Friday, December 12, 2008

Now showing.. rab ne bana di jodi

First day.. not the first show but first day nevertheless... theres something about watching a movie in a theatre when the world is working.. a feeling of general goodness envelops you thinking such thoughts.. lasted till the movie started!!!

I took my mom to see this movie.. dad was out of town.. and before my parents move off to kerala i thought i will take my mom out as her chances of watching a hindi movie in kerala that too in the theatre are not very high.. why this movie .. well, mom liked baghbaan after all.. this movie too should be ok.. ok ok , i cant completely absolve myself.. i admit i was curious!!

So on to the movie.... what can i say.. totally twisted movie .. in a cruel sort of a way..

So there is this beautiful girl.. who because of some reasons is forced to get married to this loser guy aka SRK.. aka common man (as perceived by the director).. a guy who doesnt know how to smile.. goes by the name of surinder sahney (or suri).. a quintessentially nice guy.. bechara guy.. kind of cute you might even say... works with Punjab Power.. lighting up your life!! She decides that she will be a good wife even though she cant love him.. they both sleep in separate rooms.. she packs his lunch in a yellow tiffin box everyday.

So Suri decides he will be the hero of her life.. and when she goes to dance class.. transforms himself one night.. basically SRK with no mustache.. tight jeans.. even tighter T-shirt with beads.. who becomes her dancing partner everyday in the evening.. a loud character.. a roadside romeo type of behaviour.. here is where you start to bang your head against the wall..

1) why would anyone like such brash weird guy who talks crap... stuff like.. hum hain rahi pyaar ke..phir milenge..chalte chalte.. the girl to her credit does find it irritating but only the first time.. she finds it cute (yuck yuck!!) later.. and to top it, they have made a song out of it.. eeeyyyuuucckkk

2) And girlie.. named taani.. cant you see that its suri.. comeon how difficult is it.. a guy with mustache .. a guy without mustache.. its suri damn you!!! Of course, she realises it only in the last scene where they are dancing for the competition .. when suri turns up instead of raj and dances like him (surprise surprise).. तभी बिजली कड़कती है! Helllllllooooooooooo... like really!!!

3) So anyway, she likes this weird character who is apparently manly etc etc..(from what angle pray).. and it doesnt help matters of course that SRK is completely over the top in the character of Raj Kapoor.. a guy cannot suddenly become talkative, talk to random people.. dance.. flirt.. do things out of character suddenly one night that he decides to wear something else.. that too a guy who is completely roughshod as suri!! Here i need to stop a thought (in case you do get it when reading this).. हिन्दी मूवी मैं दिमाग बहार रखना चाहिए.. i hate this comment.. also the one.. यह तो हिन्दी मूवी है please stop in case you are thinking it!!!

4) So while she declares she will be a good wife etc etc.. she spends evenings, entire days with Raj.. and then is flabbergasted when he proposes to her.. All this while Raj does not tell her he is suri..

5) A twist in the story (this is where you start to question your motives of wanting to watch this).. even when she tells him she loves him.. he still doesnt tell her.. this part i found so regressive.. he says .. she needs to like him as he is i.e. suri.. she needs to realise it that raj is different and he is not raj .. then why in the world does he test her.. .. look at the mentality of the man.. so regressive.. he wants to know if she will leave him (suri) and run away with him (raj)...why in the world do you even try to change yourself into something you are not and then not tell her.. and then keep comparing yourself (you of course) with raj (again you)!!!!! For what.. isnt this cheating.. and what irritates me so much is that she isnt even angry when she comes to know that they are the same people.. she is all over him like.. this is love etc etc.. open your eyes woman!!!

6) How does suri (in his way) show that he loves her.. by taking her to a fair and fighting with a sumo wrestler to win tickets to japan!! A bloody (literally speaking) SRK is all that one needed to complete the show!! And who does that!!!! It doesnt make logical sense.. for a peace loving (as they show suri to be), calm person to fight some random guy..

7) I forgot to add point no 7.. this girl after admitting that she likes Raj goes to Golden Temple with Suri.. she prays to god " मुझे भी रब दिखा दो" the funda beign you will be able to see god in the the man you love!!! And lo and behold.. she opens her eyes.. and who is walking towards her.. its suriiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!

8) And then the obvious happens.. she doesnt leave suri.. tells raj no.. and in the dance competition, suri comes and dances with her.. she comes to know.. they are in love.. go to japan!

Why? I ask you why? Oh well.. So what was good about the movie.. SRK as suri is somewhat endearing.. .. one scene wherein taani rides the bike with raj behind is quite good (girl power!!).. Anoushka Nair ..that my niece lol.. whats her name.. Anoushka Sharma i think is good.... the credits are good (they are actually good.. this was not sarcastic.. really..i mean really.. not kidding)... also the fact that i saw a movie on friday was good.. that too in the afternoon.. brilliant.. last row.. i love it!!! :)

The basic story i am sure was nice when written.. somewhere it got lost.. the concept was good.. the common man story.. but strangely twisted like i said.. this multiple personality thingummy!!

So should you watch it... watch if you must.. its difficult for me to trash a movie.. i generally like movies.. so.... mom also didnt like it too much.. if that helps...

Anyway, now i want to watch.. the day the earth stood still (is it).. and Ghajini of course (just that i wont be able to watch the first weeknd show :( )..
I am also dying to put in a post on Tales of Beedle the Bard.. next one maybe!!!!

Happy weekend!!


Scarlett said...

Oh God it sounda horrendous!!

Moonshine said...

It is .. it is.. but watch it.. to see how horrendous it is!! :)