Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stop that now, thank you very much!!!

Social networking... When it started it was one of the most exciting things i could think about. I mean when it started for me!!!But little did i know....

And as it is with most people i started with orkut. And now i have graduated to various other social networking sites too!! The fundamental issue with these sites is - you get so many unwanted visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stopped logging in to orkut after i had gathered some 100 friends!!! I mean some of them were genuine friends, some acquaintances who i wouldn't mind being in touch with... and some weirdos who i would rather forget but added because i felt bad denying the friendship request! Also of course the thought plagued my mind that they would know i have denied it!!! Did not want to appear as an arrogant snob!!!

So i stopped using orkut totally. And started using Facebook or rather created an account on facebook!!! I thought i would have a small group.. connect with people i really i want to connect with!! So when i started, i even put my blog link up for everyone to see.. these were close friends and people i liked who i would not really mind visiting my site! Then as number of friends increased, i put my blog link in a "difficult place to find" spot!! So that whoever really wants to know me has to do some mehnat to get there! Now i realise i have some 100 "friends" again on facebook! And therefore removed the blog link all together. I usually end up adding people because i feel bad!!

Not that i am active on facebook really. I am really not creative enough to come up funny or witty or profound status messages like some people!!! At the most it would be "I am eating / sleeping" kind of status messages.. which all of us see enough of without me adding to the vast pool!! But tell me.. why do people put such bizarre messages.. is it pressure of social networking that makes someone put this kind of stuff by the dozen!!! I mean.. why would anyone want to know the weather update, or eat, sleep, crap, work update??????????????? I mean.. really!!!!!

Another thing that irritates me is that i am witness to various tests that people take online and decide to publish it!!! I mean i dont need to know which country you should have been born in, which star you should be or who is your romantic love interest!!! I mean, really!!!! (often used phrase in this post, i know.. cant help it.. it really encapsulates what i think very well :))

And of course with the "100 friends" that comprise college friends, PG friends, work friends, work non friends etc etc.. one can only be politically correct.. and ensure that one does not put in a comment or a status that gets one thrown out of the organisation or something. I realised how dangerous it is only after seeing someone's comment and a senior replying to it!!!! How very dangerous!!! That is what got me to remove my blog link. Anyway i am not an active status "putter" or a replier on various status messages.. so i am relatively safe i guess..

So why should i be on these sites if it annoys me so much you may ask.. well, i do like following the status messages / pics of friends ... of "friends" i said!!!

And hey if you visited this site (my blog i.e.) and you are also my friend on facebook, I did not mean you.. really!!!!


Shruti said...

I shall try and believe the last line of ur post!! :)

Moonshine said...

Please do!!!! Really :)