Wednesday, December 31, 2008

100th post... 2008:An year of firsts

Thank you all for the wishes!!!! :) Hope we all continue writing!!!

2008 - year of changes
Lots of changes - our entire family has relocated to the south!!! My parents, his parents, and my sister and finally us too!!! we have become a true south indian family... well maybe .. at least in terms of location!!! (I am more of a north indian at heart!!!)
At work place... everything changed not just the location.. many bosses.. change in clients.. team etc etc.. dont wanna spend too much time on this topic!!!

2008- an year of firsts
A lot of firsts for this year-

An international vacation wherein just the two of us traveled. We have been planning it for the last 2 years but managed to go only this year!! So i am quite optimistic that now that we have done it once, we will be able to do it every year!!!

Domestic travel/ driving holidays - Till now most of our travel has been centered around weddings / functions etc.. the ooty trip is one the first trips that the 2 of us planned and actually went for and that too alone!!!! Hoepfully 2009 will see many many more such trips!!!

My initiation to wine - while we used to have wine even in bombay... the frequency of having wine has increased. And i can safely say that my initiation to wine has happened in this year!!! Incidentally, we are going to have wine tonight to welcome the new year!!! :)

Gym - I have been planning and planning and planning some more.. to join something.. anything.. but success eluded me till now!!! Last month of this year.. and i have joined the gym.. went even today. I hope to go tomorrow so that I go regularly next year too (rem this concept... whatever you do on 1st is what you do the entire year.. like that)

Cooking non veg over weekends - Again something which has started in Bangalore because of easy availability of non veg!!! Almost every weekend i should say!!!

And lastly, but most importantly BLOGGING - I took up blogging in the month of May this year. The first few days, i felt extremely silly.. writing stuff on the blog.. which nobody was reading. And when you guys started commenting - scarlett / knife/ mommie.. everyone.. is when i felt elated and actually started enjoying writing!!! I am totally hooked on to it.. to writing and i am as excited to read your posts.. to receive comments on the post.. theres nothing like it to see that you have "3 comments" on what you have written.. makes your day!!! A FAN-TAS-tic medium to talk.. to voice opinions.. even your relationship with friends surpasses what it was because of the blog!!! Truly awesome!!! Everyday, i just cant wait to get back home, and check my blog and read other posts!! Thats the first thing i do when i enter home! Everyday, the minute i observe something or go through something myself, i just cant wait to put it on the blog and share it with everyone... its such a powerful medium!!!! Its one of my favourite activities.. its been 100 posts now and i am still not bored!!!

So cheers to our blogs!!!!! And cheers to all fo us bloggers. may we all continue blogging all through the next year.. all of you - please put in a post tom - rem, whatever we do tom is what we do the entire year!!! So please please put in a post :) Meet you all in the next year ... Happy new year :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey, this is my 99th post!!!! (Indian Travelers etc)

So cool isnt it... i just noticed it!!!! And tomorrow will be my 100th!!!!! Fitting isnt it.. as in 31st Dec last day of the year and 100th post!!!! I am surprised that i have been able to stick with it!!!

Well, ok back to what i wanted to talk about ....i talk a lot dont i....100 posts is a lot... and theres still so much to talk about!!!!! Ok ok.. back to Indian tourists!

Extermely irritating and annoying usually when found in domestic destinations... contrast it with the level of discipline shown at foreign locales... i dont get it.. why???

There is a severe lack of etiquettes!!! Throwing all kinds of wrappers at such beautiful places.. thats why Ooty has become such a dump now.. at the Dolphin nose point at Coonoor.. people were throwing all watse...bhel puri wrappers, chips wrappers everywhere.. and some with a warped sense of cleanliness were throwing it all, not at the place they were standing at i.e. Dolphin nose, but over the fence and in the hills!!!!! Completely destroying the pristine hills!!! In the middle of the serene lake, out come floating bottles of water!!!!

In the toy train to Coonoor, couples with very young kids... the couples looked very educated and all.. and yet.. a pack of biscuits got over.. out goes the pack.. out of the window!!!!!! I was sitting at the window... out of the corner of my eye, i saw this hand moving towards the window.. my hand almost shot out to stop it.. i curbed this instinct.. settled for an angry glare.. unfortunately the person turned away and i only caught the back of his head.. i thought i will tell him off.. but stopped myself.

I was not like this in college... i remember arguing with a friend on this.. a group of us were quite environment conscious !! A girl once threw an empty pack of chips from her car on the road.. this friend of mine picked it up and threw it right back in!!! And then we had this big argument with another friend who was like how can you dirty anyone's car.. and i was like it is my country and you are dirtying it !!!! A big big argument!!! And we used to tell people off in the public buses.. esp during winters where ppl would buy peanuts and drop the shells all over the seat.. the entire bus.. But now maybe i have mellowed down!!!

Its completely outrageous the way people behave.. at sims park, they had fenced in the trees .. as the trees were about a century or two old.. but people would climb over the top of the fence / hedge to take pictures with the tree... COME ON... READ THE SIGN... IT SAYS YOU CANT DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean there is a reason why the fence is there.. the reason which became very clear when you saw some these trees which were carved with initials!!!!!! We found a kid shaking the entire fence for no reason.. extremely destructive.. with the parents hovering around and not saying anything... My husband walked up and glared at the kid and said why are you doing this.. the kid immediately left everything!!!!

Even the photograph bit that i was talking about in my last post.. people hanging from the train and at the tracks trying to take every possible pic.. and the TT and other guards running around all these people trying to get them back in!!!!! It might be dangerous.. the train would get late.. but no, these people have to jump around everywhere ...break all rules.. why cant they just get back in the train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its really sad how people irresponsibly behave .. you could see it often at India Gate in Delhi.. food stuff, ice creams sticks etc all over the nice lawns!!! THERE ARE DUSTBINS THERE!!!! But nobody sees it.. or maybe they are too lazy.. and some even say.. this place is already dirty.. one stick doesnt add anything much to this!!!

Thankfully Delhi Metro has been left out of his carnage... rules have not been violated.. it use to be spic and span at least till the time i used it!! I mean I dont know if the same level of cleaniliness is still there. But they are quite strict with the rules!!! Thats what is required.. a stick!!!

Of course everone is not like that... but for every 5 people who are conscienctious.. there will spring up another 5 who dont care!!!

Think about it.. the entire life the kid will see this .. and it will keep on getting re-iterated time after time... candy wrapper.. chocolate wrapper.. orange peel (this i have seen in delhi.. orange peels beign thrown on the road during winters) ...and this is exactly what they will teach their own kids.. maybe not teach.. but the kid will learn this at a sub conscious level.. the parent is doing it.. so it must be right!!!! The cycle will continue!!!!

Its a nuisance... somebody needs to teach these people a lesson.. get them to clean the entire area if they are found dirtying it!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

36 hairpin bends..

Thats the board that we saw when entering ooty... so in that one minute i decided to name my post 36 hairpin bends... there are actually that many.. and they help you count too... at every hairpin you will find a board...35/36...8/36 (8 more to go i.e... as we were climbing up)!!! So highlights of the trip... not mentioned in any particular order..

1) The drive down to Ooty is nice, post you hit Bandipur... we started late.. so we reached Bandipur in the evening.. and these days its dark by around 6pm! But its beautiful.. bandipur, mudulamai national sanctuary is quite beautiful in the night.. hurtling down the (not kidding.. we were hurtling coz we didnt want to take these roads so late) road listening to Ghajini / Abba, windows rolled down.. fantastic!!!!.. Coming across a herd of deer.. their eyes twinkling in the night.. priceless (thats the mastercard ad, lol)

2) Cold in Ooty ... well, my husband liked it.. i am a sunshine person.. but chasing sunshine during winters is fun.. धुप सेंकना and keep changing your position as per the setting sun.. and in the end you will be standing ine remote corner and or almost one step of the cliff face!!!!

3) Having hot hot soup in cold cold winter... mmmmm

4) Fireplace in the room.... ecstasy!!!! But it does die down in 2 hours.. but so what!!!!! The effect is amazing.. i have a feeling thats why the hotel ppl (we stayed at a place called Sherlock) deliberately ensure that the rooms are cold!!! Did you know fire actually cackles.. its not a book thing!!!! Heavenly. That cackling sound itself is so warm and pleasant.

5) Sherlock - nice place.. an old colonial bungalow converted into a hotel.. has about 9 rooms.. food was not that great.. breakfast was horrible.. not just horrible.. it was cold!!! But charming place nevertheless.. all the rooms named after, you guessed it, Sherlock Holmes novels!!! We were at Baskerville!!! The view from the hotel.. breathtaking.. really makes it worth the while staying there!!!

6) Ooty in itself is extremely commercial... we went to rose garden.. more people less roses.. we visited Ooty lake.. boating in the lake was fine.. but to get to the boat you need to fight your way through 1000s of people!! Also picked up home made chocolates.. here i need to mention we went by outlook traveler's recommendations and went to the address listed in the book.. we reached their residence.. so embarassing!!!!

7) A honeymooners haven.. you will find them everywhere.. and i really mean everywhere...a girl with chamkeela sweater.. chamkeela suit... shining sandals , with heels which also have glitter, shining clip.. shining everything basically.. trying to eat candy.. romantically (both husband and wife nibbling on one candy stick!!!).. and of course getting such phtotographs taken!!! Uff ... so irritating!!!!

8) Going to the washroom in winters.. tough (i had forgotten how hard this could be...even though i am from delhi)

9) Toy train to Coonoor... loads of people.. with kids!!! Beware!!!! People clicking anything and everything they can possibly click.. hanging from the doors (no wonder the hinges were coming out).. taking snaps on the tracks , from the tracks.. of the kids.. of the train.. approaching train, standing train... b****y tiresome!!! We had window seats.. the seats are not very comfy..and we also had a kid for company ..a yelling kid who first wanted the window seat.. NO WAY I AM GOING TO GIVE UP MY WINDOW SEAT is what i thought to myself!!! So i said with a smirk the door is unwieldy which it was.. thankfully then the parents took over... and then i opened my pack of biscuits.. and the kid wanted it all.. our entire breakfast!!!!!!!!!! Much yelling, shouting and a slap later (i didnt hit the kid, the mom did) we got the pack back!!! Lol... btu didnt feel hungry after that.. i was busy trying not to feel cold!

