Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tales of Beedle the Bard and ...

I want to write about 2 very specific things tonight -

Tales of Beedle the Bard as promised .... i cant say i was waiting for it eagerly .. like i was for" The Deathly Hallows" .. the reason being i didnt even know that this book was going to be published .. But when i did come to know (about the time that the book got released).. i was like.. wow, JK Rowling's next book.. a connection with Harry Potter... the book got my vote.. and now its mine!

At Landmark, when i saw the book, i squealed.. an internal squeal actually, lest you think i do such kind of things in public places.. squeal because i had forgotten that this book has actually released.. And i smiled..a 75mm.. a smile i maintained all the while i examined the book.. the beautiful cover.. the first page of the book which says.. translated by Hermonie Granger (i think) and notes by Albus Dumbledore.. I was happy.. I went on smiling at the world in general.. happy with my catch..

But i didnt read it for a few days.. its a thin book you see.. i was afraid i will finish it even before i started.. so i wanted to be patient.. read each word properly.. finally read it on thursday night!

The book has 5 stories basically.. for those of you who have read all Harry Potter books, one of the stories is the "Tale of 3 brothers". The stories in itself are not as exciting. its like panchatantra.. with a moral attached to it.. Whats exciting are Dumbledore's notes (yeah i know, but thats how JKR refers to the notes as if Dumbledore was a real human being..).. wherein he analyses the stories.. talks about its history etc.. it also has these postscripts.. some of which take you back into the Harry Potter world!!

So the stories in itself are nothing much to talk about.. i like it.. because it is an extension, ok not an extension, but linked (.01%.. so what) indirectly to my all time favourite books! So it has great sentimental value attached to it and i treasure it!
We come to point no 2. Today was somewhat exciting... In the evening went to Chitra Kala Parishat.. basically an exhibition .. wherein people come from all over the country and set up stalls.. like a mela.. Delhi Haat of Bangalore, i couldnt resist that :)

All 4 of us (my parents+ husband+me) put together bought some, no, a lot of general random stuff.. 2 wall hangings, 2 diffusers, 3 pairs of earrings, 1 chatai, 1 mug (a decorative item), 1 lamp or is it 2, 1 set of payal, a few key holders, a kurta, a shawl, some elephants with bells (to hang at the door).. i am listing down all that we bought just to highlight the very strange assortment of stuff we ended up collecting.. but thats the beauty of such fairs.. all these nick nacks that you end up buying which you would never ever have bought otherwise.. i loved it.. except we couldnt eat chaat :(
And the best part is coming back home and examining the spoils of the war.. how much was paid.. does it look nice.. hanging stuff.. trying it out.. the 2 elephant things are already hanging by the door.. and we also tried the diffuser.. just to see if we can smell any fragrance... and of course i am wearing my anklet :) .. it has this one bead that makes the "chan chan" noise..

Gosh.. these trinkets excite me so... :) I am happy. And boy, its only saturday night!!!

There was no point i wanted to make really.. i generally wrote that .. just spreading happiness and light (Uncle Fred - PGWodehouse)

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