the kiddie stuff and kind of step into the real world.. that is not safe.. the big bad world... where Dumbledore is also vulnerable. In fact, in this movie there is no Voldermort except for in spirit!!! Yet its dark. The movie has been true to the book not just in terms of the incidents it shows but also in terms the dark brooding helpless despair that the characters have brought alive on the screen!!

As you can see, i really liked the movie. :) And i wish to watch it again!!! :) This time with people who like HP.. Dont get me wrong.. i just meant its good fun to watch it with people who are as carzy about HP as you are!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop that now, thank you very much!!!

Social networking... When it started it was one of the most exciting things i could think about. I mean when it started for me!!!But little did i know....

And as it is with most people i started with orkut. And now i have graduated to various other social networking sites too!! The fundamental issue with these sites is - you get so many unwanted visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stopped logging in to orkut after i had gathered some 100 friends!!! I mean some of them were genuine friends, some acquaintances who i wouldn't mind being in touch with... and some weirdos who i would rather forget but added because i felt bad denying the friendship request! Also of course the thought plagued my mind that they would know i have denied it!!! Did not want to appear as an arrogant snob!!!

So i stopped using orkut totally. And started using Facebook or rather created an account on facebook!!! I thought i would have a small group.. connect with people i really i want to connect with!! So when i started, i even put my blog link up for everyone to see.. these were close friends and people i liked who i would not really mind visiting my site! Then as number of friends increased, i put my blog link in a "difficult place to find" spot!! So that whoever really wants to know me has to do some mehnat to get there! Now i realise i have some 100 "friends" again on facebook! And therefore removed the blog link all together. I usually end up adding people because i feel bad!!

Not that i am active on facebook really. I am really not creative enough to come up funny or witty or profound status messages like some people!!! At the most it would be "I am eating / sleeping" kind of status messages.. which all of us see enough of without me adding to the vast pool!! But tell me.. why do people put such bizarre messages.. is it pressure of social networking that makes someone put this kind of stuff by the dozen!!! I mean.. why would anyone want to know the weather update, or eat, sleep, crap, work update??????????????? I mean.. really!!!!!

Another thing that irritates me is that i am witness to various tests that people take online and decide to publish it!!! I mean i dont need to know which country you should have been born in, which star you should be or who is your romantic love interest!!! I mean, really!!!! (often used phrase in this post, i know.. cant help it.. it really encapsulates what i think very well :))

And of course with the "100 friends" that comprise college friends, PG friends, work friends, work non friends etc etc.. one can only be politically correct.. and ensure that one does not put in a comment or a status that gets one thrown out of the organisation or something. I realised how dangerous it is only after seeing someone's comment and a senior replying to it!!!! How very dangerous!!! That is what got me to remove my blog link. Anyway i am not an active status "putter" or a replier on various status messages.. so i am relatively safe i guess..

So why should i be on these sites if it annoys me so much you may ask.. well, i do like following the status messages / pics of friends ... of "friends" i said!!!

And hey if you visited this site (my blog i.e.) and you are also my friend on facebook, I did not mean you.. really!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My colleague got a cook... and more

My colleague has hired a cook.. And i am loving it!!! lol.

She has taken pity on me probably.. seeing me suffer through those ordered sad lunches i guess!!! So i get to eat good stuff... and she doesnt mind me chomping through half her food.. well, she does get enough food for at least 2-3 people!!! Whatever the reason maybe.. i am just lucky... I am quite lazy ... enough not to get food from home (I too have a cook you see)... but dont like lugging lunch boxes to work.. and the one of the few times i did, my dabba disappeared!!!! And the other times, i would just forget to take the boxes back home!!! So well... anyway the point is.. i am happy at work!!! Never knew a good home cooked lunch could have such an impact ... not from my home (cook i mean) though if i mom were here i wouldnt mind carrying food everyday to work!!!!

And as i keep insisting, it would never occur to me to do that!!!! Get food for someone i mean.. no matter how easy it is for me to do so!!! Though i am not complaining.

So thank you.. you kind soul.. may you prosper in life :)
ps: another colleague at work who made food for the 10 of us (10 is easier to say.. dont remember the exact number).. and a full meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starters / main / dessert (at least 2 of each)!!!! With so many generous ppl around, is it any wonder one puts on weight? Burp!!!!
Watched ice age 3 this weekend. Very cute movie... as cute as the part 1 and 2!!! Love the dino kids... so sweeeeeeeeetttt!!!
Watched That thing you do and My cousin Vinny over the weekend. Both my favourite movies. Just went on singing along with all the songs as they played when That thing you do was on..... love that movie!!!!
Also bought Mama Mia and Love actually!!! I am just waiting (lots of emphasis there) to watch it!!! I can watch it now but will wait for my husband. I want to watch it with him (hes not seen any of these you see)
After a long time, was at work till 12.40 last night!!! Thoroughly enjoyed the discussions.. so what if my eyes were rolling over backwards by the time we got over!!! That man has some energy!!!! Phew!
ps: please re-read the above , i did say work!! ;)