BTW, we were sitting at the wrong windows.. not much views from there!!!!!

10) Drive to Dolphin's nose was amazing.. the site itself is not exciting.. because of so many people again.. but the drive is beautiful!!! Sims park.. peaceful.. nice place.. Indian travelers though are horrid.. throw stuff everywhere.. will write my next post on this!!!

11) Needlepoint, a shop, sells embroidery work.. the shop is located in a house.. beautiful beautiful place!!!!

12) Lunch at Taj Retreat Coonoor.. awesome..

13) Journey back by toy train.. more kids!!! And we got the wrong window seats again!!!! Damn!!!

14) Dinner at Savoy. not good.. but company (my husband i.e.) brilliant!!! Good conversations next to a fireplace.. what more fo you need

15) Rooms at Savoy - awesome.. you dont really think that much about the food!!! Fireplace too!!! And a room heater!!!

16) Chatting with random people was fun.. we chatted with a Brit couple.. and then another family who we bumped into at least 3-4 times.. 1st time at rose garden where they got my husband to take their pic...4th time at conoor when finally they came over and chatted.. they were from mumbai too and were terribly excited at seeing our mumbai car!!!! :)

17) And finally the fight between Hindi and Tamil music stations ..fighting for our time .. to be heard :)... the signal was strange.. so we would hear one line from a Jodha Akbar song , rest all would be Tamil. Anyway I got a hear a mallu song which i actually recognised!!! That was quite exciting for me!

18) Ghajini and Abba - we were carrying only 2 Cds.. and because we couldnt listen to the local FM channel.. we heard these 2 CDs turn by turn... actually we heard Ghajini at least 20 times if not more!!! The music is good!!!!

19) Lots of monkeys on the way... which if you stop, come near actually hold a paper plate up for food!!!!!

20) A traffic jam in the hills (i dont mean in the city... but when going up or coming down)... its an experience to see how bus people maneuver themselves out fo the jam.. this bus reversed quite a way bit.. and that too reversed uphill!!!

So all in all... an awesome trip!!!! Will try to post some pics this weekend!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ooty calling...

I dont know what to write about... usually theres always something to talk about.. but today i am blank.. i dont know what to write .. so it is going to be another this that and the other kind of post... will address the ooty bit later...
Missed the gym today .. i was regular for the last few days (weekdays i.e.... one needs to be specific in these matters you know)... missed it today because of a stupid mail.. took the work (one mail) home.. didnt go to the gym even then coz it was already 7.30 and auto guy who i have an arrangement with was to come at 7.45! And i didnt want the poor chap to wait in the cold for such a long time.. esp since he esp came to pick me up!! So no gym today :( .. what???? I actually do like it... gym day (weight training, leg press etc etc) is quite painful i find... i lift only upto 1 level of weight.. hoping the instructor doesnt see that!!!! She usually has this disbelieving expression on her face!!!
I took me more than an hour send the mail.. mail would not load.. then file would not get attached etc etc...
You know today was one of those irritating days.. when you wake up, you know already what a terrible day you are going to have.. waking up on the wrong side of bed it is called!!! First half od the day was completely wasted.. in some completely useless things.. teh food we had was atrocious.. esp since i ate veg but paid for non veg... at the buffet i selected the non veg menu (282 as opposed 113 for veg).. after tasting the chicken dishes (there were 2) once, i kind of ate veg only!!! What a waste of money!!!!
And then at work.. tried to cram everything else i was supposed to be doing into a few hrs.. concalls (i hate these concalls!!!)... christmas cake.. wishing everyone.. discussing more stuff.. and finally waiting for something to be able to send a mail!!!
Of course the good part, or the best part was the christmas carols.. some people at work sang carols at every desk.. it was fantastic.. though i missed most of it bcoz of that con call.. grrr!!!! But still i heard 2 carols i think.. it was so fantastic!!!!
So this year we are at Ooty for christmas!!! I hope the place we are staying at has a nice christmas dinner!!!!! What i am truly truly excited about..about ooty is that the place we are staying at has fireplaces in all the rooms.... that in itself is so exciting i cant tell you!!!
I have always associated Ooty to be a dreamy place.. much of the perception driven by movies maybe.. i hope it turns out to be as dreamy and romantic as i always thought it would be!!!!
mmmmmmmmmmmmm... will try to post ooty pics in the next post.. on sunday!!!

Merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All you talented people, this way please!

Today was the state traditional day... in the sense you had to wear your state dress.. so i wear a Kerala sari (nothing else to signify that i am from kerala). Thats how creative i was.... in comparison to others who actually wore the sari in the traditional tamilian way.. another person wore normal sari but wore the typical maharashtrain nose ring.. bengali sari with the traditional white and red bangles.. you get it i am sure..

I am pretty bad at being creative.. ask people to decorate their bays messily... and they spin this wonderful beautiful cobweb (made of thread).. and they make these spiders/ bats.. hang actual nests etc... i mean the only thing i could think of was tearing the stars from the ceiling and scattering it around.. and strewing paper here and there.. the height of my creativity levels!! BTW, we didnt even do all that!!!

And then during the evening, there was a question asked .. whats your talent.. are there any talented people around.. and i promptly hid myself behind cubicles.. i cannot sing.. CANNOT sing sounds better... i draw ok.. but you would be really hard pressed to find any talent there (i did try.. picked up books for the same.. but tried only a day or two.. now my niece uses that book as a playbook).... i cant play any instrument.. dance.. i can dance.. is freestyle bollywood govinda style dance classified as a talent? I guess not!!!

Pretty talentless I am.. I envy people who can sing!!!! Now Bongs are a different breed altogether!! Every bong (usually) is multi talented.. i have a friend who sings / plays flute / guitar/ tabla.. you name it!!!! How is it that they can do all this!!!!!!!

When i was a kid.. i got inspired by my friend who wrote poems.. and i was like.. yeah i can do that!!! For days, i tried.. thought of some theme / topic to write about (one was "postman").. let me clarify i was in 3rd or 4th std!!! And i couldnt write anything... the page was blank.. blanker than before if it could be possible.. mocking at me!!!! I also tried writing jokes once (again when very young).. i created my own joke.. a person keeping his hands around (above) the lemonade pan (as if protecting it)when the lemonade is being stirred.. when asked why.. he says its to prevent wastage ..all the drops (cheente) will hit my hand / palm and will go back into the pan!!! like Hahhahahaah.. and that was the end of my jokes career!!!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Expressing solidarity with Taj

Well, we didnt intend to do that.. it just so happened that we went for brunch yesterday to Taj Residency .. the day Taj Mahal Hotel opened to visitors!!!

We have spent many a good moments at Taj - our honeymoon was at Taj Kumarakom.. and we visited Taj Palace Delhi quite often (whenever my husband used to come to delhi)... we also celebrated both our annivs there.... hmmmmmmm...

Snapping back to reality... coming back to the brunch.. what an amazing time we had.. we were sat by the poolside.. literally by the pool.. if it were really windy, i would surely have fallen into the pool.. water lapping by the feet etc etc.. and it was nice and warm.. fuzzy warm...

To complement the sunshine and beat the slight chill, they had the live counter right there.. lamb, prawn etc etc.. so we started our meal with wine.. i fed myself as i have never fed myself before!!!! Started with chaat.. gol gappe.. went on to pasta.. lamb.. stir fry veggies.. lip smacking!!

Then the salad / main course and finally the desert. We finished the meal with a brilliant digestive they give (you need to ask for it).. its honey lemon in hot water.. tastes marvellous (ravalgaon candy melted in water)!!

We were there for about 2 hrs!!! An amazing lunch... great company (my husband i.e.).. didnt wanna move from there.. were sitting around till all guests left.. were sitting around still when the restaurant managers etc starting having their lunch.. it was when they started clearing tables.. i think the chill also had got a lot to do with the movement.. we got up.. satiated.. satisfied.. with the thought that we probably never ever need to eat again!!!!

Turned out to be an amazingly romantic lunch.. as it always is when you are eating at Taj (as a couple i.e.).. you come out of the hotel and suddenly you are pulled back to real world.. honking, pedestrians.. hawkers.. bikes.. its crazy!!
Watched Oye lucky Lucky Oye on Tata Sky. People from Delhi will be able to connect with it.. the language used.. like oye monk- ee ... Its so delhi!! Its so punju... you can watch the movie just for this reason!!!!

Theres something about Abhay Deol. He is completely unlike the Deol family in terms of the roles essayed.. refreshingly the entire movie, he didnt scream, shout, beat up people (except once).. he plays the role of a petty thief.. an affable one.. who even chit chats with the people he stole from!!! A cute movie this..

Also watched A Wednesday on TV... it may give people ideas esp after Nov 26!!! A good movie again.. Nasseerudin Shah rocked.. and Anupam Kher too!!! They have actually tried to show it like they show "intelligence" meetings in English movies.. that seemed a bit over the top.. else movie was definitely worth watching!!!
Was up till 2 last night filling up my appraisal form!!! Phew!!!!
Today was christmas competition at work - we had to decorate our bays.. and people were enthu enough to start right in the morning.. even come over the weekend.. we as usual (am always late lateef) started in the afternoon thinking we have 2 days before the judgement is pronounced.. it was, you guessed it right, today itself... we started our grand plan by making stars.. pls note the use of the word MAKING... yes we made zillions and gazillions of stars out of thermocol covered with glaze paper.. however much we did, it was always less.. we ended up as we started.. we were still making stars when the judges turned up...(lesson learnt.. make less stars) ...some of which we were actually able to attach to the ceiling.. we also made a cute little snowman.. a WHITE Xmas tree which we decorated with coloured confetti which fell off... a lots of snow, READ COTTON, on everyone's desk.... some other bay won the award... but at least ours was the one wherein we actually made stuff, not bought and displayed..(also spent the least money.. i like to think we were creative with the less material, less resources we had!!!) ... and it showed ...stars with the corners missing... glaze paper coming out.. we had enough paper only to cover one side of the zillion stars (it seemed like zillion when cutting)... so when stuck it on the ceiling, the white part (the thermocol side) is what showed throughout .. all because of the AC, damn it !!!! Also the judges asked us to explain our theme (what theme?????).. so i said.. theres stars on the ceiling.. snow.. snowman with pipe.. theres the christmas tree etc as opposed to the other bay's Mumbai carnage etc etc!!!

