Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ooty calling...

I dont know what to write about... usually theres always something to talk about.. but today i am blank.. i dont know what to write .. so it is going to be another this that and the other kind of post... will address the ooty bit later...
Missed the gym today .. i was regular for the last few days (weekdays i.e.... one needs to be specific in these matters you know)... missed it today because of a stupid mail.. took the work (one mail) home.. didnt go to the gym even then coz it was already 7.30 and auto guy who i have an arrangement with was to come at 7.45! And i didnt want the poor chap to wait in the cold for such a long time.. esp since he esp came to pick me up!! So no gym today :( .. what???? I actually do like it... gym day (weight training, leg press etc etc) is quite painful i find... i lift only upto 1 level of weight.. hoping the instructor doesnt see that!!!! She usually has this disbelieving expression on her face!!!
I took me more than an hour send the mail.. mail would not load.. then file would not get attached etc etc...
You know today was one of those irritating days.. when you wake up, you know already what a terrible day you are going to have.. waking up on the wrong side of bed it is called!!! First half od the day was completely wasted.. in some completely useless things.. teh food we had was atrocious.. esp since i ate veg but paid for non veg... at the buffet i selected the non veg menu (282 as opposed 113 for veg).. after tasting the chicken dishes (there were 2) once, i kind of ate veg only!!! What a waste of money!!!!
And then at work.. tried to cram everything else i was supposed to be doing into a few hrs.. concalls (i hate these concalls!!!)... christmas cake.. wishing everyone.. discussing more stuff.. and finally waiting for something to be able to send a mail!!!
Of course the good part, or the best part was the christmas carols.. some people at work sang carols at every desk.. it was fantastic.. though i missed most of it bcoz of that con call.. grrr!!!! But still i heard 2 carols i think.. it was so fantastic!!!!
So this year we are at Ooty for christmas!!! I hope the place we are staying at has a nice christmas dinner!!!!! What i am truly truly excited about..about ooty is that the place we are staying at has fireplaces in all the rooms.... that in itself is so exciting i cant tell you!!!
I have always associated Ooty to be a dreamy place.. much of the perception driven by movies maybe.. i hope it turns out to be as dreamy and romantic as i always thought it would be!!!!
mmmmmmmmmmmmm... will try to post ooty pics in the next post.. on sunday!!!

Merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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