Friday, August 28, 2009

I am Murugun, Quick Gun Murugun.. I say.. mind it

Parrot green shirt.. canary yellow (with leopard spots) half jacket / coty to go with it.. red pants.. white boots, a straw hat, a face with a layer of foundation , some brown lipstick, a thin mustache... cooling glass.. a gold chain and a locket (with picture of lola kutty inside it)..... yeah.. thats about sums up this man!!! For those you who have watched Channel V long long time ago, quick gun murugun will be a familiar foundation caked face!!!

So we all yet again trooped from office to watch this movie.. its a tamil movie with sub titles.. the movie starts with gunpowder (the local goon) troubling people.. harassing voluptuous women asking them to eat non veg.. in comes Quick gun murugun to the rescue.. "leave the lady, i say" .. and shoots everyone in sight.. and says .... "the sky is my ceiling.. uh oh.. i do not remember the dialogue.. quite a long one.. one that finishes with him saying i am quick gun murugun..

The deal is that there is this guy.. rice plate reddy.. the villain who is turning all veg restaurants to non veg (people should actually thank him for it).. and quick gun murugun goes to fight him (the local vegetarian hero he is called).. and the fight scene has to be seen to be believed.. again familiar to those familiar with rajni style movies or forwards for that matter!!!! He goes to the coconut plantation institute (where you can get a palm tree diploma as well).. where these gundas are sitting on top of the coconut tree waiting for him.. they use a catapult to hit him from there.. but this guy is so fast that time stands still.. you can actually see the stone tearing through air in slow motion.. and shoots at the stone (or seed or whatever it was).. it splits into 2 .. and kills 2 more of those gundas.. while the bullet that rips it apart kills the man who uses the catapult...(the entire movie is full of such scenes)

After killing at least 20 people, he is captured and taken to Rice plate reddy.. who promptly shoots him.. and out flows this fountain of blood... but what do you know.. quick gun murugun is sent back to earth by god (return to sender being stamped).. and he comes back a la terminator style.. and lands in bombay!!! Rest of the movie is about him trying to kill rice plate reddy!!

Then there is a murugun brother.. anni (his wife)... who claps and smiles affectionately while the murugun brothers are shooting for thrills randomly at home (as they meet after a long time)..

And then there is Mango Dolly.. she has a very small role, that of the gangster's moll.. but i totally loved her.. the song is really cool.. "my name is mango dolly, i am ramba jolly" or something to that effect!!!!! She is wearing this hideous pink dress... showing all her curves and what not.. but she was fabulous!!!!

And then came Mr Rowdy.. MBA!!! He was awesome!!! Basically Rice plate reddy becomes a big guy and this guy works with him!! Rowdy.. is a totally cool dude!!! The character is fantastic!!!! Hes got style!!!! There is one scene wherein they you know rowdy is going to come out of the door.. they show a lot of smoke bellowing out of the door and then comes in rowdy!!! He is THE cool dude!!!

The entire movie is full of quick gun's quick techniques.. a duel with Rowdy MBA.. a shootout at the railway station amidst all dabbawalas.. a shootout at rice plate reddy's company.. wherein he refuses to shoot the ladies.. looks at them and shakes his head and says "ladies".. but then mango dolly comes to the rescue!!! rofl..

You cannot help but laugh.. out loud.. at this cheeky movie.... I clapped hard too!!! I wish i knew how to whistle!!!

Amazingly garish characters, garish sets.. a completely in your face movie ... you just cannot ignore it... fantastic spoof .... it also has this song.. a romantic song.. oooooo little flower...was hilarious!!!! I even liked Rambha.. imagine!!!!!!! A total fultoo timepass movie this!!!!

QG Murugun tells a goon in the end.... "open a telephone booth i say!!! "

Update : its an insane movie!!!!!! And lola kutty i think was underutilized..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I want to drink the chilled minute maid in my fridge

But i cannot. You see i have failed at the first step itself... opening the bottle!! I just cant seem to open the bottle.. i can only fret ... and look at the chilled bottle with droplets formed on the outside and ..imagine the feel of the chilled liquid going down my throat.. regular water wont do.. it has to be ice cold!!!