And tom is messy day... the theme i.e. .. now thats not too difficult is it...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy post part 2 - this is how a weekend should be like

Ultra lazy.

Yeah, thats about the best way of describing blissful, close to perfect weekends..

Like today ... evening is young.. many many hours to go.. and lo and behold tom is sunday!! :)
This time on a saturday is usually just purrrfect!!! Hmmmm

I used to wake up (a few yrs back) directly around lunch time and then promptly go back to sleep. I have of course taken a turn for the worse (or some say better) and get back up at around 8.30-9.00am.. my parents still get shocked when i call them at that time.. why are you up so early they say.. they are just not able to get over it..

Anyway, today woke up at 10.30.. waking up for me is a process.. which i thoroughly indulge in during weekends.. which means i wake up.. stare at the ceiling for a bit.. stretch.. then again stare.. look around.. nap some more.. wake up.. sit for a while.. hunt for hairband .. mobile... and then finally wake up!!! And of course I am never properly awake till i have my tea. I am a total tea drinker.. and the drink has to be made in the perfect way.. which obviously no one else but I make.. a tough ask of myself, esp over the weekend.. but what to do (tea deserves another post actually.. will elaborate next time)..

Post tea + paper .. it is time for... you would think breakfast... but most of the times, no it is not.. i am not a morning person.. and i really admire women/ men who are able to go into the kitchen and start their day by making breakfast. Dont get me wrong, i love breakfast.. absolutely love it.. if someone makes it or buys it or takes me to it. Of course a few days of the year, i do go into that much trouble (the deal is, if we breakfast then no lunch as usually by the time i finish making breakfast its already 11-11.30 OR if we lunch then no breakfast.. seldom have i been able to manage both) .. so we usually manage the breakfast time with some biscuits + tea.. basically starve ourselves till lunchtime...

By around 11-12, i am up and running and then make lunch. And then we hog as we have been starving all thsi while ..Post lunch I am too tired.. and immediately curl down in my bed with a book and drop off when reading. Post lunch nap on weekend is the best part of the weekend i think.. just the thought of even the remotest possibility of sleeping during the day makes me feel as if i have attained nirvana. I LOVE IT!!!!

But of course, I cant sleep too much (not cant, dont want to).. coz then when I wake up, it would be dark.. and I start feeling cranky as the day has just gone past.. wasted.. as if feeling woozy isnt bad enough.

Dinner outside.. some wine.. nice!!!!

Sunday - same pattern.. except a nice romantic english movie or an old hindi comedy movie (amol palekar types) ..or even a nice mallu comedy(very rare nowadays)...on the telly in the afternoon.. bliss..

And in between all this, i usually rush to the theatre for some movie or the other... a weekend can never be complete without one... so many a times, we watch the morning show.. less money and then once awake (if awake) i feel happy as even after the movie the entire day lies ahead of you!!! Some shopping (even though i am not a shopping person.. i feel happy looking at the all the things bought esp if bought for me) and my weekend is done!!!! Happily done.

And there are many variations to the perfect weekend theme.. but will get into it some other time!!!! Right now my bucket full of hot water awaits me!!!! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy post

I am determined to write a happy post today..its friday after all.. had enough of depressing talk at work.. waste of a day today!!

But on to the happy post! I was reading PG Wodehouse a few days back and saved a nice line (on my phone lest i forget it) that i read in the book... basically quarrel between a couple and the girl tells the guy...

"Everyday you seem to know less and less about more and more"

.. why am i reproducing this in my post i dont know... but i found it extremely cute and funny.. of course!!!

Now that i have decided i need to write some nice and warm and sunny.. i dont know what to write about.. i am blank.. writer's block you think?

Some random music playing in the background... hmmm.. actually i am feeling sleepy.. will continue the post tomorrow...

Did you see the AR Rahman new video? The hugs for free video.. extremely cute it is! Hmmm.. ok.. me off now.. will write tom.. extremely sleepy.. tom the weekend starts, hope the sun is shining nice and bright tom.

I know i shouldnt publish this post.. an extremely inconsequential post.. but what the heck.. at times inconsequential is what we need ...

i am talking crap.. good night...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its that time of the year

When appraisals happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this time.. totally...

Appraisals have always been a kind of nightmare for me.. wresting a good rating from my various bosses... giving ratings to my colleagues.. recriminations.. shouting matches.. slamming doors.. arguments..

For some reason or the other appraisals never go off smoothly (except for the 2 times i can think of.. in my 7.5 yrs of work life).. if you dont have tears in your eyes.. look carefully around you.. your colleagues will!!!

And anyway, most of the times i am not very convinced about the appraisal system, in research in any case... the problem is i am very touchy about my performance.. if its unfounded by any chance, then the boss has had it from me!!!!

An extremely energy sapping exercise this!!! And i hate filling forms.. sob sob

Cant we just have a happy appraisal time.. which is actually motivating... instead of this cruel monster that it has become... wishful thinking, you say..

So this year... lets see how it goes.. i am wary... i am already tired of whats to come..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little bit of stardust in my life

My second day at the gym.. did i say in my last post that it doesnt ache too much... well, take it all back... christ how much they made me do... if was twisting in one direction.. i would stop at a certain level.. and these guys would just twist me at my waist a little more.. and ask.. is it stretching.. are you feeling the pain.... i am feeling the pain all right.. all that bit bout parts falling off and need to be out back together.. is coming true!!!!!

Well, anyway, i apparently need to get off this gym topic.. coz some people tell me that i have been at it for too long already!!!! So "people" please see, except for the first few lines (you need to give me that leeway.. its a new thing for me),the rest of the post wont mention the word gym at all!!!

Have you ever bumped into Celebs? Well, i have... personally met (eat your hearts out) Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan.. the highlight of my 2.5 yrs of work at the current workplace!!! lol!! But anyway, it was fantastic.. absolutely out of the world experience.. meeting both father and son in the space of a week (scarlett, remember?).. charming men.. totally... and humble!!! And post that meeting, i went on jumping around like crazy couldnt sit still... went to prithvi theatre cafe and went mad.. i spoke non stop , the entire day, night talking to anyone who was willing to listen.. in fact my uncle even congratulated me at this feat saying no one in the family had never ever even seen these gentlemen forget about meeting them!!!! lol

And whats funny is .. just the thought of somebody you know having met a celeb is equally exciting if not more!!! Like someone i know met Aamir Khan.. how cool is that.. i would do anything to meet him.. hes my eternal favourite!!! I am so waiting for Ghajini!!!

I remember when i used to be crazy about cricket (in college), Rahul Dravid was a hot favourite amongst all of us.. and a close friend of mine.. her brother used to idolise dravid.. his dad took him to see the practice match but it was over by the time they got there.. so his dad as a surprise for the kid.. called at Taj Hotel and asked to speak with Dravid and they connected him immediately (sound of an older person .. rather non screaming non delirious non girl maybe)..and handed over the phone to the kiddo.. who was traumatised.. didnt know what to say etc.. and after this incident.. me and my friend went mad.. just thinking about the fact that her brother.. HER BROTHER..had actually spoken to Dravid.. it was the talk of the college at that time!!!!

Continuing on the same track (cricket freak one).. once when i had started working (in delhi).. the world cup was happening.. and it was India vs New Zealand i think.. we could not watch TV at work as some random client had walked in and was sitting right there.. in the TV room!! So off we went to PVR to watch the match through some showroom window.. and it was all desolate.. we were wondering where are the people.. theres such a big match happening and no people at the window.. how can that be..people always hang around a TV... then someone from our office told us.. whats wrong with u people.. why in the world are you stuck to this window.. theres shooting of 'Ek Hasina thi' happening right in front of you.. and there they were.. Saif Ali Khan and Urmila Matondkar!!! No, we didnt meet them.. we glanced at them and went back to the match!!! Such impudence!!!

Of course, one keeps bumping into some celeb or the other at the airport... ok i didnt mean it the way it sounds.. i have seen a few .. KK, Sonu Nigam, Konkana Sen etc.. nice people.. who i do like but wouldnt take an autograph (so embarassing it is.. my mom was extremely upset that i didnt even say hello to sonu nigam, i had seen him during the Sa re ga ma time!!!!).. which reminds me of the time when we met Amitabh Bachchan.. we just went talked work and left.. he even asked us for tea/ coffee but we refused(????)... utter nutcases we were.. in awe of him maybe.. so perhaps he will remember us as the only people, girls who met him and never took his autograph or photograph!!!! In fact, me and a friend of mine used to stay very close to his house.. and we used to keep planning and plotting.. that we will get drunk.. and then go and knock on the big door of his house and demand to meet him.. and then we would ruminate..they wont throw girls out right?? Anyway we never got around to doing that!!!

Once we saw Ratan Tata.. he is the one person who i want to shake hands with definitely, besides Aamir Khan!!! But i couldnt.. he was too walking too fast, and i couldnt catch up with him :(.. though i did say hi to his someone who was with him!!! Otherwise usually, i am happy with just seeing such people.

And of course then there are wannabes.. who will dress weirdly.. act pricey .. act as if you should know them.. the starlets!!! They look so harsh! I mean un appealing!!!

Ok so now i have run out of things to say... need to take my poor aching body to bed.. rest it for tomorrows torture!! But before i go...

So whats next... I wanna meet Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan once again... sometime in my life.. and of course Aamir Khan.. Ratan Tata...A R Rahman (he is a genius isnt he...). blah blah blah...

You... star struck person..who.. who me?? Tchach!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My first day at the gym

I am happy.

So finally i did make it to the gym. Throughout the day i was quite morose.. its the weather i think.. i am sunshine girl really.. and cold weather, nip in the air is not my cup of tea.. i woke up in the morning.. and the day looked so dreary... maybe also because my parents left yesterday... dragged my feet to the office.. mailed / messaged my friends telling them how bored i am.. i had quite a lot of work mind you.. but there are these days when one is so dull..

And i absolutely didnt wanna go to the gym.. i just wanted to go home.. and do nothing.. mope around..

