Monday, August 3, 2009

Hangover & The female brain

Obviously not connected!!! One a movie and the second one a book that i recently read!!!!

So i watched this movie yesterday. I had heard and read a lot about Hangover.. when the movie released, i was not as keen to watch it.. there are many of these "fly by the night" type of movies that release.. while i am a big movie junkie.. i cant watch everything!!!! But anyway, i saw rave reviews about this one.. heard its a laugh riot from friends who had seen it.. also was mildly curious about its popularity.. its been on for ages now.. even yesterday was house full for that matter!!!

The only problem is that when you heard / read so much about one thing.. it usually falls short of expectations.. theres too much hype!!!

So i didnt find it to be a movie wherein i fall off the chair shrieking with laughter.. but it is a funny movie nevertheless.. i liked it a lot!!!! But i guess i will not go all ballistic about it.. be more reserved in my comments!!

Its a fun movie.. out and out!! Right from scene 1 to scene 100 (or whatever the scene no is when it ends).. a bachelors party gone wrong.. a tiger in the bathroom.. a baby.. the missing groom etc form the baseline of the entire read more also read scarlett's post on this!!! The movie is quite corny.. and has a host of "non-veg jokes" (as we used to refer to it in college)... and why do i mention the college lingo... there were hordes of youngsters in the theatre... who would start hooting and laughing raucously everytime shaft is mentioned.. at every joke (that they thought was a joke but actually was not).. at every line .. oh god!!!!

Were we like that when we were teenagers?? Very irritating to be in that company. I was so not rolling on the floor with laughter.. am i growing old or what??

But anyway, the movie is really good.. the storyline is quite awesome.. and actually if you happen to see the movie (which by now most of the world would have)... you would realise that while they are trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the bachelor's party, the focus of the movie is never to uncover the exact sequence of events !!! I mean even when the movie is ending, there are still many gaps in terms of all that happened in the night.. and you realise that they do not intend to tell you about it too!!! It never was their intention to tell you a blow by blow account of what happened. And thats what the most refreshing part of the movie was!!!! I loved it. I dont think i would have liked the movie so much had it been like any other movie !!!!

Of course the other most refreshing thing about the movie was Bradley Cooper!!!! I am sure you all will agree!!! All of them acted quite well actually, especially the guy who plays alan! Whats with me and the word actually.. never mind..
So all in all, definitely a 4/5!!!

The Female Brain
A book by Louann Brizendine. Even before i write anything about it, let me say whatever i do manage to write, i will not be able to do justice to it!!!
So post various conversations at lunch about this book.. at my lunch table there are many women at various stages of life.. and this book has been coming up during various conversations ever since i joined the bangalore office! So finally i managed to borrow this book.. i wanted to see what is there in the book that gets people to be so reflective and so thoughtful and have these meaningful conversations!!!! This book as the name suggests is about the female brain! It talks about how we are so different from men in the way we are, the way we behave, the way we react ... it actually (again this word) gives you an insight as to how you have been through your life.. it helps answer some questions you may have had that explain you .. that moment when you do not know why you were not you... not questions really.. but the niggling thoughts way at the back of your mind.. some of those ones...
It talks about hormones.. how we are ruled by them at various points during our life (almost through our life).. felt sad actually when i read that.. not sad exactly but.. cant explain the feeling...and you tend to identify with some bits.. like there is this part.. that talks about women worrying about 10000 things (work, kids, home, family, husband, friends etc).. women multitasking and doing so many things.. and therefore when the cycle is on, even the smallest of things can set you off.. make you feel worthless and make you howl ..
And it has its funny moments.. like how men think about s** many times a day and women thinks about it maybe once a day (on her hottest days)!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book... though i liked the first half more.. the second half is more about stage of life post kids which i cannot identify with.. at least as of now!!
Its a must read for women and a MUST MUST read for all men!!!!!
ps: for those of you who have read this book, i did say i wont be able to do justice to writing about it!!!!


Scarlett said...

I loved 'The Hangover'! Was rolling off my chair laughing - probably b/c I watched it when it had just been released. You're right about the 'too much hype killing the movie' bit. In fact, I liked it so much I saw it again with A on DVD :)

BTW...have you seen 'Love Aaj Kal'?

Scarlett said...

And oh, I luuuuuuurved Bradley Cooper!

Moonshine said...

Was it as fun the 2nd time?

I just watched love aaj kal.. comments coming up in the next post!!

Bradley Cooper is hot!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I found it pretty funny the second time around as well thought I wasn't cracking up with laughter as I did when I watched it the first time. Bradley Cooper is VERY hot...wonder why we didn't see much of him earlier? He doesn't seem to be a new entrant to Hollywood.

Moonshine said...

This is the first movie i have seen him in!!! maybe we should serach for the rest of the stuff :)

BTW grey's anatomy has started again on star world!!! :) Saturdays..