I bl***y burnt my hand.. trying to turn the cap!!!!!!!! I tried and tried and tried.. could not do it!!! My palm is still tingling!!!!!

OK.. so i have a problem with opening bottles.. i just cant seem to open it.. most of the times embarrassingly so!!!!

In flights always.. when i am traveling alone, everytime i used to try to open the water bottle.. half the water would spill on me .. yet the cap wouldn't come off!!! Many a times people sitting next to me have taken pity on me and opened the bottle for me!! Now i have given up trying to even open it.. i usually request someone to do so.. Once i asked a steward to help me out.. and he demonstrated (literally, not kidding) in his loud everyone should know kind of a easy it was to open it.. and then he refused to give me the bottle he opened.. instead he gave me another bottle and asked me to open it using his technique!!! Yeeeessshhhh.. it was so embarrassing.. .. and he was encouraging me to do so so loudly .. he was cheering for me (loudly again) as one would tell a marathon runner to run that last mile!!!! Finally i couldn't even open it that way and had to tell him to cut the c**p and give me the opened bottle!!!!

And now, you see this bottle phenomenon not just in flights.. but even in many companies.. most of them in fact.. its very irritating and hateful.. imagine the trauma that people like me have to go through just to have a sip of water .. once i even tried opening a bottle during a meeting, albeit under the table but apart from water sloshing noises, nothing happened and finally my boss offered to open it for me..

Then i started going through the full meetings (3-4 hrs at times) without drinking water for the fear of embarrassment.. but now i just latch on to somebody.. drink from a bottle that someone has opened already or ask someone to open it for me!!!

Why.. oh why.. people do this.. why cant they serve water in perfectly normal glasses

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I watched Kaminey this weekend...

Even though the whole wide world and its brother has seen and written about the movie already.. how can i not write about it .. cannot resist it!!! I know i am writing a full week later.. and FB status messages are full of the f lisps .. but never mind!!!

The movie rocks!!!!! I LOVED it. A fabulous movie after a long time. Vishal Bharadwaj rocks.. he does not disappoint after Omkara!!! He has a gift in telling a story!!! And boy he does it well!!

I am sure by now everyone knows what the movie is about... twins (charlie and guddu).. one a wannabe bookie and the other works with an NGO.. the story is basically about how one day.. their lives connect again (they are not talking terms).. the entire plot is based on the one day..

And intertwined in their lives are these many characters.. sweety.. bhope.. mikhael.. taashi.. the bangla brothers.. inspector lele.. etc

It is a very fast paced movie.. the first half seems like a series of frames put together.. seemingly unconnected (but you obviously know it is).. and it all comes together in the 2nd half. The movie does not give you much respite.. you have to be continuously watching it.. or you may miss a teeny weeny though crucial bit that connects things...

We have been having this discussion.. the "kaminey" discussion ..about what we all liked.. another thing that came up.. was the realism portrayed.. an example.. when the cop hits guddu.. he actually flexes his hand.. because his hand hurt with the force with which he hit the guy... and its so real.. it does happen too.. now this detail was not was not an integral part of the movie... even if it had not been there.. the simple act of flexing.. it would not have taken anything away from the movie... .. but its there and it adds so much more to it!!!!

What i loved .. the way the characters are.. now this is a movie with Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in it... but when you come out of the theatre.. you will remember a Taashi or a Bhope or a Mikhael as much as you remember Shahid Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra.. and thats what is brilliant!!! Each of the characters are very well etched.. if you have seen Omkara you would know what i am talking about.. each character is so powerful and the way they come together to form the entire story is amazing.. nobody overpowers the other.. you like shahid when you go in to watch the movie.. you like shahid and many more when you come out!!!