But i did.. go to the gym.. and i am glad.. i am actually feeling chirpy and better.. this lady took my family history.. checked my BMI .. which 19.6 (normal apparently) and then asked me why do want to join a gym.. i was like stamina.. toning up.. general fitness... she was like.. yeah weight loss ...definitely not!!!! So they did a fitness test.. inital warm up was quite ok.. then the treadmill.. and she said.. your stamina levels are extremely poor.. i couldnt do one of the weight exercise.. as in i did upto 1 level... at the 2nd i felt my muscles are gonna tear or something... but then felt embaraased at not being able to do so as the instructor went on asking me .. sure.. one more... just try once..(literally pleading.. maybe in the history of the gym, theres no one who have not done at least 2 levels)).. so finally i said ok.. i will give it one more shot.. and i did do it but my shoulders were smarting after that!!! lol.. that woman must be laughing at my levels!!! But anyway, i was the slimmest there!!!

And i had thought.. my body parts would be all falling out.. i would probably need to cajole them back together.. but it didnt happen.. slight pain in the muscles.. but thats about it.. in fact if i remember correctly, i felt worse when i used to walk..

The point being.. i dont know why it made me feel good.. i am back to my normal self.. morose face / mood almost gone!!! I am glad that i went to the gym!!
First day at gym.. not bad.. not bad at all!!!! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I did it!

After months, no let me correct myself.. years of dilly dallying , i have finally joined something..a gym.

I am an extremely lazy person.. I dont exercise at all.. if i could i would spend the entire day lolling about in bed.. unfortunately for me i cannot..

I think i must have mentioned in one of my previous posts.. but anyway.. i have a habit of starting things and not really completing them.. i get bored basically.. so when in bombay i used to go walking everyday for about 15 days at a stretch.. and then i fell ill.. and then we went to S'pore.. and then went to Kerala.. then in laws came over.. and then my parents.. so with something or the other it never really took off .. but to prepare for it, i bought - tracks, tees, sneakers!!!! And i used all the above mentioned stuff for a grand total of 30 days!!!

I also did yoga for about a month at home... got bored.. one day thought i will do it tom.. and then the same thing happened everyday.. after a few months i started exercising at home... again was at it for only about 15 odd days!

Thought about swimming.. did all the requisite research (see i am true to my profession!!!).. didnt join.. thought about aerobics.. found a place.. didnt join.. same with dance..

So now that I am in Blore.. i have decided to try again.. went to Golds gym.. too far.. went to talwalkar.. ok not too great instructors.. went to fitness studio.. near my place but expensive inflexible..
Decided on Talwalkar... then spent about a month contemplating if i should join aerobics (as i dont see myself as a gym person) or gym.. after taking the painful decision of joining aerobics.. spoke to the aerobics instructor who told me that he has shut shop there!! Talk about signs!!! Hmmmph..

So no option left but to join the gym.. and then the next decision - 3 months or 1 yr.. 1 yr is heavily discounted.. was, am totally confused.. am worried that i will take up a 1 yr thing and then not go.. my track record is such!!!! My husband says.. join for a year.. parents say 3 mths.. and so it continues..In fact have been preparing my auto wala for a month.. that he will need to come in the evening.. from this week, next week etc etc..

But finally have joined a 3 month thing (with the promise i will be upgraded to 1yr if i want to).. unfortunately i again need to decide on it by end of this month!!! Basically in effect i have just postponed the decision making.. that too by 15 days...Decisions decisions.. damn!!

But anyway, finally i paid up.. As i was sitting with the lady from Talwalkar.. i wanted to run away and not commit.. so i said.. i want to know how many people are there at this time.. so i went to the gym area to count the number of people working out.. spoke to the trainer.. then came down.. said i dont have photographs.. will join tom... then started asking questions like when you say upgrade after 10 days, how will you count the 10 days?Will you count the days i wont come.... the terms and conditions state transfer doesnt happen.. what if i leave blore in the next few months (remember i only joined for 3 mths) .. and she said no worries.. can be transfered... i was almost willing her to say.. ma'am its not possible.. and then i would have run away... the more that lady was wanting me to join, the more i didnt want to (this scene comes to my trying to resist when someone is hell bent on pulling your legs and taking you somewhere forcibly.. your nails ripping through the floorboards.. ooh gross!)!!! So anyway I was looking for any excuse to not join...very similar to that moment in Hera Pheri when Sunil Shetty needs to sign some document and keeps on hearing this song .. golmaal hai sab golmaal hai.. but finally i just thought to myself.. hello, silly woman what are you doing.. just join or you will never do it... ... so in that moment i flicked my credit card out and gave it to her before i could think of other reasons for not joining... and the minute it was in her hand.. i was like oh god, what did i just do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have sold my soul!!!!!

And whats funny is.. on the way back home.. a thought came to my mind.. god doesnt want me to exercise.. all signs point to the same thing.. the aerobics thing shut down.. the Talwalkar bill went flying out of the auto when i was on my way back home.. all signs... but now i have paid up.. so lets see if i can sustain this like i have been able to sustain blogging!!!! Its a good thing right.. so why do i feel i am about to be guillotined.. :(

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Of weddings and receptions

Just attended a reception here at Bangalore. Went all guns firing.. i mean all decked up.. make up (i think this would be the first time post marriage that i even put on foundation.. second time actually).. why.. god knows.. reception was on account of my dad's old friends son.. we (the kids) dont know them that well.. basically me and husband just tagged along. for a free dinner!!! :) But anyway, we were there at 8 (party on at full swing).. in fact people were already on their way out.. and here i was .. afraid that we would be served dinner late.. we were too early.. but anyway, we took the perfunctionary photo with the bride and the groom.. posed.. sat till what we thought was respectable time to go hog (8.30 pm).. ate some insipid food... usually i am not able to eat too much at weddings however much i try.. maybe because theres so much food! And we were back home at 9.30!

This time thing is such a South Indian thing... in kerala.. there is a very weird system at marriages.. and people who are not used to it are often bemused by it.. like my husband!!
The mahurat is normally a half an hour time slot in which the wedding takes place.. extremely simple.. you blink and you miss the wedding.. now at least it stretches to half an hour.. at my wedding (which was in delhi).. many people missed the actual ceremony... as they came according to delhi standards!!! And once the ceremony is over.. there is a queue to meet the couple.. a long winding queue.. it goes like absolute clockwork.. flows like a symphony.. people go greet the couple on stage.. pose for a pic.. get off the stage.. go straight to the eating area.. eat, wash hands.. and leave .. by around 11.30am (please note i said AM and not PM) the only people around are the bride and the groom and the immediate family wrapping up.. its an extremely strange thing.. people just dont hang around.. i have never understood why.. is it because they need to go elsewhere or go home and sleep or what.. god knows!!!

And extreme contrast to this is the North Indian wedding.. time on the card..8.30pm.. god alone help you if you reach , let alone at 8.30 (as advised on the card), at even 9.00pm!! The poor people who reach.. need to wait. with their tongues lolling about.. attacking whatever little snacks come their way.. the minute the clock strikes 10.00, you can actually hear the baraat round the corner.. message travels fast.. there is a frenzy of excitement among guests.. a collective sigh of relief.. after a long period of starvation.. so basically as the baraat enters the wedding site (its already 10.30pm because they need to dance the entire way, block all the traffic.. otherwise no fun), and i really mean as the baraat is entering the place.. parallely the guests all rush to the dining area.. usually they open the food stuff once the baraat comes in.. stuff the jayamala, stuff the wedding, I am hungry ...or so the call goes!!!

Of course as a spectator, its good fun to attend the weddings!! As long as they are not too long.. But as bride and groom.. thank god it happens only once.. and thank god that in my case -
1) 2 marriages didnt happen (i am a mallu and my husband a telugu)
2) marriage happened the mallu way ..the blink and you miss way (apparently andhra weddings are extremely long)

As a bride, one thing nice , that you really enjoy, for sometime at least is that you are centre of attention.. which you regret precisely 5 mins post the ceremony starts.. the cynosure of all eyes.. tiring it is.. i got married in the delhi heat. silk sari.. gold.. gajra...garland. you get the picture.. i was literally falling off the stage..and of course the photographers.. the videographers.. you just want to kill them all.. esp the beauticians who insist on whitening your face... ostensibly for the video.. and you end up looking a person whose face has been freshly whitewashed.. thankfully for me this happened only during reception.. the face whitening bit.. and that too was in moderation unlike some friends of mine.. and the killer is meeting people.. i have never ever met so many people in my life.. but by the end of the day you kind become a pro at it..

the mantra being.. smile at people.. and mumble "uncle aunty kaise hain aap"... take the gift (i love that bit.. very materialistic!!).. thank them.. invite them for a photo..and then on to the next uncle aunty...

Life is tough.. marriages are not easy.. they keep such weddings / receptions to prepare you for it... for the life ahead...boss, now do you understand.. marriage is not a simple task.. receptions are just a precursor to it!!

I can happily say.. i passed the test.. the wedding/ reception bit..without losing my temper..actually come to think of it.. i did lose my temper ..

I was a bride 2.5 yrs ago.. eons ago.. hmmmm...advice anyone?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tales of Beedle the Bard and ...

I want to write about 2 very specific things tonight -

Tales of Beedle the Bard as promised .... i cant say i was waiting for it eagerly .. like i was for" The Deathly Hallows" .. the reason being i didnt even know that this book was going to be published .. But when i did come to know (about the time that the book got released).. i was like.. wow, JK Rowling's next book.. a connection with Harry Potter... the book got my vote.. and now its mine!

At Landmark, when i saw the book, i squealed.. an internal squeal actually, lest you think i do such kind of things in public places.. squeal because i had forgotten that this book has actually released.. And i smiled..a 75mm.. a smile i maintained all the while i examined the book.. the beautiful cover.. the first page of the book which says.. translated by Hermonie Granger (i think) and notes by Albus Dumbledore.. I was happy.. I went on smiling at the world in general.. happy with my catch..

But i didnt read it for a few days.. its a thin book you see.. i was afraid i will finish it even before i started.. so i wanted to be patient.. read each word properly.. finally read it on thursday night!

The book has 5 stories basically.. for those of you who have read all Harry Potter books, one of the stories is the "Tale of 3 brothers". The stories in itself are not as exciting. its like panchatantra.. with a moral attached to it.. Whats exciting are Dumbledore's notes (yeah i know, but thats how JKR refers to the notes as if Dumbledore was a real human being..).. wherein he analyses the stories.. talks about its history etc.. it also has these postscripts.. some of which take you back into the Harry Potter world!!

