Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I watched Kaminey this weekend...

Even though the whole wide world and its brother has seen and written about the movie already.. how can i not write about it .. cannot resist it!!! I know i am writing a full week later.. and FB status messages are full of the f lisps .. but never mind!!!

The movie rocks!!!!! I LOVED it. A fabulous movie after a long time. Vishal Bharadwaj rocks.. he does not disappoint after Omkara!!! He has a gift in telling a story!!! And boy he does it well!!

I am sure by now everyone knows what the movie is about... twins (charlie and guddu).. one a wannabe bookie and the other works with an NGO.. the story is basically about how one day.. their lives connect again (they are not talking terms).. the entire plot is based on the one day..

And intertwined in their lives are these many characters.. sweety.. bhope.. mikhael.. taashi.. the bangla brothers.. inspector lele.. etc

It is a very fast paced movie.. the first half seems like a series of frames put together.. seemingly unconnected (but you obviously know it is).. and it all comes together in the 2nd half. The movie does not give you much respite.. you have to be continuously watching it.. or you may miss a teeny weeny though crucial bit that connects things...

We have been having this discussion.. the "kaminey" discussion ..about what we all liked.. another thing that came up.. was the realism portrayed.. an example.. when the cop hits guddu.. he actually flexes his hand.. because his hand hurt with the force with which he hit the guy... and its so real.. it does happen too.. now this detail was not required..it was not an integral part of the movie... even if it had not been there.. the simple act of flexing.. it would not have taken anything away from the movie... .. but its there and it adds so much more to it!!!!

What i loved .. the way the characters are.. now this is a movie with Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in it... but when you come out of the theatre.. you will remember a Taashi or a Bhope or a Mikhael as much as you remember Shahid Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra.. and thats what is brilliant!!! Each of the characters are very well etched.. if you have seen Omkara you would know what i am talking about.. each character is so powerful and the way they come together to form the entire story is amazing.. nobody overpowers the other.. you like shahid when you go in to watch the movie.. you like shahid and many more when you come out!!!

All of them were brilliant actually... Sweety was amazing.. she seems totally like an ordinary person who you would meet in the local train perhaps (in fact she did remind of some women i have met in the local) !!! Bhope with his Jai maharashtra was a total knock out.. the hep and high profile taashi was awesome!!!! He was stupendous if i may say.. and Mikhael was the cool dude.. he was THE dude!!!!! The Bangla brothers bit.. was a nice touch.. and as genuine as it could get!!

And Shahid Kapoor was awesome.. in case i have not said it till now!!!

Oh and i loved that scene .. the interplay between Mikhael and Bhope.. when both of them are letting out these sounds of guns going off .. like how one would play as a kid.. with the dhishh (whatever those sound are) etc sounds !!! The entire scene goes on for a good 5 mins.. as audience you already anticipate that something's going to happen.. but that does not take away anything from the scene.. you laugh and you still anticipate... you know whats coming... making sense? Watch the movie and then you will know what i am talking about!!

In fact i want to watch it again. Now that i have seen it once, i want to see it again.. at my pace.. araam se!!! Definitely 4.5 /5 if not more!!!!!

The cast-
Shahid Kapoor - Charlie / Guddu
Priyanka Chopra - Sweety
Amol Gupte - Bhope
Chandan Kumar Sanyal - Mikhael
Tenzing Nima - Taashi
Shiv Subramaniam - Lobo
Hrishikesh joshi - Lele

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