All of them were brilliant actually... Sweety was amazing.. she seems totally like an ordinary person who you would meet in the local train perhaps (in fact she did remind of some women i have met in the local) !!! Bhope with his Jai maharashtra was a total knock out.. the hep and high profile taashi was awesome!!!! He was stupendous if i may say.. and Mikhael was the cool dude.. he was THE dude!!!!! The Bangla brothers bit.. was a nice touch.. and as genuine as it could get!!

And Shahid Kapoor was awesome.. in case i have not said it till now!!!

Oh and i loved that scene .. the interplay between Mikhael and Bhope.. when both of them are letting out these sounds of guns going off .. like how one would play as a kid.. with the dhishh (whatever those sound are) etc sounds !!! The entire scene goes on for a good 5 mins.. as audience you already anticipate that something's going to happen.. but that does not take away anything from the scene.. you laugh and you still anticipate... you know whats coming... making sense? Watch the movie and then you will know what i am talking about!!

In fact i want to watch it again. Now that i have seen it once, i want to see it again.. at my pace.. araam se!!! Definitely 4.5 /5 if not more!!!!!

The cast-
Shahid Kapoor - Charlie / Guddu
Priyanka Chopra - Sweety
Amol Gupte - Bhope
Chandan Kumar Sanyal - Mikhael
Tenzing Nima - Taashi
Shiv Subramaniam - Lobo
Hrishikesh joshi - Lele

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am told i am growing old...

There are several indications of it which have been pointedly pointed out to me... just yesterday a colleague messaged on our internal office chat.. we were talking about something.. and she used a phrase, rotflmao.. now i know rotfl.. actually i use rofl.. but i could definitely guess what rotfl meant.. but i had no clue as to what mao was.. and i asked!!!! While i did get an answer.. there was an incredulous.. "you didnt know????????" response.. and a min later people came jumping out from various nooks and crannies and pointing a finger at me saying rotflmao!!!!!!!!!! And several others joined the party and said.. well in "their" time these phrases were not there.. and "their" abbreviations are like from dinosaur time.. extinct now.. well they did not say that exactly.. but well, you get the gist.. "their" was basically yours truly and some other almost extinct mammals..

I turned 30 this year.. and ever since i did that i have been not able to forget it.. as i am reminded of it often.. apparently i have gone to the other side (the nether world) .. basically our lunch table is kind of divided into 2 groups age i mean.. the mid-late 20's and the 30+!! So now i have been shoved over to the 30+ group.. in fact when we we present to clients, i realise when i say the middle -older age group people i mean me.. rather when i say youngsters like something, i definitely do not mean 30 yr olds!!!! Did i make sense there? And in a few yrs, i will not be considered as TG for most of the researches!!!!!! I will be striked out as a relevant TG unless the product is Ponds Age Miracle perhaps!!!

Then there was a young researcher award recently.. wherein the "young" researchers had to write and submit a paper!!! While i did not really want to write anything much, there was much debate about my falling / not falling in the "young" category.. there was some confusion.. and mail was sent to some global people organising it.. i mean really (even though i had no plans.. absolutely no plans of writing anything).. to check if i qualified.. and i did not.. i missed by a few months!!!! Maybe i can participate in the "old researcher" award!!!! Maybe i am in the twilight year.. and wont qualify for that as well!!!

Ho hum... i never had a tendency to put on weight ( i still dont.. ha!!!).. what i mean to say i never had a paunch.. i was always on the undernourished side.. so i used try to gain weight by eating cheese everyday.. icecream.. chocolates .. ghee etc.. but to no avail.. just before marriage my weight used to be around 42-43 kgs!!! And now, while my weight is ok... i am told my metabolism levels have gone down (age again, you see).. and hence everything is catching up with me.. got this paunch to show for it!!!

I am told i will start waking up early.. i hate to admit it.. these days i cant sleep till 1pm like i used to when in college etc.. on sundays you would never find me up in the morning.. and now on weekends i am up at 9-9.30!!! My parents are equallyastonished everytime i speak to them before 10am on a weekend.. and these days i positively need my 9-10 hrs of sleep.. 1 hour less and i am like a zombie at work!!!!