So the stories in itself are nothing much to talk about.. i like it.. because it is an extension, ok not an extension, but linked (.01%.. so what) indirectly to my all time favourite books! So it has great sentimental value attached to it and i treasure it!
We come to point no 2. Today was somewhat exciting... In the evening went to Chitra Kala Parishat.. basically an exhibition .. wherein people come from all over the country and set up stalls.. like a mela.. Delhi Haat of Bangalore, i couldnt resist that :)

All 4 of us (my parents+ husband+me) put together bought some, no, a lot of general random stuff.. 2 wall hangings, 2 diffusers, 3 pairs of earrings, 1 chatai, 1 mug (a decorative item), 1 lamp or is it 2, 1 set of payal, a few key holders, a kurta, a shawl, some elephants with bells (to hang at the door).. i am listing down all that we bought just to highlight the very strange assortment of stuff we ended up collecting.. but thats the beauty of such fairs.. all these nick nacks that you end up buying which you would never ever have bought otherwise.. i loved it.. except we couldnt eat chaat :(
And the best part is coming back home and examining the spoils of the war.. how much was paid.. does it look nice.. hanging stuff.. trying it out.. the 2 elephant things are already hanging by the door.. and we also tried the diffuser.. just to see if we can smell any fragrance... and of course i am wearing my anklet :) .. it has this one bead that makes the "chan chan" noise..

Gosh.. these trinkets excite me so... :) I am happy. And boy, its only saturday night!!!

There was no point i wanted to make really.. i generally wrote that .. just spreading happiness and light (Uncle Fred - PGWodehouse)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Now showing.. rab ne bana di jodi

First day.. not the first show but first day nevertheless... theres something about watching a movie in a theatre when the world is working.. a feeling of general goodness envelops you thinking such thoughts.. lasted till the movie started!!!

I took my mom to see this movie.. dad was out of town.. and before my parents move off to kerala i thought i will take my mom out as her chances of watching a hindi movie in kerala that too in the theatre are not very high.. why this movie .. well, mom liked baghbaan after all.. this movie too should be ok.. ok ok , i cant completely absolve myself.. i admit i was curious!!

So on to the movie.... what can i say.. totally twisted movie .. in a cruel sort of a way..

So there is this beautiful girl.. who because of some reasons is forced to get married to this loser guy aka SRK.. aka common man (as perceived by the director).. a guy who doesnt know how to smile.. goes by the name of surinder sahney (or suri).. a quintessentially nice guy.. bechara guy.. kind of cute you might even say... works with Punjab Power.. lighting up your life!! She decides that she will be a good wife even though she cant love him.. they both sleep in separate rooms.. she packs his lunch in a yellow tiffin box everyday.

So Suri decides he will be the hero of her life.. and when she goes to dance class.. transforms himself one night.. basically SRK with no mustache.. tight jeans.. even tighter T-shirt with beads.. who becomes her dancing partner everyday in the evening.. a loud character.. a roadside romeo type of behaviour.. here is where you start to bang your head against the wall..

1) why would anyone like such brash weird guy who talks crap... stuff like.. hum hain rahi pyaar ke..phir milenge..chalte chalte.. the girl to her credit does find it irritating but only the first time.. she finds it cute (yuck yuck!!) later.. and to top it, they have made a song out of it.. eeeyyyuuucckkk

2) And girlie.. named taani.. cant you see that its suri.. comeon how difficult is it.. a guy with mustache .. a guy without mustache.. its suri damn you!!! Of course, she realises it only in the last scene where they are dancing for the competition .. when suri turns up instead of raj and dances like him (surprise surprise).. तभी बिजली कड़कती है! Helllllllooooooooooo... like really!!!

3) So anyway, she likes this weird character who is apparently manly etc etc..(from what angle pray).. and it doesnt help matters of course that SRK is completely over the top in the character of Raj Kapoor.. a guy cannot suddenly become talkative, talk to random people.. dance.. flirt.. do things out of character suddenly one night that he decides to wear something else.. that too a guy who is completely roughshod as suri!! Here i need to stop a thought (in case you do get it when reading this).. हिन्दी मूवी मैं दिमाग बहार रखना चाहिए.. i hate this comment.. also the one.. यह तो हिन्दी मूवी है please stop in case you are thinking it!!!

4) So while she declares she will be a good wife etc etc.. she spends evenings, entire days with Raj.. and then is flabbergasted when he proposes to her.. All this while Raj does not tell her he is suri..

5) A twist in the story (this is where you start to question your motives of wanting to watch this).. even when she tells him she loves him.. he still doesnt tell her.. this part i found so regressive.. he says .. she needs to like him as he is i.e. suri.. she needs to realise it that raj is different and he is not raj .. then why in the world does he test her.. .. look at the mentality of the man.. so regressive.. he wants to know if she will leave him (suri) and run away with him (raj)...why in the world do you even try to change yourself into something you are not and then not tell her.. and then keep comparing yourself (you of course) with raj (again you)!!!!! For what.. isnt this cheating.. and what irritates me so much is that she isnt even angry when she comes to know that they are the same people.. she is all over him like.. this is love etc etc.. open your eyes woman!!!

6) How does suri (in his way) show that he loves her.. by taking her to a fair and fighting with a sumo wrestler to win tickets to japan!! A bloody (literally speaking) SRK is all that one needed to complete the show!! And who does that!!!! It doesnt make logical sense.. for a peace loving (as they show suri to be), calm person to fight some random guy..

7) I forgot to add point no 7.. this girl after admitting that she likes Raj goes to Golden Temple with Suri.. she prays to god " मुझे भी रब दिखा दो" the funda beign you will be able to see god in the the man you love!!! And lo and behold.. she opens her eyes.. and who is walking towards her.. its suriiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!

8) And then the obvious happens.. she doesnt leave suri.. tells raj no.. and in the dance competition, suri comes and dances with her.. she comes to know.. they are in love.. go to japan!

Why? I ask you why? Oh well.. So what was good about the movie.. SRK as suri is somewhat endearing.. .. one scene wherein taani rides the bike with raj behind is quite good (girl power!!).. Anoushka Nair ..that my niece lol.. whats her name.. Anoushka Sharma i think is good.... the credits are good (they are actually good.. this was not sarcastic.. really..i mean really.. not kidding)... also the fact that i saw a movie on friday was good.. that too in the afternoon.. brilliant.. last row.. i love it!!! :)

The basic story i am sure was nice when written.. somewhere it got lost.. the concept was good.. the common man story.. but strangely twisted like i said.. this multiple personality thingummy!!

So should you watch it... watch if you must.. its difficult for me to trash a movie.. i generally like movies.. so.... mom also didnt like it too much.. if that helps...

Anyway, now i want to watch.. the day the earth stood still (is it).. and Ghajini of course (just that i wont be able to watch the first weeknd show :( )..
I am also dying to put in a post on Tales of Beedle the Bard.. next one maybe!!!!

Happy weekend!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A general post.. after a long time

मैं हिन्दी मैं टाइप कर रही हूँ॥ यह तो बहुत ही सही चीज़ है॥ इसका मतलब है मैं अब हिन्दी गाने , जो मुझे पसंद है, अपने ब्लॉग पे दाल सकती हूँ!!!!!

Well, i dont know how to put daal.. daal with a dee and not thee.. never mind.. its still cool..

Not just songs... but anything!!!!!!!!! This is so wonderful.. i am not a prolific hindi writer.. but this tool is so powerful.. there are times, dont you agree, when you hunt for certain phrases in english.. which are actually best expressed in hindi!!! This is so cool.. I didnt know this tool existed even..

Song i am humming right now.. आहिस्ता आहिस्ता मुझे यकीन हो गया , आहिस्ता आहिस्ता यह दिल कहीं खो गया, यूँ गिरा गिरा है चाँद या तेरी है रौशनी, यूँ उडी उडी सी है यह ज़मीन आहिस्ता.. .... From Bachna Ae Haseeno.. This is so b****y fantastic..

Today was a holiday on account of Eid.. it was a surprise holiday.. actually while it was a part of the holiday list, i was not aware of it!!! A pleasant surprise it was..

Just lazed around.. watched a movie called The Matchmaker ...which i have a feeling i have seen in Goa ... in a theatre, that too..

Read.. Archies.. PG Wodehouse - a book called Uncle Dynamite..
And have just read one story from Tale of Beedle the Bard. I want to take my time to read it.. nice and slow..

In the last few days, read a book called Ladies Coupe .. given, rather lended to me by a colleague of mine.. quite a different book.. i am not able to decide whether i like it or not..

Its a story about 6 women traveling by train in the ladies coupe.. a story of their lives.. i can identify with one part... so many women, so many different stories.. it reminds me of the lunch hour at work.. at the lunch table, most of us are women ... at different stages of life.. unmarried. newly married. married for a couple of years.. married with kids.. the stories we all bring to the table.. not stories, but snippets of our lives... all different.. all of us different but bound together, merged, linked somehow .. maybe because we are women (i think only women can understand my gibberish.. ).. i dont know if i can explain it better.. But anyway, thats the bit i can identify with the book, Ladies Coupe...

The stories of each woman in itself i could not connect to...some are too way off.. too fantastic for it have happened.. yet i am sure it does happen.. i could not appreciate it.. really!

Which is why i cannot make up my mind.. do i like it... maybe... do i not like it.. maybe not..

And of course, in the news.. focus has shifted to elections!!! I cant vote .. as i need to be a resident for 6 mths!!! :(

And a general post doesnt mean that I have forgotten.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Discussions, revelations, retorts, replies, arguments...

Discussions, revelations, retorts, replies, arguments... all our senses are assailed by hordes and hordes of discussions.. this person said this.. how dare he.. media did a good job.. a terrible job.. bomb the terror camps.. patience... what are we doing.. what are they doing.... snippets of multitudes of discussions happening now on TV post the "26/11" incident!

Most channels are getting some people or the other to talk to.. actors.. corporates.. journalists..

All good.. you need to talk .. try to understand what happened.. and understand how can we curtail ti.. what can we do about it.. I mean to say, yes its required.. but one question that comes to my mind.. will the action really happen?

