Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eating frenzy

We have been in Bangalore for 2 months now!!! I feel we have started eating more.. binging more over the weekends... its a strange thing.. i remember whenever i used to travel to kerala i used to eat more.. a) because of the quality of food.. my aunts were great cooks.. and also because it was in the air (a coastal area...).. at least i always justify it like that!!!

In bangalore i dont know the reason.. maybe its the weather that maks you binge!!!

Also every weekend we have been buying some non veg item - chicken / mutton.. we didnt do that as often in bombay.. in the 2.5 yrs we were in bombay we would have made non veg about 3 or 4 times!! The reason was that we used to shop for grocery from Magnet (right opp to where we stayed) and Magnet didnt sell any non veg items!!!!

Here, every shop, at every nook and cranny sell non veg!!! Also we had started drinking more (wine i.e.).. again the same reason.. its all about access!!! lol...

And the day we make chicken at home.. we dont have any breakfast (if its for lunch) .. basically starve ourselves so that we can eat properly!!! And if its evening, then we have a glass of wine too!!!! So we end up over eating!!!!!!

Hmmm.. need to remedy this binging soon!!! Else will be bloated.. unrecognisable from my slim svelte self!!!!!! lol
Which brings me to the next plan ... which is of swimming, learning to swim rather.. joining a gym ......dance classes... aerobics.... these are the possibilities that i am already exploring.. teh question is whether i will ever get around to doing all this stuff!!!!


The knife said...

I think new place cum cold weather would have helped. we couldn't stop eating in istanbul and the trend continues after returning. I am positively eating for two now.
Interesting to read up about the non veg in South. While growing up one only associated idli dosas with the South

Moonshine said...

Thats how i console myself.. its the weather.. :)