And i am told i should start taking care of my skin more... :( .. its not young and supple anymore.. oh well.. isnt it?

But hey despite all this .. i love being 30.. it is not any different from being 29 or 28 for that matter!!! And it is quite cool telling people that i am 30.. kind of like "i have arrived" in life.. who are you minions.. not seen life.. i have been there and done that... i talk down from my own lofty position.. ha!!!

I am quite enjoying it actually.... i still do what i used to do (watch movies / read/blog) change there.. but some traces of change..more pubbing (thats because of bangalore i think).. .. traveling (some).. not worried about spending.. rather, not penny pinching i should say.. yeah.. a good sign.. i have been looking for some change.. cant find it..

Only at times.. this once when i was talking about starting to work in 2001 in this small company wherein we had to share computers.. 4 comps shared between some 10 people at least.. and how we used to write our presentations/ proposals on paper and then give it to typists for typing.. or how we used to get reams of data printed.. everyone looked at me.. as if i came from the stone age or something!!!! That was possibly the time i felt.. yes i am older than the people around me ..

Is it very different... naahhhhh.. not really!! Nobody even calls me an aunty!!!! rofl

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I finally found my man!!!!

A tailor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah the smell of success.... i feel like strutting about.. and telling the whole world about it.. and doing a little jig... and singing.. tra lalalalala.. la. lalalalalal...aaaaaaaaaaaa

Anyone who has read my previous posts, knows the importance of a tailor and a parlour in a girl's life.. when we shifted to bangalore, i was happy.. right opposite the gate of our society, there sits a tailor... and my neighbours said she's good.. but she turned out to be horrible.. my clothes looked terrible.. i looked like i had worn a sack.. and this did not happen once or twice but many times!!! Many times because i thought i should give her a chance!!!

But then an office colleague got some reference of another tailor.. nearby.. and i tagged along for the experiment.. that one turned out to be ok.. the shop where we bought our experimental piece of cloth from (we are not going give our nice stuff without trying, are we).. suggested another one.. we got the stitched stuff today...... and hoooraaaaayyy.. it fits... it fits well... my search is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 hurah

Have been missing my delhi tailor like mad.. but now i am in seventh heaven.. isnt today just great.. got an award .. found a tailor.. what more can i ask for...

Today is THE day!!!!

I am loving it!!!!!

Thank you Scarlett.. muaaahhh muaaahhh .. my first ever blog award!!!!!!!!!!! The super scribbler blog award.. came into existence through the The scholastic scribe .... oh man!!!! Oh man!!!!Oh man!!!!

Let me post the rules (as one the rules dictate)..
  • Each superior scribbler must in turn pass the award to 5 most deserving bloggy friends.
  • Each superior scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received the award.
  • Each superior scribbler must display the award on his/ her blog, link to the post which explains the award.
  • Each blogger who wins the Superior Scribbler award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr Linky List. That way we will be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honour!
  • Each Superior scribbler must post these rules on his/ her blog.

Oh well.. this is overwhelming!!! Really!!! Thank you soooooo much Scarlett for introducing me to the world of blogging.. a fairytale.. never thought i would be able to sustain it for so long.. its been more than a year!!!! And i assure you fervently, i will post more!!!! :)

So who should i pass on this award to..

Knife... your pictures and your posts are droolworthy.. and most of the times i actually am drooling all over !!!!!

Scarlett.. I am giving this one back to you!!!! Your posts make me feel alive and happy.. how can i not give it to you!!! You complete my "net life"!!!! :) And for having the guts to start three more blogs ... Absolutely fabulous, brown eyed girl and own the streets!!

Mommie... I can chat with you at a different plane altogether.. even though we have been friends for a while. Please start posting again. I miss it!!! Sob sob

Well, there ends my bloggy friends list who deserve this.. as you can see two have already got this award.. but what the heck!!! They still deserve it.. they are my "online life"!!!!