There was a discussion on NDTV wherein they got all corporates.. like Adi Godrej, Kishore Biyani etc.. and came up with some action plan .. some suggestions to the govt.. like cess for security.. wherein they mentioned that they are willing to pay, contribute towards the training of police forces, the weaponry etc... .. very interesting discussion this.. .. somebody had already filed a PIL .. they also talked about setting up a system wherein eminent citizens are a part of the implementation program..and what i liked about it was that NDTV (i think) is planning to write a white paper on it and actually submit it to the govt to ensure it happens... most of the channels are generally getting people and just holding some random discussions..

Another thing that came up... i dont remember if this was a part of the NDTV discussion or some other discussions.. where they were planning to create a code of conduct / guidelines in such situations!! And thats great!!!! If the fallout of this situation does actually streamline media's role.. its fantastic..

Talking about media... Barkha Dutt has replied to criticisms about the way the entire incident was handled by journalists.. Pls read it.. its there on their site.. she says.. the relative of victims wanted to share with us............... we were not pestering them.. the hostages who got released wanted to share with us... there were so many ppl from media, that overcrowding will happen obviously!!!

While do admire the media's role .. how they were there .. on the spot.. capturing things even when firing was going on in the background.. even then, they were extremely ruthless when talking to victims or relatives..
I remember one scene.. wherein the lady in question talked about a curtain for at least 15-20 mins.. just went on saying this is the curtain.. this is the curtain.. i thought she was going to start talking about the material in a second!!! It was as if.. anything goes!! Apparently one channel talked about pigeons near Taj ..this i got as a forward !!!!

I hope sincerely that we are able to see these various action plans that have come to the fore through to the very end!!!!

On a separate note... i watched dostana.. i quite liked it.. actually i did!! The gay jokes were a bit over the top.. but still this movie is so far away from a normal Karan Johar weepy, ostentatious movie.. its breezy and its actually different!!!
I picked up Tales of Beetle the Bard!!! Waiting to read it .. its a very thin havent started reading yet.. afraid i will finish it even before i start!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What can we do...just one more thought..

One thought of what we can do ... Can we all organise sessions.. at our own workplaces to talk about voting and the importance of voting? It may be a small activity.. but can we in our own small way try to talk to people at work .. even others .. any community.. people..who we are in touch with ... a drop in the ocean... but a drop nevertheless... will it work? Can we be effective? Is this doable?

NDTV got a Pakistani editor , another Indian editor from Business Line i think and Rakesh Maria (Crime Branch, Bombay police) together through VC.. This guy, the Pakistani editor went on saying.. why is there a media trial.. if that terrorist is a pakistani, show us evidence.. he could be lying.. anyway whatever police says is not admissible in court.. show evidence!!! Anyway, we are willing to cooperate.. set up a joint committee with members from both countries... show evidence

To this the Indian editor reacted saying the terrorist is not the only evidence.. there have been sat phones recovered which show phone calls being made to Pakistan.. the GPS system which shows the origin destination clearly... and that guy , the other editor retailiated by saying.. why there is a media trial.. you are only saying what they (read police) are telling you.. and you cant talk about what happened in 2006 or any other year because it doesnt help...
And finally... do you want Oakistan to cooperate or not.. that is the question you need to answer!!

In a separate news... even the Pakistani President in an interview to some American media has said there is no proof that the terrorist caught is a Pakistani.. he probably is not a Pakistani at all!!!

What do you make of all this????? They are just buying time.. they are caught in this situation.. and this is the only way they can think of reacting.. by total denial.. and defiance!!!

Do they think that all Indians are just waiting for an opportunity to pin the blame on them for anything that happens in this country??


Many people have written to Taj and they have put in a page on their website! These people.. include guests, old employees, general public..

So many people hae written talking about their wanting to help with re-building Taj.. some have said they will book rooms for the first day of re-opening of the hotel..some foreigners have said that they ahd never visited India before but their intention to do so is just stronger now and they will stay at the Taj.... some have written they are planning to buy shares to show support.. one person even said that he is willing to waive off his dividend.. and one couple wanted to know the name of the girl (an employee of the hotel) who was with them for 7 hrs!!!

Its just amazing to read all this .. this outpouring of support.. a sense of pride envelops you!! There is a change you can sense all around you...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So what do we do?

The question is what can we do? We have talked, cribbed about politics, politicians.. As citizens of this country, what is it that we can do to help fight terrorism?

When i asked myself this, it took me sometime to think of a few basic things we can do -
1) Stop cribbing - we keep cribbing (me included) about the state of the system, about how useless everything is.. about corruption etc etc.. yes it does exist.. but by talking in groups and not doing anything about it makes it more frustrating..its easy to pass critiques.. judgement.. but we are not in that "somebody's" situation... maybe we need to ask ourselves what is it that we can do

2) Vote - we are the people who should be voting.. we slam the politicians .. but we only elect them right? Or rather we dont bother to go and vote and still expect leaders who get elected to take the right decisions, govern the country in the right way.. and yes before the thought even comes.. yes there are only such people to choose from... but let us exercise what is our fundamental right.. show that we have the power!!

3) Career - On the subject of politicians.. we do not encourage anyone in the family to take up politics.. anyone joining the government servises is looked down upon.. even i am guilty of doing that!! We cannot change the system from outside.. we have to be right there.. in the system.. join the forces, join politics.. be the change you want to see as Gandhi ji said!

4) Alertnes and Responsibility - how many of us actually are responsible citizens.. if you see something.. would you inform the concerned authorities? Be it terrorism, accidents.. whatever it maybe... how many of us actually stop to think about what we "just saw" maybe on our way to work.. and thought .. "oh there are people around, someone or the other will take care of it".. or "i will look so silly"! First step in the right direction - Be alert and inform people.

The basic 4 steps i could think of.. you tell me if there are more.. what is it that we can do....

You know what.... We are the change we are seeking!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

whose responsibility is it anyway

Well.. it happened because of home minister.. no its the navy.. well come to think of it its the state govt.. it has already started.. the blame game!!!!!! And finally after all this massacre that happened.. next steps.. Step 1) Decide who is responsible for this to happen Step 2) Get that person to resign 3) Its election time.. so try to show how you were not responsible and everyone except you was.. Step 4) Get elected.. Step 5) Terrorists.. where what who.. what you talking about, you imbeciles... Step 6) Floods.. all manholes open.. Step 7).. the previous govt didnt do anything.. look we covered the manholes on Street watchmacaallit and people didnt fall there.... you see...

And so on... life goes on..

This is usual cycle.. the cycle that exists.. and thats what will happen.. it is pre-ordained!!!

Saw it on the news Mr RGV and an actor, Ritesh Deshmukh visited Taj Hotel.. why? Are they owners of the hotel? Nope.. Are they media? Noooooooo.. Then how come?.. Apparently RGV said he didnt go there to make a movie.. and he wasnt invited... so how the heck did he get in.. well well.. the "Actor" is CMs son...and its a done thing here.... there are sons, family etc etc who go for a foreign trip.. oh so conveniently arranged.. remember this infamous minister who was involved in the oil scandal.. whose son , son's friend etc etc went for a visit to some country... and then when he was asked, the son i.e... he said that he flew down separately.. what timing i must say!!!

But coming back to this, ..... the director and the actor know each other.. so they just dropped in.. maybe there was a show going on (like many people apparently are taking pics of the destroyed hotel.. posing, smiling... sheesh!!!).. or a picnic perhaps?????


You cant just help but wonder at the insensitivity of people... i have used this word so many times.. but cant help it... its a mockery!!! And i quite liked the CM.. i thought he was an honest guy.. in fact we were talking about this the day before.. maybe it was an error of judgement.. you think? I only hope so!!

And I dont want to be the kind of person who keeps saying.. in our country this doesnt happen, that doesnt happen etc.. i dont want to be an arm chair critique... but these incidents make you marvel at the sheer adaucity of people!!! How could they.. how could they even think they stroll around the place !!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

its all over

A very definitive statement.. yes, its all over.. oberoi, trident, taj mahal, nariman house.. ours once again... for guests who are now safe from the clutches of terror... its all over for the terrorists who defeaced the structures, contaminated the society, the world by their presence....

And yet.. its all over for those hundreds of people.. civilians who lost their lives...for army, military, NSG, navy men who gave up the most precious thing they ever owned...

The tears dont stop.. the rage just boils over..helplessness invades every pore... relief leaves one feeling weak ...

This senseless killing.. mindless destruction of beautiful buildings.. you know we celebrated both our anniversary dinners at Taj Mahal.. at Souk.

I do hope all these terrorists met with a tortured end... as tortured as the relatives were watching out for their loved ones.. as helpless as the entire nation was watching this destruction..I cant believe i would ever say this.. but thats how it is.. they have many lives to account for.. i watch one channel after the other... watching the soldiers getting cremated.. reading about Sabina Saikia, Ashok Kapoor , The Rabbi and his wife.. countless other people..

Thank god its all over.. but god, why did it even have to happen!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Its difficult.. to talk about whats happening.. words cant adequately describe what i feel, what i think .. these myriad of thoughts running through my mind...

Before i even make an attempt.. i got back from Bombay safe and sound yesterday.. i was in Bombay on wednesday.. had gone there to attend an event (official).. we were at ITC Grand.. little did we know of what was happening outside.. we came out at 11pm and suddenly these phone calls started coming in one after the other.. but till i reached the guesthouse at worli.. i did not know the extent of what had happened... my flight back to Bangalore was for the next morning.. i didnt sleep the entire night.. we watched TV till around 1.30 or so.. i tried to grab some sleep.. but to no avail.. i woke up at 2.30 and then finally gave up on sleep at around 4... was trying to figure out if flights were leaving.. coordinating with this other person who was at dadar and also was to fly out.. at that point in time.. yes, i was quite selfish.. i just wanted to be back home.. safe.

