Thursday, August 27, 2009

I want to drink the chilled minute maid in my fridge

But i cannot. You see i have failed at the first step itself... opening the bottle!! I just cant seem to open the bottle.. i can only fret ... and look at the chilled bottle with droplets formed on the outside and ..imagine the feel of the chilled liquid going down my throat.. regular water wont do.. it has to be ice cold!!!

I bl***y burnt my hand.. trying to turn the cap!!!!!!!! I tried and tried and tried.. could not do it!!! My palm is still tingling!!!!!

OK.. so i have a problem with opening bottles.. i just cant seem to open it.. most of the times embarrassingly so!!!!

In flights always.. when i am traveling alone, everytime i used to try to open the water bottle.. half the water would spill on me .. yet the cap wouldn't come off!!! Many a times people sitting next to me have taken pity on me and opened the bottle for me!! Now i have given up trying to even open it.. i usually request someone to do so.. Once i asked a steward to help me out.. and he demonstrated (literally, not kidding) in his loud everyone should know kind of a easy it was to open it.. and then he refused to give me the bottle he opened.. instead he gave me another bottle and asked me to open it using his technique!!! Yeeeessshhhh.. it was so embarrassing.. .. and he was encouraging me to do so so loudly .. he was cheering for me (loudly again) as one would tell a marathon runner to run that last mile!!!! Finally i couldn't even open it that way and had to tell him to cut the c**p and give me the opened bottle!!!!

And now, you see this bottle phenomenon not just in flights.. but even in many companies.. most of them in fact.. its very irritating and hateful.. imagine the trauma that people like me have to go through just to have a sip of water .. once i even tried opening a bottle during a meeting, albeit under the table but apart from water sloshing noises, nothing happened and finally my boss offered to open it for me..

Then i started going through the full meetings (3-4 hrs at times) without drinking water for the fear of embarrassment.. but now i just latch on to somebody.. drink from a bottle that someone has opened already or ask someone to open it for me!!!

Why.. oh why.. people do this.. why cant they serve water in perfectly normal glasses


The knife said...

time to hit the gym again? not being able to open Minute Maid can be very frustrating

Sunila said...

hahaha! that was a funny post - enjoyed reading it.

Scarlett said...

This is so funny! I have trouble opening bottles too. It's a physical strength issue :)

Moonshine said...

@Knife Its to do with brute strength.. even if i go to the gym, i doubt if i will develop such capabilites.. it really is beyond me!!!

@Sunila Thank you!!! And thank for postign a comment!!! Glad you enjoyed it.

@Scarlett My husband cannot for the life of him understand why i face such problems.. many a times he behaves like that steward asking me to open a bottle!! BTW the minute maid bottle was an already opened bottle.. he just shut it tight so that it does not drip (or maybe he didnt want me to open it).. and i have 2 burn marks on my palm from yesterday!!!!!