Thank you thank you.... :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i am getting the chills :0

We have been talking ghost stories today.. and i wondered why i haven't posted anything till now about it!!!

I love talking ghost stories.. well, uh.. during the day.. surrounded by many many people.. then its fun!!! So do i believe?I dont really know.. but i get scared easily.. we have, i am sure, all had personal experiences of our own.. disbelievers/ believers alike..

In goa, when i was studying.. (yes, yes.. goa.. studying.. well i was!!!!)... like i said, when i was studying in goa.. i used to sleep real late.. and my roommate even later.. the deal between us was that we would not lock the door.. but would shut it using a piece of cloth so that it can be opened.. and that night (around 3 or 4 am) someone knocked.. i called out thrice.. no one came in.. i got scared.. prayed and shut my eyes and slept!!! It was not a prank.. because someone would have told me later.. so definitely not.. not the dog either (we had 2 dogs on our campus) coz the dustbin was untouched.. and thats what it would do everytime!!! Till date i do not know what / who it was.. our campus being a hospital earlier did not really help matters.. niether the fact there were a lot of trees / hill and a river closeby!!!!

I still remember when i used to come back from the computer lab.. we would reach this room.. a door from which had these 2 outstretched hands jutting out.. apparently the hands held things which were removed later... and people (rumours of course) used to say that the hands turn in the night.. and when you are coming back from the lab..alone in the night (post 1am)..your gaze automatically goes to the hands.. it used to glisten in the night and it was white in colour.. white coloured glistening hands in the dark.. and i used to run.. there was a picture of mother mary in the corridor and i used to ask her to save me as i ran !!!!!! :)

And i think.. once there is this some small niggling doubt in your mind (esp if you are alone).. thats all that is required.. one night in bombay i got scared .. felt jittery.. could not / did sleep till husband got back at 4am.. and then when he came i howled and howled!!! From then on, i switch on music.. i used to drag the home theatre speakers to my bedroom and listen to radio.. till hubby got me a music system specifically for this purpose. And i still listen to music till i fall asleep!!!!!

You know, in kerala, where we used to stay during vacations with grandparents.. it was an old old house in a village (each neighbour being a km away at least).. spooky place if you ask me especially during rains.. it would creak and groan.. the doors were this huge wooden doors which as children we could hardly push, so heavy they were.. the stairs were wooden and would make tremendous noise.. there was an dusty attic (pretty much like in movies) and i never used to go there alone.. and we used to have this bet every night (all cousins).. who is the brave one who will shut the gate .. the gate was far away from the main house.. far as in you could see the gate from the house but it a few mtrs away...there is stone stairway that you need to use.. a path.. and a jungle kind of area surrounding it (there used to be mangoes / jackfruit trees etc).. midway on the path you turn around.. the lights of the house seem far away... and as you move forward darkness all around.. tall trees.. brrrrrrrrr

Remember watching honi anhoni? Or Kile ka rahesya? It was scaryyyy man!!! It had a haunting song.. not song but the starting credits or whatever you call it.. one man would say "yeh hai kile ka rahesya" and you would hear one woman screaming her head off!!! I still remember it very vividly.. dont remember the serial that well though!!

And some movies.. Bhoot i think was scary.. after that movie i used to look behind everytime i took water from the fridge.. or Raat.. or What lies beneath.. after i watched this one, i used to be petrified of steamy bathroom mirrors .. it lasted for a few days...

And some superstitions that used to exist.. still do.. there are ghosts residing in the peepal tree, so you should not walk under it.. dont leave your hair open in the night or was it dawn, it attracts spirits etc etc etc

Yes.. i do believe.. well at times.. i try not to think about it mostly.. and surround myself with people.. a murderer / robber in the room is way better than ghosts.. i am not scared of people.. at least i can hit them!!!!! Oh well...

ps: remember the ramsay movies.. kafan, bhoot bangla, band darwaza etc.. the semi naked dancing witches / chudaails.. ghosts in plasters from head to toe..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So whats your excuse?

