Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little bit of stardust in my life

My second day at the gym.. did i say in my last post that it doesnt ache too much... well, take it all back... christ how much they made me do... if was twisting in one direction.. i would stop at a certain level.. and these guys would just twist me at my waist a little more.. and ask.. is it stretching.. are you feeling the pain.... i am feeling the pain all right.. all that bit bout parts falling off and need to be out back together.. is coming true!!!!!

Well, anyway, i apparently need to get off this gym topic.. coz some people tell me that i have been at it for too long already!!!! So "people" please see, except for the first few lines (you need to give me that leeway.. its a new thing for me),the rest of the post wont mention the word gym at all!!!

Have you ever bumped into Celebs? Well, i have... personally met (eat your hearts out) Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan.. the highlight of my 2.5 yrs of work at the current workplace!!! lol!! But anyway, it was fantastic.. absolutely out of the world experience.. meeting both father and son in the space of a week (scarlett, remember?).. charming men.. totally... and humble!!! And post that meeting, i went on jumping around like crazy couldnt sit still... went to prithvi theatre cafe and went mad.. i spoke non stop , the entire day, night talking to anyone who was willing to listen.. in fact my uncle even congratulated me at this feat saying no one in the family had never ever even seen these gentlemen forget about meeting them!!!! lol

And whats funny is .. just the thought of somebody you know having met a celeb is equally exciting if not more!!! Like someone i know met Aamir Khan.. how cool is that.. i would do anything to meet him.. hes my eternal favourite!!! I am so waiting for Ghajini!!!

I remember when i used to be crazy about cricket (in college), Rahul Dravid was a hot favourite amongst all of us.. and a close friend of mine.. her brother used to idolise dravid.. his dad took him to see the practice match but it was over by the time they got there.. so his dad as a surprise for the kid.. called at Taj Hotel and asked to speak with Dravid and they connected him immediately (sound of an older person .. rather non screaming non delirious non girl maybe)..and handed over the phone to the kiddo.. who was traumatised.. didnt know what to say etc.. and after this incident.. me and my friend went mad.. just thinking about the fact that her brother.. HER BROTHER..had actually spoken to Dravid.. it was the talk of the college at that time!!!!

Continuing on the same track (cricket freak one).. once when i had started working (in delhi).. the world cup was happening.. and it was India vs New Zealand i think.. we could not watch TV at work as some random client had walked in and was sitting right there.. in the TV room!! So off we went to PVR to watch the match through some showroom window.. and it was all desolate.. we were wondering where are the people.. theres such a big match happening and no people at the window.. how can that be..people always hang around a TV... then someone from our office told us.. whats wrong with u people.. why in the world are you stuck to this window.. theres shooting of 'Ek Hasina thi' happening right in front of you.. and there they were.. Saif Ali Khan and Urmila Matondkar!!! No, we didnt meet them.. we glanced at them and went back to the match!!! Such impudence!!!

Of course, one keeps bumping into some celeb or the other at the airport... ok i didnt mean it the way it sounds.. i have seen a few .. KK, Sonu Nigam, Konkana Sen etc.. nice people.. who i do like but wouldnt take an autograph (so embarassing it is.. my mom was extremely upset that i didnt even say hello to sonu nigam, i had seen him during the Sa re ga ma time!!!!).. which reminds me of the time when we met Amitabh Bachchan.. we just went talked work and left.. he even asked us for tea/ coffee but we refused(????)... utter nutcases we were.. in awe of him maybe.. so perhaps he will remember us as the only people, girls who met him and never took his autograph or photograph!!!! In fact, me and a friend of mine used to stay very close to his house.. and we used to keep planning and plotting.. that we will get drunk.. and then go and knock on the big door of his house and demand to meet him.. and then we would ruminate..they wont throw girls out right?? Anyway we never got around to doing that!!!

Once we saw Ratan Tata.. he is the one person who i want to shake hands with definitely, besides Aamir Khan!!! But i couldnt.. he was too walking too fast, and i couldnt catch up with him :(.. though i did say hi to his someone who was with him!!! Otherwise usually, i am happy with just seeing such people.

And of course then there are wannabes.. who will dress weirdly.. act pricey .. act as if you should know them.. the starlets!!! They look so harsh! I mean un appealing!!!

Ok so now i have run out of things to say... need to take my poor aching body to bed.. rest it for tomorrows torture!! But before i go...

So whats next... I wanna meet Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan once again... sometime in my life.. and of course Aamir Khan.. Ratan Tata...A R Rahman (he is a genius isnt he...). blah blah blah...

You... star struck person..who.. who me?? Tchach!!!!!


Scarlett said...

Ofcourse, I remember ;-)

Moonshine said...

Amazing it was!! lol.. this year no such luck :)

Scarlett said...

Maybe you will run into a few actors & actresses of the Kannada film industry...I'm sure they live in Bangalore!! Lol :)

Moonshine said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

BTW, people meeting Katrina Kaif today!!!

Scarlett said...

She agreed?????

Moonshine said...

Apparently she did!!! Our jail bird and his ever smiling boss are going.