There are some people who came to the fore.. i actually was getting quite emotional thinking about this part.. i got so many messages, calls from friends in bombay on wednesday night.. worried sick bout me.. some old colleagues of mine from bombay, friends.. some friends from other cities who knew i was in bombay.. it was heart warming.. it may sound like a cliche.. but you know.. it made me moppy.. even now it does...this other colleague who was to fly out with me.. he was trying to reach all airlines to check.. and was constantly on the phone with me.. as early as 4.30 or so!!! The cabbie... Santosh.. even after knowing all that happened.. still came to pick me up at 6 in the next day.. a brave guy!!!! A person from the senior management team at my company staying at the same place.. who offered me a ride to the airport.. so reassuring it was at that point in time!!! The other chaps who were logging in and trying to get me the airlines numbers.. my roomie for the night who went on messaging me till i actually landed..

And the people from work at Bangalore.. i was absolutely zapped and amazed at the warmth.. esp bcz i am new .. my boss called me up to ensure i was fine.. and in fact had even told his relative in bombay to expect me just in case!!! The minute i walked in.. everyone.. and i mean everyone (right from friends to seniors, colleague, peons) spoke to me.. enquired if everything was fine.. checked if people knew about my whereabouts even before i walked in to office.. it was overwhelming.. it just makes me so emotional thinking about all this!!!!!

.. i just wanted to bring this up.. this entire thing.. what i have described above made me feel like i was wrapped in a warm quilt on a cold winter night... enveloped in a warm hug which would never make me feel cold again!!! I have never felt as safe, protected, reassured...i just had to say all this.. it may all sound very cliched and some idiotic, sentimental stuff.. but believe me but i really am not able to put into words all that i felt.. it was quite overwhelming!!!

The terror situation... i did not put in a post last night.. as i was watching the news.. constantly.. its weird... you may not agree.. since i was not in bombay.. i felt the only way i could be there and have anything to offer.... was to watch.. so not for an instant was TV channel changed.. i just felt my thoughts and prayers would be with all those people if i do that.. i felt i was with them... doing something else would just be so frivolous right now!!! They have gone through a harrowing time.. i do hope they locate all the missing people.. that they are alive and healthy!!

In a time like this.. brings out the best in people.. brings out these tireless, super human people.. the heroes...bystanders helping relative of victims by keeping an eye when they slept.. serving tea to these tired people...

The commandos, the police, the navy .. all coming together.. everyone united for a single cause.. to get people out alive... the heroes of our country.. i feel honoured to be a part of such a system!!

And media.. whatever said and done, i feel they have done a good job.. they are extremely brave to be standing right there and facing so much to get the news to us!!!

Of course, with all this comes insensitivities too.... insensitive people.. insensitive to this situation.. saying such things happen all over the world.. it may... but hey you...this is my country we are talking about.. saying things like.. these policemen anyway do nothing.. how can you say that man!!!!!!!! I dont understand.. its easy to sit in an AC environment and make armchair comments and critique everything being said and done!! If you think you are better.. then go there!!!

insensitive politicians ....soon recriminations will start coming in... pouring in,.. who was allowed to visit, who not etc etc..

insensitive news channels who talk about this as if there is a show going on.. journalists who ask questions like "your wife is missing.. feared dead.. what did you tell your young children."..

and of course the much talked about "the mumbai spirit".. a blanket statement which most of the times seems to be callous.. a phrase which seems to denote "yes these things happen.. but mumbai will bounce back".. yes it will.. but thats no excuse.. it always sounds like an excuse for everything that happens!!

I have so many things to say.. thoughts are whirring, tumbling in my mind.. maybe in the next post i will be more coherent !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And while we are at it..

My old desktop.. rather my husband's desktop .. actually whats his is mine blah acting up.. every min.. there is this weird whirring sound that comes and the screen stretches and the monitor goes off.. it comes on if you switch the monitor on or off!!! Extremely tiring this is.. to write when your comp is going nuts..
So excuse me for all the spelling mistakes on my yesterdays post..And today's post as well!!!! the harakiri i committed!!! lol..

A lot of excitement happening in life... i am going to Bombay tomorrow... yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! So no post tomorrow basically.. why does it feel like i am putting an out of office reply!!! But anyway, its so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!11 Yipppeeeeeeeeee

Now i have to stop because i cant deal with this monitor thing!!!!! I really cannot!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

This, that and the other

Inital post title - Fancy That!
I just thought of this term.. just came to my mind and am putting a post on it.. rather than it being the other way round... as is usually the case..

Hmmm... hmmmm... ho hum.... its been a few mins already... the clock is ticking.. for what you may ask.. the power is about to go off.. in half an hour..

Many more hmmmmms later.... well, evidently it doesnt work this way!!! Its like a school examination essay!!!

So now i have decided to change the subject - well you see as the author .. wait, a blogger .. no no ..administrator is right.. actually i am writing some stuff arent i.. so the author of the blog, i can do as i please! Fancy that!!!!!! lol.. i am enjoying this one sided conversation!!!

So now that the topic is this, that and the other - basically i can write whatever i please...

Earlier i had put in a post on squirrels.. feeding squirrels to be precise.. Operation Blue Thunder its a SUCCESS (ok ok, so operation blue thunder bit is an what)!!! It comes everyday.. though i am not sure if its the same one which comes everyday. ..damn cute it is.. nibbles on the bread like a rat.. in fact earlier i was biscuits for it to chomp on... cookies.. cocnut crunch.. chocolate and lately elaichi.. but now i wonder.. maybe i am killing it with this stuff.. maybe its not supposed to eat all this!!! So its bread for now!!
Our balcony is a veritable wildlife sanctuary.. this tree touches our balcony.. i dont know what tree it is... it has butterflies.. and these cute baby birds (small birds).. yestyerday saw 1 with a green patch on the front!! Cute tiny thing... size of the thumb.. a fur ball..
Yesterday Pogo showed Harry Potter from morning 9.30 to night!!! But no i didnt watch it.. watched it only in parts.. now i feel like reading it.. all over again..
Ashutosh wins big boss.. i didnt see the finale.. i have seen almost all episodes but couldnt see the last one episode... he was the dark horse definitely.. i had thought Raja was a more likely winner.... the news channel Headlines Today.. showed it the entire day.. How can a news channel talk about a serial that is aired on TV!!!!!!!!!!! And then today it talked about a party for BIG Boss participants.. how raja got drunk etc.. and all this on the main news!!! Yeeeeeeshhhhh (Reminds you Archies doesnt it...)!!!!!!!!!

And the show ending means i can get back to going to bed earlier.. like 10.30 or so!!!
I want to buy Tales of Bard of the Beetle
I wanna see Dostana .. couldnt go this weekend.. tummy upset.. :( .. but booked place to stay at Ooty.. gosh thats exciting.. hope the places turn out as romantic as it seems on the websites!!!!
Watched bourne ultimatum.. who is better.. jason bourne or the new bond??? Tough!! I realised that it was a tough question only when i saw the bourne movie this friday!!! Matt Damon is ultra good.. an intelligent spy (or whatever).. agent, i get it!!! New bond.. good body.. great shape.. hmm.. tough choice.. ;)
I just watched Whose line is it anyway?.. its back on star world.. they people are so damn creative!!!! Absolutely love this show!!! Who's my favourite.. i quite like ryan stiles... colin too.. wayne.. actually all of them!! A joy to watch..
Its a joy to eat one square of chocolate post dinner!!!! Yummieeeeeeeeee.. just took the bar out from the freezer.. by the time i finish, it would have melted .. to the just right level.. mmmmmmm (lip smacking noises)!!!
While on Pogo ( did mention pogo a while back you see.. scroll back and check..), yesterday i saw this Horlicks ad and it astounded me totally.. in the Horlicks ad they show 2 women.. one carrying horlicks and another one carrying complan (and they show this pack very clearly).. and they state in no uncertain terms that horlicks is better than Complan (they actually name Complan).. and they say that in Maharashtra state the MRP of complan is 174/-!!
Are they allowed to do this???????????????? I thought it was an absolute no no... it am shell shocked.. imagine what this means for pepsis & cokes of the world...
Fancy that!!! I WILL put in a post on it.. someday.. wait and see...

And i am right in time.. lights are about to go off in.. 10..9...8..
psst.. finally the lights didnt go off.. wonder why.. .. put in the horlicks / whose line it anyway posts in a bit of a time lag!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

passport size photographs...

I hate them..

This happened just yesterday... for some client, we had to put our team credentials on the presentation... somebody suggested putting pics alongside the experience... looks so much better!!!
So began the hunt for passport size pics... it was hilarious actually.. everybody was looking extermely strange in their pics.. as is usually the case with passport size photographs..

My pic.. i look like a boy ....had just got a hair cut and had tied my hair tightly completely off my face.. so in effect i look like a school going kid.. also when giving the snap, the guy must have stretched my face or whatever.. so i look bloated... like i have been in water for 10 days!!!!
In fact this lady from the other team came and told me.. "dont you have a more recent photograph... one that looks like you... and I was like "this was clicked in May!!!!! As recent as it could be...."..Thank god the clients met me before meeting my photograph!!!

And this is one of my better photographs... so you can imagine!!! My license photograph was awful.. i look as i have seen a ghost.. and my company id photograph - i look like a ghost!!! Like a martian from another planet!!! And i dont even want to get into my voters id, pan card etc photos...

Anyway, all the photographs put together.. one person looks like hes been playing golf.. another one like a dead fish (as Bertie often calls people)... another one as if going on a long holiday.. one as if have just come out from jail or something... so yesterday even after this was over.. i was on a laughing binge.. would think about it and laugh... or call people over and show this assortment of snaps.. all lunatics...
i wonder what will the clients think when they see it.. at least we would have had made them laugh!!!!! :)

Here are some questions... harry potter trivia

At work, a couple of days back, we were discussing Harry Potter.. an impromptu quiz happened.. intially we all asked simple questions.. the complexity went on increasing.. damn these guys are also good.. i thought i would be better but...

