Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey, this is my 99th post!!!! (Indian Travelers etc)

So cool isnt it... i just noticed it!!!! And tomorrow will be my 100th!!!!! Fitting isnt it.. as in 31st Dec last day of the year and 100th post!!!! I am surprised that i have been able to stick with it!!!

Well, ok back to what i wanted to talk about ....i talk a lot dont i....100 posts is a lot... and theres still so much to talk about!!!!! Ok ok.. back to Indian tourists!

Extermely irritating and annoying usually when found in domestic destinations... contrast it with the level of discipline shown at foreign locales... i dont get it.. why???

There is a severe lack of etiquettes!!! Throwing all kinds of wrappers at such beautiful places.. thats why Ooty has become such a dump now.. at the Dolphin nose point at Coonoor.. people were throwing all watse...bhel puri wrappers, chips wrappers everywhere.. and some with a warped sense of cleanliness were throwing it all, not at the place they were standing at i.e. Dolphin nose, but over the fence and in the hills!!!!! Completely destroying the pristine hills!!! In the middle of the serene lake, out come floating bottles of water!!!!

In the toy train to Coonoor, couples with very young kids... the couples looked very educated and all.. and yet.. a pack of biscuits got over.. out goes the pack.. out of the window!!!!!! I was sitting at the window... out of the corner of my eye, i saw this hand moving towards the window.. my hand almost shot out to stop it.. i curbed this instinct.. settled for an angry glare.. unfortunately the person turned away and i only caught the back of his head.. i thought i will tell him off.. but stopped myself.

I was not like this in college... i remember arguing with a friend on this.. a group of us were quite environment conscious !! A girl once threw an empty pack of chips from her car on the road.. this friend of mine picked it up and threw it right back in!!! And then we had this big argument with another friend who was like how can you dirty anyone's car.. and i was like it is my country and you are dirtying it !!!! A big big argument!!! And we used to tell people off in the public buses.. esp during winters where ppl would buy peanuts and drop the shells all over the seat.. the entire bus.. But now maybe i have mellowed down!!!

Its completely outrageous the way people behave.. at sims park, they had fenced in the trees .. as the trees were about a century or two old.. but people would climb over the top of the fence / hedge to take pictures with the tree... COME ON... READ THE SIGN... IT SAYS YOU CANT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean there is a reason why the fence is there.. the reason which became very clear when you saw some these trees which were carved with initials!!!!!! We found a kid shaking the entire fence for no reason.. extremely destructive.. with the parents hovering around and not saying anything... My husband walked up and glared at the kid and said why are you doing this.. the kid immediately left everything!!!!

Even the photograph bit that i was talking about in my last post.. people hanging from the train and at the tracks trying to take every possible pic.. and the TT and other guards running around all these people trying to get them back in!!!!! It might be dangerous.. the train would get late.. but no, these people have to jump around everywhere ...break all rules.. why cant they just get back in the train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its really sad how people irresponsibly behave .. you could see it often at India Gate in Delhi.. food stuff, ice creams sticks etc all over the nice lawns!!! THERE ARE DUSTBINS THERE!!!! But nobody sees it.. or maybe they are too lazy.. and some even say.. this place is already dirty.. one stick doesnt add anything much to this!!!

Thankfully Delhi Metro has been left out of his carnage... rules have not been violated.. it use to be spic and span at least till the time i used it!! I mean I dont know if the same level of cleaniliness is still there. But they are quite strict with the rules!!! Thats what is required.. a stick!!!

Of course everone is not like that... but for every 5 people who are conscienctious.. there will spring up another 5 who dont care!!!

Think about it.. the entire life the kid will see this .. and it will keep on getting re-iterated time after time... candy wrapper.. chocolate wrapper.. orange peel (this i have seen in delhi.. orange peels beign thrown on the road during winters) ...and this is exactly what they will teach their own kids.. maybe not teach.. but the kid will learn this at a sub conscious level.. the parent is doing it.. so it must be right!!!! The cycle will continue!!!!

Its a nuisance... somebody needs to teach these people a lesson.. get them to clean the entire area if they are found dirtying it!!!!!


Scarlett said...

It's a disgusting habit we Indians have..spitting on the road, littering, peeing on the walls. It's absolutely horrendous! And if you correct people doing any of these, they'll glare/yell back at you like you were at fault for correcting them! And when we're abroad, we're better-behaved (though not completely well behaved). I think it's the fear of being arrested for littering. We Indians have such double-standards! Didn't Mumbai Municipal Corporation start this practice of fining people or making them do community service if they're found littering? Whatever happened to that? We need a stick, no less.

Scarlett said...

Oh btw...'Yay' to the imminent 100th post! And here's to hundreds more! I'm awaiting it anxiously.

The knife said...

Looking forward to your century.

Spitting on roads, dirty public toiets, ignoring wrappers, breaking queues, carvings on monuments, speaking loudly, the list goes on. Interestingly bahar jaake sab sidha ho jaate

In fact I've notice that firangs always wait till you finsih if they see you taking a snap so.

I always look for a dust bin. That's the least you can do for your own city

Moonshine said...

Queues is another thing... most of the times i end up stopping people and still get glared at!!!

And usually all the litter is always everywhere but inside the bin!!!! And the worst is that parents do not correct their kids ever!!!!