Friday, July 29, 2011

The perfect job

Is there anything like it? I have been contemplating on this for a long time.. and I keep repeating the same thing over and over again at different points in time at work.. every 2-3 months I think!! And I have been thinking about it, yet again.

When one says a perfect job, for some reason, I can only visualise one :

Meg Ryan's corner bookstore in You got mail. Would'nt I just love to have such a place!! I think it would be a dream come true for many of my book loving friends - a cozy place, surrounded by books and coffee as it rains / snows outside. I can never ever get that place out of my mind. Even now, even though its been ages since I saw the movie. I am in love with the place.

There is this place called Secret Garden Cafe in Bangalore - it is this marvellous verandah of someone's beautiful house. It has plastic chairs and tables and surrounded by mango trees. Amazing - a perfect work life, to own something like this?

Actually it has to be Meg Ryan's corner bookstore.

What do you think? Does it exist? A perfect job?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My tryst with Harry Potter & Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara

I hate to say this.. I enjoyed ZNMD.

What should I say!! Potter. I think its got to do with the expectations that you have with a Potter franchise. It cant be anything but sheer excellence.

Dont get me wrong. Its a good movie. It stays true to the book, mostly. And is visually as appealing and as close to the actual vivid picture drawn up in the book, as possible. And that is something I maintain about all HP movies. They have been very very realistic in how they portrayed the fantastic imagination of JK Rowling.

So when you go to watch the movie, you are already expecting the visual treat that these movies are. You dont expect any less.. and I can easily say, that this expectation is met quite well.

But somehow, I dont know why.. this movie did not thrill me as much as the book did. Dont get me wrong here. I know no movie can ever ever match up to the book. I think to that extent HP franchise has succeeded in coming close to the book.

Its just that the book tends to build up anticipation nicely. The war sequences are amazing - I remember reading about the moment when Neville walks in through Arianna's picture.. it was so thrilling. And the entire war as described in the book. It was awesome. in movie, I felt like we were zipping through it.

In the book, JK Rowling  has taken a lot of pain to build each and every character.. and they each have a story.. a beginning and an end. Obviously its difficult to capture all that in a movie. But I kind of felt cheated. They whizz through the individuals to focus on the story.. there is no mention of Hagrid's brother.. Hagrid himself appears towards the end... Fred / Lupin / Tonks, they are just declared dead. Maybe they could have extended the movie by about 30 mins. No one would have minded. And the Voldemort vs. Harry fight was not much to talk about.

I was let down.

ZNMD - now thats a movie I went to watch with no expectations. And it turned out to be good. A breezy movie, yet not. 3 central character with their own demons to deal with. I quite liked the story. It was nicely presented. The" hot quotient" of Hrithik Roshan just skyrocketed with this movie.. it certainly helped.

The conversations were easy, free flowing. There were no heavy weight dialogues.. just a simple story of 3 men who kind of find themselves through a 3 week trip in Spain.

And all 3 were brilliant. Farhan Akhtar was a bit over the top. But he was great still. Abhay Deol as always is good. The surprise package to my mind was Hrithik Roshan.. his transformation through the movie.

I quite enjoyed watching the movie.The songs were just superlative. It was a fun 3 hours. And again I am inspired to think of myself - am I really free? Is my mind really free? When was I last free?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bye bye Blackberry, hello i phone

You are looking at the recent'most' I phone acquirer.

I have had it for a week - but havent used it for anything else but phones and calls. Today I have decided I will download games and archie comics and the likes!!!  :)

Fun times!! More about the fun part later once I download apps!!


I am watching HP tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!

So there was some problem in booking it online.. while the bookings opened for every damn city, it wouldnt open for Bangalore. From Wednesday onwards, I have been checking sites on an hourly basis.

Finally!!! Finally, I am watching it tomorrow night.

And then Zindagi na milegi dubara day after. I am happy. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Waiting to watch the latest installment of Harry Potter on July15th.

Only .. now that there are no more books, at least one could relive everything watching the movies.. something to look forward to.

Did it have to end so soon???? :((((((

What will we do after July 15th .. no more books, no more movies.

What will we do now?

Message to JK Rowling - please please please revive Harry Potter. How will we ever live our life knowing there's no more of HP to come!!! Life has no meaning. Sob sob sob sob.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delhi Belly : Its a 5

This comes in late I know. By now, most of you must have already seen Delhi Belly.

