Monday, December 8, 2008

Discussions, revelations, retorts, replies, arguments...

Discussions, revelations, retorts, replies, arguments... all our senses are assailed by hordes and hordes of discussions.. this person said this.. how dare he.. media did a good job.. a terrible job.. bomb the terror camps.. patience... what are we doing.. what are they doing.... snippets of multitudes of discussions happening now on TV post the "26/11" incident!

Most channels are getting some people or the other to talk to.. actors.. corporates.. journalists..

All good.. you need to talk .. try to understand what happened.. and understand how can we curtail ti.. what can we do about it.. I mean to say, yes its required.. but one question that comes to my mind.. will the action really happen?

There was a discussion on NDTV wherein they got all corporates.. like Adi Godrej, Kishore Biyani etc.. and came up with some action plan .. some suggestions to the govt.. like cess for security.. wherein they mentioned that they are willing to pay, contribute towards the training of police forces, the weaponry etc... .. very interesting discussion this.. .. somebody had already filed a PIL .. they also talked about setting up a system wherein eminent citizens are a part of the implementation program..and what i liked about it was that NDTV (i think) is planning to write a white paper on it and actually submit it to the govt to ensure it happens... most of the channels are generally getting people and just holding some random discussions..

Another thing that came up... i dont remember if this was a part of the NDTV discussion or some other discussions.. where they were planning to create a code of conduct / guidelines in such situations!! And thats great!!!! If the fallout of this situation does actually streamline media's role.. its fantastic..

Talking about media... Barkha Dutt has replied to criticisms about the way the entire incident was handled by journalists.. Pls read it.. its there on their site.. she says.. the relative of victims wanted to share with us............... we were not pestering them.. the hostages who got released wanted to share with us... there were so many ppl from media, that overcrowding will happen obviously!!!

While do admire the media's role .. how they were there .. on the spot.. capturing things even when firing was going on in the background.. even then, they were extremely ruthless when talking to victims or relatives..
I remember one scene.. wherein the lady in question talked about a curtain for at least 15-20 mins.. just went on saying this is the curtain.. this is the curtain.. i thought she was going to start talking about the material in a second!!! It was as if.. anything goes!! Apparently one channel talked about pigeons near Taj ..this i got as a forward !!!!

I hope sincerely that we are able to see these various action plans that have come to the fore through to the very end!!!!

On a separate note... i watched dostana.. i quite liked it.. actually i did!! The gay jokes were a bit over the top.. but still this movie is so far away from a normal Karan Johar weepy, ostentatious movie.. its breezy and its actually different!!!
I picked up Tales of Beetle the Bard!!! Waiting to read it .. its a very thin havent started reading yet.. afraid i will finish it even before i start!!!!!!!

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