While i was thinking about what to post today.. its been a long time since i posted.. its become really sporadic i know.. and automatically my mind went into exploring reasons why... and i came up with..
1) lots of work..
2) late evenings..
3) too much socialisation
4) weekends i do not post
5) travel
.. you name it!!!! I dont even need to give any excuses (and this non blogging thing was just a thought in my own mind).. but i guess thats the way the mind is attuned.. any statement that starts with "you did not / have not..." and out flow this barrage of reasons .. "i could have but you know how it is like......"

And of late, gym is another thing i have been giving various excuses for.. maybe thats why excuses have become an auto mode reply for me.. you see when i joined the gym.. i told many many people.. little did i understand the ramifications of doing so!!!! Now i am asked left right and center.. when did i last go to the gym.. and then it starts.. late nights.. no rick.. exhaustion.. too much travel.. will go tom.. will start on monday.. the truth is i havent been to the gym in the last 5 weeks.. this week also does not look very promising!!! Earlier, there were 2 of us who used to go.. the person who went to the gym laughed / mocked at the other person who did not.. now we just exchange wry, sad smiles (at what could have been).. if "gym" ever comes up in our conversation!!!

But anyway i digress!!! Excuses have been a part of life since i can remember..I did not clean up because.. i cant come to meet because.. i could not speak to you because... i did not do homework because... i could not send this on time because.. its endless!!!! I do it many a times.. and i think people seem to buy it and end up sympathising.. then again, maybe they see through it.. as i see through theirs.. well, thats a thought.. hmmm

As you can see this post is not going anywhere...better I end it than write pages of painful reading!! :)

So whats your excuse?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doddamakali fishing camp..

I am back.. after a long time.. after a long prolonged absence!!!

Plentiful of reasons for that!!! I had a hectic hectic weekend.. followed by hectic weekdays as well.. and no i was not working!!

We had a few friends who were with us from Friday onwards.. and boy did we have fun!!! Starting Friday night, we went out every night until Tuesday!!

Friday night we polished off a bottle of wine.. and some more!! And Saturday we decided to go out of town.. so we went to this place called Doddamakali fishing camp. The drive was nice.. it rained in parts.. and we were happy.. drinking and singing merrily. The last part of the drive was the killer.. we were actually swaying from left to right.. the road is very very bad.. not for the faint hearted drivers.. or those who care about their cars a lot!!!! This place is inside the jungle.. and we were wondering what kind of a fishing camp this is.. there was no sight and sound of any water at all.. and suddenly about forty mins into the jungle.. you come across cauvery river as seen from the top of the hill.. gorgeous it looks!!!! And as the river comes closer, the road gets worse and worse.. to the extent you think you may topple over!!!

But anyway we reached without any incident.. a beautiful place it is!! A kind of place where you would want to go to chill.. and laze.. and basically think about the time passing by.. and then again.. maybe not..

Its like a pucca government guest house (which incidentally it is)... in the sense that the minute you reach they start plying you with tea / coffee.. and then feed you bhajiyas.. and then for dinner again feed you various stuff!!!

Acco was quite simple and rustic .. rustic to the extent of no power!! A fairly comfy place (its a tent), an attached loo.. what more do you need i ask..

You do need to carry your own booze if you plan to drink.. and nothing is more amazing than sitting by the riverside in a secluded spot in the night.. the breeze gently blowing.. the shimmering river.. the huge mountains casting a shadow.. utterly beautiful.. you never want to get up from there.. but get up we did as we planned to go trekking (a moderate, not difficult trek according to the guide)..

