Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter - it has to be!!!

Harrrryyyyyyy Potter!! Trying to type the way various characters take harry's name!!! Its kind of stuck in my head!

Oh well, to the movie now... Had been pestering husband to book the tickets all of last week.. and one fine day i found this mail in my inbox .. the booking confirmation. I dont know if i was more excited that day or the day i actually watched the movie!!!! Very sweet .. i know!!!

The theatre was full.. if not fuller. It had people of all shapes and sizes. Its the "harry potter" effect.. not many have been able to escape it. And then there were kids!!! I dont have any problems , make that not too many problems, with kids who want to watch the movie and therefore are in the theatre. What other kind there may be you wonder - the babies who cant stop bawling their head off!!!!! I dont know why parents do this. The rational part of me can understand .. but then i am a selfish person and i want to watch the movie. There were these parents behind.. whose baby would cry uncontrollably anytime something happened or did not happen... and they would sit right there trying to quieten the child. Why can they not go out of the theatre and do that!!! Isnt this the basic courtesy you would extend to anyone.. similar to answering calls in the theatre / talking when the movie is on!!! Anyway..

Now really on to the movie.. I quite liked it. Though I am not very sure about the reaction of people who have not read the book. As in, having read the book, you would know theres not going to be too much action in it.. as it is a build up to the last book. So at the end of the movie , you may feel there are questions left unanswered.. there is no one single event which culminates in an end like in the other HP movies (1st one had harry saving the stone, 2nd one had harry saving ginny etc). It is not a full story in itself. So one may feel dissatisfied at the abrupt end!

But anyway, the point is i had read the book. So i really liked the movie. Its quite true to the book. The cave sequence in the end has been conceptualised very well on screen.. whoever has read the book will agree!!!! I mean this is how one would visualise it when reading it!!!!

Only point maybe that one can talk about in the negative is the fact that there was too much romance!!!! But then this is the book when ginny / harry and ron/hermione get together. And then again this would be a point that would be brought up if you look real hard to find any negatives!!

I quite liked Malfoy in the movie. I thought he did very well in showing all the indecision, the mental trauma that malfoy goes through!!

And i knew Dumbledore would die in the movie. But even then I felt as bad when watching the movie as i felt when reading the book, even though i was prepared to see it!!! I still remember how all of us hoped and hoped that Dumbledore will magically come alive in the last book!!! Ho hum... such is life :(

Its a kind of coming of age movie for the characters.. harry / ron / hermione! They get out of all the kiddie stuff and kind of step into the real world.. that is not safe.. the big bad world... where Dumbledore is also vulnerable. In fact, in this movie there is no Voldermort except for in spirit!!! Yet its dark. The movie has been true to the book not just in terms of the incidents it shows but also in terms the dark brooding helpless despair that the characters have brought alive on the screen!!

As you can see, i really liked the movie. :) And i wish to watch it again!!! :) This time with people who like HP.. Dont get me wrong.. i just meant its good fun to watch it with people who are as carzy about HP as you are!!


Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - You know which line from Harry Potter is stuck in my head? It's from the first book of the series...the first line of the letter Harry receives from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry - "Dear Mr Potter" (in a British accent of course :)

I thought Malfoy did really well in the movie too. I've read his interviews & he comes across as this really nice, regular guy - and he with very good with his villainous expressions on screen.

Moonshine said...

Its really funny.. even when i am reading the book, i tend to read it like that.. harrryyy pottterr.. :)

Malfoy genuinely looks like a tortured soul in the movie!!!