Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What can we do...just one more thought..

One thought of what we can do ... Can we all organise sessions.. at our own workplaces to talk about voting and the importance of voting? It may be a small activity.. but can we in our own small way try to talk to people at work .. even others .. any community.. people..who we are in touch with ... a drop in the ocean... but a drop nevertheless... will it work? Can we be effective? Is this doable?

NDTV got a Pakistani editor , another Indian editor from Business Line i think and Rakesh Maria (Crime Branch, Bombay police) together through VC.. This guy, the Pakistani editor went on saying.. why is there a media trial.. if that terrorist is a pakistani, show us evidence.. he could be lying.. anyway whatever police says is not admissible in court.. show evidence!!! Anyway, we are willing to cooperate.. set up a joint committee with members from both countries... show evidence

To this the Indian editor reacted saying the terrorist is not the only evidence.. there have been sat phones recovered which show phone calls being made to Pakistan.. the GPS system which shows the origin destination clearly... and that guy , the other editor retailiated by saying.. why there is a media trial.. you are only saying what they (read police) are telling you.. and you cant talk about what happened in 2006 or any other year because it doesnt help...
And finally... do you want Oakistan to cooperate or not.. that is the question you need to answer!!

In a separate news... even the Pakistani President in an interview to some American media has said there is no proof that the terrorist caught is a Pakistani.. he probably is not a Pakistani at all!!!

What do you make of all this????? They are just buying time.. they are caught in this situation.. and this is the only way they can think of reacting.. by total denial.. and defiance!!!

Do they think that all Indians are just waiting for an opportunity to pin the blame on them for anything that happens in this country??


Many people have written to Taj and they have put in a page on their website! These people.. include guests, old employees, general public..

So many people hae written talking about their wanting to help with re-building Taj.. some have said they will book rooms for the first day of re-opening of the hotel..some foreigners have said that they ahd never visited India before but their intention to do so is just stronger now and they will stay at the Taj.... some have written they are planning to buy shares to show support.. one person even said that he is willing to waive off his dividend.. and one couple wanted to know the name of the girl (an employee of the hotel) who was with them for 7 hrs!!!

Its just amazing to read all this .. this outpouring of support.. a sense of pride envelops you!! There is a change you can sense all around you...

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