And so i was up at 6.. can you beat that?????????????????? And we went trekking.. i embarrassed myself totally i should think.. my first foot on the hillside and i slid and slipped on the gravel (about a step above ground.. and one foot was still on plain ground)!!!!! Clutching rocks and slipping all over and really focusing, i managed to climb up.. only to see 2 small children bounding all over the place like nobody's business.. and a pregnant girl (friend actually) climbing with equal ease.. nothing can be more annoying than to be the sloppy one who finds it difficult to find a footing!!! And then i got stuck over the rocks.. i was so happy to see flat land.. but i still got stuck .. could not climb over rocks.. all i could see was this girl in pink tee (an 8-9 yr old kid) running up the rocks and finally sit on top of some place!!! Which was nicely and loudly pointed out by my husband!!!!

Anyway, after getting scratched.. and slipping and sliding more.. finally we reached the camp.. went on a coracle ride.. first time in my life i wore a life jacket.. and after much pleading with everyone to save me if i drown.. we finally went!!!

A heavy breakfast later.. we went back to the city.. only to go out again to 13th floor and then Opus.. hard rock on monday, samarkand on tuesday... boy oh boy.. i am like a zombie right now!!!!! It will take me at least 2 weekends to recover!!!

I know i am ending the post abruptly.. but figured its quite an essay right now!!!! So will stop.
Now you know why i havent been posting!!!!

ps: the place is Doddamakali fishing camp run by Jungle .. its really nice and clean and hygienic.. costed us about 1900 rs per person (including all meals).. there are only 10 tents there.. so the booking needs to be made much in advance (we were plain lucky).. about 3- 4 hours from Bangalore

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First day first show: Love Aaj Kal

Or not!!! I watched it today.. during the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres something about catching a movie during the week.. especially if you leave office (with permission) during office hours to do so.. it does not matter what movie you watch!!! Really!!

So off we went .. 6 of us to watch Love Aaj Kal. I was not too sure what to expect... the reviews were good. The songs are decent. Some people who watched it trashed it. But then again, it is Imtiaz Ali's movie.. so there is a Jab We Met baggage there...

And post watching the movie.. i still have mixed feelings!!! Let me explain how.

The movie is about new generation love vs old generation love.. as is evident from the title!! Saif Khan (Jai) and Deepika Padukone (Meera) play the new age couple in love.. who host a break up party.. how cool (?????).. supposedly the coolest thing on earth... which the new generation does.. they are very cool and hep couple.. who split up because their career requires them to be in different countries.. and obviously they dont believe in long distance relationships (new generation yet again)... though hold on.. here comes the small twist.. there is an oldie (Rishi Kapoor) who insists on dropping Jai to the airport so that he can see Meera off.. this despite her not wanting him to come to the airport.. but surprise surprise.. she likes it!!! Some hints as to how old traditional love still exists within us!!!

Saif Khan tries.. really hard or then again maybe not.. to play the "cool dude".. he looks and seems absolutely fake!!! Which is weird considering his role in Dil chahta hai where he was quite cool.. here its just pretend cool!!!!

So anyway, like the new generation is, they keep in touch.. he meets a phoren chick.. she meets Rahul Khanna (why was he even there in the movie.. such a waste).. and they carry on with their life.. in the background Rishi Kapoor keeps giving gyan to Saif Khan about old generation romance... his heydey role is also played by Saif Khan... and in fact he does quite well in the role of a young strapping sardar who keeps following this girl on his cycle. And this girl is apparently a Brazilian (Giselle Monteiro)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean in real life.. in the movie of course she is a sardarni.. and they have showed her as a normal plain jane.. instead of a girl with oodles of make up wherein they look anything but shy and sweet!!

So anyway thats how the story goes. It had some bits of HumTum i felt.. in the sense of the way they have shown time elapsing.. usually a movie shows a short period of time. I really liked the interplay of old and new stories .. I liked the old Saif Khan and Rishi Kapoor.. Did not like the oh so ostensibly cool Saif Khan (was so not cool and hep) or Deepika Padukone (she was ok types)!!!

The movie was sweet in parts.. grating (on nerves) in others.. so well i am sure i do not belong to the set of people who liked it. And i did not hate it either!! A fencesitter.. i guess..

