Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All you talented people, this way please!

Today was the state traditional day... in the sense you had to wear your state dress.. so i wear a Kerala sari (nothing else to signify that i am from kerala). Thats how creative i was.... in comparison to others who actually wore the sari in the traditional tamilian way.. another person wore normal sari but wore the typical maharashtrain nose ring.. bengali sari with the traditional white and red bangles.. you get it i am sure..

I am pretty bad at being creative.. ask people to decorate their bays messily... and they spin this wonderful beautiful cobweb (made of thread).. and they make these spiders/ bats.. hang actual nests etc... i mean the only thing i could think of was tearing the stars from the ceiling and scattering it around.. and strewing paper here and there.. the height of my creativity levels!! BTW, we didnt even do all that!!!

And then during the evening, there was a question asked .. whats your talent.. are there any talented people around.. and i promptly hid myself behind cubicles.. i cannot sing.. CANNOT sing sounds better... i draw ok.. but you would be really hard pressed to find any talent there (i did try.. picked up books for the same.. but tried only a day or two.. now my niece uses that book as a playbook).... i cant play any instrument.. dance.. i can dance.. is freestyle bollywood govinda style dance classified as a talent? I guess not!!!

Pretty talentless I am.. I envy people who can sing!!!! Now Bongs are a different breed altogether!! Every bong (usually) is multi talented.. i have a friend who sings / plays flute / guitar/ tabla.. you name it!!!! How is it that they can do all this!!!!!!!

When i was a kid.. i got inspired by my friend who wrote poems.. and i was like.. yeah i can do that!!! For days, i tried.. thought of some theme / topic to write about (one was "postman").. let me clarify i was in 3rd or 4th std!!! And i couldnt write anything... the page was blank.. blanker than before if it could be possible.. mocking at me!!!! I also tried writing jokes once (again when very young).. i created my own joke.. a person keeping his hands around (above) the lemonade pan (as if protecting it)when the lemonade is being stirred.. when asked why.. he says its to prevent wastage ..all the drops (cheente) will hit my hand / palm and will go back into the pan!!! like Hahhahahaah.. and that was the end of my jokes career!!!



Scarlett said...

Hahahahahaaha! I am pretty talentless too! My parents tried alot, enrolled me in various classes but nothing worked. Started going to drawing/painting school when I was a kid...everything I drew ended up looking like a duck, even houses! The only thing I can draw properly to this day is a five-petalled flower!! Started learning dancing...Odissi..it was a 6 year course. As in, you could becomes a certified Odissi dancer after 6 years. I quit after 3. Parents hired a music teacher who started teaching me movie songs & told me they were bhajans! I was so small, didn't know any better. Mom heard one day and that was the end of music lessons for me!! :)

Moonshine said...

lol!!!! At least you learnt for 3 yrs!!! i learned for 6 mths (bharatnatyam).. and quit because couldnt take the early morning (during weekends)/ late afternoon (weekdays) sessions!!! Sleeptime for me.. thats why!!! lol

burizadokanyon said...

lol!!! i had joined dance classes, but that was during ma schools and the dance teacher used to come at ma house to teach. omg u wont believe i had actually learnt 1 full song... guess which one. ull die laughing and now when i think of that i get so dam embarrassed. the Hrithik song "ek pal ka jeena" i swear i start laughin at ma self thinkin of that. but then sports was always fun and used to enjoy that too much...

Moonshine said...

You learnt to do that famous Hrithik step???????? lol!!! But we all know you are a good dancer.. have your videos.. should i post it?