Monday, December 22, 2008

Expressing solidarity with Taj

Well, we didnt intend to do that.. it just so happened that we went for brunch yesterday to Taj Residency .. the day Taj Mahal Hotel opened to visitors!!!

We have spent many a good moments at Taj - our honeymoon was at Taj Kumarakom.. and we visited Taj Palace Delhi quite often (whenever my husband used to come to delhi)... we also celebrated both our annivs there.... hmmmmmmm...

Snapping back to reality... coming back to the brunch.. what an amazing time we had.. we were sat by the poolside.. literally by the pool.. if it were really windy, i would surely have fallen into the pool.. water lapping by the feet etc etc.. and it was nice and warm.. fuzzy warm...

To complement the sunshine and beat the slight chill, they had the live counter right there.. lamb, prawn etc etc.. so we started our meal with wine.. i fed myself as i have never fed myself before!!!! Started with chaat.. gol gappe.. went on to pasta.. lamb.. stir fry veggies.. lip smacking!!

Then the salad / main course and finally the desert. We finished the meal with a brilliant digestive they give (you need to ask for it).. its honey lemon in hot water.. tastes marvellous (ravalgaon candy melted in water)!!

We were there for about 2 hrs!!! An amazing lunch... great company (my husband i.e.).. didnt wanna move from there.. were sitting around till all guests left.. were sitting around still when the restaurant managers etc starting having their lunch.. it was when they started clearing tables.. i think the chill also had got a lot to do with the movement.. we got up.. satiated.. satisfied.. with the thought that we probably never ever need to eat again!!!!

Turned out to be an amazingly romantic lunch.. as it always is when you are eating at Taj (as a couple i.e.).. you come out of the hotel and suddenly you are pulled back to real world.. honking, pedestrians.. hawkers.. bikes.. its crazy!!
Watched Oye lucky Lucky Oye on Tata Sky. People from Delhi will be able to connect with it.. the language used.. like oye monk- ee ... Its so delhi!! Its so punju... you can watch the movie just for this reason!!!!

Theres something about Abhay Deol. He is completely unlike the Deol family in terms of the roles essayed.. refreshingly the entire movie, he didnt scream, shout, beat up people (except once).. he plays the role of a petty thief.. an affable one.. who even chit chats with the people he stole from!!! A cute movie this..

Also watched A Wednesday on TV... it may give people ideas esp after Nov 26!!! A good movie again.. Nasseerudin Shah rocked.. and Anupam Kher too!!! They have actually tried to show it like they show "intelligence" meetings in English movies.. that seemed a bit over the top.. else movie was definitely worth watching!!!
Was up till 2 last night filling up my appraisal form!!! Phew!!!!
Today was christmas competition at work - we had to decorate our bays.. and people were enthu enough to start right in the morning.. even come over the weekend.. we as usual (am always late lateef) started in the afternoon thinking we have 2 days before the judgement is pronounced.. it was, you guessed it right, today itself... we started our grand plan by making stars.. pls note the use of the word MAKING... yes we made zillions and gazillions of stars out of thermocol covered with glaze paper.. however much we did, it was always less.. we ended up as we started.. we were still making stars when the judges turned up...(lesson learnt.. make less stars) ...some of which we were actually able to attach to the ceiling.. we also made a cute little snowman.. a WHITE Xmas tree which we decorated with coloured confetti which fell off... a lots of snow, READ COTTON, on everyone's desk.... some other bay won the award... but at least ours was the one wherein we actually made stuff, not bought and displayed..(also spent the least money.. i like to think we were creative with the less material, less resources we had!!!) ... and it showed ...stars with the corners missing... glaze paper coming out.. we had enough paper only to cover one side of the zillion stars (it seemed like zillion when cutting)... so when stuck it on the ceiling, the white part (the thermocol side) is what showed throughout .. all because of the AC, damn it !!!! Also the judges asked us to explain our theme (what theme?????).. so i said.. theres stars on the ceiling.. snow.. snowman with pipe.. theres the christmas tree etc as opposed to the other bay's Mumbai carnage etc etc!!!

And tom is messy day... the theme i.e. .. now thats not too difficult is it...


Scarlett said...

Hahaha! Haven't we had countless such experience in Bombay? Remember Diwali that one time when the theme was Festivals of India? We just couldn't get down to decorating due to lack of enthu! And right before the judges were to visit us & due to the gaalis that everyone else on the floor was giving our team, we spread cellophane paper on our desks & put huge piles of 'abeer' to denote Holi!!!! That was so funny, man!!!!!

Moonshine said...

lol!!!! Yeah we almost got slapped by our dear friend!!! Esp during the floor meeting we had.. remember???

Also we had planned to put in colourful hand imprint everywhere... so this girl cut the glaze paper using her hand for size (her fingers are extremely long).. so finally when we pinned the hands to our soft boards.. the fingers wouldnt stay up and were all bent.. looked like a ghost's hand.. we were such an embarrasment!!! Lol!!!

Anonymous said...

so, which bay did the Mumbai carnage thing?? :D did i miss something then?

Moonshine said...

The bay next to yours!!!! Apparently they talked about Bombay victims when asked about the theme (they had lit candles etc)!!!