So some questions for you crazy people (as freaky as me).. crazy about harry potter..... And DO NOT GOOGLE FOR ANSWERS OR READ THE BOOK etc

So putting up a few questions ----
1) What are Harry Potter's kids name? In fact what was Lupin and Tonks' kids name?
2) What is Tonks' real name?
3) What is Malfoy's moms name?
4) There are 3 gifts that Dumbledore gives to Harry, Ron and Hermonie.. he gives Hermonie a book.. whats the books name?
5) What is Luna Lovegood's fathers name?
6) What is the actual prophecy? And who says(!) the prophecy? Full name please..
7) What is the incantation that Harry uses during the first dragon challenge in the Triwizard tournament?
8) Mad eyed Moody was not himself in Goblet of Fire. Who was Mad eyed Moody actually in this book? Name the character.
9) What is Harry's wand made of?
10) What is the bus conductor's name (he appears in Prisoner of azkaban and the last book)?
11) What is the name of the spider?
12) What kind of creature is buckbeak?
13) When someone sees the snake (chamber of secrets), what do they become?
14) What is Harry's uncles name? Whats their address?
15) Who is the good looking centaur teacher they have?
16) What is the Defence against the dark arts teachers name in Chmber of secrets?
17) Name all Ministers of magic.
18) Where were Harrys parents buried? Name the place.
19) Who is Dumbledore's adversary?
20) What is the name of Harry's wand maker?

So no cheating people!! You can contribute with more questions of your own!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hitting 30.. someone please enlighten me

So whats so special.. every decade seems like that.. when i was in my teens it was all about hitting 20.. now it is about 30.. and then these days in the newspaper you see and read about hitting 40 and going great guns etc etc

So well, basically i am hitting 30 next year! And no its not top of mind for me.. as of now.. putting a post on it today as somebody raised this topic at lunch.. and she mentioned that there are changes post 30.. and that you will feel it yourself!!!!!!!

I dont feel any different.. at all.. i am sure there have been changes in me.. but thats part of life.. exposure to the big bad world (!!!), different circumstances etc.. but the changes are continuous.. not related to a particular age band!

But "30" mark is something that everyone talks about.. and i am not able to understand why.. of course, one reason is the "biological reason" which everyone gives me... which also i fail to see.. but besides that what else..

Friends (the serial) had even one whole episode dedicated to the 30th birthday!!! I mean, what is it about 30.. except in research parlance you have moved into another age band.. why is 30 such a watershed year.. will somebody educate me please..

BTW recently, someone (who doesnt know me well) said "so tomorrow what time do you need to go to school".. a slip of tongue actually.. she did know i was working!!! lol..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grand travel plans

We have started planning our travel.. yet again.. but this time it seems that it will happen...

I am extremely excited.. we are planning to travel to Ooty and Conoor during christmas time!!! Actually earlier we were planning to travel to Pondicherry.. but every place we called up is sold out.. fully!!!! So Pondicherry is not happening, at least right now!!!

Ooty , there are still places available.. maybe its due to the fact that its winters.. So we drive down on 25th.. and come back on 28th!!! Hopefully it should happen!! I am so looking forward to going on the toy train.. never been on one!!!!

Yesterday, we (my husband and i).. sat together.. armed with books and maps.. to decide on where to go.. the entire evening we were plotting and planning!!!

The more places you check.. the more confusing it is.. everytime i was like.. oh lets go here... wait wait we can go to this place as well.. now there are so many places on my list.. phew

But will definitely try.. next year will be better .. for travel.. We have already talked about 3-4 places we want to go to next year.. lets see if we are able to manage it!!! At least i plan to make plans for the entire year!!!! :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy weekend

Its Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! The entire weekend stretches out in front of me.. ok so not the entire weekend (going to somebody's place for lunch tom.. she cooks very not a hard thing to do on a saturday afternoon).. but 2 days of sheer bliss..

Weekend - the most loveliest word coined in history.. i wonder how it originated..
Even if i used to work on weekends, i used to like it.. like working on weekends.. coz i could do as i pleased.. theres no one to question about anything..

Did i just say "like working during weekends"??? Ok so that was aeons back!!! I DO NOT work on weekends.. at least i have tried to in the last 1 yr. Weekend is a weekend is a weekend afterall..

So anyway, this friend of mine came down from Dubai.. she was telling me that they used to be off on Thursday /Friday .. but then the entire world is shut on sat/sun.. so now their weekend is Friday/saturday.. so actually, if you think of it, their sunday is saturday....

I dont think i will ever be able to adjust to working every sunday.. i think i would be mentally traumatised.. having been brought this side of the world where Sunday is a part of the weekend..every plan is made for Sunday.. Sunday is a day for pure lazing (like i used to do.).. sleep till late.. get up have lunch.. sleep again.. wake up, have tea, have dinner and then back to sleep!!! So i went on asking this friend of mine.. how she felt working on a sunday etc.. shes been there for more than a yr now.. and she says shes adjusted!!!

I could never imagine this scenario.. everyone working on a sunday.. sunday - work as usual day...

What if our weekend was Monday/tuesday.. or something....all the special programmes on Tv would be on Monday.. movies will release on sunday.. cricket finals (india -aus match) would be beamed on a tuesday!!!! Just imagine this topsy turvy world!!! thank god it is not.. actually it could be.. at the end of the day it would still be a 5 day week.. but it would be a strange concept.. the mind is just not able to accept it...

Its such a powerful concept, come to think of it... the acceptability of Sunday as a "rountine work day" is so very unacceptable.. its so deeply ingrained in every pore of your body and mind.. an idea that cannot be defeated!!!! ... a perfect branding exercise is it not..

Coming back to the weekend concept.. in my previous organisation, i used to work 6 days.. initially it took me time but i got used to it.. but now that i am on a 5 day week again, its difficult to imagine how i did that.. you just get one day to recuperate.. and then you are back to work.. Terrible!! Slavery it is!!

I hear in some countries the government is pushing for a 4 day week?? Its such an attractive thought.. will it become the next world dictat?? One can only wish!!! And maybe, you never know, it may come true...

So anyway, have a happy weekend everyone!!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mondays... yawn...

I am utterly bored today.. following is an account of my day- and see if you agree...
1) Went for a client meeting.. meeting first thing in the morning.. and that too monday morning...uggghhh...
2) Meeting in some godforsaken place.. thankfully had car
3) Client - some superscilious (spelt right?) person.. come down to earth man!!! Went on addressing us as ladies.. gets on my nerves.. grrrrrr
4) Meeting only lasted about 30-40 mins... didnt discuss anythign earth shattering... WE COULD HAVE DONE IT OVER A CALL DUDE!!!!!!!!!
5) Lunch- fun.. general tp .. went on saying.. i am bored, i am bored to whoever cared to listen
6) and then went to the nearest gym.. more than joining gym i think it was more due to general restlessness.. dont know if i will join.. maybe i will join but will i sustain? Anyway i am not sold on gymming.. went to check out aerobics classes which they offer.. but whenever we enquired about it, they were like.. we only offer the premises... basically cant assure about quality... you cant use any facilty .. not only are you not allowed to change in the changing room (thats for gym ppl) are not even allowed to change in the loo!!!!!!!!!Now what kind of rule is that... which makes me feel...aerobics.. here.. maybe not!!!!
7) I am nominated for some stupid coordination work for some training!!! I hate coordination.. I am attending the training session arent i
8) Way back home went to collect a sari blouse which they didnt stitch properly.. the tailor shop is bang in front of our apartment.. so i came home, tried.. doesnt fit.. thought i will give a measurement (some other sari blouse) .. after trying on many to see which fits properly, finally didnt take it.. went back to the tailor.. who said get me another blouse for measurement.. I knew it!!!!!!!! I so totally knew it!!!!!!!!!! I trudged back home and got the stupid thing and gave it to her... thank god there is a lift!!
9) After doing all this, i realised that our cook is on leave today... grrrr... made pasta... put too much pasta.. now i have lots of pasta which i boiled.. will store it..
10) And now I got pins & needles!!!

I feel like the between friends cartoon........ sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Will go to sleep early... maybe i am just getting old....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quantam of solace

I know most of you have already seen it!!! But still!!!

An action packed movie.. people dropping dead left right and center... lots of blood and gore...

Story.. what did you say... did i hear story.. weeeeeeell, there is a story of course.. weaving in and out of the movie.. lol.. boy, i am mean!!! He is p***sed off at his GF being killed.. tries to avenge her death.. and also trying to do other stuff alongside.. what with people attacking M (right in the 1st scene too).. one bond girl being made drink oil to death (and also embalmed in black oil).. car chases.. boat chases.. etc etc there is always something or the other happening in the film. Who cares about the story anyway.. high end action is what one can look forward too.. So i didnt mind it as in not a bad movie if you enjoy action or if you enjoy watching Daniel Craig..
"muscles rippling throughout the movie" hot hot bond!!! Mine is the latter BTW. :)

Sublety and finnesse (is it n, ss or nn ,s) is no longer Bond's middle name.. its all about the sheer physicality of it.. completely in your face kind of a thing!!!

The 2 bond girls.. one of them is hardly there (miss fields .. the oil one ).. you blink and you miss her!!! The other one .. Olga something.. is quite beautiful.. she is good!!!! So soemthign for the guys too besides the action!!!

In such kind of movies, time passes quickly.. and you will never feel bored (with adrenalin running high due to intense action).. and you would never say it isnt VFM..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feeding the squirrel

There are these squirrels (or is it one squirrel) that come to our balcony .... we have a proper balcony you know, unlike bombay.. anyway, today i thought we could feed the squirrels.. once you feed them from a distance and they get used to you.. they eat from your hand!!!!!! So i told my husband.. perfect solution.. we cant have a pet bcz of "who's gonna take care of it" issues.. at least right now.. so squirrel is perfect!!! It will come and go as it pleases..

Just one problem.. i have put some pieces of biscuit out on the balcony to attract the biscuit, sorry the squirrel.. but it hasnt had it till now.. i have a feeling ... either a bird will eat it.. or maybe it will invoke a giant army of ants!!!!! These things always happen to me... but i am waiting to see what happens...

Long time back when i was in college, we used to sit on a path in the college surrounded by trees and have lunch there.. there this squirrel used to come.. one day we fed it.. after that, it used to come everyday when we were there... once it also had a fight with a sparrow on the small piece of chappati we had thrown... a cute thing... the first day, it hid behind a tree.. a couple of days hence, it came closer.. then it started eating from our hand.. finally there was a day when we were just sitting and chatting and we had not taken out our lunch yet.. when this squirrel came boundign up and actually sat on my bag.. exactly where the lunch box was.. literally demanding the box to be taken out... a cute thing.. after a while we stopped sitting there bcz of some reason.. wonder what happened to it!!! Hmmmm

So will keep you all posted on this squirrel.. on what happened to the biscuit!!!