Wednesday, December 31, 2008

100th post... 2008:An year of firsts

Thank you all for the wishes!!!! :) Hope we all continue writing!!!

2008 - year of changes
Lots of changes - our entire family has relocated to the south!!! My parents, his parents, and my sister and finally us too!!! we have become a true south indian family... well maybe .. at least in terms of location!!! (I am more of a north indian at heart!!!)
At work place... everything changed not just the location.. many bosses.. change in clients.. team etc etc.. dont wanna spend too much time on this topic!!!

2008- an year of firsts
A lot of firsts for this year-

An international vacation wherein just the two of us traveled. We have been planning it for the last 2 years but managed to go only this year!! So i am quite optimistic that now that we have done it once, we will be able to do it every year!!!

Domestic travel/ driving holidays - Till now most of our travel has been centered around weddings / functions etc.. the ooty trip is one the first trips that the 2 of us planned and actually went for and that too alone!!!! Hoepfully 2009 will see many many more such trips!!!

My initiation to wine - while we used to have wine even in bombay... the frequency of having wine has increased. And i can safely say that my initiation to wine has happened in this year!!! Incidentally, we are going to have wine tonight to welcome the new year!!! :)

Gym - I have been planning and planning and planning some more.. to join something.. anything.. but success eluded me till now!!! Last month of this year.. and i have joined the gym.. went even today. I hope to go tomorrow so that I go regularly next year too (rem this concept... whatever you do on 1st is what you do the entire year.. like that)

Cooking non veg over weekends - Again something which has started in Bangalore because of easy availability of non veg!!! Almost every weekend i should say!!!

And lastly, but most importantly BLOGGING - I took up blogging in the month of May this year. The first few days, i felt extremely silly.. writing stuff on the blog.. which nobody was reading. And when you guys started commenting - scarlett / knife/ mommie.. everyone.. is when i felt elated and actually started enjoying writing!!! I am totally hooked on to it.. to writing and i am as excited to read your posts.. to receive comments on the post.. theres nothing like it to see that you have "3 comments" on what you have written.. makes your day!!! A FAN-TAS-tic medium to talk.. to voice opinions.. even your relationship with friends surpasses what it was because of the blog!!! Truly awesome!!! Everyday, i just cant wait to get back home, and check my blog and read other posts!! Thats the first thing i do when i enter home! Everyday, the minute i observe something or go through something myself, i just cant wait to put it on the blog and share it with everyone... its such a powerful medium!!!! Its one of my favourite activities.. its been 100 posts now and i am still not bored!!!

So cheers to our blogs!!!!! And cheers to all fo us bloggers. may we all continue blogging all through the next year.. all of you - please put in a post tom - rem, whatever we do tom is what we do the entire year!!! So please please put in a post :) Meet you all in the next year ... Happy new year :)

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