Should you watch.. ho hum.. maybe .. maybe not...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hangover & The female brain

Obviously not connected!!! One a movie and the second one a book that i recently read!!!!

So i watched this movie yesterday. I had heard and read a lot about Hangover.. when the movie released, i was not as keen to watch it.. there are many of these "fly by the night" type of movies that release.. while i am a big movie junkie.. i cant watch everything!!!! But anyway, i saw rave reviews about this one.. heard its a laugh riot from friends who had seen it.. also was mildly curious about its popularity.. its been on for ages now.. even yesterday was house full for that matter!!!

The only problem is that when you heard / read so much about one thing.. it usually falls short of expectations.. theres too much hype!!!

So i didnt find it to be a movie wherein i fall off the chair shrieking with laughter.. but it is a funny movie nevertheless.. i liked it a lot!!!! But i guess i will not go all ballistic about it.. be more reserved in my comments!!

Its a fun movie.. out and out!! Right from scene 1 to scene 100 (or whatever the scene no is when it ends).. a bachelors party gone wrong.. a tiger in the bathroom.. a baby.. the missing groom etc form the baseline of the entire read more also read scarlett's post on this!!! The movie is quite corny.. and has a host of "non-veg jokes" (as we used to refer to it in college)... and why do i mention the college lingo... there were hordes of youngsters in the theatre... who would start hooting and laughing raucously everytime shaft is mentioned.. at every joke (that they thought was a joke but actually was not).. at every line .. oh god!!!!

Were we like that when we were teenagers?? Very irritating to be in that company. I was so not rolling on the floor with laughter.. am i growing old or what??

But anyway, the movie is really good.. the storyline is quite awesome.. and actually if you happen to see the movie (which by now most of the world would have)... you would realise that while they are trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the bachelor's party, the focus of the movie is never to uncover the exact sequence of events !!! I mean even when the movie is ending, there are still many gaps in terms of all that happened in the night.. and you realise that they do not intend to tell you about it too!!! It never was their intention to tell you a blow by blow account of what happened. And thats what the most refreshing part of the movie was!!!! I loved it. I dont think i would have liked the movie so much had it been like any other movie !!!!

Of course the other most refreshing thing about the movie was Bradley Cooper!!!! I am sure you all will agree!!! All of them acted quite well actually, especially the guy who plays alan! Whats with me and the word actually.. never mind..
So all in all, definitely a 4/5!!!

The Female Brain
A book by Louann Brizendine. Even before i write anything about it, let me say whatever i do manage to write, i will not be able to do justice to it!!!
So post various conversations at lunch about this book.. at my lunch table there are many women at various stages of life.. and this book has been coming up during various conversations ever since i joined the bangalore office! So finally i managed to borrow this book.. i wanted to see what is there in the book that gets people to be so reflective and so thoughtful and have these meaningful conversations!!!! This book as the name suggests is about the female brain! It talks about how we are so different from men in the way we are, the way we behave, the way we react ... it actually (again this word) gives you an insight as to how you have been through your life.. it helps answer some questions you may have had that explain you .. that moment when you do not know why you were not you... not questions really.. but the niggling thoughts way at the back of your mind.. some of those ones...
It talks about hormones.. how we are ruled by them at various points during our life (almost through our life).. felt sad actually when i read that.. not sad exactly but.. cant explain the feeling...and you tend to identify with some bits.. like there is this part.. that talks about women worrying about 10000 things (work, kids, home, family, husband, friends etc).. women multitasking and doing so many things.. and therefore when the cycle is on, even the smallest of things can set you off.. make you feel worthless and make you howl ..
And it has its funny moments.. like how men think about s** many times a day and women thinks about it maybe once a day (on her hottest days)!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book... though i liked the first half more.. the second half is more about stage of life post kids which i cannot identify with.. at least as of now!!
Its a must read for women and a MUST MUST read for all men!!!!!
ps: for those of you who have read this book, i did say i wont be able to do justice to writing about it!!!!