But I had to write about it.

I am sure I say this for every other movie that is released... but this one. What a movie!!!!!!!!!!! What a movie!!! One of the best I have seen in recent times.

Who is the star you ask?

The story.. it just doesn't allow you to pause and say ha! It just goes on.. takes you crashing along in the vortex. The director did a great thing by not putting in an interval. We were enthralled all throughout and didn't feel the need to get anything at all. It grabs your attention and it never ever wavers. I wont get into what the story is about.. watch it for yourself. For some reason, it reminded me of the English movie, Snatch.

The actors.. Imran Khan has broken out of the chocolate hero mould for sure!! He actually looks hot as opposed to cute!! And he is a step up above Ranbir Kapoor as of now. Who would have thought? The beauty about this movie is that all actors get equal attention.. rather you remember them equally. Whether it is Vir Das, the butt scratching Kunal Kapoor or Poorna Jagannathan or the Gangster played by Vijay Raaz.. he was just awesome. The music that comes on when he appears on the screen.. or just his dialogues. He is an intelligent villain. Most of the movies have duffer villains who just laugh evil"ly". But yeah, all of them shine. And shine very bright.

The direction, editing.. Its just superb. Like I said earlier, the movie doesn't allow you to breathe. Editing is just awesome. And the director, Abhinay Deo has done a fantastic job, keeping the runaway movie, characters all together. Leaves us spellbound I must say. And its very real... from the making out scene to the horrible house they live in. Though I do wish they wouldn't show close up of crap!!

Dialogues : Dialogues are a beauty and whoever says it has too much swearing.. really?? You think?? Isn't it normal. I have seen guys in my college talk to each other like this day in day out.. and that was 10 years back. It is real... And very much so. I don't know why people are making such a brouhaha about it.

Music : Bhaag bhaag DK Bose. I hate you (like I love you).. Goooooood music!! Holds it own. Fabulous. Just Fabulous.

And the piece de resistance.. Aamir Khan's item number.

5 / 5 from me. Everyone has to has to watch it.

Oh and BTW, MC AUSTRALIA is starting soon ...AUG 2nd....... Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

If only pigs could fly

Sigh!!!!!! I am not a very talented person.. I have written many a posts about it.

I cannot sing, dance, paint, sculpt, play an instrument, sports .. anything. Cooking? I caann cook.. but I am not at all creative!! I pretty stick to the tried and tested.

If, if I had just one wish.. to be able to choose one talent for myself. What would I pick? 

I would anyday, pick singing. No question, thats what I would pick.

It truly is a god's gift. Probably to a certain extent, you can learn everything else.. but you need to know how to sing.

And of all things, I am the horrible"est" at singing. Everytime I watch these song based reality shows on TV..I wish with all my heart I could sing. For some reason, I get this feeling, more of it actually, when I listen to Hindi movie songs.

Hindi movie music and I have a kind of an inseparable relationship. I grew up with Hindi Music. English music came into my life much later.. when I was already a teenager (except for Boney M and Abba, I hadnt really heard anything). All India Radio, that was our lifeline then. I dont how much I appreciated music then.. but I guess somewhere, somehow it stayed with me. The Binaca geet mala.. Ameen Sayani ...used to define AIR for us.

A few years back, when A used to work very late... I remember one night I got scared of the silence. I was scared of falling asleep. And music was my solace. I dragged the speaker of my home theatre system and listened to the comforting sounds of old melodies. Of course, the very next day A bought me a stereo.

Till date, I fall asleep listening to the radio. I cannot imagine bliss as pure as listening to old hindi movie songs to the beat of rain. Some songs are so beautiful.. I get goosepimples when I listen to them.. songs of Andhi, badi sooni sooni hai, tum jo mil gaye ho, beeti na beetayi raina, rimjhim gire saawan, yeh kahan aa gaye hum.. actually there are too many to be able to list down!!

And everytime I hear any of these songs on radio, I too sing along.. all the time wishing I could sing well. And at that point in time, there's nothing more I want... that desperate crazy all encompassing want.. to be able to sing.

If only pigs could fly, and I wish it with all my heart.

If you had to pick one single talent for yourself, what would you pick?