Monday, November 24, 2008

This, that and the other

Inital post title - Fancy That!
I just thought of this term.. just came to my mind and am putting a post on it.. rather than it being the other way round... as is usually the case..

Hmmm... hmmmm... ho hum.... its been a few mins already... the clock is ticking.. for what you may ask.. the power is about to go off.. in half an hour..

Many more hmmmmms later.... well, evidently it doesnt work this way!!! Its like a school examination essay!!!

So now i have decided to change the subject - well you see as the author .. wait, a blogger .. no no ..administrator is right.. actually i am writing some stuff arent i.. so the author of the blog, i can do as i please! Fancy that!!!!!! lol.. i am enjoying this one sided conversation!!!

So now that the topic is this, that and the other - basically i can write whatever i please...

Earlier i had put in a post on squirrels.. feeding squirrels to be precise.. Operation Blue Thunder its a SUCCESS (ok ok, so operation blue thunder bit is an what)!!! It comes everyday.. though i am not sure if its the same one which comes everyday. ..damn cute it is.. nibbles on the bread like a rat.. in fact earlier i was biscuits for it to chomp on... cookies.. cocnut crunch.. chocolate and lately elaichi.. but now i wonder.. maybe i am killing it with this stuff.. maybe its not supposed to eat all this!!! So its bread for now!!
Our balcony is a veritable wildlife sanctuary.. this tree touches our balcony.. i dont know what tree it is... it has butterflies.. and these cute baby birds (small birds).. yestyerday saw 1 with a green patch on the front!! Cute tiny thing... size of the thumb.. a fur ball..
Yesterday Pogo showed Harry Potter from morning 9.30 to night!!! But no i didnt watch it.. watched it only in parts.. now i feel like reading it.. all over again..
Ashutosh wins big boss.. i didnt see the finale.. i have seen almost all episodes but couldnt see the last one episode... he was the dark horse definitely.. i had thought Raja was a more likely winner.... the news channel Headlines Today.. showed it the entire day.. How can a news channel talk about a serial that is aired on TV!!!!!!!!!!! And then today it talked about a party for BIG Boss participants.. how raja got drunk etc.. and all this on the main news!!! Yeeeeeeshhhhh (Reminds you Archies doesnt it...)!!!!!!!!!

And the show ending means i can get back to going to bed earlier.. like 10.30 or so!!!
I want to buy Tales of Bard of the Beetle
I wanna see Dostana .. couldnt go this weekend.. tummy upset.. :( .. but booked place to stay at Ooty.. gosh thats exciting.. hope the places turn out as romantic as it seems on the websites!!!!
Watched bourne ultimatum.. who is better.. jason bourne or the new bond??? Tough!! I realised that it was a tough question only when i saw the bourne movie this friday!!! Matt Damon is ultra good.. an intelligent spy (or whatever).. agent, i get it!!! New bond.. good body.. great shape.. hmm.. tough choice.. ;)
I just watched Whose line is it anyway?.. its back on star world.. they people are so damn creative!!!! Absolutely love this show!!! Who's my favourite.. i quite like ryan stiles... colin too.. wayne.. actually all of them!! A joy to watch..
Its a joy to eat one square of chocolate post dinner!!!! Yummieeeeeeeeee.. just took the bar out from the freezer.. by the time i finish, it would have melted .. to the just right level.. mmmmmmm (lip smacking noises)!!!
While on Pogo ( did mention pogo a while back you see.. scroll back and check..), yesterday i saw this Horlicks ad and it astounded me totally.. in the Horlicks ad they show 2 women.. one carrying horlicks and another one carrying complan (and they show this pack very clearly).. and they state in no uncertain terms that horlicks is better than Complan (they actually name Complan).. and they say that in Maharashtra state the MRP of complan is 174/-!!
Are they allowed to do this???????????????? I thought it was an absolute no no... it am shell shocked.. imagine what this means for pepsis & cokes of the world...
Fancy that!!! I WILL put in a post on it.. someday.. wait and see...

And i am right in time.. lights are about to go off in.. 10..9...8..
psst.. finally the lights didnt go off.. wonder why.. .. put in the horlicks / whose line it anyway posts in a bit of a time lag!!!


Scarlett said...

I think we're going the US way in terms of advertisements. Commercials in US clearly show the competition pack & compare their own product with it. It's allowed there & come to think of it, I don't think it's "illegal" in India too!

Moonshine said...

I thought legally its not allowed!!!!

shishir said...

There are 4 types of strategies and we see in horlicks ve complan an example of offensive strategiy.