Monday, December 15, 2008

I did it!

After months, no let me correct myself.. years of dilly dallying , i have finally joined something..a gym.

I am an extremely lazy person.. I dont exercise at all.. if i could i would spend the entire day lolling about in bed.. unfortunately for me i cannot..

I think i must have mentioned in one of my previous posts.. but anyway.. i have a habit of starting things and not really completing them.. i get bored basically.. so when in bombay i used to go walking everyday for about 15 days at a stretch.. and then i fell ill.. and then we went to S'pore.. and then went to Kerala.. then in laws came over.. and then my parents.. so with something or the other it never really took off .. but to prepare for it, i bought - tracks, tees, sneakers!!!! And i used all the above mentioned stuff for a grand total of 30 days!!!

I also did yoga for about a month at home... got bored.. one day thought i will do it tom.. and then the same thing happened everyday.. after a few months i started exercising at home... again was at it for only about 15 odd days!

Thought about swimming.. did all the requisite research (see i am true to my profession!!!).. didnt join.. thought about aerobics.. found a place.. didnt join.. same with dance..

So now that I am in Blore.. i have decided to try again.. went to Golds gym.. too far.. went to talwalkar.. ok not too great instructors.. went to fitness studio.. near my place but expensive inflexible..
Decided on Talwalkar... then spent about a month contemplating if i should join aerobics (as i dont see myself as a gym person) or gym.. after taking the painful decision of joining aerobics.. spoke to the aerobics instructor who told me that he has shut shop there!! Talk about signs!!! Hmmmph..

So no option left but to join the gym.. and then the next decision - 3 months or 1 yr.. 1 yr is heavily discounted.. was, am totally confused.. am worried that i will take up a 1 yr thing and then not go.. my track record is such!!!! My husband says.. join for a year.. parents say 3 mths.. and so it continues..In fact have been preparing my auto wala for a month.. that he will need to come in the evening.. from this week, next week etc etc..

But finally have joined a 3 month thing (with the promise i will be upgraded to 1yr if i want to).. unfortunately i again need to decide on it by end of this month!!! Basically in effect i have just postponed the decision making.. that too by 15 days...Decisions decisions.. damn!!

But anyway, finally i paid up.. As i was sitting with the lady from Talwalkar.. i wanted to run away and not commit.. so i said.. i want to know how many people are there at this time.. so i went to the gym area to count the number of people working out.. spoke to the trainer.. then came down.. said i dont have photographs.. will join tom... then started asking questions like when you say upgrade after 10 days, how will you count the 10 days?Will you count the days i wont come.... the terms and conditions state transfer doesnt happen.. what if i leave blore in the next few months (remember i only joined for 3 mths) .. and she said no worries.. can be transfered... i was almost willing her to say.. ma'am its not possible.. and then i would have run away... the more that lady was wanting me to join, the more i didnt want to (this scene comes to my trying to resist when someone is hell bent on pulling your legs and taking you somewhere forcibly.. your nails ripping through the floorboards.. ooh gross!)!!! So anyway I was looking for any excuse to not join...very similar to that moment in Hera Pheri when Sunil Shetty needs to sign some document and keeps on hearing this song .. golmaal hai sab golmaal hai.. but finally i just thought to myself.. hello, silly woman what are you doing.. just join or you will never do it... ... so in that moment i flicked my credit card out and gave it to her before i could think of other reasons for not joining... and the minute it was in her hand.. i was like oh god, what did i just do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sold my soul!!!!!

And whats funny is.. on the way back home.. a thought came to my mind.. god doesnt want me to exercise.. all signs point to the same thing.. the aerobics thing shut down.. the Talwalkar bill went flying out of the auto when i was on my way back home.. all signs... but now i have paid up.. so lets see if i can sustain this like i have been able to sustain blogging!!!! Its a good thing right.. so why do i feel i am about to be guillotined.. :(


Scarlett said...

Don't worry, you'll get used to it pretty soon. Addicted even. Plus they won't make you do hardcore stuff since you don't need to lose weight. Just a little bit of exercise here 'n' there :)

The knife said...

I really enjoyed my gym stint. used to find it quite relaxing and destressing. had to stop because of my back. So down to walks...boring but faithful

Moonshine said...

Thanks scarlett!!!! It was pretty ok actually..

I tried walking.. in Bombay.. but couldnt continue it for a long time.. too much discipline reqd.. where do you walk?